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  1. FIRST

  2. wat?

  3. I gave up halfway through trying to read the top post. It was too much work.

    And Gina probably deserves to be single if she insists on duplicating the last letter in every word she types.

  4. I always break up with people who care about me, are madly in love with me, and who I’m madly in love with because I lost my virginity to them. Duh. I mean, there couldn’t possibly be any other factors that go into the decision.

  5. P.S Can someone please translate Tashauna’s post k please thanks

  6. i just want to know what qp stands for…..

  7. This is not funny or lame enough for lamebook.

  8. This hurts my brain…

  9. @ oochie

    Me too…so I can stay far far away from there.

  10. Sunflower November 2nd, 2009 at 6:02 pm

    Oh man, aren’t you hardcore.

    How do people even have the time to type like the first post. If It’s this much of an effort to read it then how long must it have taken to write it?

  11. Tashauna must be like 12… that’s the only way someone would think it’s so cool to write something THAT obnoxious!

    Completely not lame. Just sad. Poor girl. But the extra letters on every sentence is pretty annoying… and I can’t tell if she’s sad about it or mad or just laughing. >>confused<<

  12. Tashauna is saying I love my bro, Elliot! (Oh boy oh boy, I’m still smiling hard!) Later facebook, I guess it’s sleepy time! lol, really!! Rae, Tee, Jelli, Ricka, and my brother, you all done showed out with the slow songs! Tee and Rae, you all sure showed your asses in walmart with the little materials!!! laugh my ass off…..

  13. @ Tribulation

    judging her communication skills, I would assume Tashauna is most likely unemployed. Therefore, she has plenty of time to show her ass in walmart and spend all day describing it on facebook.

  14. What is up withh alll of thiss garbageee? Is that some new thing? Itt hurtss myy brainn. AlSo ThIs.

  15. If Ginaaa is “likee sadd” why does she randomly bahaha and lmaooo? I would understand if they were just dating, but someone this immature was actually married? I shouldn’t be surprised, but I can’t help wondering what the marriageee certificateee looked like after she was done scribbling all over it. Can she even spell her name?

  16. Because when one’s heart is broken it increases the need to punctuate your sob story with “lol” “lmao” etc.
    People need to learn that doubling up the last letter of each word does not in fact add extra punctuation, meaning, intelligence or anything else to what you’re saying.

    And don’t even get me started on Tashauna.

  17. I’m going to assume that because of the break-up/divorce that she drank too much and this was just the result of some drunk-facebooking.

  18. Whats qp?

  19. @Oochie: What does “showed out” mean??

  20. Seriouslyyy guyssss youuu needdaaa bee a litttlee nicceerr.

  21. hEY m0fuKka5.fu if u t1nk d1s shXt is fkn-dum cos i b3t nun u can ev3n typ rit3 all da fkn tym neway!!!!!!!!!!! M0FUKkA.A5SHoS!!!

  22. Kids arent as cool as they use to be.

  23. Yes, Leesh. We obviously cannot type correctly. I aspire to one day embrace the ability to type as if I lack all of my motor reflexes.

    I would also enjoy typing and spelling as if I grew up in a low-income community where everyone in the education system is pushed through with a passing grade to avoid dealing with the hopelessness of my ignorance for another year.

    But I’ve only accomplished the occasional typo, unnecessary comma or an improper usage of a semi-colon. And don’t even get me started on the times I’ve used one too many dots in an ellipsis.

    I guess I have a long way to go before I master the retardation you’ve worked so little to obtain for yourself. I guess I’ll have to keep dreaming.

    I know that you’ll probably skip over the first line of this retort and immediately start your ghetto-inspired reply. So let me simplify it for you:

    You’re fucking retarded and I hope to God that you never procreate and give the world another child I’ll be paying for with my tax money.

  24. whats qp??!?

