Friday, November 5, 2010

Undead Updates

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  1. That truly brightened my day up :)

  2. I always read the long ones in the hopes that maybe this time, it’ll be worth the time I put into it.

    I’m always wrong. This time is no exception.

  3. They misspelled ‘cranes’ as ‘crains.’ I guess, however, that this can be explained by the fact that zombies have limited intelligence.

  4. I think this is the best thing I’ve seen here.

    I love the planes and then plains haha.

  5. can’t believe I actually read that whole thing. I feel sorry for Bernadette who probably got a million notifications from this.

  6. Fuck me imagine what a laugh a fucking minute that little circles of friends must be.

    ‘hey remember when one of us said something, then we all said a variation of the same thing?’ ‘HELL YEAH!’ ‘Let’s do it again!’ ‘HELL YEAH!’

    Cock munching, ballbaggery, fuckpigs, the lot of them.

  7. I thought that was funny, although Kathy is the sad one who took it too far and was basically posting on her own at the end.

  8. My comment is in the same lines of what Imamofo said, but with more tea-bagging and more and a shotgun.

  9. More Tea-bagging and a shotgun*… Ahem.

  10. I’m not gonna lie–I chuckled. Especially at Hanes, Wayans and Billy Zanes. Kathy was lame for two horse zombie ones. Gotta make a choice, Kath. And especially because her “reins” came after someone else already said “reigns.” Homophones plus 2 horse ones? No imagination.

  11. I hate Kathy..

  12. Please forgive me for this.
    Zombie after reading this post: LAAAAAAAAAAAMMMMEEEE

  13. Dare I say.. Genius?!

  14. just to clarify – this is on here because these people are lame, not because they are funny. you’re not supposed to laugh at their awful jokes, you’re supposed to laugh at their tragic lives.

  15. Completely agree with vincent!

    Cypress Hill and poor taste in comedy zombie rule :)

  16. I enjoyed that very much!

  17. haha hanes lol that was a goody :)

  18. I agree with Vincent. And while I usually roll my eyes at the puns, I maybe chuckled a little at the extent to which they took this post.

  19. kathy sucks.

  20. Kathy is that person who really wants to be in your group of friends, but you don’t call her when you’re all getting together.

  21. That was great!

  22. Well I thought some of them were clever…some not so much, but I was definitely amused by a few of them.

  23. TFL;DR

  24. Cajun Zombie:


  25. Wasn’t this posted a while ago?

  26. Pretty sure this is a repost.. I have definitely seen it before.

  27. I dunno, I found this to be like many a Family Guy skits… Funny, then it keeps going until it’s not funny anymore. But then it KEEPS going until it IS funny again.

  28. Probably a repost, yeah.

  29. i think it is.

  30. oh this was great. i chuckled too.

  31. Kathy doesn’t know when to stop. Way to ruin a good thing Kathy.

  32. amen shelly



  34. Republican zombie: MMCCCCAAAAAIIIINNNNN

    Very nice, Silfaen.

  35. Round-singin’ zombie: endless refraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaains

    Ey? Ey? I could give Kathy a run for her money.

  36. Of all things, Detergent zombie made me LOL. And also reminded me that I have laundry to do, dammit.

  37. A zombie reading this : LLLLAAAAAMMMMMEEEEEEEEEE

  38. Dammit 11 said it before me.

  39. wiz khalifa zombie: TAYLOR GAAAAAAAAAAAAAANG


  41. The world is clearly going IINNNNSAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANE!

  42. How is it that there was no William Shatner zombie mentioned yet?

  43. @41 because khan doesn’t rhyme with brains

  44. (I hate myself for this, but…)

  45. Lamebook Zombie: Titties.

  46. @ snipuico

    Neither does Taylor Gang, Lame (not with brainS anyhow) etc…

  47. North American bird Zombie: Whooping Craaaaaannnes.

  48. Fuck, I fucked it up without caps. I’m going to put my head in the oven of know, Hitler’s favourite appliance.

    (Why the hell does favourite have a squiggly red line underneath? it’s more correct than favorite. Oh, silly American spell check and dictionary..)

  49. @39 Bahahahahaha, okay, that cracked me up.

  50. This is really lame, which is awesome because this is LAMEbook. But the fact that people are continuing this on the comments… that is just sad.

  51. Fucking shite. Even shitter comments.

  52. Misogynistic Rapist Zombie: If a female wears a short skirt and i end up rendering her unconscious before unloading my zombie rapist muck into her women’s Winnebago it’s her who is to BLAAAAAAAME!

    The true level of wanketry going on here has made my quite considerable ball sack retreat into my pelvis. Cunts.

  53. How about military zombie? GREEEEEEEEEENNNAAAAAAADDDDEEEEEEESSSSS!! I havent seen that one yet so I thought I would add it to the list =)

  54. This is one of the best posts I have ever seen on here! I seriously need this group of people in my circle of friends!

  55. can’t. stop. laughing.

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