Monday, September 13, 2010

UnHappy Birthday

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  1. Good lord… I’ve got to take my few remaining braincells and stop visiting this site! My poor, poor braincells…

  2. The second one is just sad. Maybe the world would be a better place if people had their reproductive systems surgically removed at birth and then they had to prove they would be decent parents before they earned them back.

  3. I’m speechless at Gem and Liza….speechless…

  4. Why are they calling each other gardening implements?

  5. Gem – please hand your baby over to child services after it’s born then shoot yourself in the face. Thanks.

  6. At first I thought Paul was trying to calculate Ronnie’s date of conception, but that doesn’t work… I guess he’s saying he hasn’t gotten any since then?

  7. If bertday involves ugly striped sweaters, unibrows, and grumpiness, I’m in!

  8. Fuck I hate people.

  9. Is it racist to assume that those girls are all black?

  10. Seems like people should spend less time screencapping their retarded friends, and more time turning them into child services.

  11. Yep, the collective gene pool is still in dire need of chlorine.

  12. eew and eew!

  13. actually bethany it does work. and he probably calculated it to the day (unless he was hammered drunk and couldn’t remember exactly)

  14. I’ve never had a bertday.

  15. Can’t wait to see what Fargis has to say about Gem. And for the first time ever, I’ll probably agree with him.

  16. Paul just added 270 days, which is 9 months x 30 days. He also said “about” so even though he may not be exact, his estimate would be pretty close.

  17. Judy Garland wasn’t a very good mother.

  18. Never breed. Never ever breed.

  19. @Walter, i would love to have gone through life without a reproductive system. all it does it cause trouble for me and i don’t even want kids anyway. i second your motion.

    and no, i’m not being sarcastic.

  20. @Scarab83-No, I don’t think it’s racist. It’s an unfortunate assumption, but its not exactly racist.

    Sadly enough, she’ll probably end up having the baby and keeping it, and our taxes will pay for her to raise it, clothe it, and feed it. Then she’ll make a half-dozen more.

  21. Scarab83, yes it is extremely racist to think they are black. How did you even come up with that assumption? Especially since they have names like Liz, Karrine, and Gem.

    Great, now you’re making me racist.

  22. Perhaps it’s just wishful thinking, but the second one seems like a fake to me.

  23. Yea really fake. The first post is great though!

  24. Gem, Gem is truly outrageous. Truly, truly, TRULY outrageous.

  25. I agree with 22 and 23, It must be fake… I’m holding on to that hope, and also because at least two of them have normal names (Gem and Liza) rather than trash-trying-to-be-cool-by-misspelling names like Karrine…

  26. It’s only a matter of time before these retarts take over the world, shepherding all the grammar nazis, people who read books, anyone with cognitive thinking into ghettos.

    Fucking dumb-arses depress me.

  27. Maybe Scarab83 assumes that they are black because they are speaking a form of Pidgin English spoken predominately by black people. It does not prove that they are black, but if they were speaking French what would you assume?

    Perhaps it is you who is racist, since it would seem that you thought he was basing his assumption on something else? After all, for you to believe his assumption to be racist you have to notice a negative quality in their posts that you deem to be indicative of race.

    Whatever race these girls are, they are a clear sign that the country they live in needs to update their classes on sex education.

  28. “Whatever race these girls are, they are a clear sign that the country they live in needs to update their classes on sex education.” > as well as grammar and spelling…