  25. The youth of today is clearly doomed. My head hurts from reading this.

  26. Why does it seem like Gina is laughing through this?

  27. Ooooooh ouch L33$H! Jen obviously took a lot of time to craft that retort, I hope it hurts as much as she intended it to! Take THAT!

    Tashauna hurts me.


  29. Wow…I think I caught the dumb from Tashauna’s status update!

    It never stops amazing me that these kids spend so much time typing like a monkey on crack!

  30. Honey, I love you, but I think you’re damaging my keyboard.

    Anyone else think they were only ‘fake married’? She sounds a bit too much like a mental teenager to have actually tied the knot. Ttoughh maybeee I’mmmm justtt judgingggg herrrrr writing styleeee harshlyyyy.

  31. FK U B1CHCH!!!!!!! I 60T A FKN BAYBY N H3Z MY FKN LYF So WTf U N0 BICH!!!!!

  32. I’m truly sorry, guys. It’s been quite a rough day at the office, and I just thought I would take it out on you.

    You have my deepest apologies, dear friends.

  33. The extra letters on the ends of the words makes me feel ill.

  34. When I read Gina’s post in my head and elongate the pronunciation of the words to match her spelling, it’s so awful I just can’t stand it. Even More Annoying Than When People Capitalize The First Letter Of Each Word, Like It’s Some Kind Of Fucking Title.

  35. @letterstogod Did you try thinking of it as if she’s sobbing/crying? This sounds cruel, but it’s funnier that way.

  36. wow well that was a little like the time i stuck 1000 pins in my eyes… and people think its cool. *sigh*

  37. QP = Qatar Petroleum. Clearly Gina, Jemila and “hubby” are all high-level executives at the petroleum company.

  38. 71828182845904523536

    Since when can 15 year olds get married?

  39. @natl33, thanks for the tip! That really does make it more entertaining!!

  40. Oh, relax! She’s only “likee” sad, not really sad.

  41. People make their relationship status married when they aren’t actually married.

  42. I think it’s pretty obvious that this was a fake marriage. At least I hope so.

  43. @ letterstogod

    It’s Quite All Right If You’re A Golem Like Me.


  45. @ Dorfl

    I See What You Did There.

    I want to kill Gina for typing like that.

  46. The first one makes my brain hurt.

  47. @ Chinchillazilla


  48. SQUEAK!

  49. I would also like to be counted among the people who don’t know what qp is.

  50. What I don’t understand is how people can type like the person did in the first one. It would actually take some skill, having to go back and forth between capitals and lower case letters, remembering to replace s’s with z’s, and using exclamation points instead of periods.
    Why not put all that effort into learning proper spelling and grammar?

  51. Gina, darling, when you set your status to married when you are not married, you are not madly in love with someone. You’re psychotic and need therapy. Your friend encouraging this makes her batshit insane, too.

    No one will love you because they’re afraid you’re going to boil their pet bunny.

  52. Leesh,

    If he’s your life I suggest acting older than 12. I fear for that child when he gets into pre-school.

    “bUt mi DaDi s4iD i shld riTE d1s w4Y L0L!!!xxx 1 pr0miZ 1m smrt.”


  54. alright everyone, the Gina one was by me. i would like to clarify:

    qp stands for Queen of Peace High School somewhere in northern jersey.
    they were only dating, so no actual marriage.

  55. Things like this make the movie “Idiocracy” seem not so far-fetched.

  56. For some reason, reading Gina’s use of double letters made me think she would actually speak like that.

  57. @Buckeye

    Now I know what kind of an idiot watches those movies.

  58. @Ben

    Why did you ever get so soft?

  59. Everybody just leave Leesh alone.

    SH3 60T A FKN BAYBY, don’t you know.

    (Because she wanted ‘someone who would love her unconditionally’ ??)

    Ha ha ! I thought her first post was a joke, making fun of that fucktard way of typing. Lame on you, Leesh !!

