Monday, November 2, 2009

Theo the Creepo







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  1. natior? hrrrmmmm

    xoxo mwah

  2. OMG, I have to find this guyyyyyyyy. I know it could be true looooooove. Hit me up Theo mwah xoxo. I have a thing for staaaaalkers and creepersssss.

  3. People actually try to pick up on facebook?

    I’m scared…

  4. I bet Theo says that to all the girls. “mwa” – “mwaaa”. Jeez.

  5. Um.. does anyone else find it strange that 5/6 girls finished their comment with an “x”? And they all thanked him for the add? I thought these kinds of things only happened on myspace.

  6. Facerape

  7. I this sometimes, only I do it to pick up blokes!!

  8. I once reamed out this guy’s lower intestine with my tongue and magic fingers. He never called again. Sigh.

  9. im a random I hope u dont mind :)

    Do none of these girls realize that hes doing/saying the same thing to all of them?

  10. @ Aniskai: I’m assuming that it was difficult enough for these girls to read his comments and string together a barely intelligible sentence in response. They were probably too mentally exhausted to attempt to read the rest of his page. So, no, they probably don’t realize it.

  11. I think Theo is a girls name by the way. Especially in England…

    I don’t know if that makes it creepier or not..?

  12. This is so obviously a FAKE and not a very good one. I mean, every one of these people types/talks exactly the same way – including Theo! They all use lowercase for every letter, use “babe” and :) way too much, and use the xo’s at the end. That’s no coincidence. How lame. Looks like someone had way too much time on their hands.

  13. I’m with Jennifer.

    I noticed that all these girls talk the same and they always say the same thing “babes” “x” “xoxooo” whatever.

    Then it goes from 4 hours ago to 2 hours ago on all of them.

    This isn’t myspace either.

  14. theo?
    not a girls name in england.

  15. @11 – Theo is a boy’s name, even in England.

  16. Yeah, definitely fake. Not even a good attempt at trying to make it seem real.

    Also, at least in Britain, Theo can be a guys or girls name, as in short for theodore (guys) or theodora (girls). I’m british and know a female theo. Not sure about anywhere else in the world though.

  17. Time to stop pixelating the names and pictures! Clearly Myspace emigres, all of them. Theo sounds like a real charmer btw.

  18. I think all the girls are fake fb accounts and Theo’s just trying to impress his “friends.”

  19. “I’m a random???”
    That’s not creepy…

  20. You guys are confusing with ‘TheA’ – a girl’s name.

    There are dozens of reasons why this is fake. And who the heck submitted it?

  21. everyone in england puts x’s at the end i only found out americans didn’t when someone i was talking to in america asked me what the x’s were for… and yeah theo is a guys name here

  22. What’s the x for? Is it like a “Roger” thing? I don’t get it.

  23. Yeah I’m fairly sure that dude writes messages to himself.

  24. also i didn’t realise people said “thanks for the add” on facebook i remember that on myspace ages ago though

  25. Why the hell don’t people use actual words anymore? Seriously, my IQ is dropping just from trying to parse that shit.

  26. I’m with Ms. Terri…the real lameness here is that this guy Theo took the time to create so many obviously fake girls who were all too happy to have a “random” hit on them out of the blue.

    Seriously I’ve never seen anyone say “thanks for the add” on facebook. Ever. And all six of these girls do? Pssshhh

  27. I whole-heartedly agree that this is either fake or that he is doing the fake profile thing to impress people. Especially since it is unlikely that they would all type strangely similar responses. LOSERRRR…

  28. I use my anal beads as a ripcord to get my mornings started right.

  29. Brunswick near Preston, but a bit far from Brighton? This guy’s not English. He’s from Melbourne, Australia. I work in Brunswick, and I used to live near Preston. They’re pretty close to each other, and Brighton’s a bit of a long drive away…

    This is just typical of the morons in this area :(

  30. People generally don’t say “Thanks for the add” unless they don’t know the person. You know, it’s kind of code for “Thanks for adding me, a complete stranger, even though you don’t know me and I’m hella creepy and am going to undoubtedly hit on you and facebook stalk you and try and get in your pants.”

