Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Trapping Trevor

This guy was using a dating app and decided to send a woman an unsolicited dick pic. The woman then found his mom on Facebook and sent it to her. (Entire text after the jump)


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  1. What a dick!

  2. What a prude.

  3. Rape culture?

  4. It’s obvious she need to get laid.

  5. Whyyyy do some men do that? It’s not sexy. We don’t get turned on. We show our friends and laugh. Love how this guy starts out cocky with “Too big for ya?” and ends off begging to please not tell his mommy. Hahaha

  6. Ohh shut it, prude-Debanem.

    You’d love to have men sending you penis-pictures, and you’d love to be woken up, by several man-dingoes slapping you in the face. And not with their hands.

  7. Speaking of Rape Culture….nice f*cking ads, lamebook.

  8. Methinks StupidDane sends penis pics and I hit a nerve. (We REALLY do laugh.) Oh, and your attempt at insulting me is contradictory. Apt nick though, +1.

  9. I don’t think it’s “insulting”, stating the obvious, that you need to get something, and stop being such a tight bitch – and that’s not tight as in the nice way.

  10. Paranoid Android72

    Fucking. Awesome.
    Behold my magnificent penis that will surely arouse you to a euphoric state and make you desire untold nights of orgasmic ecstasy.
    Should havea a wank and Pot Noodle mate.

  11. Women generally aren’t aroused by sight, but rather by smell, touch, and sound. Specifically, they like the smell of a clean house, a nice garden, and a man who isn’t dirty but smells like he has been working a bit. They like the touch of a man’s hands that are strong and firm, yet controlled. And the like the sounds of the words, “Use my credit card, it has a higher limit.”

  12. okk

  13. How come when a man sends a naked pic of himself, he’s disrespecting women. And when a woman sends a naked pic of herself, she’s disrespecting women?

    Fuck that shit.

  14. That guy’s shadow looks kind of like a sloth.

  15. Not to defend trevor at all, as he’s a fucking degenerate at best, but it’s near impossible for guys to be anything but an unsubtle sexist pig when all they want is to get laid.

  16. how does she do those Rs with a checkmark? i don’t even have a checkmark on my keyboard

  17. Jesus H Cripes Beatus, that description sounds like it was torn from the pages of 50 shades…

  18. R with the check mark indicates that the person you sent the message to received the message.

  19. Don’t tell me you didn’t read the last line, JennySlade.

  20. As scummy as the guy is, how does this have anything to do with rape culture?

  21. aww shucks, I haven’t even read the book…

  22. Oh man, asshats like trevor and StupidDane are the type of guy who can only get hard when they are looking at themselves in a mirror, but in real life, they hang with their bros at the bar and go home alone. No need to worry: while they may perpetuate rape culture, they don’t perpetuate rape, since they can never get it up around real live girls. Bet it was awkward for trevor to have his mom get sent these pics, since he probably still lives with her and she’s got to be the one washing his underwear. StupidDane has probably never talked to a girl without the internet and a credit card being involved, so be kind to him: he has never met a girl that wasn’t interested in his dick because he’s never met a girl. <3

  23. Wow Debanem, 250 up votes is more than I’ve ever seen on lamebook. I didn’t even know that many people visited this site. You win a prize. Its a photo of my cock.

  24. I’m impressed, too, Lost-Dog. This post definitely caught more than just the typical low hanging fruit.

  25. I like naked pics of men. I didn’t realize I was perpetuating rape culture lol. I still think the girl is a prude.

  26. #22 you are right about the “getting hard” thing.
    Thank god medicine invented the little blue pill. Ohh, and btw., are you home alone tonight?

  27. I feel sorry for any guy that woman ends up with. Yikes.

  28. I’m pretty sure this whole conversation took place on KIK which anyone signing up for knows is a way for anon people like Trevor, to send dick pics amongst other things. So why is she surprised/offended by this?

  29. Most of you fail to see the problem, so I’ll lay it out:

    The issue here is that the asshat (Trevor) doesn’t respect the girl’s boundaries. She said she didn’t like it and wasn’t interested, he kept persisting. When she continued to refuse, he got insulting and started the name calling. Trying to bandage his ego with insults and other BS. He deserved what he got. You shouldn’t treat people this way.

