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  1. Ben

  2. That guy really needs to rethink his socks, but other than that I don’t see anything wrong with the first picture. We can’t all be CEOs, someone’s got to collect the garbage, and it beats begging on a street corner or robbing banks.

    Since there’s no alcohol in the second picture, I assume that kid is not passed out so much as he’s in a diabetic coma from all that soda.

  3. MonkeyCMonkeyDo

    @Sensible Madness I think the lameness rests in the fact the girl actually followed him around taking pictures.

  4. What’s wrong with #1? Dude has a legit job and from what I’ve heard, the pay for garbage men isn’t bad. I’m loving the Blue Devil decal on the truck. The only question I have is Kayla following her baby around behind the truck, snapping photos?

  5. I’m not sure how the trombone fits into the larger scheme of things, but he’s got a point… bitches DO be triflin’.

  6. I am thinking it is not diabetic coma, but more like he is high, with all that food. Plus there is a guy passed out in the back as well…puff, puff, pass.

  7. I love the slice of pizza on his shoulder and the randomness of the trombone.

  8. I too get a hard on for rolling around in my pile of fatty food and sugary drinks. wonder why the girls are “bitches” to him.

  9. It just looks like they’re wasted on cherry coke

  10. rebarbativebecc

    Mayhap the garbage truck just happened to be picking up her neighbours rubbish and she took a photo…maybe he’s not her boyfriend…maybe she’s secretly in love with the Garbage Man. Who knows?

    I’d wear those socks if I were picking up garbage to protect my legs if it was hot (I’d probably actually wear a full hazard suit, actually).

    Photo 2. Wtf is with the trombone lol

  11. rebarbativebecc

    P.s. some of the cans aren’t open (i think? :s) Maybe the photo was set up…

  12. @rebar

    Even if I didn’t notice the cans, I feel all the junk is just too conveniently placed on and around his lap. It has to be set up.

  13. rebarbativebecc

    Yeah, considering the computer is on you’d think there would be at least one can on the desk

  14. Has he attached the bin the wrong way round in pic 1? It looks as if the lid is hanging off to the right…

  15. Of course it’s set up you noobs. It’s a common thing to stack things up on a drunkenly passed out person. Even if he wasn’t drunk it would still be fun to stack stuff on him after he passes out from the party.

  16. these aren’t lame, just stupid.

  17. This is what got Motley Crue in trouble with the law – Mountain Dew and pizza in excess. Total backstage debauchery. Then again, once dude wakes up he might grab that trombone and write the most amazing song you’ve ever heard. A lot of great songs were written “under the influence”.

  18. rebarbativebecc

    I was saying I don’t think he’s even really passed out but you never know.

  19. HOLY SHIT! I never knew that the DEW on Mountain Dew was actually MAO upside down.


  20. @cavale: nice catch!

  21. Looks like he fell asleep and his friends rearranged their leftovers from the party last night on him.

    Ooh, funny/lame.

  22. Bitches Be Triflix when they see this pic

  23. did anyone notice the guy behind the couch in #2?

  24. I sure did.

  25. If you’d ever known a trombone player, you’d know why it’s there.

  26. Nah… didn’t notice him because I was too mesmerized by the trombone. So shiny.

  27. I think the first one is supposed to be funny because the guy is NOT a garbage collector. They don’t usually wear tank tops and shorts. I think he was shopping for some fine goods.

  28. For the first one, I see nothing wrong with it. I’ve had some crap jobs in my life and I would’ve loved to have had a girl that wasn’t ashamed of me for it. Work hard, ebony knight of the garbage trucks!

  29. Oh, and they obviously piled up all the garbage onto him after he passed out for the night. It’s a common thing to do. If he did any of that to himself, he wouldn’t have needed/used 5 paper plates.

  30. Band Geeks Gone Wild: available at Amazon today!

  31. @Maggaroni: I don’t know where you live, but I live in Texas, and if the garbage collectors around here weren’t in tank tops and shorts during the summer months they’d probably drop dead of heat stroke. He also appears to be wearing fairly heavy gloves (although I guess that could just be a weird shadow), which I would expect from an employee of the garbage company but not from a scavenger.

  32. definitely lame, but not really funny…hell, we can’t even get a good comment or two out of these…

  33. Sensible, I have to agree with you on that. Most scavengers take the garbage from the side of the road, and not from a working garbage truck with a garbage can hanging off the back. That could make the job of a scavenger very dangerous. :-)

  34. @sensible- I live in AZ and they all wear coveralls with long pants. They collect the trash early in the morning.