  29. Might be considered tl;dr but this is my story from my experience as a woman born to a mother like Gem. My mom had mental problems and had to take medicines for them. She decided it would be ok to drink, smoke cigarettes, and take her medicine all nine months of her pregnancy with both me and my half brother. Due to her mental problems and having slight brain damage, coupled with he fact of in her generation it wasn’t common knowledge to practice certain guidelines about health, I’m not as bitter and angry as I was when I first found out. However, whatever the shot given to premature babies to force the body to grow into a survivable state saved my life. I still wasn’t able to avoid having/ developing a good amount of mental and physical problems. I’m 21 now and despite feeling like I’m going to die sometimes, or thinking I would be better off if I didn’t survive, I’m very grateful to have had a chance. I should be dead right now, or mentally retarded. I was very luck to be in the middle of retarded and normal, whatever that may be. If that woman is serious…then I pray for her child to pull through. It fills me with so much pain and anger to see mothers that do this, because I know too well how much physical and mental pain it will cause the child IF it lives. That pain is almost daily for me. I hope I haven’t sounded “emo” or anything. This was meant to be educational. Perhaps to give some hope to mothers that screw up and actually fear for their child’s safety. It’s not always guaranteed death or retardation, but that doesn’t give any excuse or leeway to “wurk it” Just remember: babies born as I have suffer addiction just as much as ones born to meth/ crack moms. I crave cigarettes and alcohol when when I’m in a perfectly fine mood. Rather, my body craves it. I just keep strong and resist. Peace.

  30. @ Keona.

    21 years ago it was common knowledge not to smoke, drink do drugs or have a shit diet whilst pregnant. I’m 33. It was common knowledge.

  31. @RImau

    Where did Keona say that it wasn’t common knowledge? She says she was angry with her mum for doing it, surely she wouldn’t have been angry with her mum for doing something that nobody knew was bad?!

    Also, it is common knowledge now, yet apparently both Gem and Liza are unaware.

  32. @ Tazinijif

    “Due to her mental problems and having slight brain damage, coupled with he fact of in her generation it wasn’t common knowledge to practice certain guidelines about health, I’m not as bitter and angry as I was when I first found out. However, whatever the shot”

  33. @RImau “in her generation”, since you aren’t in her mother’s generation (I am guessing she wasn’t eleven when she had her child) you can’t say for sure what the general knowledge was about pregnancy then. It is general knowledge today how to use the internet, but try explaining it to people over 50, it is not so ‘general’ knowledge for that generation.

    What are you actually trying to say here anyway? It is not as if Keona is to blame for the fact that her mother drank/smoked when she was gestating is it?! It seems like you are picking holes for the sake of it. All Keona was trying to do was back up what everyone else has been saying about the dangers of using drink/drugs when pregnant, by sharing her own personal struggle.

    I would think that at 33 you would have better things to do than pick at the specificity of facts in an internet comment by a 21 year old who is talking about how she has been mentally damaged by a mother who drank and smoked when she was pregnant.

  34. Gem and Liza sound like fun girls!

    People on here seem to suggest that they shouldn’t be allowed to breed, but if they don’t then the next generation of rich people will have no brainless, fuckwit, unloved, underachievers to take advantage of! And that’s just not cricket!

  35. @ Tazinijif

    No, what I am suggesting is that people shouldn’t make excuses for people who claim they “didn’t know”. I was 12 years old 21 years ago. There was no internet. So the question is, how would a twelve year old know about this? I shall tell you.
    There was enough advertising on TV for it not to miss. Coupled with the fact that there was enough information in doctors surgeries and hospitals warning of the dangers of drinking and smoking whilst pregnant.

    If a twelve year old is going to know about these things when, firstly not pregnant and not knowing any pregnant people, then a 21 year old is going to know.

    People need to stop claiming ignorance and take responsibility.

  36. @RImau

    Did you even read what Keona wrote? Her MOTHER drank and smoked when she was pregnant, resulting in KEONA being born with mental and physical problems.

    Keona doesn’t have to take responsibility for anything.

  37. @ Tazinijif

    FFS. Yes I did read what Keona wrote. Keona said that her mother didn’t know that smoking and drinking whilst pregnant would halm her baby. 21 years ago, it was common knowledge that this kind of behaviour was not acceptable. Therefore she would have known but didn’t care enough to protect her baby, and would rather go out and get pissed. Thereby, the did not take responsibility and claimed she “didn’t know”. I never said that Keona should take responsibility, but should stop making excuses for someone who should.

  38. Also, you clearly did’t read her post either, or else you wouldn’t have had a go at me for bringing up something that you said she didn’t say, which you are now using to support your argument.

  39. All I am saying is that there is no need to attack the girl because her mum smoked when she was pregnant. That is just plain ridiculous.

