Thursday, April 5, 2012

Tom Forgets to Log Out

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  1. BeboStunnah2kai12


  2. Hah hah hah hah! Gays! Hah hah hah!

  3. The 56th reason why you log out of Facebook

  4. Tom should stop sitting on the fence & admit he’s a homosexual…

  5. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Sorry…it had to be said.

  6. So bored with the “I’m so gay” frapes these days :/

  7. I tried to look up the homosexual dragon, because it seemed awesome but there was no such page on FB. So disappointed…

  8. Whoever fraped him is clearly gay

  9. *Whomever

  10. Hawky, you were right the first time.

  11. wow. is being gay still a crime?

  12. Oh come on, this is funny. Get your heads out of your asses guys.

  13. yeh it’s funny in the sense of “he got on someone’s FB and revealed his latent homosexuality by so thoroughly tagging his friend as such”, I guess.
    Oh yeah and being gay is hilarious. I laugh all uncontrollably all the time when I hear of other people’s sexual preferences. That shit is comedy gold, Evilcow, yeah totally.

  14. @ SLG you are what is wrong with America… You’re either gay, which would make you what’s wrong with America, or you’re so liberal and “Politically Correct” that you go out of your way to stand up for the underdog. Gays are funny, the fact that they change their whole demeanor because they like weiner is funny. The fact that they’re gay is funny. It’s a funny thing. Now in this case, being gay isn’t all that’s funny, it’s the gay things referenced.

  15. ^ incorrect country, incorrect interpretation of motives, incorrect interpretation of sexual orientation
    unlike you, I have an absolute disinterest in who other people fuck, and would question why it makes such a difference to you?
    sorry mate, you and I have different opinions about what is funny, it’s about as simple as that. i can live with that. can you? last time i checked, i’m entitled to my opinon, and you’re entitled to yours, even if its retarded, and based on some ethical shaky ground.
    to say that i’m what is wrong with america is laughable. ignorant, bigoted, nast, narrow minded people like you are what’s wrong with the world.

  16. nope, gay people are funny. if you don’t agree then your opinion is wrong, and should be reversed. they’re like midgets. haha imagine a gay midget. a super butch gay midget woman. there’s no way you can picture that and not laugh.

    ….gay people

  17. i tried to do as you suggested but simply found that i was unable to give a fuck enough to imagine such a scenario. but good for you for being into some freaky shit.
    i refer you back to my comments about you being entitled to your (retarded) opinion, and regret to advise that your request for me to reverse my own has been declined (on the basis of you failing to make any sense at all).

  18. but what if the midget was black, too? and had a harelip! and a third nipple?

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  20. HamptonErnest: crazy name, crazy guy.

  21. Tom should have stayed on MySpace.

  22. What’s funny here is the sheer amount of fraping that went on. It doesn’t have anything to do with sexual preferences. Jesus. You know it’s just as offensive to gays when you guys act like anything connected to gay people cannot be funny.

  23. MsAnne – then it would start to make sense, and have comedy potential (although the third nipple should be pierced, ideally). If you then added in a goat, shit would start getting crazy fast. Because goats are funny.
    Evilcow – really? so he basically did the same thing that every frape does, but to a more extreme extent, so that is funny? from my point of view, he lacks imagination. and if gay people are offended by my sense of humour or lack thereof, they can go ahead and suck my dick…er…no wait..

  24. I don’t care if you think it’s funny, I just think it’s really stupid to think this is offensive.

  25. I think it’s really stupid how you think anyone *really* finds this offensive.
    I think it’s really stupid how you think anyone is being serious here.
    I think it is really stupid how people come here and get all serious and fucking preachy.
    I think it’s really stupid how yo momma didn’t fucking up and drown you in a fucking bucket.

  26. Sorry bro. Just looking for a good argument.

  27. bring it then, bitch!

  28. (I’m miming a fisticuffs-type motion)

  29. back to how funny faggots are…

  30. Ok so both Hotlikegravy and SLG have some good points. Like Hotlikegravy said, yes this is funny and SLG shouldn’t be so serious but saying that gay people are what’s wrong with America? That’s extremely small minded and idiotic. Now to SLG: CALM THE FUCK DOWN! We get it. Hotlikegravy is a complete asshole but just face it. This IS funny and just saying so isn’t offensive to anyone.

