Monday, October 11, 2010

Uncommon Complications

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  1. Foxes aren’t feline. They’re canidae, like dogs

  2. Personally I would violate a grazing creature, like a deer or a gazelle. Now those are some sexy sexy animals.

    Also; buttsecks.
    That is all.

  3. Peds, you’ve fallen into the trap of the Wallace.

  4. Possibly but I don’t think so. They’re just talking about having sex with animals. But, then again, senility is fast approaching so you may be right.

  5. Is there a market for break up sympathy cards? If so, I think “She find out about you having butt sex?” would be a good one..

  6. Vegito? I googled it and apparently he’s a character from Dragon Ball Z.


  7. Are raccoons feline? Also, what’s a Wallace?

  8. The human race makes me so sad. Can’t you get rabies from raping a raccoon?

  9. perhaps she/he already has rabies?

  10. or used a condom

  11. I guess as long as they’re practicing safe sex I can overlook raping animals…

  12. I’m curious… if it’s possible to rape an animal, then theoretically it has to be possible to get consent from an animal too… I wonder how one would tell the difference. If the animal has a boner, is that consent? What if it’s a female animal?

    In other news, I can’t hear very well after being in the pool for hours yesterday, and both ears hurt like hell. Should I put rice in them to absorb left over moisture?

  13. @BritishHobo-Actually the character from Dragonball Z’s name is VegitA with an A. Now please excuse me while I got shoot myself for knowing that information.

  14. I wonder who Vegito had buttsecks with. I’m betting it was a member of the Ginyu Force.

  15. How high was Gina and Alex?

    Also, I hate these video ads! Damn you LameBook and Opera web browser.

  16. Paul is obviously Soup. Actually no, Soup wouldn’t be embarrased by being on the register. He’d probably take out an ad in the paper.

  17. vegeta looked through his scouter and asked about their power level.

    that was lame in my head too, but hey, i tried.

  18. I signed up merely so I could correct #13 about Vegito being a character in DBZ, which in turn makes this perfect for lamebook I guess.

    Vegito is a fusion between Goku and Vegeta. They have two, actually. The other is Gogeta. I can’t remember specific details about either of them, but one of them is made with some fusion earrings or whatevs during the Buu saga.

    But Vegito is for sure a DBZ character. :)

    That’s all. Lol. Sorry for wasting everyone’s time. x3

    And foxes are indeed not feline.

  19. So, I mean Gina’s “fantasy” or whatever you want to call it, is actually fairly common. I don’t know what it’s called, but people dress up as animals and it turns other people on. Some people are really really into animals.

    I mean it’s weird… but not that weird.

  20. Furries. Erm, so I’m told.

  21. theyve had furries on csi a few times. i hear theyre quite popular.

  22. @MsBuzzkillington They’re called furries

  23. I love the way on DBZ it could take u to 11 episodes for someone to finish a sentence and yet managed to seem so gripping when you were 13.

  24. @greenstrings.

    so right, so right.

  25. Go Go Power Rangers!… wait, wrong show…

  26. Speaking of which If I held up a plastic coin, shouted the name of a dinosaur and found myself covered in bright spandex….

    It would probably be the best day of my life.

  27. bollywood_rocks83

    So true about DBZ. Apparently they have DBZ Kai now. I stumbled upon it the other day and it took six episodes for Goku to get to earth from wherever the heck he was. The 11yr old I was watching it with was so absorbed in it. I on the other hand wanted to smash in the TV.

  28. I love the idea that there are people who are on the internet and don’t know what furries are. It just strikes me as so entirely insane and unlikely. Isn’t the internet like 50% furry? That isn’t to say that the furries shouldn’t die in a fire, because they should, but to not know what they are? Oh internet, you so crazy.

  29. Vegito is the first fusion form of Goku and Vegeta. Instead of the fusion dance (which they will learn later) they fuse with the Potara Earrings. These earrings were given to Goku by the elder Kai in the Majin buu series. This type of fusion was originally meant for Goku and Gohan to fuse but Goku was too late and Majin Buu had already absorbed Gohan. But then, Vegeta showed up and after awhile he agreed to fuse with Goku. This fusion didn’t last long, though. While they were in Majin Buu’s body, they somehow unfused and Vegeta destroyed the earring. The second fusion form, called Gogeta, is a better version of Goku and Vegeta’s fusion, but we don’t get introduced to this until the Fusion Reborn movie and until GT.
    -Brought to you by MEG’s best friend, whose name will not be disclosed, because she’s afraid of the internet.