  40. didnt that girl say her mum was like retarded or something? thats a pretty good reason why she dont know about that shit.

  41. @weaver, #24 – I created a profile JUST to reply that your post is awesome.

    Oh, and RImau – you are a jerk.

    That is all.

  42. @weaver (#24)


    Wooaahhh Gem, Gem!

    Luckily, ‘no one else is the same’.

  43. @RImau I don’t understand what you are trying to do. If Keona’s mom wasn’t as aware of health considering she had mental problems what’s it to you? I mean, at least you could just give it a pass, but I don’t understand it really. The girl just talked about something sensitive which clearly pains her and you’re nitpicking on semantics. Really, what is it you want to accomplish? I mean even if health awareness at the time was more conscious than what Keona said, how would that change the story? If anything it would make her mother seem even more mentally unstable… I really don’t understand it, the central part of the story here is that smoking and drinking while pregnant has very high chances on weakening your child and have him come out with all sorts of problems.

    How is Keona’s mom and the current health awareness at the time important at all?

    Me smells a troll here.

  44. When I was in my mothers womb she poked the top of my head with a coathanger.

    I was pretty angry with her for years, but i’ve since got over all latent my hang ups.

  45. The point is this. Keona’s mother should have known. If her mental problems were that bad then she would have had supervision. Yes even then.

    Secondly, Keona is then making excuses for her ignorance. There have been too many incidents in the past few years were people have responded with “I didn’t” when things went wrong, and confounded by others defending these stupid acts.

    More and more babies are going to be born with problems due to their parents doing what they know they should, and then make excuses whilst their child suffers.

    Why is it important, because mothers have a responsibility, any act that they commit that could harm their unborn baby should never be excused by “I didn’t know”. And it isn’t just stupid acts whilst pregnancy that this excuse is used.

    The point. Stop making excuses for people who should know better. Otherwise we will eventually be making excuses for MPs who “didn’t know” that using tax payers money to pay for their duck island was wrong.

  46. @ Imamofo


  47. give it up rimau, telling off a mentaly retarded person becuase she said her mum smoked when she was pregnant and didnt know it was wrong because she was mental retarded is just nasty.

  48. @RImau So basically you have no point… other than trolling and calling Keona ignorant just for the sake of it. I’m sorry man, but for someone who rattled all that much your point was stupid and non existant, I just loved how you dropped the “tax payers” nonesense right there. Because it has NOTHING yo do with what Keona said, or what was being discussed.

  49. RImau – I think you missed the point where Keona mentioned:

    “My mom had mental problems and had to take medicines for them. She decided it would be ok to drink, smoke cigarettes, and take her medicine all nine months of her pregnancy with both me and my half brother.”

    Her mother had doctors prescribe her medication to take while she was pregnant. Her mother figured if it was OK to take those meds then it should be OK to drink and smoke. You also assume her mother was 21 when she was pregnant.

    “If a twelve year old is going to know about these things when, firstly not pregnant and not knowing any pregnant people, then a 21 year old is going to know.”

    What if she was in her 30′s or 40′s? Different generation, again. Just because science finds something out that today’s 20yr olds will know doesn’t mean some stubborn 40yr old is going to fall right in line with it. I am not making excuses, as you have claimed – just saying there are reasons beyond your self-claiming infinite knowledge.

  50. btw, it is not racist to assume they are black based on how they talk/type. Racism implies some sort of underlying implicit or explicit hate, which by asking a simple question is not expressed. Assuming that someone is a certain class based on the way they talk/type is; however, stereotyping.

    There are stereotypes for a reason.

  51. I don’t recall calling Keona ignorant. All I am saying is that she shouldn’t making excuses for someone who, even in the condition she was in would have been in an environment at some stage where they would have obtained knowledge that would suggest that smoking and drinking was bad.
    Secondly, using the excuse that taking medicine was okay, then smoking and drinking would be okay too. That doesn’t wash at all. The doctor prescribing the medication would have been in the position to advise. There is an excellent chance that the medication would have said do not to take with alcohol.

    Again, people are making excuses for something that could have been avoided. I am not blind to the problems that Keona and her mother have.

