Thursday, April 15, 2010

Twilight Saga: It Just Won’t Die

Get the T-Shirt here!

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  1. Who's That Girl?

    Ben – AGAIN – bitches!

  2. Who's That Girl?

    Hits at Kurt Cobain are NOT cool!

  3. Who's That Girl?

    Is it sad that I am a HUGE fan of Buffy??

  4. You can get that shirt here:

  5. I love Twilight and I don’t care what you think!

    Nicole, I hear ya girl, I hear ya. <3

  6. I’ve never seen Twilight, and have no desire to, but I have seen that dude Robert Pattinson everyone thinks is so hot.

    I do not, and I bet he’s a shit actor as well.

    So I think I’ll get in on that petition, cos no one as ordinary as him can be allowed to mess with my Nirvana.

    Miss you Kurt, but I still have my Dave.

  7. @Who’s That Girl?

    Damn straight on the Cobain bashing. My heroes have always been emo boys that whine about being rich and famous. But Kurt really cements his place in my cool book by being so selfish that he left his daughter without a father, but with that addled fucktard of a mom.

  8. Soup, I love your sincerity.

    It’s so hard to find people who are so open and honest these days.


  9. Screw Buffy, bring in Blade.

  10. My opinion of Kurt Cobain is based solely on the music.

    As far as his fucked up mind resulting in his suicide, well I don’t think anyone can know or judge what happened there.

    Unfortunately, these things happen in people’s lives.

  11. MsBuzzkillington

    I almost threw up my lunch with the last one.

  12. i want that shirt. i was never a huge buffy fan but i think that shirt is funny. i like nirvana but wasn’t all that sad when kurt cobain died. i mean it was horrible but i wasn’t all torn up about it.
    word- i <3 dave. i met him once when i worked at a radio station. he's cool.

  13. dave is lame… kurt rocks though… second best musician from this area

  14. Here’s a suggestion. Let’s hold a massive Twilight convention that only the maddest, most obsessed fans can earn a ticket for. Once the hall is full we lock all the doors and pull the sheet off the roof revealing a spraypainted picture of the Prophet Mohammed fucking a donkey and send a live webcam of the building with a google earth map to every news station in the Eastern world… and then wait for the inevitable.

    …too much?

  15. And I’ll tell you something for nothing, when she was on her game, Courtney Love fucking rocked it.

    I saw Hole in concert here in the 90′s, and it was awesome.

    Have a good few days everyone, hopefully I’ll be back some time next week.

  16. Who's That Girl?

    Agree wordpervert whole heartedly! I ain’t afraid to admit I have a Hole CD!

    Dave sucks.

    Wondering who slim thinks is #1 musician from that era. Personally, I miss Lane Stanley…

  17. @slim:

    You’re clearly referring to the Presidents of the United States of America.

    If you say anything about Chris Cornell I’m gonna throw up on my keyboard.

    “Lump lingered last in line for brains….” \m/ \m/

  18. not era… area… im in the seattle area… Kurt rocked… but jimi owned

  19. yourmotherfucker

    i miss when vampires sucked blood and not cocks

  20. HENDRIX! I always forget he was from Seattle.

    And anyone who thinks Dave Grohl sucks needs a good kick in the taint… were you not alive in the 90′s? Listen to the drumming on Scentless Apprentice. Fools.

  21. way to go spitting out an old joke yourMF… we expect that level of lame from the facebook posts, but we have higher standards in the comments sections

  22. @beedoggerty, I fucking love POTUSA. They are made of awesome.

    After my gma had a debilitating stroke I used to sing “Peaches” for her because it would make her smile every time.

  23. I agree with beedoggery, whatever you think about the Foos you can’t deny that wee Dave is an excellent drummer, especially when in Nirvana. Just listen to his work on QOTSA’s Song For The Dead and you’ll see.

    Just to check, would I be eternally hated by everyone if I admit to loving Pearl Jam?