  30. I think I’ve figured out why no one has put their penis in your vagina.

  31. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Soup I see you clicked MEG‘s link too.

  32. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Uh oh.

  33. Spaghetti oh’s.

  34. Why are those people under the impression that foxes and raccoons are felines…? Canidae and Procyonidae, people.

  35. Ha ha. greenstrings is old.

  36. Wow, you guys, I just came back to geek out about some DBZ, and you still have the nerve to bash my appearance? You are the lowest form of human beings (if that’s even what you are) on the planet. You are the reason people have insecurities.

  37. Actually Soup could have been talking about the singing…

  38. Hey, Kelly. This has nothing to do with your appearance. This has to do with your orspasm on some Japanese cartoon. I am still willing to “fuse” with your “buu”, but if your “vegeta” starts destroying things, I’m going to “gogeta” the fuck out.

    Also, your identity management is just the worst thing ever.

  39. Dude MEG you were not supposed to come back to this place and you know how the posters here are, so you get what you get. WTF girl – I’m starting to think love it

  40. In which case it’s actually Dukey Smooth Buns’ fault.

  41. So Meg is like the lamebook gimp I take it?

  42. Jesus people, I never had the intention of LEAVING, I was simply going to stop commenting – and stop reading comments, maybe. But I saw the name “Vegito” and since my friend who loves DBZ is here, we had to say something. I did not come here to start any flame wars or anything – but you guys just HAD to start picking on me as soon as I showed up. If you don’t stay off my back, I’m never leaving. Quit making me out to be a bad guy just for saying a few sentences about Dragonball Fucking Z.

  43. You have friends? You just can’t stop lying, can you?

    Oh Valenya23, you used to have such a pretty song associated with your name. Now you have replaced it with the typical tripe. Why would you do such a thing?

  44. I have lots of friends, Soup. I don’t understand why you would think I don’t have any. Please list some possible reasons.

  45. And now it’s back to being MEGs fault for taking the bait.

  46. 1. You’re insane.
    2. You’re insane.
    3. Any reasonable friends would have tossed you into therapy ages ago.
    4. You’re insane.

  47. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    5.) you are criminally naive
    6.) your self esteem is tied to a fucken website full of people who don’t know you
    7.)You have multiple personalities (all of them certifiable)
    8.)you actually cry and pretend to cut yourself because of lamebook posts by random people who have no meaning or bearing to your life

  48. I <4 Dukey. You are my density.

  49. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    I will never take you for Granite Soup. Because I’m a Gneiss guy.

  50. FUCK.

  51. I really wanted to be done with this. Really. I don’t understand why people can’t let it go. For god’s sake, I put in one paragraph about Dragonball Z and then everyone pounced. Grow up!

  52. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    MEG try changing your name to Mikeechogolf and then join again but this time don’t mention the fact that you are the only one who has ever double clicked your link.

  53. What?

  54. Dukey, you are my diamond in the rough. Is our relationship concrete? Not yet, but someday I’ll get your commitment set in stone. And then the strip mining I will do to your ass will make the EPA cower in horror.

    Word: Yes, please.

  55. Yeah, fuckin Dragonball Z ruining everything.

    MEG I will say this only once. If you take whatever of your existence you may display on the internet the slightest bit seriously, you will be offended.

    Everything is self parody,
    (e.g. prolonging the issue by complaining that you want it to stop)

    and if you can’t see that then give up cause otherwise you’re fucked.

  56. greenstrings, I have no idea what you just said. I am angry because I made a comment about “Vegito,” and then two people started poking fun at my virginity – because for some reason that’s relevant to this post. One of them insinuated that it was because of my appearance that I am a virgin, which for some reason is also relevant to this post. Do you see what I’m getting at? Do you know what’s happening right now? People are rolling their eyes and collectively groaning because “Troll MEG” has returned to “start flame wars” when really, she did nothing wrong. NOTHING.

  57. Milli Vanilli, you know what? Your constant confusion over people’s reactions to your retardation is is getting old. How about this: Not only are you a fat chunk of shit that no one will ever love, but you are also so fucking stupid that Sarah Palin is jealous of your brains.

