Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Tuesday TypOHs!

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  1. These typo posts are getting a bit repetitive. They’re essentially all the same.

  2. HA! love the first one.

  3. according to facebook, school only works for about 35% of people…

  4. Okay, but the one with the mom was pretty funny.

    Wait, what the fuck am I doing on Lamebook at 8am?

  5. Dare I say it? Megan– Epic Failure!

  6. Am I missing something here.

    Where is the typo in the first one?

  7. Did Kelly apply to be a cheerleader at the ‘collages’?

  8. Never mind just seen it. Although it’s the overprotective mum that lame here not the typo.

  9. I work in the publishing industry, it’s a rule of thumb to reread anything we produce. I think these people need to embrace that. I’m also wondering if Amy graduated?

  10. Freakin’ thank you, Megan.

    Aaron needs a hearty kick in the balls.

  11. Kelly forgot to mention that she applied to all the Community Colleges in the State, so naturally…

  12. @Tidy…..where is “the” typo in the first one? You just noticed “one?” Are you related to Kelly?

  13. @Tidy

    I think what’s meant to be lame in the first one (in reference to its category) is the Mum’s typos completely undermining her authority.

  14. Kelly forgot to mention that she applied to online collages where she will be the spelling bee champ.

  15. whats sad for the first one is that Aron is right. And I wonder what colleges did Kelly apply apply for

  16. ok I understand that this is besides the point but in the first one, Aaron has a point that Mikes mom is doing more to damage her son’s self esteem than Aaron is, HOWEVER what the fuck ever happened to being respectful to adults? I’m not that old but I never would have spoken to any of my friends parents like this little shit just did. I had more respect than that, even if I thought they were wrong, even if I thought they were stupid, I still didn’t speak to them like that! What the fuck?
    I know the “lameness” comes from mom’s inability to spell (although the new “collage freshmins” spelling is even more appalling) but seriously, I’d like to smack that kid upside the head.

  17. by “applying to collages,” kelly actually meant that she sent her ged transcript to a community college and then signed up for interpretive dance and freshmen comp.

  18. els9874, agreed, totally agreed. I’d never talk like that to an adult [and by adult I mean an acquaintances parent] but you have to admit reading when someone else does is just plain fucking funny.

  19. Whowantscake LOLOLOLOLOL

    Also, the cake is a lie. Jus sayin.

  20. @ lulz…yeah I’ll certainly agree that it was funny that she was called out for it because, good lord, she needed to hear that to stop herself from damaging this poor kid any further.

  21. I don’t care that Megan has a grammar problem – she’s still right. “Epic failure” is retarded.

    @els9874 – I completely agree! What the fuck is happening to kids nowadays? It’s because their stupid fuckwad parents don’t teach them how to respect authority (and I would never say that to the parents). I would never EVER speak to an adult like that, even in jest. Parents need to start doing their job and raise their fucking kids! If my daughter ever said anything like that to an adult, her behind would be so red from a good spanking.

  22. Aaron FTW! Fuck adults. The mentality that they are so much smarter than kids is total bullshit. I overcame that illusion in college and haven’t regretted it since. I hate adults’ presumptive attitudes that just because they’re old, people should listen to them. Nothing will ever get done that way.

  23. Full disclosure: I am 25 and was raised in an extremely conservative household in which I would get slapped for being disrespectful to adults.

  24. 24th

  25. chip- hate to break it to ya, but you’re an adult too….

    I’m a parent now, and I hope I never embarrass my kid like that. I cringed when I read Mike’s post above.

  26. @stanselmdoc: I agree and same with my child!

  27. I clarified my age to demonstrate that I qualify as an adult, which gives me a little more credibility than a high school kid saying what I said.

    Overall though, the point is the same: Unquestioned respect for adults (or anyone) is stupid, misguided, and contributes to the number of followers and corporate shill we have in our society today. That norm basically trains people to be lemmings.

  28. ThinkingInPictures

    For the record, there’s nothing wrong with respecting anyone… Just because you listen to somebody doesn’t mean you have to take every word they say to heart.

    Really intelligent people listen more than they talk. They just also think about what they’ve heard.

  29. I’m with els9874….as much as the mother is lame…he needs a kick in the head for being a disrespectful douchebag.

  30. @ThinkingInpictures – I totally agree

    Aaron really didn’t strike me as being disrespectful as much as I usually see on Lamebook posts. I thought mom did a good job of proving that Aaron was right, Mike is a pu$$y.

    @chip – you seem to have a chip on your shoulder (pun intended)

  31. off subject but Lamebook likes to make fun of facebook advertisements and I just noticed that they have some of the same ones on here. Also the Toyota commercial was crap about them recalling vehicles, it was the government that forced them to. Funny cause Lamebook is almost lamer than facebook.

  32. F-U, chip.

  33. I hope Mikey doesn’t take after Momma because if does, he’s already a lost cause.

  34. Look, Lamebook, you’re great and all, but… I think we need to talk. See, it’s the spelling mistakes. When someone makes a spelling mistake whils boasting about being awesome at spelling… that’s a little bit funny.

    When someone makes a spelling mistake period? NOT FUNNY. THAT ISN’T LAME. IT’S JUST A THING, THAT’S HAPPENED.

    And it’s not like it was just one time. You’ve done it again, and again, and again. Someone spelling something wrong in a status that had no relation to trying to sound clever wasn’t funny the first time, but you’ve done it over and over and over. Please, stop. If not for you, for me.

    I’m glad we had this talk.

  35. I feel I haven’t made my point enough.


    Also Aaron’s a cock and I left my caps lock on. Oops.

  36. @BritishHobo

    joke nor*

  37. My point was that the odd spelling mistake is absolutely nothing to care about or even notice, so… nicely done.

  38. There are too many old people commenting on lamebook today.

  39. chip you’re right. you should hear how I speak to your mom in bed. that old tart

  40. The first one is funny because it’s about more than typos. However, the rest of them are not funny. We get it- it’s ironic when someone’s update, lauding his academic achievement, includes misspelled words and grammatical mistakes. Move on.