  24. yourmotherfucker

    ok slim…ill try harder next time…thanks

  25. leonardmu-dollarsign-tdie

    Fun fact.
    I was born in the same hour as Kurt Cobain’s daughter

  26. Eddie Vedder ain’t all bad. A little cheesy sometimes… did you ever see the video for “Do the Evolution”? Fucking bad-ass.

  27. nobodycaresbutyou

    Twilight is lame. The Bella character is obnoxious, selfish, immature and just painful to read and/or watch.

    And what is wrong with Pearl Jam besides their politics?

  28. I’ll tell you one thing that is very wrong with Pearl Jam: they are cited as a direct influence for Creed. ‘Nuff said.

  29. I’m going to be politely restrained on this Lamebook comments page, because I feel sometimes I’m too harsh.

    So: Jacob Taylor’s parents, Nicole and Shannon:

    Goodnight, Lamebook.

  30. wow… presidents getting thrown in the talk with kurt and jimi… not even close

    and dave is drummer and drummers are replaceable

  31. The above also goes for Stephenie Meyer, Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner, and anyone else who seems to have made it their job to ensure there will be reminders of the Twilight series no matter where in the fucking world I run to.

    I hate you all.


  32. Man, it’s Songs for the Deaf. Greatest title ever. Song for the Dead sounds interminably lame.

  33. Kudos for providing the link to buy the T-shirts…

  34. I miss when vampires starred in proper movies – Interview with a Vampire anyone?

  35. @slim, Kurt was great, but Jimi was a god.

  36. Hobo, you just doubled the width of this post with your “fuck”.

    I’m sure there’s a sexual pun in there SOMEWHERE. ;)

  37. 1 – Ooooh I feel for the kids born between 2008 and 2012…. Someone I know is calling their newborn Edward Jacob, so shameful. Another has called her daughter Alice Isabella. These people shouldn’t be allowed to procreate.

    2 – *shakes head* he could never be cobain

    3 – Epic T-Shirt. Awesome

    4 & 5 – White coats needed for these ones! There is something beyond wrong, this sort of obession isn’t healthy

  38. Why is everyone hating on Dave here? He’s not overly special, but the Foo Fighters were better than most of the other mainstream shit being tossed around on the radio, and he really kicks ass in Them Crooked Vultures.

  39. Not seriously comparing PUSA to anyone, silly. And @exo, Song for the Dead is a song off of Songs for the Deaf.

    And drummers are not always interchangeable. Keith Moon, Jeremiah Green, and yes, Dave Grohl.


  40. Nicole needs to get a life

  41. way to go hobo… you gaping the page with your fuck… somewhere words panties just got soaked

  42. Ahh, there it is slim. I knew this was better off in someone else’s hands. :D

  43. The best part is that none of them seem to realize that Twilight is about abstinence, and the author who made the series is a mormon.

    What? Someone has to say it. I’m surprised no one has yet.

  45. @Exo I agree that Song For The Deaf is a better name but the song I was referring to is called A Song For The Dead and is featured on the album Songs For The Deaf (the title track is also awesome)


  46. saw twilight and new moon. was strangely asked to see both by my boyfriend?? twilight was lame. new moon’s graphics were impressive. and um….shannon’s status is just stupid.

  47. How about posting my amazing finds, Lamebook? Gawwd. Stupid Twilight bullshit.

  48. CommentsAtLarge

    I like the shirt’s version of the story.

    Ironically, “The Pretender” by Foo Fighters is playing on my iPod as I read these comments…

  49. Mid 1994 was a very sad time for me. I wore my Nirvana shirt to bed every night for a week for comfort. Oh great, now I’m depressed. Where the hell is my glass of wine?

  50. lol i have that shirt, i wear it around my mates who twitlight nuts

  51. I am so buying that shirt.

  52. the rumour of robert pattinson playing kurt has already been debunked. courtney love thought it was hilarious when she heard it. thank god.

  53. Ohh another Twilight post. YAY! I think I just came. TWILIGHT ROCKS MY SOXXXX SO HARD lolololol!!!!!!1 ^_^

    No really, Edward is NOT hot. I’m not a lesbian either. I’ve actually had to clarify that to certain Hot Topic-soaked individuals who can’t imagine why a dead guy with the body of a 9 year old girl doesn’t do it for me.

