Friday, November 26, 2010

Travis’ List

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  1. I wonder if this man knows what racism is…?

  2. Wow… and he thinks we’re racist? Um, did he even READ all of the stereotypes he just listed? Takes one to know one, buddy. FAIL.

  3. all i got to say is fail,, epic fail as a human.

  4. This is an old post from 4chan, the headline is badly shooped too.

    Lame update is lame.

  5. 21. u b lykin 2 spell shit rite.

  6. yay 4chan recycling.

  7. Odd, I was thinking the same thing about black people. :S

  8. Travis, you got me. I’m pale as hell and a disgrace, but I’ll still have many more opportunities than you will in life because my command of basic English and communication skills are far superior to yours. Retard has no race.

  9. I must admit, number 18 is true for me.

  10. I can’t believe ‘you all gay’ was only number 19. I thought it would be higher…

  11. The Lamebook Business Model!

    Step 1: Take 4chan copypasta
    Step 2: Photoshop onto black d00d’s facebook background
    Step 3: Post to website that has literally 0 integrity
    Step 4: Profit! (by begging for it in an adbar)

  12. Aw, I wish somebody would have let me know that I was stupid before. I guess I foolishly wasted my money on education. I also foolishly thought I was human! What a surprise!

    I also didn’t think I had a dog. Travis is teaching me so much about myself!

  13. I’m only a third white, so 1/3 of this apply to me?

  14. He forgot to mention we can all swim…..

  15. Wow,Travis is making me very ashamed of my race right now. It looks like Hooked on Phonics didn’t work very well for someone.

  16. desertjam FTW!

    and you all think mac and cheese is a meal unto itself. that’d be like, number 64 easily.

  17. Ugly, racist and stupid, huh?
    You spot it, you got it.

  18. exactly what I would expect for some ignorant blue gum.

    Keep on singing moon cricket and enjoy your life of poverty, if you live past 25 that is.

  19. Sigh, I’m black, but I’m also pale as hell. Do you think he hates me to? I don’t speak like British people, though, so I think I’m okay.

    Anyway, in his defense (I have to do this for my brother), I’m guessing some white person said something pretty nasty to him which prompted this post. Doesn’t excuse it, of course, but I’m guessing that’s what happened.

  20. Racist douchebags like him are the ones perpetuating this senseless bullshit.

  21. This is not a real facebook post. Hell, it’s not a real anything post; it’s a troll post from the image board 4chan that has been photoshopped onto this guy’s facebook page and then lovingly submitted to this site, which very obviously doesn’t even bother to look at what it posts anymore. They didn’t even take 4chan’s background color off of the text before they uploaded it. Half of these commenters are just as bad as lamebook itself!

  22. He’s not stereotypic at all.

  23. magnet i’m thinking ur a friend of Zuckerberg? If you don’t like this site then stay away.

  24. Yeah, seriously magnet… if you don’t like this site, why the heck are you on it?

  25. magnet has a very good point. This is just an old troll /b/ post. Don’t know why it’s on here. *shrug*

  26. ANy one think that maybe he himself agreed with it or thought it was funny and posted it as his own and that’s part of what makes it lame? Anyone? No? All right.

  27. He’s cute for someone who’s mentally retarded.

  28. Why is this on here? It’s fake as Hell. You can tell it’s from /b/ from the beige background and red font.

  29. poustis, you’re joking, right? Not about the retarded bit – you got that right, but the cute bit. Um. Oh well, each to their own, I suppose.


    sorry, had to.

  31. @live

    How does that make the picture fake?

  32. I once dated this guy from Ontario California who for some reason talked Brittish. Could not figure it out as he had never been ot of America except for Mexico. Maybe this rascist black man is correct….

  33. wordpervert, no, I’m not. There’s nothing wrong with him looks-wise, is there?

  34. I actually learned something today! I had no idea that there was no such thing as a black British person! Thank you Travis, for I am now a little bit less of a close minded “whyte” person because of you

  35. @jellica I know, right? I learned there are Asian Brits, as well. Holy shit!

  36. poustis, he’s not a complete fugly. He’s just not my style.

    pepeaquiles, didn’t you fuck up a few weeks ago by commenting under the wrong name? No doubt you’re being extra careful now so it doesn’t happen again. Ha.

  37. 21. U all think you gangsta cause u all can ice skate.
    22. U all got stoopid names like Jim and Bob. Not gud onez like Yerbooti, Uneek and Bechamel.

  38. Or Shanaqualeesha.

  39. It’s not meant to be his FB post, that’s why it says profile pictures? So he obviously made that on paint. Whether he copied it of 4chan or not.