  41. @lamebookpro: I actually hide in a closet and record it, then sell it online for lots of dollars, so I know all about your ‘dirty talk’. As it turns out, people have a fetish for prepubescent boys with pube-sprouts and a terrible grasp of curse words and insults banging old, fat bitches.

    Congratulations, idiot.

    @snowblower: Agreed.

  42. I disagree. I find typos in status updates bragging about academic achievements hilarious. Especially the multitudes of people who get accepted at “collages”.

  43. Dummy Chip, you moron, you must have wonderful relationships with people. Jackass.

  44. hahahaha nice one chip…did you see when I punched her in the stomach? :-)

  45. Chip was beaten (when he wasn’t neglected) as a child and now he’s going to take it out on the rest of the world.

  46. @lamebookpro: Yeah, that was my favorite part. I almost jumped out of the closet and joined you, but didn’t want to ruin the moment.

  47. @TheEyesHaveIt: As long as we’re competing on how strong our friendships are, do you want to compare the lengths of our dicks, too, or would you rather not start out your day 0/2?

  48. I don’t get all the hate against Aaron? It’s obviously Amy that goes apeshit on his back first, due to not knowing that’s how people usually write to each other satiricly (word?).
    And what’s disrespectful about telling the hard, cold truth?

  49. Chip, what part of f*** you don’t you understand?

  50. @TheEyesHaveIt: It’s all of those assholes you type for the “uck”. It seems more like an invitation when you spell it like that.

  51. Chip, I’m trying to be respectful of your wishes and be as disrespectful to you as I can. You’re an idiot to realize that you’ve proved the point that being disrespectful doesn’t get you very far. Too bad your mom’s abortion lived.

  52. Woah there, son.

    I never said that being disrespectful gets you far in life. What I said was that an unquestioned respect for someone simply because they’re older than you are is stupid. It’s passe and is not something that should be ingrained in our children. I was only surprised so many people on this site were defending the mom.

    With that said, I’m not saying you should just go around being a dick to everyone either.

  53. Chip,
    Will you marry me?

  54. Being disrespectful IS being a dick.

  55. This is ridiculous. Who would have thought there would be people commenting… “When I was a kid, we respected our elders.” Give me a break. This is Lamebook!
    Who invited the losers to the party?

  56. Jeez, what started out as a conversation on Aaron and Amy has turned into a dick comparison. Chip Vs. TheEyesHaveIt. It’s a battle royal.

    Your go Chip.

  57. Chip lost his argument the moment he said, “I clarified my age to demonstrate that I qualify as an adult, which gives me a little more credibility than a high school kid saying what I said.”….

    So your original point is that kids shouldn’t have to respect people older than them because they’re not necessarily smarter and then you go on to say “well, I’m 25, so my opinions have more credibility”. Self-defeating logic. Get a life and grow up.

    By the way, I’m younger than you and think I’m smarter than you. The difference is I wouldn’t be a douche to you, even though I think you’re retarded. I was also raised in an extremely conservative household that used corporal punishment. I turned out fine. Stop whining you big baby.

  58. @TheEyesHaveIt I respectfully disagree with you (see what I did there?). Just because you don’t immediately assume that someone is correct about stuff or are not afraid to disagree with someone when they’re wrong, regardless of their age, does not make you a dick. Some people that have the “respect your elders” mentality, like you, perceive disagreement as disrespectful because they’re retarded. In actuality, failure to do this makes you a giant pussy and that seems to be the standard way to raise kids today.

    In the post, Aaron’s comment is funny because a) he’s right, and b) he said it to someone older than him (his friend’s mom), which is not generally accepted by our social norms.

    It is because he is not afraid to have the courage of his convictions that we should respect him more. Thus, Aaron FTW.

  59. @stanselmdoc That fact that I am 25 adds credibility in this instance because it demonstrates that I have grown out of my teenage years and still maintain a healthy lack-of-immediate respect for people older than me. It does not contradict my argument that someone should not immediately respect someone just because they’re older than them.

  60. @snowblower I’ll consider it but you will have to pass all of the standard preliminary screening (i.e. asl checks, etc.) :)

  61. My only comment is that in the long rung Mike’s self worth will be better off by his mother’s seemingly embarrassing behavior. Yeah, now it seems so uncool and lame. But in the long run he’ll be (or should be) grateful to have a mother who really does care.

    I’m a prime example of a person who had no such thing.

  62. Chip, I think the bottom line is that you learn to respect those who have something to offer you, whatever their age. When I was 25 I went through a massively painful existential crisis. That was one of the most valuable things I walked away with. Being older doesn’t mean someone inherently has more wisdom than you, but it does raise the chances of such. Be open to that.

  63. @ Penny Lane I completely agree with that. However, let me submit one caveat: Let’s not forget how profoundly stupid the majority of America is. That is proven constantly on this site (remember that with each of these lamebookers comes TWO parents per commenter). You may be over-estimating the number of people that command respect of any kind.

  64. I’m new here. Am I the only one who thinks these comments are getting pretty lame?
    “Massively painful existential crisis”? WOW. Where am I? I thought you all were talking about a boy whose mom comments on his Facebook. That’s lame. End of story.

  65. Charvarose, I’m not you. We are different people. Take a deep breath and deal with that.

  66. Does anyone else think that Kelly has been accepted into several beauty ‘collages’?

    Or MAYBE she had her picture in the news paper and it’s now pasted on several jr. high social studies collages?

  67. Chip, I’d like to know when I told you I view disagreement as disrespect?
    I’m just wondering because *I* never said such a thing.

    Perhaps, in your disrespect of me, you misread what I wrote.

  68. I cannot believe no one has made a “chip on his shoulder” joke yet…COME ON!

  69. @TheEyesHaveIt The whole “respect your elders” premise is that you should never talk back or disagree with people that are older than you. By defending this mentality, you advocate this. This mentality is basically the only reason idiotic parents can get away with a “Because I said so” answer in response to being questioned by their kids.

