Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Top of the ClASS

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  1. first

  2. none of these are funny… just sad :-(

  3. agreed……..

  4. Yep, Rory’s gonna be a Darwin…

  5. I’m ashamed to live in America with people who are fans of pages like that one. Some REALLY dumb shits in this country. But hey, patriotism is the last defence of the feeble-minded.

  6. I don’t think anyone should be helping Hatti. Rory, next time try a .22 Hearing loss will pale in comparison to your troubles then.

  7. Wow! Just wow…

  8. I’m embarrassed to be an American.

  9. I am proud to be an American… The place where even the ignorant are allowed to have opinions… As stupid, misguided and wrong as they are the fact that they can express their views is part of what makes America great

  10. surely im not the only one thinking ruths might be intentional?

  11. The first picture makes me want to move out of the country, fast. Other than that, these are’t funny…

  12. There’s a group called “This is America, we speak American” which I trolled a lot, telling them that English is the language and American English (and similarly, British English) are dialects, but they insist American is a language.

    I assume that “This is America, we speak English” is the group against that, so maybe smarter patriots than in the original?

  13. “Hatti” lmao >..<

  14. ugh, there are way too many dumb Nicoles.. Idiots like her make me want to change my name. I’m a Nicole, in case you didn’t get that.

  15. I’m inclined to think that the “This is America, We Speak English” posts are tongue in cheek. At least, I HOPE they are.

  16. ‘This is AMERICA WE SPEAK ENGLISH’ scares me. As much as I absolutely love America. I feel the same about Britain a lot, the amount of people that comaplain that people in Britain should speak English and not ‘dumb foreign stuff lol’. This group just makes it worse, especially the fact that they’re fucking idiots who can’t even spell. I mean, I don’t even know what the third status says.

    I just think patriotism in general is fucking stupid. If everyone wasn’t banging on about how their country is the best then there’d be no need for fucking idiots like that to think no-one else in the world needs help.

  17. It’s a shame that Facebook is such a buggy piece of shit that I can’t find this ‘we speak english’ group. My search results for anything except ‘web results’ are completely blank. If anyone can get me the link, that’d be appreciated.

  18. @iced327: I was just about to post the same thing. Thought maybe it was my internet, but it turns out Facebook’s just a pile of shit.

  19. 90210 the date was probably 2/9/10 and she was just using the format day month year … it would still be 090210 but.. whatever :-P

  20. @Charade
    Since you are one of the REALLY dumb shits in this country, the correct phrase is “Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel” e.g. Hitler

  21. Every time redneck losers from high school post crap about “It is English, Stupid,” or any type of racial slurs, their spelling is appalling and they cannot structure a sentence properly. Another thing, too. The ones sooooo “patriotic” and gung-ho about the troops have NEVER enlisted for military duty EVER.

  22. Carly’s English and writes the date day/month/year
    I don’t see why it matters that she didn’t know who Luke Perry is – he was only in Beverley Hills 90210, not the 90210 that’s on now.

  23. The remake of 90210 is still on the air? When I first heard about that, I just assumed it would be canceled after 4 episodes. As if I needed another reason to weep for humanity…

  24. I can see Rory as a future Darwin Awards candidate

  25. Mmmm Luke.

  26. this is what I hate about America, all the ppl who hate the people who exercise their right to free speech whether they are right or wrong.

  27. eman: I don’t think anyone is hating the idiot’s right to free speech. Rather the hateful speech they spout. There’s a huge difference there.

  28. Facebook’s not being buggy. That group was deleted, probably by the Facebook staff.

  29. @ slimjayz.

    Agreed. as much as I hate hearing this shit, I would much prefer it to censorship.

    American’s don’t stress too much. There are people like this (a small amount) in Australia too. They’re everywhere, I lived in Sweden for a while and even meet a few there too.

  30. p.s do you guys think there is in relation between them being illiterate and bigots?

  31. ThinkingInPictures

    BritishHobo – the third status says that they need 10,000 members to stop the foreign language chaos. The fact that they posted that leads me to believe that they do not (or did not) yet have 10,000 members… that makes me feel a bit better.

  32. @eman: The right to free speech does not mean the right to spout nonsense without being called on it. The people criticizing these idiots have just as much of a right to free speech as they do.

    In short: You have the right to say idiotic things, and I have the right to call you an idiot. It’s a free country.

  33. I loved 90210,Americans could make a good piece of mindless TV back then. Luke Perry was a good piece of mindless TV too!
    Good times.

  34. ThinkingInPictures

    Oh, and Jaybo, I also thought Ruth’s was intentional… perhaps I’m too inclined to give people the benefit of the doubt.

  35. I just get tired of being ppl being criticized for everything they say – although the “America we speak English” was a bit overboard – I wish that lamebook would stick with funny things.
    @ sensiblemadeness right back at ya

  36. Hitler was such a scoundrel… naughty boy.

  37. @eman: I meant the royal you, not you specifically. But, you know, if the shoe fits I guess.

  38. What’s wrong with criticism eman? It is what makes the the world vibrant and alive, and so much better than the current generation’s reliance on ‘whatever’.

  39. @ sensiblemadness I get the jest:)
    @ awful I like to laugh not criticize I like to have fun and just be like ‘whatever’, that’s mainly why I come to lamebook everyday. look at Sarah Palin criticizing Obama it didn’t help her any, only made things worse.

