Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Tuesday TypOHs!

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  1. I think Stephanie meant “leave”…

  2. I’ll never name my kids “Jenna”. Looking at lambook shows a multitude of idiots named Jenna.

  3. hahahah you are right, bethaney, I did not even catch that
    Kate = translation fail

  4. maybe, but how many can really get to shtspking?

  5. Ahaha, I love Jenna’s ridiculously lazy attitude to finding love. If they don’t come to me, they ain’t worth it anyway.

  6. I hate it when people “correct” spelling by just providing a list of the words. If they didn’t spell it right in the first place, it’s not as if they’re going to sit there and try to match them all up.

  7. Jenna’s gross looking.

  8. Salamiflavoredspider

    you can’t really blame Kate for failing to translate that one… when you use zero vowels, you tend to leave a lot of options open on some words. I even thought it was love both times and Stephanie was just being “edgy”.

  9. I approve of all of these, even though Jenna makes me furious. Smug little bitch.

  10. lmao Jenna… >.<

  11. How do people write like that on a regular basis? It is actually difficult to do. -Jenna and Stephanie, 2ppl I nvr wnt 2 meet, but wud LUV to beat.

  12. Ugh… That’s all. I’m out of energy for these people.

  13. Single female seeking single male

    Name: Jenna

    Traits: False sense of entitlement, stubborn, poor grammar skills, big ego

    Looking for: Someone who recognizes her elitism, someone who will not question her mistakes, someone who is not a “f***ing idiot”

    Sounds like a real catch.

  14. Jenna’s sentence still doesn’t make sense even with Devon’s correction.

    “Jenna X doesn’t chase guys..i shouldn’t have to…if they don’t want me [they're] a fucking idiot”

    She changes tense (from third to first), she uses only two periods in her first “ellipsis”, she doesn’t put a space after either of her ellipses, she doesn’t capitalise her I, and she mixes plural and singular in the final statement (she speaks of “they” but then says they are an “idiot”, not idiots).

    Kate’s corrections are also wrong; she writes “love” instead of “leave” for “lve”.

    Finally, Charles manages to misspell spinach in another way.

    It’s Muphry’s Law – which I am sure this comment has also fallen victim to, in some way or other.

  15. Super Nintendo Chalmers


  16. Kate FAIL!

  17. Shut up, snip

  18. it’s “never LEAVE the person you love for the person you like, because the person you like will LEAVE you for the person they love.”

    snarky kate has failed.

  19. oh jenna…silly bitch.

  20. @17: That’s exactly what I was thinking while reading snip’s post, haha.

  21. Snip FAIL!

  22. Tamika WIN!

  23. I’m surprised no one’s pointed it out yet; the problem with Stephanie’s little aphorism isn’t just that the meaning of ‘lve’ is needlessly obscure (though she is consistent; luv=/=lve) but worse that the prescription doesn’t make much sense. Why would someone ‘leave the person they love for the person they like’; I’m not an expert on the semantics of terms of affection but I was always of the understanding that ‘love’ was stronger than ‘like’. You’ve no incentive to leave someone you love for someone you like. It should read:

    Never leave someone you like for someone you love, because the person you love will leave you (someone they like) for someone they love.

    Which appears to be saying something like ‘the grass is always greener’ ‘settle folks!’ or ‘what goes around, comes around’.

    I’m sure Jenna can take heart; I’m sure someone wants her for their fucking-idiot.

  24. Ali’s typo was a Freudian slip, right?

  25. @Duncan: I’ve heard the saying quite a bit before, and I just assumed it meant… don’t leave the person you love for some random person you have a crush on (which is how pretty much all affairs go) because since that’s nothing, that person will leave you for someone they love, and you’ll have lost the person you love as well. Which is kind of a sucky saying, because it’s as if the only reason you shouldn’t do that is because you might end up alone. Uh, try, because you’re meant to be faithful to the person you love?

    Also, something I should have said earlier, something I feel I have to reiterate on EVERY. FUCKING. LAMEBOOK SPELLING POST is this: a post with someone just CORRECTING someone’s spelling is NOT. FUNNY. If the person was saying ‘yea im so samrt and no1 is betta at speling then me’ THEN it’s slightly funny. But not otherwise :| Otherwise it’s just a thing that’s happened.

  26. snip, Jenna didn’t change the tense. she changed the person, or point-of-view, from third person to first person.

  27. It’s always funny to read an american correcting people’s spelling.

  28. Stephanie spelled out “person”, so I think when she says “prsn” she means prison. She’s just telling us to never leave prison.