  58. Who is Milli Vanilli?


  60. You love every single second of this – in each of your characters. You live for fucking shit-stirring and drama. Nothing is clearer to me than this. Comment, and it will be the result. You know it. I know it. It’s what you want, you nutty bitch. Don’t lie.

  61. MEG you are a genius.

  62. FUCKING FUCK FUCK not even two minutes since Friday!

    and Dukey, so well said that I cannot add to it. Will you marry me? How does Saffer Buns sound on me?

    Meg, Take this as the words of a “big sister”: Yes, sweetie you did say you were going to take a break, that’s why some of us said goodbye to you! I was touched by your realisation to seek help. I’m gullible, and you’re ill! Is this one of your personalities talking? Remember this:

    I’m sorry everyone, I never meant for any of this to happen. After everything I’ve done here, it’s clear that I need help. A lot of help. After I’ve had some time to heal, maybe I’ll come back, fresh, under a new name. But, for now, I’m not well, and lamebook is not a suitable channel for my emotional torment.

    My sincerest apologies for the trouble I caused. I hope to one day fix this mess, once I’ve regained my stability. For now, I think I’m just going to stay away from the internet for awhile.

    Live long and prosper.

  63. Well wordy, you’re wrong. While I do get some enjoyment out of the attention, and for some reason I really love making myself angry (but hate it at the same time), I really just wanted to be a normal commenter. It’s people like you, Soup, Dukey, etc. that make it all go to shit. But hey, if you want to believe that, go right ahead. It’s not like I can stop you. You’re not my doctor, so you don’t know how my mind works.

  64. Saffer, I didn’t do anything!! All I did was talk about Dragonball Z! Please just tell me that part is correct and we’ll move on from there!

  65. Give me the name of your fucking doctor. I’m reporting him for malpractice, because whatever his treatment plan is for you, it AIN’T FUCKING WORKING!

  66. “You’re not my doctor so you don’t know how my mind works”

    I told you, Genius.

  67. Yes Meg, that part is correct. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with your mention of Dragonball Z, but let’s not isolate the DBZ comment, let’s asses it in it’s context. that block quote is ad verbatim, YOUR WORDS!

  68. Even observing the DBZ comment alone: Do you think it sounds healthy that you pretend to be your own friend? “brought to you by MEG’S friend” who do you think is going to buy that?

  69. meshugana, I want to bang you in the ovary. And there’s a reason I have generated this animosity between us. Ours will be the hate fuck to end all hate fucks, and I expect god to send a lightning bolt into my balls right when we finish. Your G-spot will be amped, and I’ll ohm my way into unichhood.

  70. Wait Saffer wait. What?
    Okay yes, I will admit that I did intend to take a break from COMMENTING on Lamebook posts because that’s what seemed to always get me into trouble, and I felt a great need to stop READING COMMENTS because those are what caused me my emotional pain, but I really didn’t think there would be any harm in posting ONE COMMENT about Dragonball Z, and then being on my merry way with no consequence.
    I will also admit that in my great big goodbye statement, I probably didn’t make it very clear what my intentions were. People, no matter how hard I try, I can’t just GIVE UP the internet. The internet is a HUGE part of my life! I can’t just stop using it.
    And yes, I suppose that if you want to call “getting upset that someone insulted me” one of my personalities, go for it. I don’t understand people in the world who DON’T get hurt feelings.
    Also, I haven’t even gone to the doctor yet. I made an appointment. CHILL.
    Now, to recap, I ONLY CAME HERE TO MAKE THE DBZ COMMENT. You are the ones who tried to start the fight. YOU LOVE EVERY MINUTE OF THIS.
    Saffer, I like you, and I don’t want to get on your bad side. I’m really trying. I let a lot of threads go by, even though I really wanted to say something. Even threads where my name was mentioned. I’m trying REALLY HARD, but no one will give me a chance.

  71. Also Saffer, you don’t have to buy that I have real friends. I know I have real friends. That’s all that matters. I’ve known this girl since we were in sixth grade, and I love her very much, and she loves me just the way I am. I don’t need anyone else’s approval but hers. Don’t anybody DARE question that.

  72. That was either cleverly construed bullshit or she actually is one of those people that would hang herself because her ‘second-life’ boyfriend had an affair.

  73. Cut herself, greenstrings, cut herself. Get it right.

    And it was all bullshit. Every single word is bullshit. Always has been. Always will be.

    Kelly, you’re a sham. Worse than yoink ever was. I am done with this. Not another second of my time will be wasted on you or your garbage.

