Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Tuesday TypOHs!

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  1. first

  2. I like the first one for the irony.

  3. I don’ care I just wanted a tattoo mami! That’s right faithFULL, full of mo’fo’in faith.

  4. Is Ben sputnik now? God that guy is a tool.

  5. Flag football is pretty faggy.

  6. Super Nintendo Chalmers

    Mark was jonesing for a “Faithfull” tattoo? His girl probably told him no more good good until he got it done.

  7. The lesions were always my favorite part of school.

  8. Mark needs to have a Y added to the end of that tattoo. That way he just looks like a dumbass for having faithfully tattooed on him instead of looking like an ignorant dumbass for having faithfull tattooed on him.

  9. I love that he’s SO desperate for a tattoo that he’ll just have whatever.
    I wonder if he chose that tattoo, or if he got asked what his choice was and just said fuck it, and told them to give him whatever.

  10. Intelligenter? Fuck me, no one can be that stupid can they?

  11. Yes smash. Sadly there are thousands of people who are that stupid.

  12. Gawddd, so many people with misspelt tatts! It’s actually ridiculous. With my ink, I pick up the tiniest flaws and get pissed off about them. I’d probably hang myself if I got inked and found out the spelling was incorrect!

  13. Also! Having the Triple-X film logo on your arm sucks dick man. As does the fact his new ink gets smaller as the word progresses…

  14. Intelligenter? For fuck’s sake. Someone please punch Charlotte in the face!

  15. What language is Mark speaking?

  16. you ding. xD!

  17. I'm Canadian Also

    pretty sure Charlotte was trying to be funny.

    @ scarfy: That’s what I thought. I can picture Mark coming out of the movie theater so jacked he had to rush out and get the tattoo.

  18. i hope my lesions come in to play by the time i’m 27, ’cause they’re doing jack for me right now.

  19. How come so many morons don’t realize that there’s a DELETE button – so when you write something incorrectly (JOANNA! LISTEN UP!) you can delete it and rewrite it instead of making a comment with the correction.

    On second thought, continue to do it. Those statuses are my favorite to come to.

  20. Well I guess his school is just brutal, his lesions are probably a result of learning too much.

  21. Man lighten up!! who cares if they delete or just correct, you know what they were getting at!! People take this shit so seriously I would say that Charlotte was just being funny so relax!

  22. Jesus christ, I really hate the new users here. Quit going into so much detail over this shit, it’s just here for us to laugh. Charlotte was definitely kidding.

  23. Wow, poopaloop, you don’t need to end EVERY sentence with an exclamation mark. If you don’t like the comments or don’t find Lamebook typohs funny, why bother reading them? Go do something you enjoy instead, like overusing exclamation marks.

  24. Zing!

  25. I would join fag football.

  26. You can tell he just wanted *another* tattoo as the other ones are old- they’re not just faded a bit, but only the part with the word (I can’t type it, it hurts to write like that) has been shaved.

  27. I love coming with food too! Oh shit, I mean well…. whatever.

  28. lol ‘coach i hope u mean flag’

  29. Natalie if you don’t like my overuse of exclamation marks, why bother reading my comment? Why don’t you go write some neutral emotion free comments somewhere!?!?!?

  30. Misspelled tatoo= FAIL, even if it’s intended.

  31. you guys should really do a quick search for that first one. It got even funnier.

  32. I’d love to get a Tattoo saying “Mispeltt”.

  33. missprivate is right, it definitely gets better. i love that jethro goes on to look up/define ‘lesions’, and is then surprised at his findings.

  34. JacksSmirkingRevenge

    Mark thinks he’s a pirate.

  35. How did you guys manage to track the Network down? I can’t seem to be able to without having to join it.

  36. Wow, Jethro, that’s really impressive…27 years and you haven’t learned a damn thing! What do they serve you for lunch: amnesia biscuits?

    Oh yeah, and don’t forget to thank your teacher for the lesions. HAHAHA

  37. Too bad MS Word cant correct ger grammar

  38. Damnit Jethro, you’re shaming all the other kiwis! This cannot be! I do feel consolation in the fact that he’s not from the mainland though :-)

  39. Sometimes, when I read and see misspellings like this ones I feel that I wasted my time learning english as a 2nd language. All the words, conjugations, differences between nouns-adj&adv… not worth it!
    Even tho, all these posts are funny as f**k ;)

  40. *these… hahahaha. Too much misspellings for me, I am becoming Mark!

  41. *many… too many misspellings, or too much misspelling… just saying ;)

  42. “What do they serve you for lunch: amnesia biscuits?” just cracked me up. Thanks NikiK1980.

  43. I think Jethro did a mighty fine job for a boy named “Jethro.”

  44. Mark should add “ofshit” to the end of his tattoo – then he can claim it’s like a “before and after” question on jeapordy.

  45. Coach, I hope you meant smear the queer.

  46. Celebrate the bringing tribesmen!


  47. AmberPatterson4996

    best of it is guys he aint faithful, he cheated on his ex and he cheated on me. So that tat is the biggest load of bollox eva, as well as the others of course which r copieed! kinda original Mark!! Bohhh!!!

  48. @13 Is it not the Xfactor logo?

  49. I am pretty sure Mark is looking at his tat and thinking “l? there’s no l?!?! so what if 1 used extra I I used an extra 1? It happen!i!IIIII And Journey Rocks

  50. @Walter Sobchak-My thoughts exactly on Jethro. Post 44 hilarious.

  51. Continue Amber! Please!

  52. Wahahaha! I’ve LOLed with the 1st, 2nd and last images. This is crazy

  53. Joanna has some weird fetish there

  54. ya vj? and coach hopes you’ve been keeping up with your squat thrusts. ehhh to steiner school group on fb.

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