  40. Btw #38, those names… ‘Your booty’, ‘eunuch’ and ‘be camel’. Just sayin’.

  41. No one thinks you’re a poster. Don’t worry.

  42. This would have been really hurtful if the grammar and spelling were correct. Now it just looks like this will be the guy packing our (black, Asian, white people who know how to use their brain) groceries in the supermarket. It’s good for him that he has something to stand for though…

  43. pepeaquiles, I didn’t say anything about mad2. It’s Interesting you brought him up, though. I’m just having a fun dig at you. Lighten up. You let us know what your new name is, ok, buddy?

    And I’m the original, but who can tell who anyone is any more? Fun.

  44. Haha fake or not, this cracked me up. What a twat. Oh and where is mad2 these days anyway?

  45. … I wonder if he hates eminem…

  46. @47
    Refer to numbers 1-20

    Stop trying to sound so British. We already know your gay, pale and overweight. ‘u a disgrace’, you know that. Now quit making Travis sick and just get back to fishin’ like the rest of us caucasians.

  47. What upsets me, whether or not this is fake–brought up by the dorky 4chan guy–is that I can be called a pasty “gluestick,” but oh the horror if I call them **** *******. Many African Amercians (not all for I give respect where respect is due) need to do their homework before tossing the crackers around. My family, on both sides, where here well after slavery was abolished. Hell, of the combined nationalities that make up me, pretty much all of them had little flings of killing each other for sport, well before slavery in the US. I just don’t know why I have to know so much about a race before I can tell them what ghetto assholes they are, but I need only have my skin showing to be a racist descendant of a slave owner. *jumps down from soapbox* Any need this?

  48. I don’t take offense to the glue stick remark. In fact, my asking if my dates want to see my glue stick is what got me where I am today: ducking numerous paternity claims.

  49. Ignorance at its finest. I hate the way his nose spreads across his face and he drinks too much orange juice.

  50. @next: You win forever.

  51. i’m white.
    i hate fishing.

  52. I hate black people. And fags. But I like black fags. Kind of like multiplying by two negative numbers.

  53. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Soup you limp dick bastard. I can’t believe I was going to get you a sweater as a thanksgiving present now I have to rape you with my big black dick to make you okay with my race.

  54. @Soup Two negatives make a positive, eh? You better hope Dukey happens to be a fag as well as black, otherwise you’ll be back to square one. Make sure you get a reach around also, otherwise you’ll only get one negative from the whole ordeal.

  55. @53
    That’s a lie.

  56. Oh the irony. Having Dukey as a friend is supposed to give me the green light to make racist jokes. But now he’s holding my gift hostage because I made a racist joke.

    But in all seriousness, Dukey: You can’t rape the willing.

  57. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Aahhh in which case Soup stroke the shaft and tickle the balls and get ready to be Catcher for once.

  58. I will totally run my nails along your gigglesnort, Dukey, and use my wispy Mexican mustache to tickle your grapes, as long as you give me the okay to make black jokes. After I get the go ahead, I’ll be more than willing to crouch down and call for the slider.

  59. ha, what an ass hole.

  60. Petty words, from an ignorant mind. Sad fucker lol.

  61. Wow. And I hate racist people who think they’re not racist because they’re not white.

    But Travis is just mad because he was given one of the WHITEST names ever! o.O Stop barking at the world and give your mom a piece of your mind instead.

    Most of these do not apply to me. The only ones that do really are 1, 5, 6, 14, 17, and 20. I refuse to stop listening to Hip-Hop just because I’m not black. xP

    ROTFL @ Soup & Dukey!! Next FTW! And agreed w/Poustis.

    I kinda hate to feel hate for the guy in the pic because he very likely may not even be the person who actually wrote this garbage. The offender probably hijacked this pic from some random FB person.

  62. YEAAaaah I’m #2 AND #6 go me!

  63. Totally agree with Shelley.

  64. thataintwhaturdaddysaid

    That black guy better be joking.

  65. My fav is #4 and #18. 4 because I think it is way funny, he hates people who stereotype, but he is obviously cool with generalizing. And 18, just because that is such a winner. We all speak like British people? How fucking awesome would that be, if we all started to do that?? :-)

  66. What the hell is wrong with fishin’?

  67. lots of great comments and one liners on this thread. I congratulate you all. @65,I got the reference, haha!

  68. Lmao!! I can’t help but to laugh at this. I love the gluestick part.

  69. I don’t think everyone here goes on 4chan. Also, Lamebook specifically makes fun of Facebook. 4chan is more widely spread. I was going to rationalize this, but I forgot to care enough.