    And no, being in their 30′s and 40′s wouldn’t have been a good enough excuse either. They would have still been exposed to the same information 21 years ago when it was widely known.

    And I find it hard to believe that this mother at some point wasn’t told by someone selling them the alcohol or cigarettes that is wasn’t good for the baby.

    And I used 21 as an example, so stop picking holes when your own argument is flawed.

  52. Just like troutyfish, I created this profile to respond to a comment. RImau, you’re REALLY starting to annoy me know. You’re saying that even though Keona’s mam is/was mentally ill it doesn’t excuse her drinking, smoking and taking meds during pregnancies because she should have known better. While doing research for a class on alcoholism in Ireland, I found that 66% of pregnant women at the Coombe hospital didn’t realise alcohol could have a negative effect on an unborn baby. And these are recent statistics! In a lot of these cases I would say the women are just ignorant. Maybe you should try looking outside your little bubble and be aware that what’s ‘common sense’ to you may not be for someone else. There, rant over. I feel better now.

  53. Just out of mild curiosity with no dodgy intentions or what not…

    Where are all these wild drinking, drug taking, baby makers hanging out?!

    I want to get me some of that 8 month baby paunch pussy. All the pregnant women who i meet look askance when i ask for a fuck, their husbands are normally pretty annoyed too.

  54. A LOT of women who were not TRYING to conceive don’t know they’re pregnant for 2-3 mos. The first trimester is HUGE developmentally for the baby. And sure, SOME people knew 40yrs ago that smoking and drinking while pregnant weren’t the smartest things to do, but if you don’t KNOW you’re pregnant and you go on living your booze and drug filled life for 3 or 4 mos (or more) even if you clean up your act later, the damage is done. Women like this (and whether this update is real or fake doesn’t really matter because there are women who will intentionally drink/drug it up while pregnant) need to be put in JAIL so that the baby can at least have a CHANCE at a normal life. It’s hard enough for people who have all the tools they need, and no additional obstacles.

  55. And thank you Keona for speaking up – it was a brave thing to do. This crowd isn’t known for its sensitivity. I hope you opened a few eyes. Good luck to you.

  56. “women like this need to be put in JAIL so that the baby can at least have a CHANCE at a normal life”

    How exactly will putting the mother-to-be in prison help?! Smoking is still legal in most prisons and women are far more likely to encounter illegal drugs in prison, not to mention violence which could cause birth problems.

    Also, if you give birth in prison you normally keep the child until it is 12 months old. Great ‘normal’ life that will be…

  57. @RImau – I quote you “Secondly, Keona is then making excuses for her ignorance.”, yeah you can look it up it’s right up there in black and white, or grey and white more likely.

    So yeah, basically you’re talking out of your ass. There is no argument here, this isn’t a subject of murky waters you know, something that people can look at from different perspectives. Keona said her mom had mental problems and is probably why she kept smoking and drinking during her pregnancy and Keona paid for all this. There is no new light to shine on this matter. So yeah, you DID call her ignorant, you ARE talking out of your ass and no your argument is not soundproof seeing as how there is none to begin with.

    I still don’t understand what you’re trying to get at. I mean, who gives a fuck really if Keona excused her mother. Don’t you think someone who had the bad luck of having an irresponsible mother has the right to excuse herself or her mother?. What you take for granted and as a subject of discussion is her life, she has to deal with all her shit after you’re done doing your little bullshit intellectual side-show.

    How can you be so dense man? I mean, I understand people troll now and then, but your crap I don’t get. It’s not funny, its a touchy subject, and there’s nothing to learn from your crap. Yes people sometimes blame others, it’s common knowledge you want a reward or something? Maybe a diploma that reads “Yes, I understand shit ftw”? Really… maybe a round of applause for you grasping the concept that sometimes people blame others.

    I don’t know which is worse really, that you are so desperately in need of attention that you’d go ahead and troll (which is stupid) on someone who is obviously trying to make a difference through her own personal problems. Or that you finally understood how most people tend to redirect their mistakes towards someone else……. at age 33.

