Friday, September 25, 2009

U Canz Be Kitteh 2


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  1. Isn’t it so nice the value of a cat’s life is equal to the value of human life to some people?

  2. And just like with kittens, you have to put something heavy in the bag with people so that they sink when you throw them into the river.

  3. My uncle’s cat died skydiving.

  4. @ Mikey

    haha, very nice.

  5. WTF?

  6. @ mcowles

    Was something heavy put on it’s shoot?

  7. I beg to differ, I think everyone is a baboon.

  8. I think I just threw up in my mouth a little.

  9. I’d like to tear this awful post apart, but my inner kitten is telling me that it would be unkind.

  10. Then we all can haz cheezburger

  11. One of the kittens “feel in love with the love”. Can’t argue with that.

  12. Speechless from the Holy Spirit eminating

  13. BORING!

  14. Future Ms. Cat Lady….

  15. @ Rolf Harris

    Cats like to tear things up. Well, shred, really.

  16. Kittens are cute and little. People are stupid and big.

  17. It was good until she started talking about inner voices….the typos are interesting.. could lead in another discussion!

    whats wrong with having cats on the same level as humans. They have unconditional love, have feelings of pain too, and are a hell of a lot better than some humans I know .

  18. I love cats, but they’re not even close to people. They never know what time it is, they’re always screwing around with my couch, they never do what they’re told and they lick my head in the morning.

  19. @ wcar

    I don’t value my cat over my child.
    I’m good to my cat, and I love my cat, but if he attacked one of my babies, I wouldn’t hesitate to cave it’s skull in.

  20. Stroke my cat Kristen. The funny thing is, my cat is on my cock! Wait a minute. That didn’t come out right at all. Fack.

  21. Great. Now all of a sudden I find myself hating kittens.

  22. LOL @ 10

  23. My neighbor’s 5 year old tipped a tv over onto their kitten. The parents didn’t really care. They complained that it was a HUGE mess to clean up, but that’s about it.

    I don’t know how this relates, but it had a kitten in the story!

  24. Lamest thing on Facebook? Try lamest thing on the ENTIRE FREAKIN INTERNET. OMG. Can someone please shoot this person and put me out of my misery???

  25. I’m a dog person. So not only is this pathetic, but not even remotely true, lol. Cats are bitches, dogs are lovable.

    Maybe I’ve just had bad kitty experiences…. no inner voices talking to me…. that’s too bad.

  26. #25 Bry: Sucks that you’ve had bad pussy experiences.

  27. Kristen’s going to die alone.

    With the love of many cats.

  28. lol @ Fry

  29. Many years later, I bet Kristen will be exactly like that crazy cat lady on The Simpsons who randomly throws cats at people.

  30. Whats lame is to think that loving animals and value their lives is lame

  31. Fry, I was contemplating putting that. But I couldn’t bring myself to it. Thanks for taking the words out of my mouth, lol.

    God-damn no-good pussies.

    Ha. I said it.

  32. Hmmm…. Pet cemetery comes to mind. :)


  34. Good one sis! I can’t believe she posted something like this! CRAZY!!!

  35. I know this person, and if you can believe it she is actually becoming a nun!!!

  36. This person is a fucking freak but so are all idiots on here like wcar saying animals and humans have the same value.

    Does that include ALL animals or just the cute furry ones? Do you value the life of the mosquitoes or cockroaches you squish? Or the ants you unwittingly step on every day? Stop being so lame.

  37. for some reason i get the feeling she wants to get to know the kittens in the biblical sense

  38. I, too, just fell in love with the love.

  39. I get what she’s saying… cats >> people. If we could look at people and feel what I feel when I see a kitten, there would be no more war

  40. Trillian, you speak as if humans have an intrinsic inner worth that exists outside of the humanistic/religious primacy they have or the laws that protect them. You would be extra careful with ants, too, if capital punishment was attached to squishing them. There are a good bunch of people I would dispense with, had I been pushed to saving either their life of my cat’s. I really, honestly think that my cat is much more valuable than many higher, more cognizant beings.