    Also, as a general rule of thumb – most women don’t like it when guys send pictures of their junk. Notice I said MOST – some women do, and that’s their thing. The problem is that it isn’t right to assume that EVERYONE will like it, and it shouldn’t be unsolicited. Also, if someone says they are uncomfortable/not interested/whatever, the appropriate response is to STOP, not to call them names and keep going. Fucktards.

  30. as Elizabeth implied I cant believe that some one able to profit $8240 in 4 weeks on the computer. did you see this page…

  31. To build on aresniccc’s point – this boy’s action perpetuates rape culture because his original actions were unprovoked. When his victim said she didn’t like it, he (and several of you) started to blame her and her “prudish” nature instead of acknowledging his actions were the problem. The fact that he thinks there’s nothing wrong with what he did is part of rape culture. Notice he’s not apologetic. He simply doesn’t want his mother to see his picture. He says her response isn’t right, nothing about his own actions. That, my friends is a perfect example of rape culture.

  32. ^You 2 win second prize. A photo of me holding Beatus’ cock.

  33. Silly me. I thought rape culture had to do with actual rape, and rape-like activities.

  34. ^ I thought it had some involvement with a petrie dish.

  35. Well it does have to do with rape-like activities. It’s sexual harassment, and then blaming her and calling her a prude for not liking being sexually harassed. If a man walked up to you in the street and flashed you, people should understand why you’d be upset. It’s the same thing when he did it with a picture. She didn’t ask for it, and when she made it clear it was unappreciated, he insulted her instead of acknowledging what he did was harassment.

  36. When a man talks dirty to a woman, it’s sexual harassment.

    When a woman talks dirty to a man, it’s $4.99 per minute.

  37. So.. what? Every incident of sexual harassment is automatically considered “rape-culture”? I’m legitimately asking, here.

  38. Scarab83, no not every incident of sexual harassment is rape culture.

    It’s when the victim is blamed (“They wanted it” or “What a prude. They just needed to be shown a good time.) is when it becomes a promotion of rape culture.

  39. Oh please. The guy is only sending a dick pic in the hope that she’ll send him a pic of her yeast-beast. As proven by some of the ladies opinions in this thread, there ARE infact some girls who enjoy seeing guys naked, and will actually strip down and photograph their cock-socket for the dude. He’s merely playing the law of averages, and this time he crashed and burned. It happens.

  40. Yeast-beast and cock-socket. Thank you Lost

  41. So if the genders were swapped.. would that still be rape culture? I am also legitimately asking.

  42. Frankenstein, as a girl I say that yes, if a woman were to send a nude picture to a guy, and he kept on saying that he isn’t interested and she started calling him gay or saying that he’s a loser because of it, it would be part of rape culture.
    Guys can be sexually harassed too, and the psychological effects on them are as bad as the ones on women.

  43. I think we can all say that his complete set of actions make this guy a douche. He sent a dic pic to a chic that thought it was sick. Then instead of apologizing or just moving on when realizing this, he insulted her… But this rape culture sh!t is bull. These are two grown adults on a dating site. She has to expect that some guys are really forward and brutish. Some gals are into that and would like it. Acting like she was ‘disrespected’ instead of just deleting it and moving on was not needed. They both pushed this encounter and passed on chances to walk away. It is ridiculous to say this contributes to a rape culture.

  44. slimjayz, your argument is completely irrational. In fact, it contributes to two of the key characteristics of the rape culture you think is such “bull sh*t.” First, you’re normalizing his behavior by thinking she should have known that because she was on a dating website she was going to get harassed. Dudes LOVE to show their cocks, amiright?? Secondly, you’re blaming the victim because she chose to confront the kid instead of just “moving on.” If you read her response, she actually asks the guy never to contact her again. Instead, he insults her. He thought she would like getting an unsolicited picture of his dick. Just like you, he thinks his actions are normal and blames her when she gets offended.

    And PLEASE stop saying that just because some girls like getting dick pics that it’s ok to send them to strangers, or that it negates the fact that this Trevor kid sexually harassed this girl. Yes, some women like getting dick pics. The difference here is that the two parties weren’t on the same page. As Vamprincess pointed out, this guy basically flashed her. Any UNwanted sexual advancements – be it in person or on a phone – are considered sexual harassment.