  58. @Rodo


    Exactly what I was trying to say, only much better worded ;0)

  59. Read it again in context. I said that Keona was making excuses for her mothers ignorance. I didn’t say that Keona was ignorant. And before you jump on “ignorance” look it up in a dictionary, it means lack of knowledge.

  60. Hopefully either the submitter or some other non-retarted person was sensible enough to give Gem a slap upside her head and talk some fucking sense into her stupid retart brain.

  61. Oooh I get it now, I was lacking context. Your shit makes much more sense now. Yes… LET’S look up ignorance in a dictionary shall we? (taken from

    noun \ˈig-n(ə-)rən(t)s\
    Definition of IGNORANCE
    : the state or fact of being ignorant : lack of knowledge, education, or awareness

    Yeah… I guess we should take the definitions into context as well huh? Because it’s not just lack of knowledge, it’s also lack of education or awareness. I mean… pretty much insulting don’t you think? But I guess you can take definitions into any context you like, and why wouldn’t you? After all you can always trash talk, ask for quotations when someone calls you for it, then brush it off as a problem of context: “Yeah… you didn’t really read BETWEEN the lines when I called you ignorant”.

  62. RImau, nobody gives a fuck what your argument is, and your repeated clarifications are unnecessary. Bottom line is, don’t tell Keona how to feel about her mother, or try to explain her life to us when you don’t know her at all. Give it up; we’re all intelligent enough here to understand what you’re saying, and most of us have the interpersonal skills to know it’s none of your business.

    That said, in 18 years when my daughter is ennumerating my many faults as a parent, I will direct her to this post and say, “Be thankful you got me and not Gem!”.

  63. Rodo, I had to register just to tell you that I think I love you.

  64. I had to register just to tell RImau what a jackass you are. No one is making excuses for anyone. All Keona said was that she wasn’t as angry as she was at first because she empathized with her mother’s situation. You have gone on and on and on ranting and trying to make yourself feel better about the fact that you made an ass of yourself and you got called on it. You have made no point and you have no point to make. Just give it up already.

  65. Ok, pop quiz hotshot: you get into a pointless internet argument with a wanker called Rimau.
    Do you a) Argue until you cry with frustration.
    b) Call him a cunt and hurl abuse until you are unable to breathe.
    c) Think; What a complete and utter arse, then think no more about it.

    What do you do? What do you do?

  66. You know what? I agree with you RImau.

    Instead of making peace with her mother and her situation, Keona should hold on to that hate forever. Her mother should have known better. The fact that she didn’t is inexcusable, and because of that fact Keona should never move on and grow above it. It is certainly much more healthy to feel a constant sense of resentment for the mentally unstable source of her existence.

    She’s not making excuses to justify what happened; she’s moving on. What her mother did was horrible, but it happened, and refusing to let go of that hate and resentment would make that mistake the biggest part of Keona’s life, rather than something she can overcome.

    What point are you trying to prove?

  67. @Pedanticoldgit

    Fantastic reference.

  68. Makes you think twice about STERILIZATION doesn’t it?

  69. I’m with Pedanticoldgit.

  70. danfargisfilthypenis

    Keona’s mother should of been sterilized.

    For the people arguing with RImau…KNOCK IT OFF! Quit feeding her with useless arguments that are nothing but repeats. I think you are all the same person so you can get support for your useless boring bullshit.

  71. Should “have” been sterilized

    just sayin’


  72. Dan I see you discussing boring shit all the time, if you don’t like it, don’t read it :P . We’re discussing here so please, Shh.

  73. I am not a she, I’m a he. And I’m not the BBC

  74. RImau, you’re the Daily Mail

  75. Hey Taz – you’re right. There’s absolutely nothing we can do, so why bother trying, right? Let them do what they want to do, and your tax dollars can (and do) pay to support the affected children for the rest of their lives. My point was to do something to give children at least a THEORETICAL better chance. Prisoners are also offered GED classes, rehabilitation, emotional therapy and skills training. Some people use it to their advantage. Sure some don’t, but some do. You can get your ass kicked walking down the street, you don’t need to be in jail to get beat up. I wasn’t saying jail is a cure all to society’s problems but obviously it’s not. But I promise you there are a LOT of people who are alive and “normal” today because their mom was in prison while she was pregnant. Even a MARGINALLY better environment is a better environment.