  70. @Penny Lane —> #30

  71. So, by your reasoning, you think that someone should ALWAYS talk back and disagree with your elders.

  72. UGH! My “find” thing has been very buggy lately. Thanks Chip!

    Btw, I do agree with you that adults do not inherently deserve respect.

  73. Penny Lane, I’ve taken a deep breath and I apologize. I thought the comments on here were going to be funny.
    You’re right. We are different people.

  74. Meh, don’t apologize to me. I was too harsh. I do get much to heavy on here…I need to find a different outlet. Lamebook isn’t exactly where I should go off my deep end.

  75. BTW, we usually ARE funnier…but we do occasionally get like this.

  76. @TheEyesHaveIt My WHOLE argument is that you should not automatically hold respect for ANYONE just based on their age. That doesn’t mean that you should ALWAYS talk back or disagree with your elders. That’s idiotic because if they’re right, you look like a dick. If you suspect they may be wrong though (or know they’re wrong), then there is no reason not to question them (or tell them they’re wrong).

    The extreme position you have is the problem with your whole argument. By saying that younger people should always respect their elders, you are wrong simply based on the fact that there are many adults that do not deserve anyone’s respect.

    By saying that nobody should respect anyone simply because they’re older, each person has the opportunity to decide for himself who to respect. That is the fundamental difference and the reason that you are wrong and I am right.

  77. @charvarose See the comments from earlier when we were joking about lamebookpro fucking my mom.

    Simpler times. Those were the days. Kids really respected their elders back then.

  78. No problem. Didn’t mean to sound cranky. Things were looking pretty good when someone mentioned “trying to be respectful” then in the same post “too bad your mom’s abortion lived”.
    That’s good stuff right there.

  79. Aaron’s comment is right on the money, period. Shameful mother Amy, shameful.

  80. @charvarose – Yeah that was when TheEyesHaveIt was trying to teach me respect.

  81. Chip, you wrote “The whole “respect your elders” premise is that you should never talk back or disagree with people that are older than you. By defending this mentality, you advocate this.”

    You wrongly implied that I advocated never talking back with people. YOU used the black-and-white term “never”, not I.

    *I* am saying that there is never a need to disrespect anyone – older or younger. The problem I have is that more and more often people are disrespectful of anyone: older, younger, boss, employee, etc. You can question someone without being disrespectful.

    And, I feel like I must point out your thesis statement was actually “fuck adults,” it wasn’t “you should not automatically hold respect for ANYONE just based on their age.” And that thesis argument is blown when you then state that you are 25, an adult.

  82. Chip, I was trying to teach you respect? You sure to read a lot from my words that are not there.

  83. @Penny Lane: Hey, I wouldn’t worry. Lamebook is often where I go off the deep end, too :P If I’d had any funny moments on here, they would probably have been in a Lamebook-post inspired rant.

  84. @TheEyesHaveIt Well, if I knew we were going to get into a semi-intellectual debate, I probably wouldn’t have started off like that. It was more of a “Fuck the people that expect respect of people younger than them just because they’re older”, which , admittedly, doesn’t apply to all adults. It was a generalization intended more for comedic purposes.

    I already said this, but here you go:
    That fact that I am 25 adds credibility in this instance because it demonstrates that I have grown out of my teenage years and still maintain a healthy lack-of-immediate respect for people older than me. It does not contradict my argument that someone should not immediately respect someone just because they’re older than them.

    Your argument that nobody should ever disrespect anyone is flawed (in fact, you have already been guilty of failing to meet your own standards with your abortion comment, but that is neither here nor there). I agree that you can question someone without being disrespectful, which is the preferable way of handling things. However, is someone older than you is a complete nit, then sending a backhanded insult his way is perfectly acceptable in my book, especially if he previously insulted you for any reason.

  85. @TheEyesHaveIt Re: #82

    Mother fucker. Get a sense of humor, dude. I was pointing out the irony that you were telling me I should have been aborted while trying to point out that everyone should respect each other. Don’t be an idiot.

  86. Ahhh. This is the kind of stuff I was hoping for. Carry on, people, and for God’s sake insult each others mothers more! I need to giggle while I’m stuck at work!

  87. THERE’S the disrespect I’ve come to expect from the kids today! Thanks, Chip!

  88. @TheEyesHaveIt Like I said, when you prove yourself to be a nit, you deserve to be disrespected. You obviously are having difficulty keeping up with this discussion and take everything way too seriously.

  89. “I agree that you can question someone without being disrespectful, which is the preferable way of handling things”
    For example: “fuck adults.”
    “Your argument that nobody should ever disrespect anyone is flawed (in fact, you have already been guilty of failing to meet your own standards with your abortion comment, but that is neither here nor there).”
    As I stated, I was trying to be respectful of your wishes and thus speaking to you in a disrespectful manner.

  90. chip, its not a matter of adults being smarter than kids or vise versa. I know damn well that not all adults are very smart, and that some kids are smarter than most adults could ever dream to be.

    This is about showing respect. Just because mom was wrong for what she did, her sons (presumably)juvenile friend should still treat her with respect because she is an adult. And not only because she is an adult but because you should treat EVERYONE with respect.

    Any parent who doesn’t instill their child with that quality has not only failed the child but also society because we’re the poor schlubs that are going to have to put up with juniors bullshit.

  91. @ chip….son I was not joking about boning your mom…or punching her in the stomach

    I step away from my computer and all of a sudden everyone is trying to horn in on my spat with Chip? WTF??

    You guys are fucked up. As much as Chip talks about being disrespect, he’s probably the most respectful one here. I told him I was fucking his mom and he joked about it, someone told him “Too bad your mom’s abortion lived.” (wowee) and God knows what else and he still (at 25) kept it cool.

    @eyeshaveit you can’t be talking about respect and then saying “too bad your mom’s abortion lived” Jesus Christ

    I think what Chip is trying to say is that if someone is an asshole then just because they are older, doesn’t mean that they deserve your respect. And Chip I’m sure you’ll agree that just because Mike’s mom sounds like an inbred semi-retard doesn’t mean that she isn’t special.

