Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Tuesday TypOHs! Part 2

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  1. insert clever name here

    Amanda = Epic fail

  2. It’s people like brittany that piss me right off why would you go out your way to tell garbage in garbage

  3. We the purple? What the hell was that?

  4. Not quite epic, but a fail nonetheless.

  5. They need to lock Brittany up for life for her assault on the English language.

  6. Michael is my hero, skool is for stoopids.

  7. insert clever name here

    IDK I thought it was epic coz she misspelled 2 words out of 15 and capitalized after a comma. Wait, make that 3 out of 15… she also misspelled retart.

  8. Don’t even want to know how much the apples are. Damn they are some expensive pears.

  9. @ 7 (insert clever name here) – retard*

  10. @ 7 (insert clever name here) – because*

  11. I agree with mol.

  12. @10 (pacman123) – retart*

  13. I hOp BriTtanY gtz HeRr toOBs tIde

  14. No shit mistaphill! LOL! how do people even do that? It doesn’t look good and it seems like it would be a pain in the ass.

  15. I’ll take a Bosc, a Seckel and that big juice Bartlett! Thank you.

  16. Here we go again with a couple of grammar Nazis that feel the need to correct each other.


    I really hate this but I’m forced to agree with your correction of insert clever name here’s comment. If a person wants to call someone else an epic failure for bad spelling, they better spell the insult correctly.


    You are a retard. It can be spelled either way depending on what part of the world you’re from. BTW…you are the worst grammar Nazi of them all because you don’t have a clue what you’re talking about.

  17. Thank you notaNazi.

    I don’t think it’s called for to correct grammar and spelling unless someone makes several mistakes in a short time or they have some chronic grammar problem.

    No one is perfect.

  18. There is page you can make those terrible letter punishment http://vypatlator.volieera.cz/ just try it ;o)

  19. Why was that invented? Why oh why?

  20. I’m still trying to figure out how people type like that? Do they have crazy pinky fingers that randomly tape on shift? They make up words because they are to long, but they have time to randomize the shift. I just don’t get it.

  21. insert clever name here

    @ everyone who corrects “retart” or calls people out for using “brians” instead of “brains”. These are infamous misspellings from previous lb threads. They’re inside jokes for people who have been reading lb for way too long. It’s a way for long term lb reading retarts to call out to other long term reading lb Frodos. see also ratcoon

  22. tap* oops

  23. @notaNazi Is that true? I didn’t know that. So it can be retart or retard. Like license or licence? I always thought people were just misspelling it. I Googled retart and I got “Did you mean Retard?”

  24. If you are going to be arrogant in your posts and knocking others intelligence or bragging about your own, you should display some. I are smart, you am not.

    What the hell Brittany is doing with a keyboard?

    Pears? Really?… …Really?

  25. nvm…

  26. It seems like it would take so much time and effort and to type like that. That’s way beyond poor spelling. And what’s the point?

  27. The word is “retard” … There is no retart!! 4000 spastics spelling it wrong doesn’t automatically change it! Punch retart into google and you get “did you mean retard?” …. Yes I fucking did… Cos I’m a retart! … Help me jeebus!!!

  28. I’m not a retart I said nevermind!!!

  29. @NatashaLynn

    No, it’s not really true. Retart doesn’t appear in any respected dictionary. Like clever name said, it is an infamous misspelling from this site/the internet world. I just put that out there to see what Stretch would have to say about it. He/she is just a moron that has run out of clever things to say and is now correcting people’s spelling with bullshit out of the urban dictionary. I figured I would give Stretch a taste of his/her own medecine and correct them with some incorrect information.

  30. Tew kewl foa skewl.

  31. @ everyone;

    as said before, “retart” refers to an earlier lamebook post.

  32. It’s people like Brittany that make me afraid to bring children into this world.

  33. is it me or is it mostly girls who TyPe lyq ReTarDs??

  34. @sparkling…. My mistake for not reading all the posts properly… It’s just everytime I see “retart” another blood vessel pops in my right eye.
    I am frodo.