  41. Wow, what a freak… I would attempt some pussy stroking joke but that would be just way too easy.

  42. P.S @Constantine – total agreement. Pretty sure there are many people that I prefer my cats to!

  43. I like to put kittens in pitching machines. I also like to put live kittens in the oven and bake them for 1 hour. That’s all.

  44. Wait, I forgot, I also like to strap concrete blocks to my feet and walk through a crowd of at least 30 cats or kittens. It’s refreshing.

  45. I think it’s pretty sad when you admit to preferring your cat to human beings.

    Good luck with that.

  46. @Brandi

    You’re really not funny, do us all a favour and please stop posting complete crap.

    This post is lame but it’s not funny-lame which is a shame.

  47. I want to shred this post with my claws, play around with it a little, then lick myself a little and throw up a hairball. It’s a very eventful day for me.

  48. What’s with all the pussyfooting going on around here?

  49. Wow, cool, I was noticed for my comment above….. ha ha. Whatever Trillian, don’t you agree some animals cats or dogs, are just a little bit way cooler than some humans that walk among us…

    Thanks Constantine…. I’m with you in saving a few animals lives than some scumbag human that lives around us…

  50. No I don’t agree. Hence my post.

  51. Hee hee, the vast majority of replies are exceptionally douchey as well.(Trillian etc.) Good to see the plebians havn’t lost their tall poppy sense of humour. Can’t we put aside these sub-sub-intellectual sarcastic wittiisms and embrace each other in soft, cuddley kitten love?

  52. I agree with constantine.
    Also, fuck people, get over yourselves. people are shit. Yes that includes me.

  53. having said that… The original thing is VERY lame.

  54. hahaha this made me laugh, and I adore kittens.

    Boz, you always crack me up. Be my friend?

  55. Silly c*nt

  56. This is why dumb people shouldn’t be told about god, it fucks them up more than most people who believe.

  57. This girl is scary and I am sure she is actually a psycopath


  59. @ #3 mcowles: I nearly pissed myself laughing over that. Way to blend the previous subject into another!

  60. The anthropomorphising of animals is utterly ridiculous.

    Cats are cold blooded killers – not just of mice or other prey animals, but a tom cat will rip kittens to shreds in order to induce their dam to go into heat again.

    They fight, fuck, puke and shit just like humans… this is true… but you can be damn sure your cat doesn’t feel the same way about you as you do about it – no matter what you think.

    I have two cats and they are fun pets… but that is all they are. They are NOT humans, and they are NOT intelligent. A two year old human is smarter than even the smartest cat I’ve ever seen.

    I will say this though… all those people around the world that think their cat is smarter than them… they are right, unfortunately.

    By the way, there is no better way to make a cat unhappy than to treat it like a human. They are not human and don’t have the same psychology – being a wuss with your cat doesn’t make it happy, it makes it confused. Treat it like a lower form of life, and your cat will be the happiest thing you’ve ever seen – because that’s what they expect.

  61. #60 makes me think of a morbidly obese classmate in high school who had issues with cats and talked about killing them all day.

    your cats sound retarded. you may have just had bad experiences. cats know cat people, and try their best to avoid those who fail epically. I pity yours.

    just like with dogs and humans, there is enough of an understanding in alpha-beta hierarchy that they understand the weak and strong, responding accordingly (and thus the variation in behavior).

    don’t try sounding pretentious, sweetie – your IQ is as high as those cats you internally loathe. jealous, much?


  63. Lau, i love you.

  64. Lau, that image was in my head as soon as I read this! Haha!

  65. I’m good with cats and dogs, but not such that I fell in love with the love

  66. Where I’m from, we put people who hear voices in mental hospitals.

  67. So, does this mean this person is in to beastiality? :s

  68. BEASTILITY more like best-ability.

  69. zoophilia erotica

  70. we’re all just kittenz inside right?


  71. Asians must have several inner kittens…..or is it dogs. I can never tell, but aparently they taste the same

  72. Every time you masturbate, God kills a kitten.

  73. Oh, so that explains what that smell in my room is. Thanks, unreal.

  74. great now I want to punch kittens

  75. I’m not sure whether I should feel creeped out, offended or mildly dirty in that “I’ve just been molested” kind of way….Possibly all three.

  76. Er – meow.

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