Tuesday, January 26, 2010

ThINKing Alike

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  1. But she never said where she got it. Stoopid beotch.

  2. Yo Mo’Nique slow your roll. You wanted that tat since you were 5? Classy.

  3. What a Jelous bitch XD

  4. fingerman, I’m going to take a stab in the dark and say that’s the rear of her white underwear, placing this little gem, right in the tramp stamp zone. Again, classy.

  5. I believe Monique. That looks like a tattoo a 5 year old would want.

  6. for the record its spelled jealous… dumbasses

  7. Wow does no one know how to fucking type anymore?

  8. blatant tramp stamp. that tattoo is totally the monkey joke. hopefully they’ll realise how lame it is and they’ll each try and pin the idea on the other.

  9. Monique is a funny jelous bytche.
    The inner wings look like fucked up ears, by the way.

  10. I’m sorry, are they typing in English?

  11. I like how Chelsea thanks Kathryn for asking where it is.

  12. Poor Kathryn. At best, she is an afterthought.

  13. Good God kids are stupid these days.

  14. Either her underwear is uneven or the tat is crooked, personally I hope it’s the latter :p

  15. I don’t know, I think that tattoo is pretty impressive.
    The devils horns look like one of those impossible shapes Escher drew…

  16. Wow Monique has wanted that tattoo for a whole year ;-)

  17. complaining about how they spell jelous is just rediculous

  18. It looks like something a 5 year old would draw…pity it had to be the same 5 yr old who did the ink! Absolute rubbish tattoo!!

  19. What is with the pair of misshapen lumpy ears that form the inner part of the wings? Porridge ears.

  20. I love how Nicki spells “Jealous Bitches” correctly but Monique butchers it in her reply…she could have just looked up for the correct spelling Doh!

  21. @roflmfao: roflmfao.

  22. @muchdrama
    HEY! i don’t want to sound harsh… but don’t go around saying kids are dumb these days, just because these people are so quote and quote “classy” (so not) does not mean that all kids should be called that because of these…. quote and quote “jelous bytches”.
    They are dumbasses tho…

  23. Christ on a cracker

    Yeah, I know the feeling since I also wanted a tattoo when I was five but mine was way more deep: “Daddy’s little messiah”. Sweet, ain’t?

  24. I’ve seen worse tattoos than that, so I won’t rag on her for it. But seriously? How the fuck does Monique even manage to type? “mi” instead of “‘me”? Really? Typos are one thing, but I don’t think I’ll ever understand people who go out of their way to make up words that sound the same as the word it is replacing. It’s easier to just type the real word! Come on!

  25. When I read “Read the rest of this entry” my eyes lit up and my insides started tingling with excitement. Until I realized I couldn’t read a damn word any of these chicks were writing. Then I got sad.

    I also like how OP thanked Kathryn instead of telling her where the tattoo was. I want to read Kathryn’s response to the thanks.

  26. worst_episode_ever

    i dont usually care too much about spelling but mi? really? mi? fuck i just want to slap this idiot

  27. So many MANY things to say.

    First of all, are there personality copy right laws? That would come in handy.

    Secondly…”bitch” and “jealous” are spelled correctly for her right there! RIGHT THERE! Anyone can misspell something. We’re all human. But when the correct spelling is all laid out for you RIGHT THERE use it!

    Thirdly, who seriously wants a tattoo at 5? I have a 5 year old daughter and the idea of getting a shot at the doctor’s office is enough to make her run and hide!

    And lastly, for now, please, people PLEASE wait until the nasty red is gone before posting pictures of your body stains. Please?

  28. AdmiralKnight, when you said “Come on!” I totally heard it in Gob Bluth’s voice.

  29. @AdmiralKnight
    “mi” can be typed … ppl where i come from use that when they type… but as to say “me” instead of “my”… but i think its a typo stillz…. its not made up :) its pronounced with the short “i” where i come from… she just using it wrong… maybe she saw soemone write it and think it meant “me” instead of “my”

  30. I’m curious where you come from Allygirl_88

  31. The tattoo looks like a fanged sphincter ring and raggedy vagina lips. I say Monique should stop bitching, because Chelsea saved her the ten bucks.

  32. lol.. i dont think im allowed to tell…. but i come from the caribbean… so… lol.. i basically just told… OH WELL… our creole is very hard to understand… i cant teach it….

  33. THIS IS THE TATTOO I HAVE WANTED SINCE I WAS 5: http://ugliesttattoos.com/2010/01/22/funny-tattoos-you-don’t-need-to-spell-it-out-for-us—the-monocle-says-it-all/

  34. If I had any inkling this Monique woman was from any place where that is a legit spelling then I would cut her slack, but I think she’s just being purposefully ignorant and just happened upon a spelling for a word that might be correct in some part of the world.

  35. if i got a tattoo… id get the same one my mom has… yes my mom isnt old and has taste… and she doesnt believe adults should be on facebook… well the uncool ones… FINALLY SOMEONE WITH SENSE!!!

  36. I think Lamebook should try to go one day where none of the posts contain ppl hoo tipe lyk dis

  37. I don’t even understand what they are saying but that is some snazzy art work. It looks like a nasty vajaja, a winged vajaja with horns. ha ha

  38. The Blind Assassin

    SHUT UP!
    The tattoo is stupid and ugly anyways so who gives a shit.

