Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Tip Top Type

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  1. Black writing on a mostly dark photo is also stupid. Try yellow new time, Danielle.

  2. Black people are good rapers.

  3. vaginalroundhouse

    All black people are on welfare.

  4. All white people are pedophiles.
    All white people are evil.
    All white people are mutants.
    All white people have sex with dogs.
    All white people are demonic.
    vaginalroundhouse mother/aunt should have swallowed. Mutant.

  5. If VaginalRoundhouse is an Asian, I’ll laugh my head off.

    Aw, hell. I’ll still laugh my head off.

  6. @ytmutation
    Please tell us how you really feel.Please don’t hold back you may feel better after letting it all out.

  7. I feel as if ytmutation is one of those things that makes this site good. It, missanne, beatus and all the others. but he still pisses me off.

  8. urge to be over-the-top racist rising…

  9. Are we assuming that Cinder is a black person then? Most excellent name.

  10. Cinder got a sunburn, and now he/she is ashy.

  11. I don’t see colors

  12. ^why would there be colours? Black and white makes it Instantly Artistic™.

  13. I must agree with ytmutation. I am white people and i do all of that shit on his/hers list. Thank you ytmutation for clarifying it is ALL white people who engage in these activities and are devils. That made me feel less alone.

  14. yt is a cracker, too. so you can’t trust anything he says. filthy white scum, I tells ya.

  15. I have a sneaking suspicion yt is not white but in fact an Arab. I guess time will tell. Maybe.

  16. ytmutation is a poor man’s dan fargas.

    speaking of which, my theory: rick santorum = dan fargas

  17. ytmutation is just upset because there was no check box in the race section of the census for “humorless idiot”. I believe the government considers that as a mental condition, not a race.

  18. Mutants love racists statements, unless of course they are racists statements about whites/mutants.

    Not surprising that there is not one comment about vaginalroundhouse statement.

    Mutants love to stick together, hence the KKK.

  19. Typical mutants.

    The day that there is peace on earth, is the day mutant/whites cease to exist.

  20. ytmutation has already said on here that he/she is white (as was his/her teacher). I can only assume that he/she is aware that the anihilation of all whites (‘mutants’) means that he/she (as a ‘mutant’) will also be anihilated.

    Comment #4: Don’t judge everyone by your own standards !

    It looks like some people are making racist comments on here just to goad yt. Not surprising really, because he/she sometimes provides more entertainment than the Lamebook post.

  21. ^ You got it, Keyser. What’s funny is he didn’t say anything about Bradles’ statement, but I’m pretty sure he’s somehow twisted my comments into racism.

  22. Silly mutants. I never said I was white, or any other race for that matter. That question was proposed by a yahoo user.

    Reading is fundamental.

    Ugh,f-ing mutant.

    Ha! I see you are still licking your wounds. Mutant!

  23. What wounds?

  24. if I gave enough of a shit, i would research – and copypasta – yt’s admission that (as keyser said above) he, and his ‘teacher’ (rapist?) are white.
    but I don’t give enough of a shit, ‘coz I’m as lazy as a niggar.

  25. “MS”AnneThorpe, you should worry about your pending case. Your mugshot is still on that site.

    Better to be a “lazy niggar” than a vile mutant/white.

    Not long at all “MS”AnneThorpe, not long at all.

  26. Mutants are the cancer of the earth. Point to a place where mutant/whites have stepped foot, and you will surely find death and destruction.

    The day that there is peace on earth, is the day mutants/whites cease to exist.

  27. heh. you tragic little wigger.

  28. heh. you tragic little wigger. -MsAnneThrope March 1st, 2012 at 6:31 pm

    Ha! Typical mutant. Focus on your case “MS”AnneThorpe, you sick pervert.

    As I stated before, I never mentioned my race. Does it soften the blow to assume that I am a particular race? Does it change the truth about mutants/whites inherently evil ways?

    Whatever sticks to the wall….

  29. Yes! We have some heat starting. I do have to say that we need some new material, though, so I think I’m going to add some:

    All white people have too much money, and they refuse to give it away to anything else because they are greedy ass holes and only care about money and power. If you want to find the cause of all crime, do what Chris Tucker says and “follow the rich white dude”.

  30. something tells me that yt has slipped away from his carers again and wants some negative attention.
    i’m a bit pissed ‘coz i’m going bush for the weekend and wont have wifi access.

  31. I’m doing a rally next month and won’t have wifi access or the energy to trawl Lamebook from my phone for nearly two weeks.

    Who will be my rage outlet then?

  32. ^if you find a hotspot, email me.

