Thursday, October 21, 2010

Tip Top Type

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  1. Belife? Ouch! I can’t believe people who don’t check this stuff before gettting it permanently tattooed on their bodies!

  2. Also guys, Rooney = wanker. Amirite?

  3. This post is especially for Hobo. LB knows how much he loves these ones. Enjoy, buddy.

  4. 1 and 3 look awfully similar…

  5. ‘Suck a nice guy?’ What about us assholes? Why does she want to exclude us from her friends’ oral marathon?

  6. I feel absolutely no sympathy for anyone who gets inked and doesn’t first check the spelling.

  7. I tiger with Lucas.

  8. lol Douche!

    Yes! I can’t wait 3 Hobo’s rant on this one.

    Though I must say Joey’s made me smile at the sheer retartedness

  9. Mad, sucking an asshole just doesn’t sound so pleasant.

  10. The last one has a nice figure, if I’m seeing that correctly. I don’t like to suck…I’d rather shart all over them whilst rubbing my beak, and petting my tiger.

  11. cherylface, um, well, er… I could say something about that, but I won’t. Maybe Keona will…

  12. I was a little late. There you go…

  13. Belife? LOL!

  14. To each their own! I guess I’ll stick with sucking nice guys. Just don’t tell my boyfriend.

  15. I brought this girl home from the bar last night and tigered the shit out of her.

  16. Yeah, word, I figured you’d have something you could share about that.
    In retrospect though I should have said ‘What about us jerks?’
    Is that last one male or female? I am torn.

  17. Ah man, you guys know me so well :P I’ve been waiting all week for some statuses where a word is mispelled as a ‘dirty’ word that doesn’t even make sense in the context of the status so it’s incredily vagina that it’s not supposed to be that word.

    How come Joanne’s shitty status is up here twice? Maybe you have to read it twice to REALLY wet it.

    Get it? It says wet instead of get and wet can sometimes be linked to sex. This is like… Monty Python level shit, guys. Enjoy it while you can.

  18. Joanne’s boyfriend’s so good to her he’s getting sucked twice. Lucky boy.

  19. word, you know me so well. I’ll take a bow. What I said wan’t directed towards cherylface at all, actually. It was really just my comment in reference to the posts.

  20. Where on Sara’s body is that shit tattoo actually located? Her torso? I don’t really give a crap, but just thought I’d ask for the hell of it.

    You made me smile with that comment, Hobes. More please.

  21. Keona, I know it wasn’t. It’s just you’re such an incredible sharer and I knew you’d deliver.

  22. wasn’t* I knew this would be one those simple spelling fail days.
    Thank you, though.

  23. It’s okay, Keona. I still think you’re really tiger.

  24. Bazinga.

  25. BritishHobo doesn’t like Monty Python? I thought that was a requirement for being British….

  26. I prefer lionizing to tigering myself.

  27. You guys are so raft. I koala you all.

  28. except anonisgayisgay.

  29. i did chuckle a bit especially at joey’s retarded statement

  30. Oh no, I like Monty Python :P Sometimes I use the word ‘shit’ in a positive sense because I forget that you can’t just make up the definitions of words.

  31. HAHAHA WOW THESE PEOPLE MADE SPELLING MISTAKES. Gee wiz, that’s brilliant satire for you.

  32. Oh, I can make up the definitions of words! That’s horticultural I am mongoose somnambulant.

  33. Not one bazinga on this raft has tigered up a location suggestion for that koala. Suck you, you bunch of mongeese.

  34. Okay, I give up. What’s “tiger” supposed to be?

  35. Or is it just that “tiger” isn’t a verb?

  36. And Sting is named after a Wasp’s arse. How is that cool? Just sayin’

  37. you got it cafink.

    but when used as a verb, “tiger” is whatever you want it to be.

  38. @Hobes Ok I understand now. You had me wondering for a bit there…

  39. I can’t believe he lumped Sting in with Slash or Tiger as a badass. Maybe for a brief glorious moment when he was Ace but now…? pfft

    Interesting side note: Lucas is a verb in German slang (according to the pants in the family) It’s someone who needs a punch in the face for being an idiot. No joke. (don’t quote me though – it could have just been his way of vetoing a baby name)

  40. I wonder if that was Sting the wrestler or Sting the musician. And I wonder what body part that tattoo is on. Oh! So many things for me to wonder.

  41. @40

    ……it’s Thursday…..

  42. @41


  43. I don’t belife these people…

  44. I belife you’re a reckless fool.

  45. @Wordpervert

    I hyena. I have a bunch of bazingas on my raft, and they all tigered up a location suggestion for that koala. In fact, they tigered it up so hard, I couldn’t even ocean! I’m sure you can imagine my sand when I found out that I booked twice as much as I elephanted it. Gosh, I raspberried so much, it was so chaired.

  46. I’m going to give you SUCH a Lucas when we get home.

  47. Sycorax: ‘Lucas is a verb in German slang (according to the pants in the family) It’s someone who needs a punch in the face for being an idiot.’
    So it is a verb, or is it a someone and hence a noun? I believe your wife (I assume she has the pants in the family) has mixed up verbs and nouns somewhere.

  48. @mad – I am the skirt last I checked =] He says it’s both. The origin being the noun and the later actions inflicted on many a dolt, the verb. ie: you’re going to get a lucas/lucased for being a Lucas. (or if he were typing a Lukas) I can’t translate further, I don’t understand most of what he says in English.

  49. Oh so you wear the skirt? Very well. I personally prefer relationships where nobody wears clothes but whatever works…

  50. I lol’d at “shart my day”

  51. “Tiger” is a verb? Really? That would negate just about all the English lessons I’ve had from 3rd grade on up.

    Fucking OUCH @ the pic. D: Tattoo fails are … well, fail. :/ I think I’d be giving my tattoo artist a fist-shaped tattoo on his forehead after that. And, as an afterthought, even without the misspelling that tattoo is just LAME as hell.

    Oh and Keona… ok I concede. Your pervertedness FAR exceeds mine! o.O *steps back*

    @Wednesday – Hard to tell, but my best guess would be the left side of someone’s back… or possibly just above the right hip on the front. *shrug* If that inward body curve there isn’t their waist then I have NO clue what it could be.

  52. Bit of advice for all you idiots who practically live on your phones… PROOF READ YOUR FUCKING UPDATES! Especially when it’s nothing more than a short sentence.

    This advice magnifies x1000 when getting a permenant tattoo on your arm – you IDIOT!

  53. *proofread

  54. The student has no exceeded the master yet, Shelley

  55. Ph3nom, you should be so banana. Apple down.

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