Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Twilight Saga: Face Replaced


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  1. MEGA LAME first

  2. This looks shopped. I can tell from some of the pixels and from seeing quite a few shops in my time.

    …Someone was bound to do it eventually.

  3. It’s cheesy and a waste of time, but at least this moron has something to occupy her time other than shooting paintball guns at classmates, misspelling words, dispensing crappy advice/inane opinions, or worse, reproducing, like the previous lamesters that have made this hall of fame.

  4. I have a similar album on my facebook, I photoshopped my face onto pictures of the actors. But the movie I used was Brokeback Mountain.

  5. I thought Edward was supposed to be the stalker….

  6. @Tribulations: ya think?

  7. This is why there’s gun control. Because, wow. If I had one right now… BAM!

  8. Heh at Tribulations! That’s kind of the point, you know…

  9. Someone please throw her into oncoming traffic.

  10. There are no words.

  11. @Dowzer: what about this makes you want to shoot something/someone? that’s the lamest thing on here. what a stupid (over)reaction.

  12. Wow. How fucking horrifying.

  13. Oh wow. I don’t see how these people don’t realize they’re asking to be mocked.. unless their network of friends all find this rather creepy behavior acceptable (guessing not – since we got the submission). The possibility of which scares me to death.

  14. Jesus.

  15. They blur out the profile picture face, but none of the photoshopped album ones. That’s nuts.

  16. I submitted this, this is by far the happiest day of my life.

    Jonas FTW!

  17. Oh, and she’s a 20, turning 21 year old college student.

  18. Poor Jonas…

  19. At least she’s attempting creativity.

  20. @hill billy

    I kinda think he was just joking… It’s safe to say you just over reacted

  21. desperate? I’d say so

  22. not to mention. she’s probably one of those who cried and screamed when he hooked up with his co-star, got her pregnant and moved in with her.

  23. This is half of why I hate this series. The first half is because the series and its writing just sucks balls.

  24. Boz cut me into his brokeback mountain photo-shopped collage. I’ve never met him but I bet we look great. The creepy footsteps behind me were all worth it.

  25. @Boz. You and I have so much in common.

  26. personally , i find this as lame as those chicks with a gazillion photo albums of themself thinking they’re all cool …
    honestly people , you’re ruining the art of photography !

  27. @Boz isn’t me, obviously.

    But I wish it was. That sounds like a great idea. I just can’t quit photofunia, etc.

  28. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=afViRNSr5wg

  29. I find it ironic how the fans of Twilight are obsessed to the point of being creepy/scary exactly like the vampire film wasn’t.

  30. I have never even heard of it till now.

  31. It’s a little hard to tell with the pictures being so small, but if I was able to zoom in I would stake my undead vampire heart on the fact that her face will have that drippy “I love my man” expression that makes me want to punch girls’ faces in so badly.

  32. @ Boz & other Boz

    How many people call themselves Boz? Why wouldn’t you want to take credit under a new unique name, and original Boz, why wouldn’t you take credit for it and be like, “Yeah, that was totally me and no one else.”

    That comment kicked ass.
    It’s the same website and all.

  33. Jeez, my girlfriend is also obsessed with Edward Cullen. It’s so humiliating….

  34. Ian: Dump her. Because right now, everyone on lamebook thinks you’re a twat for dating her, and you can’t have that.

    No, it doesn’t matter how good the sex is. No, it doesn’t matter that she’s smart or cute or literate. Just fucking dump her.

    If you don’t, then a year from now you’ll be thinking “Daaamn, I should have taken that advice from those guys on the Internet.”

  35. And I thought the people I know that are obsessed with Twilight were scary…

  36. This is so embarrassing, why would you do that and to make it worse POST IT ON THE INTERNET?!?! Jesus Christ, what in the hell is wrong with people.

  37. This gets my vote for lamest thing I’ve seen on the site.

  38. I am worried for the future

  39. hey lamebook guys, turn up the cell size on your mosaic filter because i can read Stephanie Goss’ last name

  40. whoops stacey

  41. @madison ave

    I don’t have it in me to take credit for things I haven’t done. If my impersonators make some clever and witty comments, they should get the credit for it, not me. It doesn’t really matter that much, I know, but that’s how I feel.