  76. I have one thing to say, from the perspective of a 6 month pregnant woman. I’;ve been to the doctors many times and NOT once have I heard anything about alcohol. I mean I’m not an idiot and I know about fetal alcohol syndrome, but that doesn’t mean it is brought up by our physicians like they should. Also, she was conceived in the 80′s, I’m pretty sure from what I know the 80′s was WELL known for drugs, alcohol, and anti depressants. Seeing as antidepressants were just hot on the market, many doctors didn’t know the risks of taking those kind of things on a fetus, and also the true effect of those kind of drugs on adults. They way they made them not care about anything, I’m sure it would have the same effect on a pregnant woman. Oh and when my sister was conceived in 1986, my mother was told BY HER DOCTOR that she could have a glass of wine a day from the antioxidants, and to calm her nerves. that was 3 years earlier… luckily my mother knew better but some oldschool doctors could have still been telling her that was okay, and someone already mentally unstable would like if one is okay, why not 2, or 3… Also, consider that they didn’t even start putting warnings about alcohol and pregnancy on all labels till 1989, there is a GREAT chance that she, ‘didn’t know’ Oh and one more thing, it take a big person not to forgive someone for something like that.

  77. excuse the type-o’s, please.

  78. Oh geez, having a 2 yr old standing in from of me yelling ‘where’s my juice’ and effect the typing lol

  79. I’m sorry I didn’t specify before. I didn’t mean to sound that 100% it wasn’t common knowledge. But that is just what my mom and some other people that are around her age told me. “We didn’t know back then as well as we do now” I didn’t mean ALL, just some of them. By her generation I mean, she was 40 when I was born, and she passed when I was 18, her 58. I just meant some of her generation growing up in the 50s, 60s, maybe even 70s. It’s just my opinion based off information that just a few older adults have told me’ including my mom.

  80. Also, RImau, I guess I’ll have to explain this as well. My mom was a liar, and lied to me for years about many things. I found out what she had done in utero when I was a younger teenager. I tried getting the truth but I bad been told this and that, not knowing what was lies and what wasn’t, until finally, she admitted to me she did, that they witnessed her. Other family members who could be trusted, also said she did. Now, to be clear, none of this was to make excuses for my mother. Nor defend her. I’m just stating what was told to me. I’m not sure why you’re accusing me of anything. I was very scared and confused as a young teenager, finding out all this at once, trying to find the truth from adults. They didn’t make it easy on me to find out. I hope that cleared up some things. :( ~Imamofo, I’m sorry to hear that. I know how that feeling is to some degree. I have accepted what happened and pledge to take the best care of myself as possible, and when I become pregnant, to never touch one thing that can harm it.

  81. It’s still amazing how to become a CPA, drive a car legally, or buy a gun we need the government to say we can; but Gem can just shit kids out of her baby factory like Chinese flip-flops for Wal-Mart.

  82. Wow… way to be an asshole RImau.

  83. Imamofo, I lol’d damn hard at #44 :D

    I’m surprise, with the usual cynicism I’m used to from Lamebook that no one screamed “troll” and took the sensitive path instead.

  84. I don’t think these kind of arguments are particularly fitting for a site dedicated to taking the piss out of the way people display their lives on facebook, I’m all for empathy, but anonymity tends to give way to spite and when online unless in a very controlled environment, people tend to trivialise other
    peoples lives and make grand inferences based on little information. RImau should have realised that there was no way to fully grasp the issue from a couple of paragraphs and kept his or her mouth shut.

  85. danfargisfilthypenis

    @Pedanticoldgit and Rodo–Obviously you think you are an advanced life form. But try just humoring me before you return to your world.