  92. @charvarose your mom said to give us another hour before you swing by

  93. Yeah, lamebookpro, Chip’s all about respect. That’s why his introduction to this post was “fuck adults.”
    Nothing says respect more than that.

  94. Thank you Lamebookpro! I appreciate the wonderful things you do for mom.

  95. @els874 I agree that everyone should generally be cordial with each other. However, perhaps because of how I was raised, the whole “respect your elders” concept is different than “don’t be a dick,” which I said earlier.

    To me, Aaron did nothing but call the mom out for being so remarkably socially awkward and he even did it in a funny way. My comments began when so many lamebookers were seemingly offended about how any kid could talk to their elder that way, which began my rant about how being older should not automatically command respect.

    I think we are talking about two definitions of respect here, because I am definitely not saying that people shouldn’t be cordial toward each other. However, just because the mom is older should not mean that Aaron should not be able to call her out though.

    Let me clarify: I am not defending Aaron’s character here. He may be a dick, but we don’t have enough information to know. I am just saying that someone should not automatically respect their elders and should feel free to correct them if they are wrong. The saying seems to teach the opposite though. However, being cordial with people you don’t like or disagree with is an essential skill in life.

  96. Okay, Chip, so from what I gather, you’re essentially saying this: “People should respect people in general, but for reasons other than age.” Right? I sure hope so. Because if that’s the case, I can at least think you’re okay.

    But what are the reasons for respecting people? How about the very fact that a person is a person, a human being, and everyone deserves respect unless they do something to merit the loss of it. You give a person respect until they lose it, not the other way around. When I say that I advocate respecting adults, I mean that because adults are smarter, have been on this earth longer and have had more experience, and know better than stupid punk kids how the world works, they are in general, deserving of respect. A perfect example would be: anyone who lived through WW2. I’ve seen kids take the cane away from a veteran as a joke. Really? That’s supposed to be funny? That man has seen and done more than those kids will ever understand.

    Disagreeing with an adult is not the same as disrespecting. A kid can say, “Get out of my room, hoebag” to his mom or he can say, “Mom, I’d really appreciate it if you left me alone right now.” Two way different messages there.

    Finally, the “because I said so” mentality that you hate so much…yeah I’m guessing you don’t have kids. The reason that expression works isn’t because it’s effective for the parent, it’s because it’s effective for the child. When a child is…well, a child, he doesn’t understand big concepts like, say, getting adequate sleep is necessary to function well throughout the day. So instead of spending hours trying to explain why they have to go to bed at 7pm, a parent can say “Because I am the mommy and I’m telling you go to bed.” Kids understand authority and understand direction.

  97. @lamebookpro Believe me, there is no way to show TheEyesHaveIt the difference between joking and an actual comment. It’s a superior intellect a few of us are lucky to possess. Although, perhaps it’s because a clown shit all over his new pony at his 7th birthday party, because that would make it pretty tough to discern jokes from actual comments for the rest of his life. Or maybe his dad’s dick is just stuck up his ass.

    We may never know.

    And yes, that was a very concise summary of our discussion.

  98. @the eyeshaveit….I never said that Chip was all about respect. I just said that he was probably the most respectful one here. Myself included. I’m doing his mom for Christ’s sake.

    @charvarose You got it Sparky!

  99. Lamebookpro, please tell me how the phrase “fuck adults” is an introduction worthy of respect?

    Chip, you always were good at reading things that weren’t written. Your eyes prove astute once again!

    In the words of the most respectful one here, mother fucker. Get a sense of humor, dude.

  100. Congratulations posters. You have officially “out-lamed” lamebook.
    (Except you Chip, darling)

  101. @stansel I think it comes down to a difference in the definition of “respect”.

    But, yes, generally I agree with your first two paragraphs. My only caveat would be that I would say that I am cordial around people until they earn my respect. Effectively, “respect” indicates a bit of an admired, exalted position. That was the way I was raised to treat “adults” and is the perspective I have been using for the word “Respect” the entire time.

    I agree with the differences in tone of the third paragraph, however, if you’re parent has a tendency to lose their temper, there is no reason that the teen should be be expected not to, and vice versa.

    I also agree with your last point, until the kids are teenagers (although, as someone without kids, I am speaking from limited perspective here). I think that after that point, they deserve a reasonable explanation for a bunch of the arbitrary rules that parents seem to place on their kids.

  102. Steven and Eric from the Victims of love post sum up this argument perfectly…

    Please refer

  103. Hehehe, wordpervert.

  104. @TheEyesHaveIt let me try and elaborate. In my humble opinion, in comparison to everything everyone else has said here (including myself) “fuck adults” is pretty g-rated. and definitely in comparison to “too bad your mom’s abortion lived” as you so colourfully put it….man you are so angry. chip so hit a nerve with you….well done chip

  105. This sucks.

  106. Lamebookpro, you’re right, his mom’s abortion is SO much more disrespectful than you sleeping with Chip’s mom and then punching her in the stomach.

    Please. I repeat these respectful words to you too: mother fucker, get a sense of humor, dude.

  107. @TheEyesHaveIt my point exactly. even I was more of a dick than chip. admit it TheEyesHaveIt, you and I said the most fucked up things here, not chip. The difference between me and you is that I’m proud of it and Chip’s mom loved it. Hell even Chip was pleased….you’re the only bitter one here…and I meant that in the most disrespectful way :-) Listen, come over and I’ll fuck you and punch you in the stomach too

    @chingaso…feel free to navigate away from this tired old page. there’s a whole world out there on the internet

  108. @TheEyesHaveIt How is Aaron in the first place even being disrespectful? He’s telling the truth, helping her realize something about the way she defends her son over something that was said obviously in jest.

    If your idea of respect is to never question people people or to call them out when they’re are wrong…..well, then I hope most of the population isn’t respectful.

  109. Yes….people people, and double ares…..jeez…i need to proofread when I write.

  110. Lamebookpro, Chip blew his entire argument by starting off with “fuck adults” and then saying he’s an adult. Right there, he has nullified his argument. Anything after that was him trying to redo his initial thesis.
    Chip stated “Unquestioned respect for adults (or anyone) is stupid, misguided, and contributes to the number of followers and corporate shill we have in our society today. That norm basically trains people to be lemmings.” As that is opinion, I felt he would appreciate a disrespectful tone and attitude. For some reason neither he nor his supporters felt that was justified – they must be the lemmings Chip mentioned.