  74. Your “friend” wants to harvest your fat for soap. I just want to fuck a fold. Who’s the real monster?

  75. I just don’t see why people think it’s so horrible that I got my feelings hurt. Is that not a normal human reaction to insults?

  76. Soup, though you may say some pretty nasty things to me, I like you too. I don’t want to be on your bad side either. I don’t want to be on ANYBODY’s bad side. I just don’t understand what I’ve done!

  77. I do trust that you have real friends, I wasn’t questioning that. The timing of her comment is just rather dubious. Why doesn’t she follow up to defend you after her comment opened the attack-MEG-floodgates?

  78. What does a guy have to do to be hated?

    Okay, we can call a truce. Here’s the conditions: Put a picture of your boobs in the icon by your name.

  79. Even when I have insomnia I miss all the fun.
    MEG honey. The internet is a big place. World-wide, almost by definition. There’s lots of communities out there. Why keep coming back to one where so many people have so much animosity for you?
    The only reason I can think is that you enjoy the abuse, the attention and the pain.

    And please people, Dragonball Z? Really? I’ve tried making head or tail of what the hell you were all talking about there and, although I understood all the words individually, strung together as sentences they made no sense whatsoever.

  80. She doesn’t know that this is happening. All I did was ask her “Who is Vegito?” and then typed what she said. She didn’t ask questions. She has no idea what is going on right now. I got her in DBZ mode.
    She DOES know that I do this often, and she encourages me to stop for the sake of my psychological health, but she has no idea the magnitude of just what goes down when I get on the internet.

  81. Soup, clothed or unclothed?

    Yes Pedantic, I do enjoy the abuse and the pain, but I don’t know WHY I enjoy the abuse and the pain. That is why I called a doctor. This is not healthy for me. I’m hurting myself and other people and I don’t want to feel compelled to do it anymore. It’s like an addiction.

  82. Thinking about it, my IP isn’t protected and if she actually is a nutjob and tops herself I will become an extremely stereotypical statistic, so for the sake of my booty virginity I’m gonna put on some runny mascara and say,

    “Leave MEG alone, right now! she’s a human being!!”

  83. Anyway, Meg, you’re right this has gone on long enough and you have as much right as anybody else to comment, so by all means do.I just wish you didn’t say all of that on Friday, only to try take it back today. This time the fool was me for buying it.

  84. Magnitude? My bowel movements have a bigger impact on this Earth than your comments.

    However, I still want to see your boobs. Unclothed. Stupid question.

  85. who’s talking in #80? this is ill.

    good night

  86. Saffer, I think you’re just mad because you wanted me to disappear forever, and I didn’t. If you hated me that much, why didn’t you just say so? I didn’t make any fantastic promises to remove myself from the face of the earth.

    Soup, I’m not going to change my picture to my boobies, but you can see them here.

  87. There’s a time and place for abuse and pain – blindfolded, naked and handcuffed to the bed. Do what you will.

  88. Buggy eyes, a distended belly, and blue feet (obviously from diabetes). Seems about right.

  89. Okay halt everything.

    I know my many personalities and mood swings are getting in the way of what I really intended to do here.

    I just want to make things right.

    Please, just tell me what you want from me. All of you. If it’s reasonable, I’ll do it. Even if it is to get the fuck off the internet forever. Even if it is to “take a knife to my wrist and end my pathetic life.” If that makes everything better, I’ll do it. This is the last thread that I’m going to be commenting on for a very long time. This time I give you my word. I can’t keep doing this to myself and I can’t keep doing this to you.

    Here’s a real picture of my boobs. I don’t care who looks. It’s breast cancer awareness month.

  90. Horrifying.

  91. You. Are. One. Crazy. Bitch.

  92. Cup the balls, stroke the shaft, and tell me that you love me.

    Also, I’d like a picture of your vag.

  93. wordpervert what do you want from me?

    No vag pictures, Soup, I’m not that bold.
    But I love you. And I’m cupping the balls and stroking the shaft as I say that.

  94. Wordy, your comment #87 Marry me, you’re the girl of my dreams!

  95. MEG, I’m not convinced cutting your wrist would be ‘reasonable,’ particularly if the request came from a bunch of extremely jerkish people on the internet.
    I also don’t quite see why everyone can’t simply stop taking the disagreement so damn seriously and move on? Because it rather takes two sides to continue a flame war. If you don’t like what MEG says in a comment, say so once and then move the fück on. And conversely. As I am about to demonstrate. I hope.