  86. @danfargisfilthypenis
    Why yes, when I fist started calling RImau out on being and idiot I then decided to use the Lamebook profiles like Rodo and Rufio that I had created. Wow I sure am glad I created those and posted with them for teh past year so I could use them for just such an occasion as this *rolls eyes*

    I don’t think that prison is the right environment for most criminals to be rehabilitated so I am hardly going to think it is a good idea to stick someone in it for getting pregnant when I don;t think they are capable of caring for a baby am I? And with all of your talk of ‘tax dollars’ who do you think pays for prisons to operate?! I don’t know if it is different in the good ole’ US of A but in the UK, it is tax payers that cover the daily care, education, drugs rehabilitation, recreational facilities, hospital care etc etc of the people in prisons. I would rather ‘tax payers’ covered better sex education in schools so we don’t end up with kids getting pregnant in the first place and so that the ones who do know that drink/drugs/cigarettes will harm their unborn babies. RADICAL thought, i know, but it is a hell of a lot cheaper that sticking them all in prison.

    I think that enough people now have told RImau he is an idiot that he should just give up. Nobody agrees with him and I am going to agree with all teh people now telling us to just ignore him :0P

  87. ‘scuse typos, it is a ridiculous hour or the day for typing.

  88. The posts are an absolute waste of thread space, but Keona, LB loves you! Just hang on, everything’s gonna be alright!

  89. Thank you all for the support. :D I love all of LB as well. greenstrings, I agree. I’m aware that I started this mess by telling my story, but it’s getting a bit stuffy in the air with tense awkward moments. Shall we sing and dance now for lack of a more pleasant subject change? It’s 3:30am right now, I can’t think of a good one off the top of my head.

    <(^.^<) (>^.^)>(O.o) (\_/)

  90. Bunny fail. :(

  91. Walter Sobchak: I agree entirely!


    Keona, I have come to the conclusion that RImau really doesn’t think about/ read other posts before attacking them… Anyone could see that you were not justifying anyone smoking or drinking during pregnancy, in fact any fool could see that you were showing yourself as an example of why smoking and drinking is wrong. I’m glad that it seems that you have forgiven your mother, or at least are not as angry as you once were, because I’m sure that it was never meant to hurt you, but because it seems that your mother was in a bad place with mental illness. Best of luck. Lol at Bunny fail BTW

  92. People like Gem should have to pass some simple survival tests before being allowed to procreate.

    May I suggest attaching a cinder block to her feet with a rope and chucking her into a river?

  93. It’s like LOLspeak for “hoes”!!!

  94. People are dumb.

  95. Haha, I finally get a submission on here….2 months after I sent this!!!

    Anyway, it looks as though Lamebook has ‘manipulated’ my second initial to look like an L, coincidentally to the same as Ronnie’s…maybe to look like I actually am his dad. I’m not, and my sir name begins with ‘H.’

  96. lol @ “sir name”

  97. Well, my ‘sir name’ does begin with ‘H!’

  98. I remember a conversation with my mother regarding smoking from not too long ago. I asked her why grandma started smoking at 16, and she said that everyone did it, because people didn’t know it was bad for you way back then.
    I then said “but it’s SMOKE, and you INHALE it into your lungs! How could anyone NOT know that that would be bad for you??!!”
    All my mother could do was shake her head and say “I don’t know…”

    The point is, a blind fish with downs syndrome could figure out that inhaling smoke is bad for your health. I think the same goes for smoking and drinking during pregnancy. No matter how retarded you are, if you know it’s bad for you, then you know it’s bad for your baby. If you are so mentally ill that you don’t know what’s good for your own health, let alone your child’s, then you should reconsider procreation.

    The truth hurts.

  99. @muepsilongamma

    You are a cock.

    I am glad that you need to have sex to create a baby, it reassures me that people like you will never procreate.

  100. I really wish that you guys would not use the word “retarted”, it’s an awful word to use, mentally challenged is way more accepted in this day and time. Please be more considerate to those who are mentally challenged.

  101. You must be retarded if you’re going to get offended by that. And you can’t spell retarded.

  102. I wonder if Gem and Liza mother weren’t lame ass hoes and got drunk when they were pregnant????

  103. mother’s*

  104. I’m very late to the party on this one but I’m hoping Gem did the world a favor and threw herself down a flight of stairs.

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