    You seem to think that my abortion statement was harsher than your punch in the stomach statement, but the last time I checked, abortion is legal and abusing a woman isn’t.

    Suppertime, I never mentioned Aaron. And I think most of the population is “respectful” (based on the “questioning people” definition you just gave) – that’s what led us into Iraq.

    I’m all for questioning, I think society has reached a point where we disrespect anyone because “who are they to tell me _____?” No one is willing to admit that maybe, just maybe someone knows more than you in any particular subject.

  111. And it kinda bothers me when people such as chinaso post comments like “this sucks,” or “these comments are lame.”
    It’s LAMEbook… what are you looking for? A deep aeronautical discussion? Jeez.
    Lamebookpro, can you punch him instead?

  112. @TheEyesHaveIt Regarding the credibility of my argument, I would really like to see a response to this.

    That fact that I am 25 adds credibility in this instance because it demonstrates that I have grown out of my teenage years and still maintain a healthy lack-of-immediate respect for people older than me. It does not contradict my argument that someone should not immediately respect someone just because they’re older than them.

    Let me reiterate, the fact that I’m technically an adult, does nothing to refute the argument that adults should not be immediately respected for being adults. Read #16 and #18. Those are the posts to which my post was an immediate response. “Fuck adults” refutes that kids should respect other just because they’re older.

    Also, I completely agree with lamebookpro that the abortion comment was much more out of line than his comment about fucking and punching my mom. Moms are a common joke topic. I don’t actually mind a disrespectful tone or attitude, but the assumption that that is the best way to communicate with me is idiotic.

  113. @TheEyesHaveIt I would gladly punch Chinaso after I nailed her…or him….but seriously you seem like a fairly intelligent person and yet you still think that I am trying to play down my comment. for the last time I know I was being disrespectful…I was trying my best to and YES I feel that I was more disrespectful than you…….wait……where the fuck is Chip?

  114. I think I’m getting it now: if YOU do it (disrespect, “mother jokes”), it’s fine. If I have any exception to that, *I* am wrong. Got it.

    Sorry, I wasn’t aware that you knew more than me when it came to joke-making. I suppose your “mother fucker, get a sense of humor, dude” should have told me you were a professional comedian and thus, I should have been respectful to you when it comes to joking. But since you seem to think that “moms” are a common joke, I can say you two things. #1-common with whom? You do not know what is common in my circles. And #2 – the abortion line WAS a mom joke since it involved your MOM getting the abortion. C’mon, mother-fucker, get a sense of humor, dude. Your mom laughed.

  115. “Lamebookpro, Chip blew his entire argument by starting off with “fuck adults” and then saying he’s an adult. Right there, he has nullified his argument.”

    Yes, TheEyesHaveIt, but he CLARIFIED and REFINED his statement. Let’s try to not be so very intransigent.

  116. PennyLane, let me ask you this:
    You’re going to be giving a speech to a group of people about a product. You walk into the room and then yell, “Fuck you!”
    How much of your audience have you lost with that?

    That is essentially what happened and that is when he lost me. How can I respect someone who starts off with an insult to me?

    And when he said that respecting adults is overrated, I treated him with the disrespect I thought he wanted. Apparently, neither he nor supporters actually liked me being disrespectful to him – which is odd, because he’s an adult (he’s 25 now!!).

    I’ve stated that I understand how it works: what he thinks=good, what I think=bad.

    Fuck adults, PennyLane. Fuck adults.

  117. I understand your point, but respect or not, I do think he clarified his.

    Other than that, I agree with his sentiment. Adults are not inherently owed respect.

  118. Thanks, Penny. I was beginning to wonder if I was the only one that could see those posts. TheEyesHaveIt has still not addressed them.

    It seems to me that TheEyesHaveIt is focusing much more on meandering details because his argument has been successfully refuted but he refuses to concede.

  119. Well, he has a point in a way Chip, I think he (she?) is trying to show you the disrespect he believes you deserve by saying “fuck you” or whatever. But, I dunno, we get it…let’s move on LOL!

    No offense TheEyesHaveIt, I have been known to be overly pedantic myself.

  120. *Gardjitate
    Dipshits. lol

  121. My argument is that EVERYONE is owed respect.
    Whether someone knows more or less than you, there’s never a reason to be disrespectful towards them. I’m not saying that by being respectful you think they are correct in their thoughts, I am saying they should be treated with respect.
    That is my opinion, but I understand that in your eyes and Chip’s eyes, and others, my opinion is wrong because it is not Chip’s opinion. I got that.
    I guess that’s why when I’m in a situation, I ask someone what the problem is and what we can do to help solve it instead of yelling “Fuck you.” Again, though, I understand I’m wrong with that.

  122. Chip, here is a detail, you entered and said “fuck you!”

    THAT is the start. Without meandering, please tell me, is that respectful?

  123. Excuse me, your opening was “Fuck adults!”
    THAT is the start. Without meandering, please tell me, is that respectful?

  124. I think that maybe there is a disagreement with the definition of “respect”…semantics really.

    I see respect as something special. Something that is earned. I think you on the other hand see it as something that is more on the basis of human rights. I think in terms of ideas we all agree, but not in words.

    And I don’t know Chip…I don’t agree with anyone just because they are who they are. Please don’t accuse me of something that moronic. LOL.

    I agree with you on the “fuck you” thing for the record, but it happened hours ago…

  125. Penny is right. I think the argument comes down to a difference in the definition of “respect.” I have already clarified my views here in #101. Being cordial and respecting someone are two very different things. Just because you do not respect someone does not automatically mean that you are disrespecting them. Maybe you are operating from an incorrect definition of the word “respect.”

