Friday, February 3, 2012

Tip Top Type

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  1. Can they BE more white trash? Oh, fisted.

  2. Who’s fisted you freddy2? Was it that nasty MissAnnThrope? She does play a little too roughly with the younger children.

  3. Sterilization should be a requirement to get their marriage license.

  4. There is no way #1 isn’t bullshit.

  5. I’ve witnessed #1 happening before, but at least this person spelled Merry like Meriadoc Took.

  6. Actually MarioDragon, it’s Meriadoc Brandybuck not Took.

  7. I applaud Jose for wanting to better himself and education (we can tell he needs it) is a great first step. No reason to bash him (by posting his status as lame)when he’s apparently open to improving himself.

    It’s those who think they’re the shit but are quite literally stupid who need to be made fun of without abandon!

  8. I agree with your general philosophy, Nicole, but it appears Jose needs to start bettering himself by going back to primary school.

  9. When you two are done blowing each other with hobbit references let us know.

  10. the first one is kinda clever … merry is in some languages an female horse … unlike english where they uses mare.

  11. ^Somehow, I doubt they put that much thought into it.

  12. @ronronron yeaaa.. lol I dont think they were that clever. I think they were just dumb rednecks.

  13. Aww, he porpoised. It’s always more fun when they’re not expecting it.

  14. @Matilda crap, I knew that.

  15. Stupid shit; the horse can’t read it on itself…

  16. Merry appears in the LotR, not The Hobbit.

  17. You’re so right. And so fucking full of yourself.

  18. ^p.s. that’s almost clever. the subtle rearranging of those two letters and it still looks like my name. so people will think whatever gems you’re sure to come up with will be me.
    Hang on, I’ll just tape up my sides before we go on. I don’t want them to split. With my laughter. At your jokes.

  19. Wow real anne that was a painful attempt at a joke/point. Everytime I read a post from you I actually feel sick. It’s too bad you’ve made the lamebook comments section your home.

  20. ^cunnt

  21. This is coming from somebody who used the number 3 as a backwards e in the spelling of their username. Yea, that was cool when I was in the 7th grade and still used MySpace.

  22. Rip starting hating on me ages back when I bit him for making pedo jokes. Since then the only times he comments is to tell me how he’s still butthurt.

  23. Hey Trippinnn I was noticing today how clever and cool your name was. I said to myself, wow, who would of thought to add an extra couple n’s? Haha I’m just teasing you, you must really love drugs. Drugs are still cool right? Ok aside from your white knighting a judgemental middle aged cunt, I think you’re pretty cool.

    Also Anne I just wanted to let you know that I really don’t think you bit me or said anything to me that actually offended me. What offends me about you is that you comment on every single thing, every day. Your comments lack any sort of creativity or substance. Every joke you make falls flat. 90% of the time I say anything at you, I don’t even bother checking for a response so you’re always talking to yourself. The funny thing is, any time I’ve checked you’ve responded. So many wasted words.

    Like I said, Lamebook is your life and now I must ask myself, who am I to piss all over your territory? Sadly if you did “bite” me for making pedo jokes, I haven’t stopped. There is not a single topic that is off limits to a funny joke.

  24. ^haha. see? buttHURT.

  25. I’m giving the first one the benefit of the doubt by saying they went for a pun.

  26. lol.. actually, ripp3r you’re right. I was trippin on acid one night when I decided to make a lamebook account. But hey, as long as you think im “cool”.

  27. if rip thinks you’re cool, I’d be seriously examining what you are doing wrong.

  28. ehhhh.. im cool and i know it. Ripp3r can suck my dick and choke on my nut.

  29. it’s funny because rip is a cocksucker. ha.