  39. I don’t understand this language. I need a damn dictionary or even a translator to understand this new speak.

  40. Allygirl, you don’t need to type “quote and quote.” you can just use the quotation marks. People *say* “quote unquote” to let people know they are quoting something else when they are talking. Open parenthesis, close parenthesis (Personally, I prefer curling peace signs next to my ears.)

  41. @36, that would be a no-post day.

    I’m cancelling my subscription to Monique, she has too many issues.

  42. @spinach dip
    That tattoo is AWESOME!

  43. I’m pretty sure at the age of 5 I didn’t really even know what a tattoo was. However, had I known I probably would have gone with a badass Sesame Street tattoo.

  44. Monique makes my head hurt.

  45. @wulfsgirl: Or a muppet, like Animal, maybe Gonzo.

  46. JacksSmirkingRevenge

    what five year old wants a tattoo that looks like that? or a tattoo period?

  47. Care factor…


  48. more than half the people on the internet can’t spell correctly. sad.

  49. Imagine how many guys are going to shoot their load on that.

  50. @carlo: half the people on the internet use right, instead of correctly.

  51. The thing that bothers me is if that stupid bytch wanted that tatoo since she was 5, why didn’t she get it yet anyway? There must be some sort of time limit to these things. I told my best friend I wanted a porche since I was 5 and I made him promise to not buy one first unless I haven’t got one yet by the time I’m 92. That gives me three and a half more years to save up.

  52. wulfsgirl – Rainbow Brite!

  53. @ Walter Sobchak

    Gosh, you must be a right laugh at parties!

  54. Translation? She stole the tattoo the other chick wanted? It’s ugly anyway.

  55. I’m a major tattoo critic, and for a start that’s fucking tiny. Not only that but it’s outta proportion too. What a waste of good money!

  56. This tattoo is almost as cool as a TRIBAL piece!


  57. LMAO @nancy magoo

  58. that’s a fucking shit tattoo, what’s lamer is that the bint Monique got upset about the plagiarism, she should be grateful she didn’t emblazon her lower back with that shit spunk target.

  59. I love the word “bint”

  60. @16: You win the internet

  61. Wow, the smart thing to do would be to never admit that you wanted a tattoo like that. I used to draw “tattoos” like that…on my duotang at school when I was 13 hahaha!

  62. I’m with @PennyLane on this one. Who really is thinking and designing their own personal tattoo at the ripe old age of 5??

    Monique has issues that run way deeper than her obvious lack of prowess in the spelling department.

  63. Well, if she wanted the tattoo since she was five, she shoulda gotten it sooner, shouldn’t she?

  64. does anyone else think this may be another “doctored” lamebook post to make it look like she said 5 instead of maybe 15??

  65. blondie1508, no. Of all the photoshoppery to be done with this, that would be even more lame than all of lamebook. You are a frodo and you probably don’t have a pool.

  66. The main thing that pissed me off in this photo is that she said, “Thanks Katheryn” and the bitch didn’t even say she liked it, she asked where it was.


  67. I don’t like how the horns aren’t even and the wings look like they came off some sort of bird, not an angel.
    WTF is wrong with tattoo artist these days?

  68. And this is why I didn’t get a tattoo when I was 15. I probably would have ended up with a Playboy bunny on my ass.

  69. I don’t think that tattoo is really all that bad…but I hate people who just get tats because they’re ‘cute’ or whatever.
    I know if/when I get one, it’s going to be a crescent moon, in honour of my daughter Luna.

  70. insert clever name here

    @GoddessDigi – Really? You HATE people who get tattoos of images that they find simply visually appealing? You must hate a lot of people. You would abhor me but that’s ok because I hate people who make mass generalizations.

  71. @GoddessDigi – I hate that you named your daughter Luna.

  72. @GoddessDigi – I hate that you named your daughter after the cat in Sailor Moon. I was going to do that.

  73. @70
    Well, perhaps not hate. I guess ‘irks me’ would be more correct. Because, to me, it just seems like they didn’t really think it through all that much. Even if it’s ‘cute’, are you really going to like it when you’re older and your tastes have changed? It’s just a better idea to think of something meaningful to you rather than just pleasing to the eye.
    Now, if I had gotten a tattoo when I was like 17 or 18, like I had planned I would have a line of flowers up my leg. Yeah, now that would’ve been a mistake. xD
    Haha, I watched that when I was little. :D Luna’s the abbreviated version of the French name I’m giving her. Hubby’s not French, so he says it’s always just going to be Luna with him, lol.

  74. As mentioned, the thanking of Kathryn is best.

  75. whoa At 5 i was thinking about fairy bread not a ‘angel wings and devil horn’ tramp stamp!

  76. Why did she thank Kathryn? Kathryn said nothing that could have been considered a compliment..

    -God’s investment(His Son) in you was SO great, he could NEVER leave you!-

  77. elixabeth is a whore.

    Also Monique needs to chill.

    That is all.

  78. MOTHER FUCKER!!! That’s the tat I wanted since I was 4!!! Copy cattin bitches….

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