  60. What’s really lame is tashauna’s profile pic with her friend in front of a toilet sign

  61. @corey:

    you fag

  62. Sozzleeeeeeeeeeeee

    Pity there is no update reading “Gina ******* has gone from being “marriedddddddddddddd” to “Singleeeeeeeeeeeee” “. That is most likely why she thought it was ok to pick “married” when she wasn’t actually.. stupid biatch didn’t know what it meant.

    Afterthought – When you read the post again and pronounce all the additional eeeeeeeeeeee’s it sounds like mock chinese…then it’s actually rather hysterical…

  63. @Jen(23)
    “We obviously cannot type correctly. I aspire to one day embrace the ability to type as if I lack all of my motor reflexes.”


  64. Ms Likee sadd butt

    My favourite bit is where she is “laughing her ass off off off” …. bwahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!

    Dopn’t you guys think that just maybe she has a stutter and she types just as she speaks?

  65. I can type like Tashuwhateverthefuckhernameis if I bash my head against the keyboard a few times. Wanna see?

    slsdkf jgsw djil ;erl;s erjil;sdr kl;sdr gkl;c g jiler gjil;drl ;glw ei; r.

    Roughly translated, it means, “get bent”.

  66. I have a feeling that ‘GP’ might mean Gardens Point- its what students from QUT (in Brisbane, Australia) shorten the campus to, in conversation. The other campus is KG – Kelvin Grove

  67. unless it’s qp, (which it is)…so i have no idea

  68. Okay, people seriously need to get a fucking life and stop posing as other people.

  69. @ Jen , feeling a bit superior now are we ? You talk about ghetto-inspired but i m not really sure what you mean by that … poor people can’t spell ? You live in the ghetto so being stupid is a way of life ?

    I found your reply funny and well written but from what you wrote i suppose that you came from a happy and wealthy family with a very strict dad that forced you to do endless grammar excersises. Therefore prohibiting you to have a life while being a teenager , so now you have become a snob and are so sexually opressed that even a darkroom filled with countless strangers can’t satisfy your needs.Daddy probably told you that you are better then those pesky lowlifes living in them projects, didn’t he ?

    I hope if you procreate that your child is as intelligent as you obviously are, or at least claim to be. Might be dissapointing if you have a dumb child that you have to love but rather get rid off

    And i’m sorry if i made some typo’s or spelling errors ,English isn’ my mother tongue and i come from a ghetto

    So i gotz to be a dumb mofo , biatchhhh

  70. Jen – dude, you are taking Leesh’s comment way too much to heart. I did an English Language degree and I take that kind of stuff pretty seriously but you appear to be taking it personally. I can just see you hunched over the keyboard concocting the most cutting reply, for someone who couldn’t give a shit. FYL.

    Is this guy dumping her because she works in a petrol station? We don’t have QP over here. I’d be more likely to dump her for being friends with Jemila: ‘…im sowwwyyy babygirll’


  71. Father Sha – we must have been writing at the same time. I think I love you. Let’s get married and have babies that we love for their personality rather than their extended vocabulary and accurate use of semi-colons.

  72. I thought Gina was a woman before i read on a realised she can’t be more than 14.

  73. I see Leesh managed to unearthed a few pop psychologists on this here lamebook site. And either everybody missed post #32 or everybody thought that must be a fake-leesh, using proper grammar and spelling. I’m sure he’s having a good laugh now, whatever the case is. (Or she.)

    And maybe there’s just something wrong with Tashuana’s and Gina’s keyboards. We need to consider all the possibilities first, people.


  74. *unearth

  75. I have some emo kids in my list who claim themselves to be married , when they are only in a relationship or simply engaged because they think it’s cute or something I don’t know…So, since she is “like sad” ,I suppode that’s the case here.