  30. I have a feeling rip has had a dick or two in his mouth..

  31. You guys are hilarious.

    But k seriously, MsAnne:

    You embarrass yourself every time you post on this site. Not only because your jokes are terrible, relying heavily on excessive swear words and scathing comments to form some semblance of humor, but also because of how often you post. You comment on everything even if you have nothing really funny to say. You spend days checking and re-checking, throughout the weekend (when LB isn’t even being updated) to see if anyone has responded to you. When people point these things out to you, your answer always goes something like “Hehe, someone’s bitter” or “I like that you bothered to spend enough time on me to type that up.” You know what? Other people do get bored and waste fifteen minutes typing messages to people they don’t know and don’t really care about. The difference is, they’ll probably never check back to see if you said anything. You will, because you love the attention. You love being someone on this website, even if you’re someone everyone hates. I usually don’t bother reading the comments at all when I look at LB but I can tell just from the snippets that I see when I scroll down, you’ve thoroughly become a joke to anyone on LB.

    Also, everything Ripp3r said.

    So yeah, I did just spend 5 minutes writing that, but after that, I’ll be done wasting time on these comment boards that aren’t even proper forms. But you won’t be. You’ll keep checking back and back, and you’ll probably make some depressing attempt to flame me. Enjoy it, because you’re fucking pathetic.

  32. tl;dr. More butthurt?
    seriously, what has it accomplished thus far? and what do you suppose you throwing your sad 2 cents in is gonna do?

  33. give it up already.

  34. or tell someone who cares.

  35. underwaterbasketweaving

    MsAnneThrope… wow… You think you’re making funny jokes by just saying vulgar things to random people for no reason? What’s the point of that? You must have a really depressing life that you feel the need to comment on every post and then follow it to see if anyone has replied. Do you do anything else besides look at lamebook? Can I suggest a hobby? Or maybe a job?? Do you have facebook? You should get one, then maybe you can spend your 24 hours of computer time commenting immature, not humorous jokes on your friends posts instead. Im assuming you have never been laid before since there would be no time for that with your constant lamebook posts. Maybe if enough people throw their “sad 2 cents in” you will realize you are actually not funny, and no one actually likes when you comment. People like you are the reason people commit genocide. You fail as a person.

  36. comprehension is not your strong suit, is it?
    And constantly changing your username does not lend support to your argument which, as i read it is thus, “Baaaaaaaaaaaaw!!! Your mean!!!”

    In summation:- buy a rubber donut if your butthurts that fucking bad. Pussy.

  37. I mean, I get it. I really fucking do.
    Some random, anonymous comment on a trollish website has affected your life to the point where you had to write in – how many paragraphs? – & Tell Me Right Off.

    Seriously, i have nothing to say to argue with that. Just “wooooow.”

  38. underwaterbasketweaving

    wow clearly your IQ is your strongest asset…. I just joined this site after reading your comments and everyone elses actually so you can tell yourself whatever you need to make yourself feel better. I bet somerandomperson is a guy.. probably the other people telling you off are.. I am a girl. I just had to say something. I come to this site a lot for a good laugh.. but clearly not as much as you come here. Thanks for making this site a negative place.

  39. underwaterbasketweaving

    and hilarious.. butthurts? Oh god i’m laughing so hard.. obviously you are the only one laughing at yourself there sweetheart. What are you fucking 12? No your comments haven’t affected my life that much.. I just want to enjoy this site without some dumb fuck saying ignorant shit all the time. Clearly you are the one that spends all the time on here and everyone else’s comments affect your life so much to the point where you need to reply to all of them.

  40. I, for one, am super glad that you joined this site and added much-need infusion of teh lulz.
    Your contribution is the most awesome thing since…shit, I dunno…AIDS?

  41. underwaterbasketweaving

    Thanks i’m glad I did as well. HAHAHHAHAHAHAH omg soooooooooooooo funnnnnnnnnyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. you should be a comedian. Where do you come up with this shit? its genius. If embarrassing yourself is your thing then whatever dills your pickle I guess

  42. ^proving my point (ie. you are an absolute fucking dickhead) for me.