    Of course you are. If it were about the past, it would be “guilt”.

  42. I like to think of this as a badge of honor. I enjoy the website: faceinthehole.com so sue me. Thanks guys for making me the front page. I mean this in all sincerity. FYI I linked it in my status, you may want to put that on your lame-o-meter. Thanks for the laughs guys!

  43. hahahaha Stacey. I love edward to

  44. BTW, you guys took out my True Blood pictures. I don’t discriminate against vampires.

  45. I’m also in college I know plenty of people that go on the faceinhole.com or whatever it is. & there’s so many people obsessed with Twilight, it’s insane

  46. I totally agree with number 23. Also, glad Stacey was a good sport.

  47. Seriously…with all the teenies going crazy over Twilight..you are really shocked by this?

  48. I can’t even begin to say how lame this is!

  49. all i can say is wow.

  50. This is why Stephenie Meyer should die in a fire. Minus well throw J.K Rowling in that same fire too for torturing us with obsessed Potter fans.

  51. Minus well? Seriously? I will never understand the stupidity of people who think because someone is successful they are stupid or “should die in a fire”. I hope you find as much success in your own life.

  52. The internet is truly a gift and a curse lol.

  53. Now I have to do World of Warcraft face in the holes!

  54. An ex-friend had her 20th BDay card done using this exact same style.

  55. This is…very creepy.

  56. its OCD (obsessive cullen disorder) gone too far!! some people are just way to obsessed!!! stop living in a fantasy world and get your OWN life!!!

  57. Oh great, another one of these losers. You know, it’s like you wanna tell them how stupid and miserable they look, but you can’t..because they’re your facebook friend.

  58. I do this kinda shit in my spare time too.
    It’s not lame.

  59. Damn Katie is a loser

    Katie #58 read #57. Ur such a loser!

  60. Katie, you are not a loser sweetie. Believe me I wish I had a dollar for every time someone told me I was “lame” this week, I’d have close to $60.

  61. What’s that website called where you can do that to your pictures? Replace celebs face with your own etc.

  62. @61
    Loooo, newfag.

  63. oh God, I went to high school with this girl…..I know this album she made. can she be officially told she’s lame now that she’s on lamebook??

  64. I find it hideously ironic that people spend a majority of their time poking fun at people on a site dedicated to finding all the “lame” stuff on facebook. Doesn’t that in itself say to you “I HAVE NO LIFE?” I mean, how bad must you feel about your own self to sit on this site and comment about how stupid someone else is? Hope I make you all feel better about yourselves. Honestly, I couldn’t be happier with my life.

    I’ll step down from my soap box now. Please continue poking fun at me, I find it quite amusing.

  65. …aaaand you just did the exact same thing… Douche. Get a life, and read some Anne Rice you Twitard.

  66. OMG
    You can’t be this serious D:
    That’s a fail right there.
    One: It’s Twilight
    Two: The photo-shop sucks
    Three: It’s an obsession

  67. @bluebell to bad you failed its not photoshop its faceinhole.com ass

  68. Obsessed much?


    … who does this?

  70. Future stalker.

  71. This site is for the lame, funny, and downright pathetic people that use facebook, and how their stupidity must be seen by the world.

    I mean, have you see the posts on this site? Tell me that they don’t all need to be sterilized and lamebook would then cease to exist.

  72. something tells me that robert pattinson will need to get a restraining order … just in case!

  73. Tribulations – that’s made me smile, especially since you felt you had to point out on the next post that people wouldn’t get the sarcastic tone of the comment in question, before anyone had said anything to suggest they hadn’t.

  74. @person pretending to be Stacey:

    Pot. Kettle. Black.

  75. yucky. Edward Cullen isn’t even that hot, everyone just wants him becuz he’s “different”. MJ is very different and i don’t ever see any of this BS on facebook about him :/.

  76. They’re not SO different. They’re both dead.

  77. I only find it appropriate to say….

    I did not think anyone could make Bella look any worse xD

    But she totally did

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