  96. Soup, I’m very disappointed in you. Knock yourself out with that one, buddy.

    Kelly, I like that song. Now you’ve ruined it for me (it’s a song by Monaco, in case you ask, and I just can’t…).

    git, I’ll think about it, but I’m not really the marrying kind. I’d marry Larry David, though. In a heartbeat.

  97. Molasses, just remember: Down the road, not across the street. Or you could show me your cooter, and I will cure all that ails you.

  98. Ok wordy, if not marriage then how about a dirty weekend? You, me, handcuffs, riding crop and nipple clamps?

  99. Word, why would you deny me my pleasures? I’m trying to save a life here. Kind of. With pussy.

  100. I’ve been thinking about ending it all for quite awhile. I’d be saving a lot of people a lot of trouble. Besides, I’m very obviously damaged, and I just don’t think it’s fixable. I mean what’s the point?

    Soup, you can find pictures of vaginas anywhere on the internet. Vaginas that are probably far prettier than mine.

  101. MEG, stop with the passive aggressive bullshit. I’ve been trying to be patient with you so far. Don’t fucking push me.

  102. MEG, you are either a genius troll or perhaps you should consider seeing someone over the suicidal thoughts…

  103. But I feel like I know you now. I want to see your flappy flower. The kind of proximity that we have makes it so much better.

  104. Passive aggressive bullshit? Where?
    I’ll ask again:


  106. I have to leave. Now. I’ll take what you boys have said under advisement. This is… ugh.


  107. Soup, come find me and I’ll show you whatever you want. As long as you promise to kill me afterwards.

    Listen people, on multiple occasions I have crashed the party that is Lamebook, and on multiple occasions I have tried to make it right. I’m just asking you people what you want me to do.
    The harsh reality is, more people want me dead than want me alive. Sure, I’ll be seeing someone about my suicidal thoughts, but I don’t see what good it will do.
    I just want to know what you want.

  108. Word, don’t leave us! A female perspective is critical in this time of convincing her to show her snatch. Or kill herself. Either way, you can make the difference.

  109. Fuck it, I’m off to molest Wordy. Had enough of this crap.
    Do whatever you want MEG, just don’t come on here whining about it and pissing all over our threads with your whiney bullshit.
    You sound like the worst kind of emo teenager.

  110. I don’t need convincing to kill myself. See ya.

  111. You keep asking what we want you to do. I keep telling you to show your tinkle-blossom. And then you ask what you should do. I think it’s pretty clear what you need to do.

    Give me your email, and we can discuss in private the best ways for me to kill you.

  112. One sure-fire way to realize your life isn’t as bad as you thought is to check into a psych ward on suicide watch. Very quickly your thoughts turn from death to ‘how do I get OUT of this place?’

  113. Very true Mad2. I was fortunate enou to be an expensive private psychiatric hospital. In fact it was so posh that Suicide Watch was presented by Bill Oddie. (This joke only comprehensible to a small proportion of the UK population)
    Suicide watch is a bitch though, you get a nurse come in and check on you every 15 minutes. Which means that your masturbation timing has to be spot on.

  114. I’m afraid, not being in the UK, that I don’t know who Oddie is. Damn ignorance that pervades America!

  115. He’s a comedian/naturalist (yeah we’re polymaths over here) who used to present nature programmes called Springwatch and Autumnwatch

  116. wow…. ummm…. wow…. lolol… what a freakbag!!

  117. Fuck me, I miss all the fun.

    I hate you all, not really, I love you, why are you staring at me, hmm lovely crayons.

    Gotta love the fruitcake.

  118. Holy shit look what went on while I was away!! Fucking nuts!!

  119. There aren’t many words for all that I missed tonight… Except this: DAMNIT I hate school for making me do an 8 page Position Paper while this was going on!!

    I have to say that I actually love you all for your comments (expect meg of course) but I especially love Word now, can you marry me too?? Your comment at #50 had me rolling!

    @Soup – :( Are you talking about the Richard Walters video? I <4 that song! :D I put it back just for you b/c your Milli Vanilli comment was so hilarious. Oh, but I will not be sorry for being an American that loves Beavis and Butthead + Nine Inch Nails!