  31. Everyone in England puts an x at the end? I don’t think they do you know, I don’t and the only people I know who do are people who insist on using text talk

  32. In England, ‘x’ means a kiss. Nearly everyone uses it at the end of Facebook messages. I don’t klnow whether this is fake or not but I’ve seen people do ‘thanks for the add’ on Facebook. Also, the way these girls are talking (‘babeee’ etc) is the way lots of female chavs type, unfortunately.

  33. Is it just me, or is Natasha the only one he has NO shot with? I mean she appears to actually have an IQ in the positive, what with the complete sentence and all.

  34. I’m calling FAKE here…
    If this is not fake, he is one desperate motherfucker!

    oh and Theo is most definately a dude’s name, everywhere. Thea is a girls name.

    Another thing, maybe I’m just getting old, but ‘kids’ these days need to learn how to spell… they are fucking up our language!

  35. It’s not fake. English sluts and English loser blokes who use facebook for this sort of thing all use that wanky sort of writing. It’s blatantly real.

  36. Theo’s a god damn visionary and genius, is what he is.

    I’m random

  37. I have friends on my list who do this sort of shit all the time. They’ll just go through their friends list and add any nice looking girl, then the conversation between the two generally go along the lines of the above. It’s frankly disturbing, because there are so many fucking slags out there who will literally suck a geezer’s cock just because he added them on facebook. The youth of today, myself and a few others excluded, are fucking insane. Insane and retarded. If that’s possible?

  38. **I mean they’ll go through their friend’s lists. The sentence makes no sense as it is!

  39. hey this is theo :) thanks for reading my comment im a random i hope u dont mind. nice to meet u

  40. “I’m a random” could have been a chan meme.

  41. @no way…
    If the above ‘facebooking’ is not a fake then it seems entirely possible to be “insane and retarded”!
    I find it so sad that social interaction is moving in this direction.
    Don’t get me wrong, I love meeting new people all the time. But, over beer and Jager.
    The good ‘ol way.

  42. Well, obviously she likes the attention from random guys since she added a guy she doesn’t know. I mean on video-game sites it would be different. But a site which tells all the information a person needs to stalk and/or murder you? Maybe that’s not the best idea.

  43. Does today’s generation aspire to being random? There are aspects to the web that are less than wonderful.

    And yes, x or xx or even xxx means kisses in the UK and some other English-speaking countries.

  44. @ 42 – ‘she’??? Did you not click on ‘read the rest of this entry’? It’s Theo who’s the weirdo here.

  45. If Theo adds me, I’m deleting my Facebook. And possibly moving to another state.

  46. I have many non English friends who use the XXX thing , but only at the end of the convo.
    Again ,that’s creepy and that girl *cough cough Jana cough cough *
    is a slut.

  47. I’d add Theo for the lulz. Does anyone know his username?


  49. hi angie, i’m theo..can i bum you?mwwaa xx
    p.s i have aids

  50. “x” means kiss in the US too but we don’t regularly put it at the end of our messages.


  52. Hey asshole,

    That’s screaming bloody chaos. Everybody knows that.

  53. Hey Boz
    Fuck you.

  54. @44.
    Yes, I read it. But the girls are the dumbass internet whores that added him; hence, their own faults.

  55. dumbasses*

  56. Why would anyone accept a friend request from someone they don’t know anyway?

  57. Disregard number 55. =Z Oops.

  58. @56.
    My point exactly!

  59. 56

    Because girls are slags. 99% of girls are slags. They accept them for one reason, to suck their cock. Maybe to fuck them too, so two reasons.

  60. Regardless of authenticity or where they’re from they are both creepy.
    Could even be Australian- natio(r?!) is nationality over there. But I’d like to think they’re from somewhere else.

  61. Obviously they are English Jane, They all say where they come from for Christ sake.

  62. I used to live in Brunswick.
    Now I feel all dirty. Ew.

  63. ‘both’ as in Danielle and Jana. Actually all the chicks are just as bad as Theo babee xx

  64. yeah…all the suburbs these weirdos mention are all in Melbourne, Australia…
    time to move :(

  65. Sometimes my friends and I end emails/letters with “XOXO,” but it is in a joking manner. It’s like you know it is a ridiculous ending, so you write it to be funny. Other endings include “all my love” and “your dearest wife.” However, it doesn’t seem like these gals are doing it as a joke.

  66. 64. They’re not from Melbourne. If those places are in Melbourne they are simply borrowed from England. I can categorically state that these freaks are English, i don’t know why I’m stressing this point, I should just let you have ