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  2. slicingupeyeballs

    I’d flag any exam on the off-chance of seeing Hermione’s sweet baps…

    (she’s old enough to say that now, right?)

  3. #1, if you have a hairy can, just shave it. We don’t need to know about it.

  4. I’m embarrassed for my gender. 3 dudes should not be talking about Harry Potter like it’s a necessity. If little girls want to obsessive over movies based on fantasy novels, that’s one thing. But I agree, Emma what’sherface is definitely looking good enough to statutorily rape these days.

  5. Emma Watson has no tits. Sorry to break it to you guys, but she’s got the body of an eleven year old girl, and the hairdo of an eleven year old boy. I have no desire to tap that, and neither should anyone else.

  6. Thanks for telling everyone what we *should* find attractive! I’m so glad we have your great wisdom.

  7. Her new hairstyle is atrocious.

  8. She’s about 20 now. I think she’s a lovely girl, though I wouldn’t say she’s anything to write home about.

    I’ll be taking my 7 year old to see the movie on Friday. I’d probably still go without her, lol. But seeing college boy

  9. s getting all worked up over the film is kind of funny to witness.

  10. I’d hate to have to say this, and it will sound very trollish of me, but frankly I don’t give a damn. The fact you all seem to know when the movies is showing, how old she is, her real name, and seem to have a proper critique of her new hairstyle, means that some of you are gay. I know someone, beside me, was thinking it. I was willing to say what they couldn’t.

  11. Loupy doesn’t know the meaning of sarcasm. I think you nailed it crimsonal.

  12. what a lovely bunch of wins

    also, unlike certain *ahem* other *ahem* fantasy book/movie combinations, the HP series is well-crafted, minutely detailed and involves actual, well-developed characters set in a vividly imaginative fantasy world. not just dogs and the undead trying to hump sullen-faced lip-biting flat-personalitied girls.

    in conclusion, harry potter is most excellent and if you aren’t excited about the movie, you’ve never read the books or seen the previous movies. so STFU.

  13. p.s. she is a very attractive woman despite being disgustingly thin. though the new hair really is quite bad.

  14. @Loupy
    The nerve! you mean to claim that some of the people on this website may or may not be homosexuals! You are indeed the brave one, as you say. However, Since I am among These lamebook posters I must defend my honor and challenge you to fisticuffs! Oh wait, this isn’t the 1940′s and no cares if someone is or isn’t gay…most people frankly don’t, to borrow a phrase “give a damn”

  15. @idontknow- i’m actually a 22 year old female who can’t grow body hair. so thanks:(

  16. Why the hell is that a problem? Saves on razors.

  17. STUPOR all of you who’re leaving nasty comments about HP.
    the harry potter books are probably my biggest obsession ever and thus i love the movies too.
    onya, eric!

  18. ROFL @ 16.

    @12 Seledoux- I’ve seen a couple of them with my daughter. They are OK, but nothing to go ape shit over and see midnight premieres. Also, I think she’s absolutely bone-able.

  19. Harry Potter is AWESOME! Case closed.

  20. I have never read HP or seen any of the movies. No desire to. Frankly, I don’t give a crap.

    On a completely unrelated to anything note, Ryan made me LOL. I realize that joke was the epitome of lame, but I found it quite hilarious, and I’m not ashamed to admit it.

  21. That one about the Cheetos isn’t bad either.

  22. Emma Watson is RIDICULOUSLY hot.

  23. I must be missing something about the cheetos one. Someone care to explain it, it must be something “timely”..

  24. I think bone-able is a much better description.

  25. i think Emma Watson is pretty goddamn hot. And no she is not too skinny…I am about that skinny as well, eat plenty!

  26. :)

  27. Dude. I am blowing off work on Friday to go see Harry Potter. I cannot believe anyone would compare it to twilight. Harry Potter is amazing and can only be judged by those who have read the books.

  28. And I am really sad to hear that people do not like emma watson’s new hair. =( I have a similar build and facial structure and thought it looked hot and wanted to get it.

  29. Notice that I am only just replying now? It’s because I was oh so concerned with what the 5 other people who post comments would say about my joke.

    Yeah, I think I have a handle on that sarcasam stuff. I am just confused about the amount of character research that was required to pull it off. Any answers?

  30. Harry Potter!

    I know nothing about it. But I do know I’ve skipped tests to go see a movie, even if it wasn’t a movie I wanted to see.

    I would have sex with that girl. Nine seconds of Google told me that she was over eighteen, hot, and had a weird hairstyle that would look perfectly fine covered in tears and cum.

    Kanye would not, so score one for the HP girl.

  31. Love it!

  32. I have been coming on this site for the past year and have seen some pretty awful posts but not until now have I wanted to create a profile. Ryan’s comment was totally lame and the fact that his dumbass thought it was so freaken funny he decided to take a picture of it a few seconds later and submit it on here makes even more horrible! I am sorry that Lamebook thought it was funny and put it up here too. I think I am done with this site. This post was horrible.

  33. Sorry, a post on a site called Lamebook was lame, and you’re upset by this?

  34. @4 – I’m way late to the party, but are guys gay when they get obsessive about the LOTR movies? Just curious as to which fantasy novels’ cinematic incarnations are gay.

  35. Yes, Jarjiz, that was horrible and terrible and we all got laffs out of it. “Baroque cheetos! I made a winner! I want the fame that comes from the internet!” We should all thank Lamebook for living up to its name, as erasmus pointed out.

    ShaneDavis, yes. Yes, they are. (Alternate answer: All of them.)