  35. Maybe Brittany’s trying to communicate in code! I mean, if you take all the capital letters, put them together and you’ll end up with “CKPOL! UGHMY 2 TIME IE GETTINLOCKUP TIBISG B PRIMETIME CAKA. D.O.E. BULLS MFC TV KUS. SMFH. LOL IVERYY UPS. BUTUT IP. BOUT BOUNC RIGH NOT TRN OF FEMOE. B” Which means nothing to you, But to some highly evolved brains (like Brittany’s) it is some pretty serious shit!

  36. i FuCkEn HaTe YoU bRiTtAnY.

  37. maybe theyre really selling pears

  38. Let me translate Brittany for you nice young people.

    Denunciate the enforcement! Egad, that happens to be the second time I have been incarcerated. In the next incident, I will will engage in forceful confrontation, for I will render their derrieres useless. But nay, earnestly, these hogwash scalawags burglarized my marijuana. I shake my head in disgust. While I laugh out loud, I am very grieved. However, on another tip, I shall recuperate, I will no longer shame myself on account of the police. *Chucklechuckle giggle snort*

    I must place myself in the court of the law in the early morningtime. I do not want to attend but they said that I violated probation. Just because I blew my nose! Tiddlywinks!

  39. I think Amanda meant “retart”
    Its a new word, invented by Tash.

  40. *it’s*

    Please don’t verbally abuse me for the lack of apostrophe.

  41. I don’t understand the hating on Stretch? They were just making a joke of re-correcting someone’s correction of retart?

  42. Did David submit his own screenshot?

  43. Thank you Beanstalker, one can now understand Brittany’s gibberish.

    Though it turns out, once translated, to still not be worth reading, I commend your valiant effort to share your skill!

    I bow to you, sir. Or madam.

  44. Isn’t it harder to type caps and lower case like Brittany does? I reckon it would take twice as long…

  45. *you’re

    What is so f****** hard about getting it right, AMANDA- DUHHHHH

  46. Beanstalker <3 That was amazing.

  47. I agree with nim #41.

    Clever name made a joke about retart. Then somebody incorrectly corrected his joke – because it was a joke. Then stretch corrected the correction.

    Then notanazi, not understanding the joke, jumped all over stretch and released a fury of contradictions.

    In other news, thanks beanstalker # 38. That was a wonderful translation. I quite enjoyed it.


  48. Wow lamebook comments got WAY too serious there for a moment.

  49. some epic fails there!

    btw @46 why is your nickname scarfey?? my surnames Scarfe but my nicknames been scarfy since primary school, never seen another one, lol

  50. Bittany – yet another illiterate poledancer sharing the highpoints in her life.

  51. Beanstalker FTW!

  52. was that english? and LOL @#13!

  53. To cool for school, or not to cool for school-that is the question…

  54. Can someone please translate what the hell Brittany is trying to say? I think I need subtitles.

  55. “I got court in early morning, I don’t really want to go. Said I violated probation, just because I blew my nose.” This is a lyric from Gucci Mane – Dope Boys

  56. @ Scarfy #49: That confused the hell outta me, thought Lamebook had changed my name. Haha.
    It was purely from a random conversation I had about four years ago with some girl I know. God knows why, but “Scarfey the Magic Pancake” materialised. The name stuck with me, and well, it’s good for websites such as this ;)

  57. *EDIT*. I think I was high [I used to do pot and stuff years ago] at the time and she was hammered. It was over the phone, and a highly amusing conversation.

  58. insert clever name here

    @Walter Sobchak *her :)

  59. none of these are typos…typo is short for typographical error, which means a mistake in TYPING. these are all just idiots who don’t know this stuff in the first place.

  60. what the hell? did my comment get deleteded? i totally called amanda on retart before allay’all. ghey.

  61. Brittany’s posts make my head hurt =(

  62. While reading Brittany’s posts, I had the terrifying experience of feeling my brain melt and run out my ears.

  63. *gasps* my god, Brittany is speaking in tongues! The Power Of Christ Compels You!

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