  35. Where the hell can I get that shirt???

  36. “This one time… at band camp…”

  37. lol

  38. LOL the first one made my day.

    -God’s investment (His Son)in you was SO great, he could NEVER abandon you!-

  39. Grammar Police

    Are we supposed to laugh at the first one because he’s a garbage man, or because of the caption, or because of what he’s wearing? Maybe a combination of those?

    As for myself, I’m laughing at the caption along with his socks.

    Garbage Men aka Sanitation Engineers actually make a good amount of money.

  40. I love the socks, they remind me of my dad, except he used to wear them with sandals. He still wears the socks, but has graduated to closed in shoes now.

  41. He always wears shorts too, never long pants, so everyone can really appreciate the fashion statement he makes.

  42. MonkeyCMonkeyDo

    lol @ Wordpervert… I just pictured your dad with shorts, socks, and dress shoes. thanks for the chuckle!

    Mine is just as bad. Except he wears pants, dress socks, and sneakers… The only reason he even wears dress socks is I threw out his white socks.

  43. MonkeyC, Larry David wears the same getup as your dad, and I think he’s great, so your dad is all fine by me.

  44. anyone making fun of #1 is a douchebag. dude has a tough, thankless job that is necessary for society to function correctly. Imagine a life without sanitation services! I don’t want to do it, that’s for damned sure, so good on him for working hard at a shit job.

  45. lol I was under the impression that the bloke in the first one was stealing from the rubbish, not that he was a bin man.

  46. i don’t really think that’s what they’re laughing at, more like his gf follows him around at work and he has bizarre taste in socks.

  47. Yeah man, binmen aren’t fucking people! Let’s point and laugh at ‘em, earning money to feed their families by doing a hard days work! Look at ‘em! Fucking binmen…

  48. Once again, he is clearly not stealing. Who would steal for a moving garbage truck? The guy is doing his job.

    The picture is not really funny in any way. The only slight amusement is from the fact that his girlfriend follows him around taking pictures.

    I am just not seeing how people think he is taking stuff from the garbage truck.

  49. from a*

  50. read 46 again.

  51. I’m laughing at the first one because I’m preeetyyy sure he broke the bin.

    As for the second one? Maybe he was playing the trombone so hardcore he passed out from lack of oxygen. Otherwise, I don’t see why you’d stack him up with soft drink cans, but leave the alcohol bottles out of the shot. And if he just passed out at the end of a pizza party, well that probably explains how it ended up on facebook.

  52. “This one time at Band Camp……….”

  53. Everyone missed the lame Duke sticker on the truck in the first one. Duke fans are totally lame.

  54. everyone except post #4 right off the bat.

  55. My dad is a garbage man and he loves it!

    He was a police officer throughout my whole childhood and, when all his kids had grown up and left home, he indulged his fantasy and became a garbage man.

    His garbage truck is quite fancy, it’s all electronic and he doesn’t have to get out of the cab at all.

    He has filled the interior with Oscar the Grouch teddies and the little kids wait outside for him to pick up their trash cans and wave.

    He’s so proud, he even cleans his truck himself and drives past our house and poses with it while my Mum takes photo’s.

    That is all, thank you for listening.

  56. MachineGun Monica

    @ mcowles #28 Since when is being a garbage man a crappy job? My husband is one and he makes good money and he has great medical/dental benefits and has paid vacation/sick days etc. AND he loves it…

    Oh and he’s a pretty damn sexy garbageman at that!

  57. There is nothing whatsoever wrong with being a garbage man! They work hard. It’s a steady job, with very good benefits.

  58. ariesdragon123

    He is probably working outside their house and thus she knew he would be there and snapped a pic of him. I highly doubt that he is stealing, as the garbage truck is clearly operating. He is wearing heavy duty gloves, and ugly clothes that help you breath and you wouldn’t mind getting dirty. His socks are white, therefore freshly laundered, therefore he is probably isn’t homeless. Not that they don’t wear clean clothing, but it usually would collect dirt if he was dumpster diving. There really isn’t anything all that funny about this picture at all, and I don’t see why it was included.

  59. ariesdragon?!?!? Damnit, I know it’s you Andy Dick. GO HOME! GO!

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