Saturday, March 10, 2012

Trouble on the Internet

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  1. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    I read the first line and I stopped right there. Not because of TL;DR but because I pretty much I got the gist of it from that.

  2. I do hate the fresh prince jokes, but this one was fairly clever. Compared to other posts on lb, this wasn’t bad

  3. I don’t care about the morality or otherwise about joking about Kony, but I do care how poor this rap attempt was. Can I do better, I hear you ask?!?! (or is that the booze talking?). OK internet, you twisted my arm.

    INNNNNN North Uganda, born and raised
    In the Bushland is where I spent most of my days
    Chillin out maxin, attaxing passer-bys
    I was shooting up and shouting and plotting their demise
    When a couple of hipsters PM’d their hipster friends
    Started chatting shit about some Twitter trends
    Recruited one little kid and the hipsters said ‘You FREAK’
    I’ll start some stupid protest that I’ll forget by next week…

    Tum dum de-dum, dum dum dum…

  4. are you THE gonzo?

  5. gonzo, I really wanted your version to be good. It’s a let down like the one in the post :( next time, bro

  6. Lame so very lame if I were you I would be watching out for a mutiny from the little homies.

  7. I stopped reading after the first line. I wont give this screen cap the time of day.

  8. Oh its about Kony? I shall read on.

  9. Wow. Like you fucking losers have anything better to do than to read this. Just like I read your pathetic comments .

  10. Eh, I’d say you did better than liam, gonzo

  11. that may well be true Laila, but I’ve shoveled piles of crap that my dog left on the lawn that were better than liam.

  12. ^Course you have. Cos anything that wasn’t thought up by you doesn’t bare significance.

  13. You’re so desperate for attention it’s sad. I really wish there was a private messaging function so the folks of LB didn’t have to read my pathetic attempts to knock you to the kerb because you are a parasite that needs putting down. But try I will cos I just don’t like you

    Gonzo, your rendition…hats off.

  14. got your period, love?

  15. My Blackberry just entered the Eastern time zone, but it didn’t go anywhere. WTF? Damned Canadians are trying to get us all confused so they can take over the world.

  16. crusty, if you’ve plugged your leaking cunt up and have stopped panicking, you might have to time to realize how much you’ve embarrassed yourself here.
    and hopefully you’ll stick your head in a gas fucking oven.

  17. Now now ms. Just because ol crusty’s got his rags no need to wish that horrible death on him. Maybe a woodchipper or microwave would suffice. And I gigot doubt he could find a plug big enough cos I’m sure that just like the village bike everyone in his town has ridden him

  18. As for gigot… I mean highley…

  19. ^highly. That’s embarrassing. Woah, i came so close to posting this with ‘embarrassing’ spelt ‘embarassing’. Now that definately would’ve been embarrassing!

  20. Gigot Higley. That’s a good pen name.

  21. Capital I cupidstunt… the English writing and language you don’t refer to yourself as a little i… Stick that up your arse

  22. Does anyone else feel like ‘Ol Crusty has a bit of a school-girl crush on Ms. Anne?

  23. I’d like to lick all your faces. One day…

  24. gonzo, you spelled faeces wrong. One day…

    crusty, I love other people’s overreactions. Thank you for brightening my day <3
    If we could private message on Lamebook, I'd send you a kewt little e-card.

  25. I did the next best thing and posted a pic of his mum.

  26. I forgot to say, gonzo, well impressed. Definately better than Liam’s attempt.

    @damagecontrol, [b]i[/b] did that on purpose, because i think so lowly of myself that i don’t believe i deserve a capital i.

    Also, ‘mum’? Is MsAnne English??

  27. oh, I failed at the whole bold thing, that works on most sites I use! I’m just gonna hang my head in shame and wait for the torrent of abuse.

  28. WordPress has its own rules, Cupidstunt. I haven’t been bothered learning them yet. Meh. Probably never will, actually.

  29. ^you just used the wrong brackets, try the little pointy ones. <

  30. Testing…now.

  31. Woot woot!

  32. What is this, weekend posting?

  33. It’s Monday…

  34. Lamebook’s saying it’s the 11. So, it’s Sunday.

  35. I’ve stopped living in the past, Laila.

  36. What you say is the past is my right now, evidently.

  37. MsAnne is in Australia. Therefore, she’s from the future.

  38. Oh, okay. I was having trouble figuring out if I was in the past or if she was in the future. I guess it still could be both. Wait, I just confused myself. Ugh, nevermind.

  39. I am your future.

    mend your ways and repent, afore it’s too late.

  40. Just because USA is behind… Doesn’t mean the rest of the world must follow

  41. Oh dear god, dc. Shut up. Just shut up now. You’re going to start some stupid little “which country is better” game and then there’s going to be some pissing contest over which country is following who and there will be bashing of everyone and frankly, I DON’T CARE.

  42. Oh my Laila don’t get your rags on. Just because your a prissy whiny bitch that can’t think about the box doesn’t mean that I do. Your the one that suggested it not me. You say you don’t care yet you get upset by it? Have a can of harden the fuck up, crawl back in your god forsaken box,strap your used pad on and stop making an issue out of fuck all. To be honest I don’t care what your worried about but hey, only your opinion counts aue? The almighty psychic that knows what I’m going to say and what I’m thinking. Stay the fuck outta my head bitch and stop making an issue from nothing. Fuckball

  43. I’m from the future, so I knew damagecontrol was going to say that to Laila.

  44. I think serbia is a pretty good country.

  45. Liam is more like the Fresh Prince of Bel End then anything else.

  46. I was thinking Uganda…

  47. clydebruckmansfinalrepose


  48. Dc, I went to sleep, couldn’t remember if I was being a bitch last night in my sleepiness. Decided yeah, probably was, probably should apologize. Looked back here and nah, I’ll rest perfectly fine continuing to be a bitch to you.

  49. you see where vacillation gets you, Laila?

  50. Uhh no, actually I don’t. Where does it get me?

  51. I think it makes you safe from yellow fever if you travel abroad.

  52. Right…

  53. Embarrassed? Fuck no. Anonymity bitch.

    I just read an 8 line rant from DC, who claimed not to give a fuck…lawl.

  54. fuck off crusty.

  55. I would, but given I don’t give a fuck what you want…NOOOOOO. I’d hate to be you, all that bitter, twisted vented up anger and pain…life must be such abitch for you

  56. you need to relax a bit, you seem rather bitter, twisted vented up anger and pain.

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