    Anyway, Travis is a douche and I’d like to sit on his face and suffocate him. At least he capitalized, “British,” though.

  70. Btw, don’t Google goiter or cyclopia.

  71. Black people I hate you cause!!!!
    1: you have big lips
    2: you have nappy hair
    3: you get ashy if you don’t lotion up
    4: you talk like retards ( LEARN proper English)
    5: you need to pull up your pants
    6: you’re NOT the father
    7: you think WHITE people are “Scurred” of you
    8: you live off MY taxes
    9: you look like TURDS
    10: you have flat noses
    11: Travis is your spokes person!!! so since I sterotype you’re all alike!!!!

  72. Oh good, I’m not even human! That’s a relief. Now I don’t have to worry about what genes he and I may share.

  73. “u speak like British ppl” <— that made my day. I love that he capitalized British but used "u" and "ppl".

  74. Man, what a douchebag. If you’re going to spew out so much hate you might as well invest in a little proper grammar. If you’re going to be racist you might not wanna use racist as an argument next time…

  75. @75
    He has white friends, he’s not racist.

  76. Spokesperson*
    LEARN proper English. :-)

  77. I can only agree with numbers 1 and 20

  78. @78
    Then you are obviously the biggest racist here.

  79. I truly hope #34 and #36 are joking…

    #41, I think you’ll find #38 was deliberate but:
    Yerbooti = your booty
    Uneek = unique
    Bechamel is a white sauce (so unlikely to be used as a black person’s name perhaps)

  80. @mb, I’m sure they’re not joking.

  81. laughed 4ever @ 7 and 11.

  82. @lamer1 … you’re #6 cracked me up, funny. I did not know about your #3, interesting.


  83. @nexus – jesus christ, they are lamer than this post

  84. Why the feck is my comment awaiting moderation? Fine, I’ll censor it (if my other comment gets through, I swear I’m not crazy repeating myself, lamebook just has sensitive ears)

    His rant conjured up the image of racist, fat, gluey marshmallows out fishing with their dogs whilst listening to hip-hop and bitching with two voices (one British and one f****t-ass – which by the way I have no idea how that would sound) about how they are by far a superior race (though of what, I’m not sure, because they’re not even human). I kind of don’t mind being a marshmallow. That sounds like a delicious way to live. The rest of it doesn’t sound so appealing, though…

    And that’s as censored as I’ll get.

  85. Now, I hope I don’t get lynched for saying so, but comments such as these from Travis, colored with prejudice, should be behind us, all the way to the back of the bus as we move forward toward a new dawn of understanding, where the fires of intelligent debate are burning, cross words are seldom thrown to and fro, and the hang ups of blacks against whites can be cut loose, but never forgotten.

    I wish they’d unblur that picture because I’m pretty sure I got head from that guy. I thought he was calling me Marshmallow for a completely different reason.

  86. With many ancestory researches with African Americans 8 out of 10 have European relatives somewhere on the family tree.

  87. He forgot the following:
    U cn ketch a cab afta dark
    U cn drive a fly azz car witout gettn fuckd wit by the copz
    U ownz everything

  88. @mb and nexus: I can only speak for myself, but I was definitely joking – my British mummy would box my ears if I was actually serious

  89. I find this very sad. He is so dumb, racist, and ignorant, it’s actually kind of amusing.

  90. This is just too funny and too easy to poke holes in XD
    Apart from the obvious irony that he says we all stereotyped and racist, some of it is just crap lol i for one am a thin, non marshmellow lookin white person who DOESNT like fishing, and speakin of which, where the fuck did that come from??? fishing??? lmao

    Nice to know that in his entire racist rant though he didnt once refer to us as crackers, coz hey; thats steppin over a line! lmao XD

  91. Oh but he is right about hiphop; white people get out of hiphop! we need to give that back to the black people… coz its shit! lol to all black people; u stick with ur morons rhyming incoherant senctences sentences to an electronic beat and we’ll stick with that little thing called ‘musical talent’ :P

  92. My fat, close minded, pale as hell ass says we should cut that niggas nuts off!

    (freaknik ftw)

  93. I can’t fault him for #18 because that’s the reason I hate British ppl. Freaking ponces.

  94. OMG I think instead of ‘u’ this guy should be saying ‘I’.

    What an IDIOT!!!!!!

  95. You are the frigging racist you dumb cnt!

  96. So, despite it being pointed out several times throughout the comments section, people are still getting a little hot ‘n’ bothered by this fake submission. I really fucking despair. Cunts.

