Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Underneath it All

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  1. Hahahahaha, that’s gold.

  2. “…a full Homosexual” – I think it’s the way they have phrased just about everything in this notice that makes it even funnier.

  3. haha reality is sometimes way funnier then any sitcom will ever be

  4. first

  5. shit – stuck trying to post, oh well, 4th / 5th!

  6. Six years is well harsh, I know it’s a bail jump, but… can’t help feel sorry for poor old Lucy in the slammer.

  7. Prison will probably be a holiday for Lucy, Oz springs to mind – but at least he/she/it will not be forced to dress as someone’s bitch punk like Tobias Beecher did.

  8. Strangely enough, I doubt it will be much fun for her. Although the tat skills might prove useful.

  9. Man, and I was upset when my tattoo artist got busted for heroine use! Do people still really hang their panties on washing lines?

  10. hahaha, they had me until the lucy bit. pretty sure this artist simply pissed off the shop so they created this saga so people would stop asking about him.

  11. the swan – you’re probably right, but don’t go bursting my bubble!

  12. I still hang my knickers on the line. Why wouldn’t I?

  13. The grammar on that notice is atrocious. No wonder there are so many misspelled tattoos out there.

  14. They had me at first…But then ,this is way too perfect and priceless to be true.

  15. I am pretty sure that if this was kind of a joke/payback from the shop he/she could sew them for slander

  16. Libel, and yep.

  17. dietpillpyramidscheme

    @Who’s That Girl
    Would you really want the person applying permanent ink into my skin being dosed up, anyway?

    What if he kinda… nodded off, whilst doing you?

  18. Anyone saw the Belgian girl with all the stars on her face ?

    She claimed her tattoo artist fell asleep , afterwards she claimed that she asked for three stars and he gave her a 3 in stars

    She was a nutter , off course , but is was some hilarious stuff

  19. @ Leequette – I guess I’m just jaded by modernization and city life. The only thing that gets hung on lines around here are sneakers with the shoelaces tied together.

  20. Real or not, it was very comical. ‘Lucy’ Stealing the panties was the best part.

  21. @diet pill – I found out AFTER he did my tattoo that he was an addict. I went back for a touch up and he was gone, having been arrested for possesion. I wondered why he insisted on getting cash : “Can’t you just pay $20 in cash and the rest on credit? I really need the cash tonight…”

  22. @Who’s That Girl – wonder if he was using the job as an easy means of needle exchange, clean needle for him, dirty for the customer…

  23. @ Father Sha – I think that she claimed that SHE fell asleep while getting the tattoo done, and when she woke up she had like 40 stars on her face instead of 3. It was all BS though, she later admitted that she had asked for the 40 or so stars.

  24. @Father Sha – that girl was a complete nutter, but I loved how ridiculous she looked.

  25. hehe underdog, off course you are right , i should proof read my posts

  26. If he had done all them stars while sleepwalking that would have been really impressive

  27. @ Ben – Thanks, that’s comforting! I think it’s about time for a hepatitis check…

  28. @ Ben – But on a more accurate note, tattoo artist use needles, not syringes. There is a differece. Syringes are hollow and used for injecting or drawing fluids. Tattoo needles are more like sewing needles put together. Tattoo artists just put ink on the tip.

  29. ThinkingInPictures

    Ha, I know a guy who owns a tattoo place. He would totally pull something like that if an artist screwed him over and pissed him off.

  30. I think the lamest part of this is the oh so wonderfully creative company name of ‘Tattoo Inc’.

  31. @ Who’s That Girl – he could have filled the ink reservoir with smack and gone to town in a machine gun style. P.S. The syringe is the tube part – the piston and pump – the needle is still called a needle.

  32. Personally I find the funniest part the fact he jumped bail in Luton, my home town…

  33. Wwwwooow. That is extremely disrespectful.
    Gender expression, and gender identity are not something to joke about. >_>
    The whole ‘she’ thing, and even saying that at all is entirely offensive.

    I’m too PC to find things funny. T-T

  34. Oh, if you want a good weird tatto story, try the one on Mentally Incontinent… it’s called ‘Where’s Your Sense Of Adventure?’

  35. I assume Lucy pissed off too many people and this is the tattoo shop’s way of getting back at him. Its actually funny and does not sound real.