    That being said, when I said, “Aaron FTW! Fuck adults!” I was certainly not saying it with the idea that I might get pulled into a debate over whether kids should inherently respect adults (or whether everyone should respect everyone, for that matter). That comment was written in response to all of those idiots at the beginning saying that kids shouldn’t be allowed to adults that way. So, to answer your question, saying, “Fuck adults,” is not respectful, but I also wouldn’t say that it is disrespectful toward anyone in particular either (given that I’m an adult myself, which is why I clarified the statement at the very beginning).

  126. Yeah I reread that crap up top. Screw that. Adults are often unworthy of respect. Teaching a child to respect adults for no other reason than they are adults is stupid and dangerous. What people have to say matters. Ideas matter. Content of character matters. I don’t care how many times you’ve circled the sun.

  127. Penny Lane! I registered on this site just so I could tell you that YOU ROCK! Right on.

  128. I think everyone-no matter their age-is worthy of decency until they prove you otherwise. If they are a moron, they should be called out, whether they are 10 years younger or 50 years older.

    I do agree that respect is earned but, to just come out of the gate rip-roaring jackass to them until they earn your respect is not the way to do it, either.

    Long story short, I think Mike`s mom is one of those helicopter parents who has a case of `my poor baby` syndrome and his friend Aaron is dead on.

  129. Mom should’ve stayed out of it. Nothing says ‘loser’ like having your mom stick up for you to your friends.

  130. Madie777 thank you…that’s very sweet.

    hubbubbub, decency, YES, respect…well that’s another story.

    nashntth, anyone who would judge a person by the actions of another is the “loser”…even if it is their mom. (I am aware of how “loser-ish” that probably sounds to you.) You’re not a mother, so that part you don’t understand, you are however clearly impulsive, so that part you should understand.

  131. @Penny: Good points.

    I’m sure Aaron has a lot more respect for Mike now. “What are you gonna do? Your mom’s not here to defend you.” “Oh, are you going to call your mom now?” Mike’s life just got a lot tougher. Mom should’ve stayed out of it. Nothing says “loser” like having your mom stick up for you.

  132. Man, sorry, I was sassy there nashntth…LOL

  133. @Penny, np. I was like “damn?”, here I am thinking Penny’s cool, and now she’s harshin’ my gig. The “loser” remark is my take on the peer perception and not a direct insult. Mike’s friends aren’t going to cut him any slack over this, and differentiate who said what. Or maybe they will. Moving on.

  134. I’ve been a bitch today.

  135. So, Mike complains. Aaron advises in a not-so-respectful-but-kinda-friendly-manner-that-Mike-might-actually-is-used-to. Amy responds in Mike’s defence as she took Aaron to be disrespectful and discouraging to her son. Aaron then points out how that response is actually doing more harm than good, and probably expects better grammar and advice. Whether Amy was Mike’s mom or sister or close friend, Aaron was undoubtedly A LITTLE disrespectful. So cut the last two words off “what the fuck ever happened to being respectful to adults?”


    Being a good friend from my point of view, Aaron wouldn’t really be looking down on Mike in the future, maybe on Amy, but not Mike. Even Mike wasn’t expecting all that shit, he was just tired.

    (Although the mean side of me guesses that Mike might’ve gone “MOMMY HE CALLED ME A PUSSY!” soon after)

  136. So true Aaron, so true.

  137. TheEyesHaveIt is way confused and angry. fuck this. 136 posts is way too much…next

  138. Lamebookpro, you’re right. It’s perfectly legit to open a conversation with some variation of “fuck you.”
    I’m sorry I got “angry” at the lack of decency – it’s perfectly legit.
    As I said more than once, I get it: if YOU do it (disrespect, “mother jokes”), it’s fine. If I have any exception to that, *I* am wrong.
    I would think it’s okay for me to say “fuck you,” because I am a “you” too (similar to Chip saying “fuck adults” is okay because he’s an adult too.)
    So, I don’t know how many times you and and Chip need me to say it: YOU ARE RIGHT.
    Fuck adults. Fuck people (I’m a person too, I can say that).

  139. Well, a begrudged concession is still a concession. I’ll take it since you are obviously not taking the time to understand what anyone here is saying anymore. In the future, not letting your emotions get involved in a discussion will probably yield better results. I’m guessing you’re still in college because you’re reasonably articulate, but seem to have a bit of emotional immaturity that can get in the way of your argument. You should learn to respect your elders… JK. ;)

    This was a fun one though. Thanks to everyone that weighed in!

  140. See how much better it is when people stop questioning and line up like lemmings to agree with you, Chip!

    You, Lamebookpro, PennyLane and now me. Huzzah!

  141. Let’s not forget Suppertime and Snowblower.

    And I still disagree that anyone is saying they agree with me just because I’m me. Nobody is ganging up on you and rushing to my aid. You’re viewpoint is just something that these people have found to be incorrect through their own life experiences.

  142. That said, welcome to the winning team.

  143. Winning team = don’t respect anyone (at least not on these postings), unquestioning beliefs, and pack mentality. Got it!

    Thank you, too, for insulting me with a little dig in practically every post you made. I understand that because to not do so might show respect.

    Fuck everyone! (Point of disclosure, I’m a person too, so it’s okay for me to say that.)

  144. I’ve also learned through your teachings that respecting the dead is vastly overrated. I mean, what have they ever done to earn my respect? Right? I mean, they’re dead! They can’t do anything!

  145. I can’t believe everyone is ragging on TheEyesHaveIt. Sir (or Ma’am), I still completely agree with you.

    Let’s start with this stupid morally relative, whiny “It depends on your definition of the word respect.” It’s not that difficult to understand that ‘respect’ in the very basic sense of the word that your parents taught you, means “consideration for your fellow man.” It doesn’t mean a place of high honor, worship, etc. Everyone, no matter what age, is deserving of respect from the beginning, no questions asked. It is only when someone does or says something to invalidate that respect, that the person loses it. If your parents didn’t teach you this…I give up on humanity.

    I don’t understand this whole excuse to “call someone out” (which I’m assuming means being a dick to them) just b/cthey’re wrong or they’re a dick to you. There’s a difference between saying to your teacher, “You’re retarded, that’s not the right answer, fuckwad.” and “Actually, sir, I don’t think that’s right. Maybe you should check your answer.” How is this even a debate? God I hate kids.