  97. First i was like i dont like whyte people then i was like durp !!!

  98. Fucking racist.

    I have a cat.

  99. Checkout this Fairly Racist take on Travis and his list


  100. Betcha dood still lykes him sum whyte ladyz tho!

  101. mainly offended by the ‘British ppl’ comment…

    This guy’s from London – do all white guys talk like him?


  102. Does this dress make me look like a glue stick?

  103. @ 104 – No, but you sort of look like a pale as hell, disgraceful, fat marshmallow.

    By the way, guys, are we still on for that Lamebook fishing trip? I need to know what days to ask off…

  104. This might be hurtful to whites if the person writing it didn’t have the literacy and grammar level equivalent to fucking Precious.

  105. He left out “u all don kill each utha like its an olympic sport ya dig?”

  106. read*

  107. I may look like a marshmallow, but Travis looks like a turd.

  108. thats funny how guess who is the best rapper in hip hop eminem son hes white so fuck you you racist bitch

  109. The one that bothers me is #4… Man, talk about stereotyping. Travis is a hypocrite!

  110. Vote for Change!

  111. Well, at least he spelled disgrace correctly hahaha,,,,, yea, does spelling right mean I am “whyte” bwahahaha

  112. oh my dear. aren’t we ironic today? well… lemme unleashes my “BURN BITCH!” wrath on you, even if you doesn’t read this yet.

    1. Black men wore their pants so low, give people a assumption that you shitted in your pants. Black women wear very tight clothes and fake gold jewelry, makes them look like whores with bad seduction skills.

    2. you African-Americans are the disgraceful ones to the true African culture.

    3. your grammar and punctuation are horrendous, proved the theory of black people are number one unemployed Americans.

    4. you obviously have a bad taste in style: giant nasty chrome wheels on cheap shitty cars, over-sized clothes that looks like the mishap in a designer-clothes factory. BUT EVEN WORSE… their idea of wearing too much “bling”… ridiculous!

    those three things (mainly third one) are enough for ultimate win. You, with your English or perhaps gibberish and your silly culture, are not able to defending against those true facts!

    excuse my angsty rant but i have to said it. there are no hate from me, just true facts.

  113. @randomthinker91

    Your opinion is valued, but it’s very, very obvious that you’re friends with maybe two or three black men, if any. First off, I wish that everyone would stop referring to any race as a whole when saying anything. For example,”Black men wore their pants so low, give people a assumption that you shitted in your pants. Black women wear very tight clothes and fake gold jewelry, makes them look like whores with bad seduction skills.” So you’re saying that all black people do this? I mean, you’ve met every black person in the U.S., right? This is obviously true (note the sarcasm). Second, don’t even talk about a culture disgracing its mother culture. Do you do everything you can to honor your own heritage? African cultures are one of the highest studied cultures in the world. There’s no way we could honor the old African people. There was just too much…Third, don’t talk about another’s grammar if yours is just as bad. I stopped counting the number of spelling errors, uncapitalized letters, punctuation errors, and grammar errors in your comment. What’s funny is that my six year old little brother read this and cringed because of all the mistakes. Lastly, thanks for judging the man’s style. I’m not sure why you assumed that comment was relevant, but it wasn’t.

    Now, here’s the thing.I’m not completely disagreeing with you. people who sag their pants are idiots. i tell anyone I see to put a belt on. A lot of people IN GENERAL type and speak with terrible grammar (as you can see from this site.) Black people are no exception. And, big rims on shitty cars are a bad look. I HATE big rims and bling.

    Now here’s my challenge, from a black man to whoever reads this. Get off your high horse, through out your pre-conceived ideas, STOP making assumptions about other races based on the media, friends, families, whatever….That KILLS societies and promotes so many bad ideas… Go out and meet a black man or woman. And no, don’t go straight to a hood and say ‘I told you so!” Go to a college, a park, a grocery store….whatever. maybe you’ll meet me! Twenty years old, working on a music education degree and a music performance degree…not to become a shitty pop star, but to play in an orchestra one day. New York Philharmonic would be nice….

    Black people are just people with our own culture. You want to know real African American culture? Research it. Start with Dixieland…music of New Orleans. Move on up through the jazz ranks…eventually, you’ll find rock and roll…funk, soul, jazz fusion, R&B, REAL HIP HOP!!!!!!! (can’t stress that enough…all rap you hear on the radio is just plain garbage)…I’m sure you’ll find that somehow, someway, you were heavily influenced by a black person….

  114. Ever wonder why people look down on blacks, Travis? Look in the mirror…

  115. No, no. I quite agree with him.

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