  76. hitmewithyourrhythmvic ,you made me blush :p

    But i have to complete my studies as a pop psychologist first

  77. I give birth to cacti out of my 10 mile long, 2 cm wide penis.

  78. She has a stutterrrrr at the end of her words.

  79. I’m thinking that Gina is likely to get it on with Jelima now that she is single.

  80. This shit is what happens when you type with your sloping brow.

  81. Its like these people stutter as they type.

  82. i told you all already, qp stands for queen of peace high school in northern jersey. and Gina is 16

  83. It is too easy to become a racist. Way too easy.

  84. Max you’re an idiot. Stupidity doesn’t have a racial preference. If it did we might have been spared from the likes of George ‘dubb-ya’ Bush.

  85. Agree with 75. Jen, pull the carrot out of your arse. Leesh is an idiot but so are you…’Yes, Leesh. We obviously cannot type correctly.’ was that the royal ‘we’ to which you were making reference or do we actually have royalty in our presence on lamebook? Next time one* might want to check a dictionary before one gets publicly excessively pompous (yes, you deserve the double dose, pompous wasn’t enough on its own).

    *For clarification ‘one’ in its usage as third person indefinite pronoun

    Gina – you’re a weirdo. Get a grip. He probably left you due to your deplorable writing and yo’ shareeeeeee-ing yo’ privateeeee shiteeeee on faceeeebookeeee…skank.

  86. QP= Quality Pussy..
    In standard English means “attractive woman”..
    Like in: “Jamar’s girl is definitely a Q-P”

  87. Ha-ha! At first I thought the porn link for my ‘Website’ would be the pay off for me, but it turned out to be the comments! Thanks guys!

    (Yeah, fake. Ingeniously fake. I wanted to see ihatejade. I did. It sucked.)

  88. can i take a guess at gina’s race or is that racist

  89. she’s white

  90. bRo>itZs so0 3aZy 2 tYp3 lYk3 dIis!!*LOl* R3alLii do0oD!! *lMao o o o* imA lEt u fInIsh>!! bUt *tAshUAnuhHh* hAd dA b3zt pOst in hUrRR!!**!! nUfF sAyd

    damn, that was actually really hard.

  91. I actually masterbate with my Hoover vacuum, but that is neither here nor there….

  92. @ Father Sha – that’s ok with me. I will support you in your studies, if you support me in my Tolerance Seminars that I will be running. Then we can happy go live in the ghetto and I will be your biatchhhh! ;-)

  93. QP obviously stands for “quantum physics” in this case.

  94. @racist person: Yes some may consider that a racist statement but I will not judge you.

  95. Can someone please translate that for me.. my eyes hurt from trying to read that.. myspace/internet talk.. sheesh.. how does anyone communicate??

  96. Oh My God, i know a girl who updates her status like that, with like 50 exclamation points!, it pisses the shit out of me, i really fucking hate her. LOL Just Saying

  97. Wow, I am just. I am at a loss for words. That just made me angry to read all of the Eeeeee’s. Honestly….

  98. i read her explanation aloud like a chola. suddenly everything made sense.

  99. @ Emily – ‘pisses the shit out of me’ – God love ya. Will be using that every day for the rest of my life!

  100. Why do people insist on taking the extra time to type like that?

  101. wow in the time it took to type all that they could of found the cure for aids….great job you just killed half the country. and wtf at tashauna she wasn’t saying anything anyway

  102. This is exactly why I dislike black people.

  103. james, you dislike black people because you’re just racist, don’t try to justify it

  104. I think James dislikes black people because they are stinky

  105. Was Leesh being serious?
    I actually can’t tell… :/
    James dislikes black people because too many of them are actually like our friend Leesh and Tashauna

  106. fuck. maybe he got annoyed with her fucked up ghetto writing..or typing. wouldnt you get rid of her if all your texts looked like that.

  107. It looks like she’s sing-typing.

  108. @ rgn – just another act in the musical “Lamebook”. Jazz hands!

  109. My eyes, my poor eyes!! =(
    How can people type like this?!

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