Monday, April 26, 2010

Twilight Saga: Saga Snaps

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  1. So I’m guessing Bella’s legs are smoother than “Twilight’s” in general. Wonder what happens when Bella cuts herself shaving….

  2. boo

  3. …who the hell dresses their kids up as crappy Vampire books for Halloween? I know Halloween is at an all time suckage where I live, but I’d rather it suck then have to see crap costumes like that.

  4. Why would those kids allow themselves to be dressed up in crappy vampire books?! Especially the older two, you’d think they would voice an opinion!

  5. those are halloween costumes?

  6. Not funny, the Twilight crap is old and stupid.

  7. Because unlike Monsters, People are terrified of the thought of reading a Twilight Book.

  8. I don’t get the joke? Guess you have to have seen the movies or something?

  9. @ 3 & 4 I have to agree!
    Those older kids definitely should have known better. What a stupid assed and cheapskate mother to make those costumes!

  10. well at least this whole vampire craze didn’t bring back goths.

  11. oh bloody hell, they are halloween costumes?
    Sparkly Vampires are obviously more scary these days

  12. @ OneTwo3 – Hahahaha! Classic!

  13. Looks like a very classy family btw

    But at least they read even if it is about sparkling gaylord vampires chasing after girls with cow names

  14. I’m fairly certain that first one is universally considered child abuse.

  15. And it has not struck me before but in French blade = Lame

    So it says Bella from bic , blades for lames

    How appropriate in this context

  16. @9…I think the fat lady in the pink is the mother….I’m not sure if that makes it better or worse…

  17. @ 16…it makes it soo much worse. You know she adores those books because she fantasizes she too can be loved by a dreamy rich vampire and imagines she’s beautiful.
    Just look at her. ugh.

  18. I just noticed this was in 2008…. Late submission, or is Lamebook searching their reject pile for something they may have missed?

  19. when did vampires go from bloodsucking, evil, half-bats to sparkly skinned, romantic, girly boys?

  20. lamebookpro , after receiving a years supply of hallmark cards

  21. BringYourOwnSun

    I think the saddest part is that the bottom strings won’t wrap around the, um, big one :/

  22. You know, giving razors to hardcore Twilight fans might not be a bad idea. Might I suggest adding in a bottle of wine and a pack of sleeping pills as well?

  23. First, this pic is old and therefore past the expiration date of being lameworthy. Second, Twilight haters have no imagination. Third, I can imagine a hundred unspeakable things I would like a sparkly, rich vampire to do to me, none of which I share with someone in the age demographic those books are actually geared towards.

  24. The only good thing about the first picture is that there was no glitter or sparkling involved. Although I don’t know why they didn’t just go all out and dress up as Stephenie Meyer. The kids are okay with dressing up as books, I’m sure they’d be up for some drag.

    The second one is win. The thought of Bella with four blades makes my heart sing, and also makes me wonder how she lasted four whole books.

    @Ben Waiting – The fact that it’s Twilight makes this lameworthy.

  25. All right, time for some slightly more imaginative hating, then.

    I have no problem with pale, beautiful/handsome vampires. That’s been done ever since Dracula. I have no problem with homosexual vampires. Anne Rice did that one. I can even stand vamps that can go out in the day and drink animal blood. Cirque du Freak and Vampire: the Masquerade both had those. However, I get annoyed when I don’t have to fear that the vampire in question will suck my blood, but that I will go blind if I look at him/her when the sun comes out.

    Of course, this might be tolerable if the book didn’t read on a third grade level. Or perhaps if Bella was an actual character. If I want to project myself into a fantasy world, I’ll pop in a video game.

    I’ll admit I enjoy reading steaming piles of decaying fecal matter from time to time, so it’s conceivable that I could possibly enjoy Twilight if not for one completely unforgivable transgression: no matter how vampires had been changed in the past, they were always BAMFs before Stephanie Meyer came along. If I’m going to read books or watch movies about vaginas interacting, you can bet they’ll be rated X or above.

  26. Even the most scatologically inclined like to traverse vanilla activities every once in a while.

  27. vampires suck. hehehe.

  28. And for the record, Poppy Z. Brite makes Anne Rice blush.

  29. these suck

  30. Dancinganimal256

    I cannot comment on Twilight since I was only able to read two pages before I started to gag.

  31. Amen, cursormortis. I’ll stick to Spike.

  32. You know what else can make you gag? Balls in your mouth.

  33. LOL @ cursormortis! yes, i am a woman and i don’t like Twighlight…shocking?

  34. although i do like twilight.. this is lame…
    really really lame. some twihards do need to get a life.

  35. That woman threatened to eat those kids if they didn’t wear it and smile. I feel so sorry for them.
    As for the Bella razors? Nvm how smooth her legs are after, imagine how f’ing hairy they get! Or you know, whenever you want to pretend you have a vampire boyfriend, 4 blades are so much better for cutting your jugular.

  36. i love malteaser too

    The twilight flavored razor is lavender scented. Lavender scented!? Isn’t menstrual blood scented more apt going by the theme?

  37. That entire family needs to go off a cliff like the O’Doyles in Billy Madison.

  38. O’Doyles Rule! haha

  39. Haha billy maddison, such a damn good movie. I need to watch that again sometime

  40. wth kind of costume is that…especially for boys. and the razors thing is kind of funny because i tend to associate razors + shaving cuts = blood, lol.

  41. Yes, because everyone knows boys ALWAYS make better costumes then THAT! Girls are so terrible at costume making.

    I am the sort of person who doesn’t care if you spend your Saturday nights reading Twilight while listening to Justin Bieber’s new song just before curling up with your dildo for a romantic evening, but, seriously, the commercialism is outrageous. Why do we need a Twilight themed EVERYTHING?

  42. I bet that if this “twilight phenomenon” would’ve occurred a few years earlier, that mum would’ve been one of those asking pattinson to bite her youngest kid. Ew.

  43. I’ve never had the zill to zatch twilight… but why why oh why would you spend the extra 2€ or whatever to have twilight themed razors over standard and more widely accepted in society; orange bics? Hanging my head in desperation….

  44. the will to watch. Stupid froggy keyboard.

  45. I feel bad for those boys. Especially the teenager.

  46. The faces of glee in the boys faces shows that they’re actually not too unimpressed by the retarded costumes.
    They should be shot.
    Along with the author of twilight.

  47. Why is the fact that they’re standing in reverse order in the costume picture more upsetting to me than the fact that they’re dressed as terrible books?

  48. No mention that the Twilight razors came out long before the book, or the Bella is simply beautiful in Spanish?
    Actually, what bothers me the most is the Soliel twilight razor.
    Soleil means sun, and Twilight…

    Could be considers a reference to Midnight Sun.

  49. Fayiirah, your comment gave me a headache.

  50. Did anyone else notice where the pale hands on the littlest child sat? Poor kid.

    @Fayiirah Oh god. Shoot me.

  51. Hahaha, does this mean that Breaking Dawn was the thickest book of the Twilight Saga?

  52. lamebookcommenter

    how can anyone possibly think the first one is real? Photoshopped definitely.

  53. @lamebookcommenter uh it is real… they’re printouts of the book covers used as halloween costumes.

  54. lol

  55. Those aren’t print-outs of the covers; at most, they were (poorly-done) hand-drawn copies. (Sorry; I’ve now hit my limit on hyphenated words for the day.) Anything else would have been copyright infringement. Not that I think Stephanie Meyers’s lawyers surf facebook for infractions, but you never know.

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