  43. underwaterbasketweaving

    You are just too smart for us all!

  44. it’s why I drink, asshole.

  45. Heh, I love the arguments that are played out on the first page of Lamebook over a weekend. Oh, and some of us are fans of the vulgarity and hatred.

  46. I didn’t see any argument.

  47. @39 You wrote: “No your comments haven’t affected my life that much.” My dear, if any comments on this site are affecting your life at all, you need to seek professional counseling immediately.

    MsAnne, please tell me you’re a professional counselor.

  48. Yes Bacchante, I am definitely a fan of the vulgarity and hatred. It wouldn’t be lamebook without it. And I very much enjoyed this little feud between MsAnne and underwatercuntweaving.

    Also.. You claim that you want to enjoy this site without some dumb fuck saying ignorant shit all the time. Now this I gave a serious problem with. The dumb fucks who say ignorant shit all the time make this site worth coming to. In case you haven’t noticed, the recent posts on here have been pretty fucking dumb. So I rely on these ignorant assholes to make me laugh instead.

    Fuck of underwaterbasketweaving(gayest username ever)

  49. that should say fuck off. not fuck of..

  50. I wonder if this is gonna be a new weekend thing – where every anal retentive dickhead with anger issues and a belief that somehow the internet is serious business – is going to take tragic stances against my crappy sense of humour?

  51. Way to ruin Lamebook for everyone Anne you unfunny, tragic little girl

  52. I hope everyone of you realise that this Anne is just a master troll, you say she spends ages on this site, but it would take under an hour of time out of his/her day to come here and make you all cry, she called ripper out for getting butthurt so he writes a story about how pathetic she is.

    That insult isnt going to do anything, its a troll attempt and the only way till go away is if you ignore it, but you are all too stubborn and want to increase your e-peen so you try to argue with the troll but end up feeding it. You don’t even have to lok at the comments on this site, grow up.

  53. I’ve already ruined everything, so you shouldn’t really waste your time.

  54. also;- fuck off.

  55. Thanks, ImActuallyGame; I got a new word out of that! E-peen!!
    Although now my e-bean has e-peen envy…

    Also, I’m not sure if my ignorance of that term was a good or bad thing.
    Meh. It’s done now.

  56. It takes a troll to recognize one game :P

  57. you all are fuckin stupid.. I find MsAnne funny as shit!!! you can all suck my dick. And Ripp3r.. you are a faggot ass bitch ass punk ass motherfucker. suck my dick asshole!!!

  58. You’re tripinnn, no one wants your mouldy old dick

  59. ^why even bother typing that?
    What the fuck were you thinking?

  60. trippinnn, if you ask Ripp3r to suck on your little willy, I think that implies that you are the gay one. Ripp3r is only gay if he agrees to your request, and you forgot to leave him your phone number.

  61. haha.. That was a very drunken lamebook post. But anyway Rubert.. I think you might be mad because I didn’t ask you to suck my dick.

  62. But you did, you asked everybody! “You can all suck my dick” you said.

  63. haha fine.. you got me! but yeaa, I was drunk from a superbowl party. So forgive me for my drunken “suck my dick” rant. I dont really even remember typing that.

  64. I forgive you as long as you don’t retract it.
    The dick or the post.

  65. I would never!

  66. Oh MsAnne, you have more fans? It all sounds so familiar …..

  67. Man…this bitch is still posting..?..get a fucking job already….MissAnne DO SOMETHING WITH YOUR LIFE ALREADY!!! without the internet you’d be fucking lost…in like a month when i’m bored…and i come back to cruise a site for a minute..i bet this bitch is still posting… any takers?

  68. ^does that mean you’re fucking off?


  69. I concur. And because I’m juvenile, and wanted to be comment # 69.

  70. Bubba’s spelling notwithstanding, that horse is way to skinny to marry me.

    Sorry, I’m just catching up here…

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