  54. I love this Kurt Cobain love in. He was the posterchild for the mainstream music industry no matter how vehemently he tried to separate himself from it. If he wasn’t such a tragic and didn’t off himself in suspect circumstances no one would care.

    Nirvana were only percieved as legends of that era because the rest of the music industry was flagging. They’re like the Nickelback of the early 90s.

    Oh yeah, I went there.

    Slim, drummers aren’t replaceable, I suggest you listen to a few live deep purple albums. Ian Paice is a legend on the skins.

  55. BritishHobo, i will admit that i thought in the past that you were excessively angry. this post however makes me take it all back. i apologize for doubting you.
    Hobo and slim ftw. that’s all i have to say.

  56. Comparing Nirvana with Nickelback? I can only imagine the horrible comments coming your way, Banana. *munches popcorn* Don’t let me down, LB.

  57. bollywood_rocks83

    Am I the only Harry Potter fan/person who knows Robert Pattinson was Cedric Diggory in the movie(Goblet of Fire?) It makes me wonder what all the fuss is about. At least in GOF, they cleaned him up and he looked nicer than he does in Twilight.


  58. i love malteaser too

    lol lol


  60. lol

  61. i love malteaser too

    ^^^ :)

  62. @bollywood: no, you’re not! I thinks it’s actually a common opinion amongst HP fans (me included) (that Rob was almost hot in GOF)

    woah, what’s with the double parentheses?

  63. who are Ben and Froto or at least what posts are they from so i can be caught up?!?!

    and taylor lautner has 3 facebook fan pages? something to be proud about..

  64. pinky, for the whole Frodo thing look at this:
    (and technically Frodo’s a character in LOTR.)

    the Ben thing is, for example, explained in the comments of a recent post called background checks, but for your convenience I’ll post it here.

    April 15th, 2010 at 8:18 am
    love the tampons and the dog taking a dump!

    one last time: Ben is a lamebooker who one day took huge offense to people posting “first” if they were first. so many of us took the chance to pester him about his rotten attitude. one way in which we did that was by starting the practice of posting “Ben” rather that “first” if we were lucky enough to be first.

    don’t forget that Ben is Frodo. AND he does not have a pool.”

  65. After reading that it was Courtney Love who picked Rob Pattosson to play Kurt Cobain I almost believe that she indeed killed him

  66. My 12-year-old has that t-shirt and loves it. Her friends do not find it funny, however.

  67. @bulbasaur, thank you! i was getting confused by everyone posting Ben instead of first! and i knew that Frodo was a character in LOTR but i saw people writing that too and was equally confused :)

  68. BananaRepublic, music industry flagging? It would probably take me 10 minutes to come up with a list of 100 huge artists from around that time, many of them hailing from the rock genre. I do think the idolatry of Cobain is way over-the-top (and I’d argue the same about Hunter S. Thompson…), but I still think Nirvana’s music deserves the recognition it gets. In the early 90s, I remember Pearl Jam, Nirvana and Soundgarden being a grunge trifecta of sorts, and I also remember them all hating being called “grunge.” That was all before Kurt died.

  69. Christina.Willemina

    That was the first time I read that Frodo thing, and I must say, that was hilarious.

    To quote one of my favourite movies, “That look was so gay. I thought Sam was gonna tell the little hobbits to take a walk so he could saunter over to Frodo and suck his fucking cock. Now *that* would have been an Academy Award worthy ending. And then, right after the Sam/Frodo suckfest, right before the credits roll, Sam fucking flat out bricks in Frodo’s mouth.”

  70. I’d totally fuck Taylor Lautner- I feel her pain!

  71. Woo! Well done quoting Clerks 2 there Christina! Love it when that guy throws up straight after, classic.

  72. I LOVE Buffy! I soo want that shirt :P

  73. That shirt would be fantastic.

  74. ugh. twllight.

    -Gods investment in you (His son!) was SO great, he could never abandon you!-

  75. Elixabeth, cut it out. You’re annoying.

  76. .

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