    This is the reason I chose to get out of education. Fucking parents don’t know how to raise their kids properly anymore. The fact that a kid can say anything they want to me and I can’t retaliate except to give them a detention? They can say “fuck you” all they want to me, but as a teacher, I’m not allowed to do anything back. I am forced to respect my students and they’re not obligated to respect me. Fuck that. I wish we still lived in a world where I could slap their fucking hands with a ruler.

    Let me be clear: If an adult is wrong, I am all for pointing it out to them in a kind, appropriate way. If a mom defends her child against what she thinks is a personal attack, I am all for the “attacker” explaining his motives in a kind, appropriate way. This actually happened to me not too long ago. A mom went ballistic on my ass for saying something I meant in jest. What did I say back? I didn’t say, “uh lady, what you’re doing is even worse than what I said.” I said, “I meant no disrespect to your daughter, I have a high regard for her actually. I meant it as a joke and if it offended her, I apologize. In retrospect, I probably shouldn’t have made the tasteless joke anyway.”

  146. STFU stanselmdoc. you’re late, when you said you “got out of education” does that mean you got out of teaching or you’re a dropout?

    @TheEyesHaveIt just because we didn’t agree with you doesn’t mean we’re lemmings, it just means you’re wrong :-) You really don’t get it. You don’t even realize that 10o posts earlier I have admitted being disrespectful and you’re still playing that stupid fiddle and justifying your little outbursts. Just admit you’re a disrespectful prick as well and you can join our club.

    fuck adults. fuck your mom. fuck the world. fuck goats

  147. Yes, Lamebookpro, I am wrong. Disrespect is the name of the game.

  148. The thing is, you and Chip would never admit that I had any valid statements. My basic argument that everyone is worthy of respect (i.e. being treated decently) was routinely shot down by you, Chip and others. That’s fine, I get it.
    Chip routinely insulted me -up until the end, but that’s okay, because as long as he doesn’t think it’s an insult, then it isn’t (that’s how he’s stated it earlier).

    If you want to follow someone’s lead (Chip’s) and say that you’re not being a lemming, that’s fine. Let’s all walk the same way and pretend we’re different. Similar to insulting someone or being rude, it’s not the case if we don’t view it to be.

    I’ve said more than once, more than twice, more than three times, that I am wrong and it’s okay to be disrespectful, and each time, Chip and you had to come back with a little dig at me.

    Again, I GET IT. Disrespect is the name of the game.

  149. @TheEyesHaveIt finally you get it. This is lamebook not Oprah. Are we friends again goat fucker?

  150. @lamebookpro #146
    ei bring goats out of this! They’re the cutest animals ever! Tasty too! Only literally though. Having sexual intercourse with anything other than humans doesn’t sound attractive to me.

  151. can we have a forum or something? ‘Cos it’s pretty hard searching for debate threads whose (yay I learnt something by using lamebook again) topics I couldn’t remember and which are started in not obviously related posts. I know it sounds really dumb, but consider this as a request from a school-leaver who has too much free time.

  152. @freezit4 don’t knock it til you try it. I agree. Goats are cute. Totally fuckable

  153. @lamebookpro – Uh, no, I’m not late. I was in this conversation from the beginning. Entry #21, see? Sorry I have a life outside of Lamebook and can’t check up on the thread every 30 minutes.

    I got out of teaching. My guess is I have a higher degree than you, as well as a higher IQ. In fact, the very fact that I have to explain to you the phrase, “got out of education” demonstrates that I am smarter than you, since intelligent people know that’s what the phrase means. I’m also guessing you didn’t actually read my paragraph, since I talk about how I was a teacher. Moron.

    I see you couldn’t refute any of my points with anything other than a “STFU Stanselmdoc”. That IS the favorite retort from someone who is wrong and can’t think of any legitimate argument.

  154. STFU

  155. @ stanselmdoc – Mensa qualifications aside (which does nothing to help your argument or add to your credibility, by the way), I understand your definition of the word “respect,” but the basis of my argument is that definition of “respect” is wrong. It is not “whiny” to discuss the definition, because that is the root of the disagreement. The dictionary defines “respect” as “esteem for or a sense of the worth or excellence of a person, a personal quality or ability, or something considered as a manifestation of a personal quality or ability.” All definitions of the word “respect” elevate the respected party to a higher level than neutral regard.

    Teaching kids to “respect their elders” is a principal that is incorrect because there is no reason that kids (or anyone) should hold anyone else to a higher platform than themselves. This breeds the mentality that adults or superiors always know better than they do, which results in the majority of the population being a bunch of floppy vaginas whenever they disagree with anyone. They keep quiet out of respect for their superiors. New ideas are less frequently communicated and our society progresses at a slower rate than is possible.

    A far healthier mentality is a pleasant cordiality toward new people until they prove themselves either A) worthy of respect or B) idiots. Kids should be taught to stand up for what they believe in and to speak their mind, when appropriate. Aaron’s response above may have been uncouth, but he did not say anything that should yield punishment of any kind. If he is a bright kid and unafraid to correct superiors, he will go far in life. The primary failure in parenting here lies with teaching kids to be submissive twats.

    There are numerous examples of this throughout are history. If Fred Smith, the founder of FedEx, had listened to his college professor when he first wrote about the idea, we would not have such an efficient system for sending packages today.

    If the founding fathers of the U.S. had “respected” (in your sense of the word) their superiors, we would never have declared independence from Great Britain.

    It is a healthy skepticism of authority and level of disrespect that drives progress. People should be taught to think for themselves and not just follow the rules because “thems the rules.”

  156. I think I have an excerpt of that paper Fred Smith wrote. I started of with “Fuck the current way of shipping packages.”

  157. @ stanselmdoc….oh snap! I forgot about you! If you’ve read any of my posts you’ll see that I have said on many occasions that I have no life and that I’m a loser who spends more time on lamebook than facebook. what can I say? You’re so smart! Honestly from the way you sound you were probably one of those cunt teachers and that’s why you quit. umm STFU anyway?

