Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Three Times Zero is Still Zero…

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  1. Three times zero is still zero.

  2. Liked it just because the title makes it funny. ;)

  3. I also hashtag my Facebook posts. #Lies #I’mAnAdult

  4. Christians…

  5. Didn’t know folks at Burger King had time for such intellectual diversions…

  6. He has a masters?

  7. So is he trying to prove he isn’t a moron by sounding like a moron? Honestly I’m pretty confused about his motivations here.

  8. hannibal-lecture

    He’s got a Master’s in Baitin’!

  9. I concede that, sometimes, spelling is really important.

  10. Dear God,
    Please blow up the Earth before we destroy it with our stupidity.

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