  36. They’re all shite. And I know fuck all about Harry Potter so can add nothing to the comments either. Except I do have a sexy Hogwarts schoolgirl costume in my wardrobe. I was 7 months pregnant when I wore it to a party – maybe that could be a fun storyline. Pregnant Hermione.

  37. shanedavis – lord of the rings is probably the gayest fantasy series ever conceived. almost all of the characters are male; the only female characters are asexual elves. with maybe one or two exceptions, the male characters develop no interest in the opposite sex at all, instead preferring the company of their fellow males. obviously, it was written by a catholic during a closeted era, so any homosexuality is only implied. but the temptation of the ring is as compelling a metaphor for forbidden pleasures as i’ve ever heard.

  38. LOTR’s movie adaptation ruined the character of Faramir. In the books, he is a completely different person.
    Vincent, I hate to break it to you, but not every instance of multiple males spending time together without males involves homosexuality, repressed or otherwise. Just because all you can think of is getting it in the ass when you see another male doesn’t mean everyone has that problem.
    There are, in general, no females because Tolkien was depicting cultures based on those from 1000-1500 years ago at war. Most of these characters are not ‘choosing’ to avoid women in favour of the company of men, their war duties (or other duties) compel them. And the ‘female elves’ are not sexualized, but neither are any other characters.

  39. I read this comment thread and wanted to say one thing. If you truely love the books, you cannot like the films. They are pants. They do the books absolutely no jutice and Daniel Radcliffe is the worst actor to get payed that much ever. But the films are better than twilight, those films should be banished to Hell or similar.

  40. Fuck me, it’s a Frodo-fest. Pools for everybody! Yay

    Finger my ring.

  41. mad – i understand that these books are very dear to you, and that you probably have some innocent childhood memories attached to them which you don’t want me to spoil by inferring transgressive sexual undertones. i like the books too (although probably not quite as much as you do). you are in denial, however, if you think there is nothing gay about a group of hairy little men gallivanting around trying to protect their precious little rings. as a matter of fact, my local spa/cruising association is called “the fellowship of the ring”.

    your comments seem to suggest quite a sheltered and old-fashioned attitude towards homosexuality. i know you’d probably like to think that it is a modern disease, but all cultures with a written tradition have documented evidence of homosexuality, including greeks, romans, vikings… you name it. and just because the vandals or visigoths or whichever cultures you’re referring to didn’t write it down, doesn’t mean they weren’t doing it. the fact that they are at war just makes it even gayer. all that testosterone and no women to let it out on…

  42. I have read HP book 1. Anyone who thinks that the books are not for 9-12 year old boys needs to be cut open from the gizzard.

    Also, LOTR is total bollocks as well and I’ve been made to watch all 9 (or however many) of the films about hairy toes fucktards written by a crazy draft-dodging rambler…seriously…get ring, throw in pit of fire-blazen hell…job done in 5 minutes.

    and mad2physicist – fuck my dog with a baton full of razor blades – ‘the movie adaptation ruined the character of Faramir’ – Well JRR Tolkien ruined my life by ever coming up with this horseshit and enabling the geeks all over the world to escape into fantasy spinoffs like WoW and D&D.

    We need another fucking war in this world to sort all this bullshit out.

  43. 1. Rubbish
    2. Rubbish
    3. Harry Potter is shit.

  44. Wait, Ben is back? Hhaha, I guess he thought we forgot. Since we are no longer saying Ben or Stever or Frodo in the first comment.

    Anyways, no need to statutory rape Emma Watson, because a) she is older than 18 (well actually 16 since that’s the age of consent down in RI, where she’s at Brown)
    And no, I’m not obsessed (with her. With HP, maybe :D ) I just happen to know that she is older than 18 and attending the school I will be next year.

    And I’m not gay, I’m a girl. Although why would it matter if I’m gay or not? And for another thing, how would wanting to have sexual intercourse with a girl make a guy homosexual? Hmm..

  45. @ijkl0marissa – guys are gay when they want to fuck girls that look like boys, probably

  46. DukeGuy, by definition of the word, if a guy wants to fuck girls, no matter what they look like, he’s not gay.

    And if you think Emma Watson looks like a boy, you’re a ridiculous buffoon.

  47. She does look like a boy. Look at her body! She’s all bony, no curves, no tits, no ass. Nothing. She’s got a nice face, but that’s it. I mean I know the books portrayed her as kinda ugly but damn…

  48. She’s got no tits or ass because she’s so skinny. Some women are well endowed even whilst skinny, and some, lose their T and A when they lose the fat. Kind of a hit and miss, they just have be lucky or waste money on getting them artificially.

  49. I gotta agree with Eric on this one. Even Hermione dropped out of school to fight Voldemort!

  50. Thoughts on the series aside, I just think it’s funy that loumy thinks knowing a. the release date of a massively pulicised movie, b. the name of an actress from said massively publicised movie who has constantly been in the news for the past few days and c. what said actress from said massively publicised movie who has constantly been in the news for the past few days LOOKS LIKE… requires expert fanboy knowledge.

  51. pols, you are a ridiculous buffon.

  52. Damn! *buffoon!

  53. http://www.emmawatson4u.com/wp-content/uploads/2007/11/emma-watson-picture-29.jpg

    If you look at that and see a boy, there’s nothing more I can say. Seek professional help. Or a stripper or something, if big fake tits are your thing.

  54. @53
    Dude, I think your gay.

  55. @ ijkl0marissa – screw you

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