  120. NiN is an excellent project. I hope Trent gets back to doing that kind of thing in the future. I don’t think they’re the best at what they do, though; listen to Combichrist, Psychopomps, Grendel…
    Beavis and Butthead, however, do not appeal to me.

  121. lol I understand completely, B&B is an acquired taste.

    I definitely agree with you about NIN, I know they aren’t best as well; however, I think it’s more of a sentimental thing with me. NIN was one of the first I had heard in that genre back in the “90s”, I was too young to know about greater things. I learned quickly though – my second favorite band being Skinny Puppy. But I’ve been very sheltered lately with music

  122. WOW! I thought I’d lose interest but that was an awesome read. Even better than a Dan Brown book, but somehow less believable. This site has it all. Death by Soup sounds fun hehe
    DId I miss the titty pictures?

  123. My dear lamebook friends,
    I <4 you guys. I really do. But you all neeeeeeed to stop taking the bait. Not that I don't enjoy waking up to a good ol' 100 comment MEG fuck, but I find her particular brand of trolling boring, and I think it's about time we stop validating her existence.
    Lots of love (the naked kind),

  124. Ah you’re right june .. however CAPS is also right! what a great read when you’re skiving off work and need cheering up lol

  125. Besides she committed lambook suicide so at the very least she can’t come back here as MEG.

  126. I really don’t understand why she blows up like that, if she had made an entirely new identity to write that essay about DBZ she would still have been taken the piss out of, its dragon ball z for pete’s sake, its not exactly the epitome of cool, now, is it? If you are still reading this MEG, it was your comment, not you that people were taking the piss out of.

    Until you kinda exploded… then it was you…

  127. 1st one is incredibly fake.
    he wouldn’t have said “dude not on my wall”
    or whatever. he’d have deleted that shit
    as soon as he saw it. lamebook is getting,
    literally, lame.

  128. p.s. people taking other people seriously on the internet are pathetic. all of you arguing about the meg shit are pretty pathetic, and i don’t know if it has occured to you or not, but all of you seem disgustingly worthless at this point. who gives a fuck if you’re cool on Lamebook.

    how does that constitute being better than anyone else? being on Lamebook all the fucking time? I can never get on here and skim through comments for adequate feedback because the same damn people are spewing their shitty, pseudo-witty comments to and fro. and, just for the record? none of you are “witty”. you’re all pretty damn pathetic from the looks of these comments.

    so, yeah. i had to say something. i am now officially lame for engaging myself in this lame ass Lamebook comment drama shit.

  129. Everybody’s so cranky these days.

  130. @ peenmaster

    ‘people taking other people seriously on the internet are pathetic’
    re-read through what you have just written, it looks to me like you just called yourself pathetic.

    ‘how does that constitute being better than anyone else? being on Lamebook all the fucking time?’
    If you are referring to people implying they are better than MEG I would imagine that they are doing so because she has SERIOUS mental issues, not because they spend more time on Lamebook than she does (which actually, the majority don’t, MEG probably spends more time here than most of the other commenters put together)

    ‘I can never skim through comments for adequate feedback because the same damn people are spewing their shitty, pseudo-witty comments to and fro’
    I would rather read ‘pseudo-witty’ comments than this tripe, at least the people ‘spewing their shitty, pseudo-witty comments, at least they know that you put a capital after a full stop.

    ‘i am now officially lame’
    You said it.

  131. I miss good ‘ol one post troll Dan Fargis. Short and sweet is how I like it.

  132. *ol’

    (Also insert innuendo)

  133. Good lord, what a fucking spiral into a hole of shit. Or would that have been categorized as a clusterfuck? I have no idea, I need to look it up. But whatever that was, it was ugly. Come on guys, can’t we just talk about furries, and animal rape, and bestiality, and necrophilia? Wait, you guys were talking about necrophilia before I got here right?

    For heaven’s sake.

  134. whatever it was, ros, it was pretty compelling stuff! fucking insane, just how i like the internet

  135. @Taz:

    1) last time i checked, the importance of grammar to dumbasses on the internet pales in comparison to the importance of bashing others and inadvertently boosting evidently low self-esteem by responding with worthlessly rude comments for no apparent reason. correct me if i’m wrong?

    2) i admitted i was “lame” for calling people out for being dicks for no good reason, so good job elaborating on that by analyzing my entire spiel and attempting to fit in with the rest of the over-compensating dicks that post comments like yours.