  31. narutard – i think in this case, i’m gonna go ahead and refer you to someone elses comments other than my own, to save me a bit of time and effort. see comment 25, line two…oh and there is a bit of of line 1 going on too.
    what makes you think i’m not calm, by the way? believe me, i’m taking your use of capitalisation extremely seriously, and you have my complete attention. your assertion that it is funny, once again backed up by the careful use of caps, also has me rethinking my whole position. caps sure are powerful.
    so sorry if i got it all horribly wrong…no wait, no i’m not.
    evilcow – looking for a good argument?? what, with me?? you’ll need to do better than a one-liner which basically repeats your position, my dear. you have added not a jot to the discussion, i’m sorry to say…no wait, no i’m not.

  32. Get a life

  33. Oh and my “use of capitalism” is just to put some emphasis on words so excuse me if you happened to take everything so literally. My bad.

  34. you know, i was feeling quite good about this whole exchange, narutard, right up to the point where you said “get a life”. At that point, my world started to shake a bit. I was thinking stuff like “do i have a life? am i alive? why are my balls so itchy?”…it was horrible! By the time I’d got around to “my bad”, I was a mess.
    you sure know how to hand it to someone, don’t you?
    i’m sorry, i’ll never cross swords with you again.
    no wait…no i’m not.

  35. Do you really have nothing better to do? Maybe, and keep in mind this is just a suggestion, you should go to your doctor about those itchy balls instead of pathetically trolling people on a lamebook comments page.

  36. Wow…just…wow. You’ve destroyed me. That’s it, I’m back to square one, rebuilding my life from scratch.
    Thank you for your interest in my nutsack however I discovered it was simply a possum that had managed to run up my leg during my run this morning, and had settled himself in behind my nutsack, and had started to “nest”. After a brief discussion of territorial rights, ably assisted by my cat, he agreed to leave. So no need to worry.
    Since you are making “suggestions”, allow me to make one of my own – learn not to take life so seriously, and take some of your own advice and calm the fuck down. all this aggravation can’t be good for your heart, and your heart’s health is my top priority, i assure you.

  37. Yes, well I wish you the best in your new life. Goodbye.

  38. Thank you so much for your well-wishes on my new life, you have no idea how much that means to me! I’m totally welling up.
    I’m having a “new life” party, it’s like a house-warming party but it’s for a life instead of a house. Would you like to come? There’s a seriously horny possum nearby that would like to meet you.

  39. ^ That sounds swell.

  40. it really will be lots of fun crusty, i’m gonna get a DJ and everything! only thing is, i was gonna ask narutard to bring the balloons, but he left, crying. I dunno what I did! Was it something I said? So I was thinking maybe, if the rest of you guys would like to come? Maybe you could bring the balloons, crusty? Maybe someone else could bring a salad?
    But you should all know that I have a strictly enforced “no fat chicks” policy (we will be doing BMI checks at the door), so if you’re a fat chick – fuck off

  41. will there be a dungeon set up?

  42. I only go to parties where there is a dungeon these days.

  43. no probs i’ll clean the septic tank out

  44. There has just been way too much time and effort put into this (not funny) frape. Yeah i’m with you SLG!

  45. you’ll. clean. the. septic. tank. out.
    are you sure you wanna do that? i mean – really sure?

  46. The only things people from Lamebook can bring are rohypnol and chlamydia.

  47. well, smartarse, I’m bringing dip.

    but it will be made out of rohypnol and chlamydia.

  48. well we could use my back shed but i’ve found in the past that the septic tank has a much better “pain and suffering” atmosphere. not sure why. oh don’t worry i won’t completely clean it out, msanne. its more fun that way!
    that sure sounds like nice dip. this is coming together nicely.
    *claps hands excitedly*

  49. Ok, so no fat bitches, what about… know…the.gays?

  50. well a strict interpretation of the no fat chicks rule is thus – no fat chicks. sexual orientation is irrelevant.
    as for transexuals, things get a little more complicated there, so i’m willing to run that whole thing on a case by case basis

  51. seriously? why are transexuals more controversial than, say, jocks or really boring christian-types?