  40. Agree with slimjayz #9. As ignorant and uneducated as they sound, I’m grateful for the fact that they are ALLOWED to sound ignorant and uneducated. I love America, even if I hate some of my fellow Americans.

  41. @ SomeRandomChick, I’m right there with you.

  42. Carl’s post reminds me of the million and one times my high school teachers told me to “back up my statements with evidence.” Oh how right they were…

  43. Is Rory for real?

  44. Lamebook isn’t as fun when everyone’s being an ass. If you are going to say that you speak English, you should be able to spell. Otherwise, the sign should be something like, “This is America, suport edjukation so we kin learnt how to spel.

  45. Surely Ruth’s is a take off of dumb and dumberer? Wasn’t that the sequel to dumb and dumber?

    And it is odd that someone who writes the date in day, month, year (we Aussies do it too) doesn’t understand the Luke Perry reference. That is the only reason I know the ZIP code for Beverly hills. Unless of course she really did enjoy the extremely short lived remake. Pretty funny really.

  46. It’s not going to be long before Rory is naturally selected. R.I.P. Rory.

  47. @Itzam,

    It’s Samuel Johnson’s quote, you utterly stupid fuck. And I didn’t want to quote him directly, so I put my take on it.

  48. @dilysin
    I write the date in day/month/year/ and have no idea whatsoever who Luke Perry is. Probably because I was only 12 when the original 90210 was cancelled, or whatever happened to it. Also, I’m pretty sure that the ‘new’ 90210 is still running so I’m not sure anyone can really say it is a short lived series yet! (unless news of its cancellation hasn’t yet reached our fine British shores…)

    I have to say I love the first statement… ‘support our troop so we can over thro our goverment’ how does that even work?! Unless I have missed something major and the American soldiers are now fighting in America how will supporting the American troops lead to overthrowing the government?

  49. I have always defended the freedom of speech but with every passing day my believe in this particular human right is fading.

    The world is filled with idiots and having been to the south of the US of A just reinforced that believe. Not that we do not have idiots in Europe.

    The main problem is that these people reproduce , are naive and jump on whatever bandwagon suits them best. And what scares me is the fact that they form the majority … Democracy will be the death of education, intelligence and common sense. And i loathe that…

  50. Father Sha, I support your right to say what you believe, but I also have the right to think you’re an idiot.

  51. Haha sure you do , i am still in doubt about being one myself. Care to enlighten your point of view ?

  52. i find it sad that there are people who can say they are ashamed to live in their home countries, to be honest.

  53. At the risk of getting into a comment war, I’ll just say that it upsets me when someone makes a generalization based on a shared demographic. Being from the “south of the US of A”, I took offense to your comment that that area of the world reinforced your belief that idiots run rampant. Personally, I experienced more stupidity in the chambers of my New England college than I ever saw in my hometown.

    Maybe you weren’t intending to make such a generalization, and I shouldn’t get so frustrated. I suppose the whole ‘dumb South’ thing is a touchy subject for me. I don’t think the worth of people should be determined by ‘intelligence’.

  54. Oops, I also meant to say that I didn’t really mean to call you an idiot whilst angry, so I apologize for that.

  55. No worries , freedom of speech is still going strong on here so you can have a go at me if you want.

    I, in fact, did generalize but i must say that before going there i thought the Dumb South thing was just a stereotype. After travelling trough a large portion of it while talking to loads of people i came to the conclusion that it is what it is … Not everybody in the South is dumb (generalisations never are 100 % foolproof) but to my (non scientific) experience the ignorant/informed ratio was not really positive.

    I do believe that ignorance is dangerous and creationism, racism and other limited points of view are a threat to people that have less violent or dominant opinions. That is the death of democracy, as been proven by mr George W Bush. The fact that the strongest military force in the world can be controlled by people like that … well that’s just wrong on so many levels.

    And i am feeling very stuck up now.

    Note : i added the fact that Europe is also filled with idiots. And they are everywhere … and in great numbers.

  56. ps sorry for the boring, over serious stuck up comment on a site dedicated to mockery of the less fortunate …


    I would be more apt to give your opinions weight if you were a lucid, literate mouthpiece. But alas, that is not the case.

    I am reasonably sure that in order to overthrow a government you need to at least know how to spell it.

    Tell ya what, I will give your words a bit more consideration when you can honestly call yourself THIS IS AMERICA – WE SPEAK AND SPELL ENGLISH AND KNOW HOW TO FORM BOTH A COMPLETE THOUGH AND SENTENCE.

    Carry on.

  58. @Charade

    If I knew the correct quote, I obviously know who said it you utterly stupid fuck. e.g. means for example

  59. Yeah!! I joied that ‘This Is America’ group, and I have left them a polite message telling them the error of their ways. To all the grammar nazi’s correcting the moderators spelling, this time you really do win :) .

  60. @Itzme

    If that’s the case, you insulted me based on what I initially said… because I paraphrased? OK U WIN LULZ

    Did I touch a nerve? Lived in the south for a while, did we?

  61. Charade and Itzme… Another quote for you, don’t know who it’s by but it goes something like “Arguing on the internet is like competing in the Special Olympics, even if you win, you’re still retarded”
    But I have to agree with Charade’s original comment, apart from the living in the US bit

  62. I highly doubt Ruth can get “dumberer” than she already is.

  63. Top of the Class? Fuck him. Seriously, fuck that guy.

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