  36. @ Ben – Touche’ on the needle/syringe difference (but I’m sure you got the point). Machine gun style heroine injection – now THAT is a party! Next up, cocaine filled suppositories…

  37. BritishHobo – you have successfully helped me to pass 25 mins at work. Thank you. I personally think the original tattoo sounded awful too, but it’s a good story

  38. @ Who’s That Girl – that would be par for the course for drug mules, how about GHB inhalers?

    I got into a lot of trouble once for asking a a woman if my handkerchief smelt of chloroform.

  39. hehe Ben , i would have liked to see the expression on a woman’s face after you asked her that

  40. Anyone else notice that this is pretty redundant?? That the poster bothered to post it to facebook and then take a screenshot of it to post it here :P

  41. @ Ben – Yeah, I fell for the chloroform trick once…woke up naked in Mexico with nothing but a sombrero and a sore belly button…

  42. @ravioli221 #40
    yep.. it doesn’t even feel like a genuine facebook material.. Maybe lamebook should have a site of its own for funny/lame material that doesn’t come from facebook. I know there are many sites like that already, hence “a site of its own”, just because I love lamebook. I know lamebook is getting lamer nowadays though.

    Say…. aren’t they telling too much?

  43. @father sha,
    What actually happened is she claims she asked for three stars and SHE fell asleep. When she woke up she had them all over her face.
    That whole story is BS. No one would be able to fall asleep during a facial tattoo. Not to mention they put an outline on you and make sure it’s what and where you want it first.
    I also think this is a hoax. But it made my day.

  44. @Who’s That Girl – At least it was Mexico. When I was testing the strength (a la Geoff Bridges in Vanishing) I knocked myself clean out for a week, I woke to cats gnawing at my legs in a damp basement, a small crack of light fell on the far side wall where I saw a wicker hamper with a gimp inside. I won’t go in to to much detail but I managed to escape by knocking a hick out and exiting the army surplus store at full tilt bare foot.

  45. Wheyy (: It was my boyfriend who posted this on his facebook, we’re very proud to see it on here.
    We’re still trying to figure out if it’s true..but if so, poor Lucy.

  46. Lamepostit- your boyfriend needs to learn how to fucking spell. What the fuck does “ok i was hanging around Era umming and arring over wether to get my ear pierced at a tattooists right” mean?

    Regardless, this whole thing is lame.

  47. Just keep trying Ben, you’ll get it someday! LOL

  48. what are you talking about poor lucy? she’s gonna have so much fun in jail- only problem is she’s not going to have ladies underwear just a lot of cock :D

  49. Arnold Layne had a strange hobby
    Collecting clothes
    Moonshine washing line
    They suit him fine

    On the wall hung a tall mirror
    Distorted view, see through baby blue
    He dug it
    Oh, Arnold Layne
    It’s not the same, takes two to know
    Two to know, two to know, two to know
    Why can’t you see?

    Now he’s caught – a nasty sort of person.
    They gave him time
    Doors bang – chain gang – he hates it

    Oh, Arnold Layne

  50. @ck what – Nice on the Pink Floyd :)

  51. Not to stereotype here, but stealing ladies’ underwear is not typical behavior for homosexual men.

  52. Or, I mean, for people who are attracted to men.

  53. Lucy will be dropping the soap quite a bit in prison.

  54. being transsexual =/= being homosexual

  55. trannies definitely == homosexual because you’re a guy sucking cock.. unless you’re a tranny that likes cooch, then you’re just a lesbian cause you’re a chick eating muff. either way, you’re a total fucking homo dude.

  56. lolz, i like your style!

  57. While this is a lame story for the Mr -Blank- involved, I cannot comprehend why it’s on Lamebook. Lamebook is for lame things people do using Facebook–status updates with TMI, mistaking wall posts for PMs, hilariously inappropriate/naive photos, et cetera.
    This fellow posting the story in his pictures is not actually LAME; sure, it may be a little weird, but lame?
    C’mon, Mr Editor, find me some funny stuff!

  58. Mayinga, I cannot comprehend why people like you complain about the posts that you find on Lamebook. Lamebook clearly states in the title that it for “Funny Facebook Statuses, Fails, LOLs and More”.
    I’m sure you’re not really LAME; sure, your comment may be a little weird, but not lame.
    C’mon, Mayinga, find your own funny stuff if this isn’t funny enough for you.

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