    3) stating the flaws in the way other people treat other people via the internet and expressing how much it pisses me off definitely isn’t something any well-rounded person would consider “tripe”.

    yeah, i just numbered all of my shitty little arguments like a complete noob. please, feel free to call that out, too. =)

  136. oh, and ros, your comment made me laugh. =)

    but yeah, i totally agree.
    i shouldn’t have said anything about it, but reading crap like that, where people blatantly gang up on another person (regardless of their mental or physical stature) gets me heated. i admit, i’m being a hypocrite by posting comments. but it’s a free damn country, i’ll say what i want.

  137. i cant believe i missed all this. stupid root canal.

  138. @peen:

    1) I’m not entirely sure what you mean by this, but it sounds like you are basically saying that bad grammar is better than bad manners. If that IS what you mean then I have agree, but also point out that in one swoop you called pretty much every user of this site pathetic, disgustingly worthless, pseudo-witty, pathetic (again)and said they had shitty opinions. I don’t know about you, but I would call that pretty rude.

    2)If I was attempting to fit in with what you call ‘over-compensating dicks’ (very polite thing to call people by the way) I would have said something about your mother and/or probable virginity (which would probably have been a better response, to be honest)

    3) I didn’t say commenting on the way people treat other people on the site was tripe, I said what YOU wrote was tripe. Swearing a lot and calling people pseudo witty, pathetic, worthless, over-compensating dicks is not ‘stating the flaws in the way people treat other people via the internet’ its just being rude.

    As for ‘free damn country, i’ll say what i want’ it goes both ways my friend, everyone on here lives in a ‘free country’ (at least I would think so) and therefore has the right to say what they want too.

  139. GODAMMIT MEG SHUT THE FUCK UP!! Sorry love, but either laugh at yourself or leave this place. STOP RISING TO THE BVAIT, you are becoming a caricature of yourself. I’m sure you’re lovely, but if LAMEBOOK upsets you so, perhaps you should join a cross-stitch group with some elderly ladies who will be soothing. Tip: Ignoring people will get them to stop picking on you. Darlin, you really do kinda ask for it.

    And everyone else – pick on me today and leave MEG alone. I can take it, give it back, and share it aaaalll around <3

  140. loma, you like dragon ball z and it is therefore obvious to me why you are a virgin! And you hate teen mums. What is wrong with you and your views? GOSHDARNITT! You can sing though.

    *aaaah* I crack myself up…

    related note: agrees with loma.

  141. @taz – you busted me. I am indeed MEG. Currently I am hooked up to two internet accounts on two computers, with two lamebook accounts, shouting at myself. Also, I love Dragonball Z, it’s true. GODDAMMIT LOMA SHUT UP!! No, you shut up MEG. Hang on, I’m confused. Shit! I forgot I was using two computers. Let me take a photo of my vag right after I go punch that teen mum over there whilst singing an aria or two.

  142. @loma. you continue to make me LOL

  143. Lawl. I do feel sorry for the girl, but the internetz is not the place for a batshit crazy, christian republican with low self esteem. Lamebook even less so.

  144. I just signed up to say….WOW……at MEG…I’ve forgotten what the original post was about after all that.

  145. Wow. In the immortal words of Peter Griffin: “Shut up, Meg.”

  146. Hey guys,

    I just wanted to write a message to you all, and all the haters. I’m Meg’s boyfriend, have been for a few months now, my names Jade and what you’re doing to her is sick.

    She jus wants ta feel part of sumthin, and all you do is drive her off with what you say.

    I dont understand what we as a coupl hav done to deserv this? it’s really impacting on our second life imaginationship


  147. Since when are foxes felines?
    Or raccoons for that matter??

  148. MEG – I started reading all your comments but gave up halfway through because you are a liar.
    If you receive “pain and abuse” from STRANGERS who don’t stop you have 3 options:
    1) Accept it and SHUT THE FUCK UP;
    2) IGNORE IT;
    3) Leave and STAY AWAY.
    Any option would suit most people.

    In relation to your “psychological” state/condition you have 2 options:
    1) Get a Psychiatrist to medicate your brain and a Psychologist to re-train your mind because they are both fucked up;
    2) Remove yourself from the gene pool before you reproduce and contaminate it.
    Personally I would prefer the second option.

    It’s not right to constantly whinge about being picked on if you keep providing people with material, the choice is yours to make considering this is a free and open forum.

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