  33. Deal. Or Tumblr or something.

  34. What’s a tumblr?

  35. Tumbles are the creases in an anus, aren’t they? So a tumblr must be a fondler and taster of tumble delights.

  36. …something about crocodiles.
    I have got to stop fucking about online and get myself organised…enjoy hell, fuckers.

  37. Speaking of mutants having sex with dogs….

    “Bestiality case lands ‘swinger’ couple, friend in jail”

    Typical of mutants.

  38. I’ll bet it’s a trap…

  39. Ha! A trap? Is that the best you have? It is a real story about mutants and one of their favorite pastimes. I guess you would try to prevent other from reading the truth! Typical mutant behavior. How is googling a headline a trap? Oh, I get it now, the truth hurts.

  40. Yt always makes me think of my ex, he was such a sad sad person

  41. Did a white boy refuse to give you a quarter? Or did a white girl turn you down for a dance? I can understand being upset, but you seem to have lost a vital part of your life along with any shred of a sense of humor. But hey, the meltdowns are hilarious to the rest us, so carry on.

  42. Speaking of pedophiles/mutants/whites….


    “Ohio man accused of prostituting adopted boy”

  43. ^ That’s so sad that your adopted father did that to you. I do hope you’re attending therapy, though. But now I understand where the anger comes from. Do you want to talk about it?

  44. Ha! Is that the best you have? I guess it’s easier to create stories about me, rather than facing the truth. The difference between my comment and yours is that my comment is true.

    As you were beatusmongous…as you were.

  45. No, the real difference is that my comment is actually funny, and that is because you assume that I care what you say about gringos. But I don’t.

  46. Yawn!

  47. Some jokes about race are actually funny. Here’s one:

    A little white boy was in the kitchen baking a chocolate cake with his mother. The little boy spread the cake batter on his face and says..”look mother I’m black”…the mother smacks him and says “Timmy go and show your father what you’ve done”

    Timmy goes to his father and says “look father I’m black”…the father smacks him and says…go and show your grandfather what you’ve done…

    Timmy goes to his grandfather and says..”look grandfather I’m black”…the grandfather smacks him and says…go back to the kitchen with your mother. Timmy goes the the kitchen and the mothers asks…”Timmy what have you learned”?

    Timmy responds ” I’ve learned that I’ve only been black for 5 minutes and I already hate you white people”!

    Ha! Ha! Ha!

  48. Now THAT was funny!

  49. Thanks.

  50. I thought the version where little Tyrone the niglet gets covered in flour and gets smacked around by his hate-and-envy filled black brethren for being white to be funnier.
    At least I thought so 10 years ago when I first heard it.
    Now it’s just old and stale.

  51. Ha! “MS”AnneThorpe how’s your case coming along? Pervert.

    You are a coward I noticed you don’t have a reply to the two stories. Typical mutant.

    Not long at all “MS”AnneThorpe…not long at all.

  52. Jesus, ytmutation, are you still here?

    You want to google? Let’s google. “Jacksonville couple convicted in children’s deaths”.

    Try that one on for size, asswipe.

  53. Why are trolls always so angry? And if it wants to use a hotkey why doesn’t it at least fix the spelling? It’s thrope you tosser, not thorpe. You get it right when you write i….. oh, I dun bin trolled :-(

  54. ^ Methinks there may actually be an Anne Thorpe that Yt is referring to, and he thinks that particular Anne Thorpe is the one posting as MsAnneThrope. I’m pretty sure they are in no way connected.

  55. ^ I think you may be onto something there.

  56. The stilted style and vocabulary would seem to indicate a young Asian/Middle East person, more likely Asian.

  57. Google:
    Jessica Shockley
    Elizabeth Wirick,and Richard Piccoli
    Nicholas McRoberts
    Ray Lynn Mitcham Jr
    Eugene Dase
    Margaret Ann O’Neil,and Christopher Smith
    Richard Patee
    Robert Edward DeShields
    Michael Burgess
    Bradley Cook
    …the list could go on and on…Pedophilia, beastiality,..

    Mutants are vile creatures.

  58. Dateline NBC should change the name of that show “To Catch a Predator” to “To Catch a Mutant/white”.

  59. Yawn. And it’s “bestiality”, you moron. Go back to school.

  60. Yawn. And it’s “bestiality”, you moron. Go back to school.-Disturbed Artist March 3rd, 2012 at 6:22 am

    Ha! Ha! Ha! Is that the best you have? I notice no comments on the names. Typical mutants. I understand though, reality hits hard.

    Mutants are the cancer of the earth. The day that there is peace on earth, is the day the mutants cease to exist.

    Mutants are demonic creatures!

  61. You chose not to comment on mine, I chose not to comment on yours, that’s all.

    I have a question for you though. If I were to tell you I wasn’t 100% white, what would that say about me?

  62. ^ha! mudblood!

  63. ^Native American.

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