  29. This lamebook post was really lame, as in I didn’t even smile at all when I read it.

  30. Really, the “English translation” part is kinda original, don’t you think?

  31. The “English translation” only succeeded in confusing onlookers even more.

  32. And if I were Devon, I would not have caved in to Jenna so easily.

  33. @15: No, Muphry’s. Look it up.
    @26: that’s right, my mistake.

  34. Super Nintendo Chalmers

    @32: I’m so out-of-touch :(

  35. Typoed spinish? Lamebook isn’t trying any more. They should go back to editing screen shots to make them funny. Or do a better job of it, if they didn’t stop.

    While I’m at it, how much longer is joining/fanning two or more contradictory groups going to be funny?

  36. Also, to the guy who introduced me to Muphry’s Law: thank you.

  37. Ryan FTW. And Muphry’s Law is fantastic, thank you.

  38. And I think ‘Snip’ is a typo for ‘twat’. Apart from reference to Muphry’s Law.

  39. At least Snip admitted to his (or her?) mistake in the post. EVERYONE makes typos. The difference with Jenna is that she can’t correct or admit when it’s pointed out. She is indeed a smug bitch.

    @ awful. You’re not even important enough to have a capital letter in your user name, so shut up.

    You’re awesome to me, Snip. I was pleased to see someone bring up the ellipses issue. That’s my biggest pet peeve… when someone doesn’t add the space.

  40. Lilac, surely having to take your snuggie off to go to bed must be more annoying for you than somebody not putting the space after an ellipse? How about having to leave the house to get more snacks, although I suppose you might have them delivered…(space)it must be nice to have your life. You said it was your biggest pet peeve, it would be nice to know what your others are, I’m guessing when the telephone cord gets too twisty would be up there, how about that water mark left by a cold drink on a table, or when your bookmark falls out and you lose your place? Please let me know.

  41. What the fuck is an ellipse and why the fuck does it need space?…I just got another paper back from school where the teach was impressed with my organization, transitions and arguments…But then I go and miss points on grammar…she said I needed the APA…fuck apa…that is all

  42. @freezit4 The English Translation was ok.. but they should of done it like this.
    English Translation:Never* leave* the person* you* love* for* the person* you* like*, because* the person* you* like* will leave* you* for* the person* they love* <3 <3

  43. @slimjayz, it makes me so so peeved when someone doesn’t know what an ellipse is or that there should be a space after it AND THERE JUST HAS TO BE THREE DOTS IN IT! It makes me want to go tut tut and shut my computer down, that’ll serve them right. You’re playing with fire mate, I’d be careful or Lilac will shoot you done for sticking a spurious one in after a question mark. I bet that peeves her off big time.

  44. Those English translations of people status’ are getting very stale.

  45. I followed Stephanie’s advice without reading Kate’s translation, and I’m now in a prison I love instead of a prison I like. Which is nice.

  46. insert clever name here

    awful FTW!

  47. @42 You’re thinking of an “ellipsis”, not an ellipse.
    … =/= ()

  48. Well you can learn something new everyday, it’s just not paticularly earth shattering…ellipse/ellpisis, who the hell knowa or cares? I Know I don’t.

  49. ugh… these actually make me facepalm… it’s really really painful…

    It is simple ppl: They’re= “They Are”… Their= possessive There= location… Fuck…

  50. After reading most of these comments Im disheartened by the fact that some people here still didn’t notice that Kate mis-translated that…

    re-read it…


    That’s correct but might mislead people into never expecting to see four dots, which is often the correct way to render it. The ellipsis (three dots) is a standard punctuation mark like any other; it does not end the sentence. For the sentence to end it must terminate with one of the appropriate marks (a full stop, an exclamation mark, a question mark) therefore if you wish to end your sentence with an ellipsis….

  52. AfroMexican, thank you for correcting me over my ellipse/ellipsis debacle, I do feel a bit daft. Shit, I am really in a mess now, I want to add a space after the ellipsis and stick a full stop on the end at the same time… . My anger is building, I’m just going to fuck it out… back in a mo.

  53. lostintranslation

    Ellipse/ellipsis aside, awful wins this debate on account of their making excellent reference to SWMBM… and just when I was starting to forget about her! Oh, the fond memories… :)

  54. lostintranslation

    Ellipse/ellipsis aside, awful wins this debate on account of the excellent reference made in the last line of their post #51…. Such fond memories :) Thank you!

  55. Fuck me, just looked at a couple of my comments on a couple of posts, typos and wording errors, that’s not like me at all. Gotta be more careful with all you anal mongrels on here.

  56. Salamiflavoredspider

    Ellipsis is the password to get in the security room of the Airport in Miami.

  57. lmao @ ‘i think she mean spinich’

  58. C. Proseedcake KSC

    Kate thought she was being so clever. FAIL

  59. I honestly thought Stephanie was on about ‘prison’. My heart truly went out to Devon.

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