  45. Oh, and not that it matters because this thread is probably dead, but the men on here should also care about the implications of rape culture because it implies you can’t control yourselves. It says women should always be on guard because men are sexual beings ruled by their genitalia and constantly on the brink of attacking someone. You see a pretty girl and can’t help but pull your dick out. It’s only natural. It’s her fault for arousing you. You just wanted to show her what you’re packing. It’s not a big deal. She’s stupid for getting upset. She’s a prude for not wanting you. Something’s wrong with her, not you. It’s actually a really offensive concept and more men should get mad about the fact that you’re being characterizes as beasts. Just sayin’

  46. widdledeeD… Women show their body parts randomly, its just flashing. But a guy does it, its sexual harassment. That is complete bull. Half the population has dicks, most people have seen dicks, we all came from dicks, yet its harassment to see one. Being offended does not mean you are right.

    I am also not blaming the ‘victim’, I am blaming them both. They both had changes to just walk away. Part of dating is finding out who is on the same page as you. All she needed to say was, I’m not that type of gal and ask him to stop messaging her. If he continues after that, its harassment. Instead she says something that we can’t see, then whines about being disrespected. No need for that, just like there was no need for him to call her a prude. These two losers are going to suck the life out of their future partners and its no wonder they are both single.

    Rape culture is just something women make up to justify their continual activism on women’s issues. You want to really see what rape culture is, try going to India or most parts of Africa. Then you will see just how whiny you are.

  47. widdledeeD – That is why your characterization of a rape culture is bull. A guy sending a dic pic does not mean that he is about to rape someone. What a ridiculous leap to make. What if I showed you my muscles? Does that mean I am about to punch you? Someone better hold me back!! lol

  48. Oh, slimjayz. I’m sorry but I must disagree. While seeing a dick doesn’t constitute sexual harassment, being flashed (and not liking it) does. I’m sure you’d be thrilled if a girl showed you her tits unexpectedly. But if you weren’t happy about it, that means you’re the victim of sexual harassment. And that’s based off a legal definition, honey, not just my opinion.

    While you were attributing some blame to Trevor, you were also implying that because the victim got angry and confronted Trevor about his actions she was somehow overreacting. You say she should have asked him to stop – she did. You say if he continues that he’s harassing her – he did. So it’s not her within her rights to respond after she’s been insulted on multiple levels? His sexual harassment and his insults are both examples of disrespect. She’s not whining. She’s answering what we both define as harassment.

    I never implied that a man sending a picture of his dick or anything else meant that next he was going to go out and rape someone. What I said was that rape culture – with it’s victim blaming, naturalizing of men’s actions because they can’t help themselves, and trivializing of sexual harassment – is insulting to both sexes. The “oh she’s a prude” or “she was asking for it” or “she should have expected it” or even “she should like that, something’s wrong with her” attitude implies that the victim is entirely to blame and the aggressor or attacker is somehow free of guilt. It also implies that men are mindless predatory beasts because they shouldn’t be held accountable for their actions. Rape culture isn’t just something women made up. It’s a cultural phenomenon that exists in America, as well as several other countries. Just because you don’t fully understand it, doesn’t make it any less real.

  49. Well, it looks like Debanem is the big winner with 530 thumbs up, and StupidDane is the big loser with 443 thumbs down. Good job, guys. Each of you will receive a free wall poster of Trevor’s picture with a chile pepper covering the goods. Please leave your contact details with Steeeever. Congratulations!

  50. Thanks, but now I can never post on this site again, as nothing will be as glorious. Oh, the pressure! (Plus, I feel bad for StupidDane, so I’d like to donate my prize to him.)

  51. I’m sure he’ll appreciate that. Perhaps he’ll hang one on his wall, and the other one on the cieling above his bed.

  52. If one of my friends had received a random cock picture it would have been sent to me so that we could calmly judge it for size, shape, and overall appearance. There would then be a discussion on whether or not the personality-cock combination makes sleeping with him a possibility. And then we would make fun of him.

  53. Can we stop using mind numbingly retarded phrases like “Rape Culture”. That isn’t a real thing.

  54. As a woman who has received PLENTY of “glamour shots”, I think this post is freaking hilarious! Why is everyone judging and commenting on this post like it personally offened them? It’s a PENIS!!! Get over it! He sent a random woman a picture of his penis. That is funny. She felt harrassed and so she sent the picture and conversation to his Mom… Freaking priceless! Honestly guys, it’s just a body part. Just laugh and move on.

  55. Deb? Stupid Dane?? I’m waiting on your adresses to deliver your prizes.

  56. Lol. I just watched lamebookers argue on the interwebz. My day is now complete.

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