  52. I have to agree with SLG on this one. The frape wasn’t funny. It was just a lot of effort to try and make someone miserable. Unless you are narrow minded and homophobic there is nothing funny about sexual orientation.

  53. ^but homophobes are a fucking comedy goldmine.

  54. homophobe is such a misnomer. is anyone really scared of queers?

  55. oh that’s fine, I was just worried one might sneeze and infect everyone with aids. That’s why I. Don’t allow them on them on the ship. Like rats, fags carry disease. I don’t want my sailors dying of rainbow sickness..

  56. you must be running the only ship on this planet without queers, capn. frankly i don’t know how such a thing would work. sure you know what’s really going on on your ship?
    you raise an interesting, and in the case of “really boring christian types”, a partly valid point, msanne. jocks are fine and i’m offended and outraged by your discrimination against them. we need someone to look good, after all. by way of explanation, if i’m enforcing a no fat chicks rule, well, i first conduct the BMI check, right? simple. but then when it comes to the sexual organ inspection (i mentioned that, right?), things get more complicated, you see. i really need to make sure that any trannies at this party that are fat also have cocks…for reasons that should be eminently obvious

  57. oh yes. the reason has become abundantly clear. you crave the cock, and care not whose.
    Also, you’re wrong about the jocks. they are not fine and rarely look good. they look puffed-up and thick-necked. useless. they have weak ankles and dicky knees and lets think for a minute about the funniest side-effect of ‘roids to a penis? you like penis, remember.

  58. I’m usually pretty on top of things, which aside from me first mate is why I only hire poon. After that, what goes on is their business, he keeps them bitches in line. Don’t ask don’t tell, and all that jazz. If he ever gets caught slobbing some porchmonkeys knob in port he’ll walk the fucking plank….and then the sluts on board are liable to get mouthy.

  59. Oh, and the trannies…Are you gonna go on down for a looksie, or you gonna feel ‘em up?

  60. fuck you msanne, my “new life” party was also going to be my “surprise coming out of the closet” party but now you’ve ruined the surprise for EVERYONE. what a bitch. nothing new there hey. that said, if perception was measured on the basis of ship-size (which I firmly believe it should be), you would be a mothership that would dwarf an aircraft carrier! think about it, that’s huge!
    i believe we’ve had a miscommunication about jocks though, the type you refer to above is what i refer to as “musclebound meatheads”. the only place these top-heavy, smug-looking motherfuckers have in my life is to suffer humiliation and pain as they try to match me when i do hill-runs or stair-runs, or other heavy cardio…because they forgot that legs are a pretty important part of the body. fucktards. and yes…those tiny penises are off-putting too (not to mention nutsacks…if we’re talking tackle, I think it’s only fair to be include them). i prefer my men sweaty and with a large enough belly to wobble deliciously as they drive their cheesy members home.
    don’t you?

  61. If I were to bone a tranny. I often wonder do I finish them off with my hand, or do they rape me after ?

  62. capn, i think the answer to that should be obvious. a full visual inspection aided by uv and strobe lights will occur, and a fondle test will be conducted to determine the reactivity of the genitalia as well.
    don’t want any dead cocks at this party. useless to me.

  63. TTF – whatever works, whatever works mate…part of the fun is using your imagination

  64. so much penis in this thread. so much.

  65. i a m t y p i n g t h i s w i t h m y p e n i s .

  66. well apparently it isnt big enough for the spacebar…

  67. at first glance, fatman420, that was mildly funny in the classic ‘hurr hurr you got a small penix’ meme.
    but it actually makes no sense at all – does it?
    a) the spacebar is closer than the other keys, meaning that
    b) even if he didn’t actually hit the spacebar after every single letter – which he did, btw, the fictional size of the fictional penis is still totally irrelevant.
    and now i hate everyone again, so I’m going to drink beer until i like them again.

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