    @Chip : ima let you finish but UPS had one of the best ways of shipping packages ever

  158. *It started off with….

  159. Oh please, you’re being ridiculous. Disrespect breeds progress? I thought it was invention, creativity, perseverance, necessity, etc. Disrespect drives progress hahaha, my white ass. Although I agree that a level of skepticism is good. This is not the same as disrespect. You’re unreal.

    Here’s what I still don’t get: I’m not advocating (and neither is TheEyesHaveIt) for “blind respect for elders” or any such thing that you’re continually accusing us of advocating. I’m advocating for respecting everyone regardless of who they are for the sake of their humanity – until they do something to lose the respect. The only difference between you and me is that you require prerequisites to your regard, and I offer my respect freely. My regard stems from a basic love of human life. Your regard stems from the actions of those humans. The difference is fine with me, but you seem to have a problem with the fact that I would raise my kids to respect everyone no matter what.

    Teaching kids to respect elders does not breed a mentality that adults are always right – the point I’ve been making from the beginning is that adults are often wrong. The difference is in HOW the child points it out to them. You seem to be okay with a “Shut up, you’re retarded.” I think that’s ludicrous and rude and the child should be slapped across the mouth. Even when someone is wrong, they deserve respect.

    As a side note, I can’t believe you threw out the founding fathers. Really? They lived through years of abuse, took as many actions as they could without resorting to open warfare, and finally, explained the necessity of separation from England in a declaration. All one has to do is read it to find out the reality of their situation. And personally, I think they were extremely respectful toward a king who “plundered our seas, ravaged our coasts, burnt our towns, and destroyed the lives of our people.”

  160. @lamebookpro – Hahahaha. Any Kanye reference still makes me laugh. In the words of Obama, “He’s a jackass.”

  161. I realize too, after all of this, that Chip never actually considered my argument. He never actually said, “Perhaps you’re talking about a more general definition of ‘respect’ whereas I’m talking about the more specific definition of ‘holding elders in a higher regard’. Perhaps we actually believe the same thing.”
    Instead he was quite persistent with a “you are wrong and I am right” attitude. (Whenever he slightly addressed what I was saying, he was sure to back it up with a little insult.)

    How can you have progress when you’re constantly belittling and ignoring what the other viewpoint is?

  162. stanselmdoc I think you hit he nail on the head. We simply see “respect” as something earned, when you see it as something as a given.

    I don’t think either of these is wrong. I think it would mostly depend on how you were raised and your life experiences and such. I think decency is one thing. Everyone deserves basic manners from each other. (Yes that includes not saying FUCK YOU or whatever, but I swear to Zeus we’ve covered that repeatedly.) But to me, humans are way too disgusting and horrible in general and they don’t get “respect” from me until I see a good reason to give it. I am raising my daughter with that same attitude. Be polite, have manners, be caring. I don’t think those are the definition of “respect”.

    This “Aaron” guy wasn’t disrespectful. He didn’t swear, he stated what he believed to be a fact. He’s allowed to do that. He’s a HUMAN BEING. It doesn’t show manners and caring to treat someone less than simply because of their age. I don’t respect what he said though.

    Also, you think a child should be slapped across the mouth for what you see as “disrespect”…that doesn’t gain the respect that you see as so important. That is laughably backwards. “RESPECT ME CHILD OR I WILL HIT YOU UNTIL YOU DO!” wow…

  163. Fuck adults? Why not (if you are an adult yourself) I’d say.
    Fucking minors is in most countries and states of the world illegal. Or at least immoral.

  164. While I think we agree on most points, Penny Lane (who, in general, I love, by the way. I think this is the first time I disagree with something you say), my children are not yours, and I can raise them however I want. If I choose to spank or smack the mouths of my children, it’s none of your business. That said, I never said that the intent of smacking my child’s mouth was to drill respect into them – it’s to discipline them for saying something rude. I teach them respect in other ways. It is actually possible to do that, despite what current parenting philosophy says. I have the highest respect in the world for my parents and most adults, and I was smacked across the mouth when I deserved it too.

    I don’t think what Aaron said was the worst he could have said, but I don’t think it was the best either. Probably because I’m imagining his tone of voice and I can picture him being so smug and ornery I want to dig my nails into him. However, I admit that since I don’t know him, I can’t really tell if he meant to sound so snotty. Most of my anger issues with respecting people is more general. It just kills me when a customer comes up with her grandson and the grandson demands a candy bar and grandma says no and the kid (who is well over the age of tantrums) tells her she’s a bitch for not doing what he wants and runs around the store like a maniac. If his parents actually taught him to behave and have some decency/respect/whatever the fuck you want to call it, our world wouldn’t be going into a shithole right now.

    Okay, I’m done with this conversation. I’m too tired to keep arguing about something that will never matter since I’ll never meet any of you or your kids. Thanks for the brain exercise, though. It’s always nice to remind yourself of why you believe what you believe.

  165. Freakin hell.

  166. tl:dr

  167. Treating a teenager the same way you would an adult does not make you a dick, nor does it make you disrespectful.



  168. Actually, open argument again.

    I’m not singling you out, stanselmdoc, I’m just quoting this because it’s been said over and over by numerous people and this was the first example I found… “I’m advocating for respecting everyone regardless of who they are for the sake of their humanity.”

    I agree with Chip, however, I also agree with the above statement. Some may view Aaron’s comment as disrespectful and douche-y (I personally don’t), but I think what Chip is trying to say is that the fact that he said it to an adult does not make it any more or less disrespectful. If it were Mike’s teenage brother and not his mum, I doubt a lot of people would be so offended.

    Everyone should be given the same level of respect, regardless of age. So why is it so taboo to talk to an adult the way you would someone your own age? You’re treating them exactly the same, which in my opinion, means you’re showing them the same amount of respect.

  169. Fuck, I told you lot what to do in comment #102

  170. Had to take a weekend off from this discussion for a trip, but it looks like stf has summed it up perfectly.

    Well done.

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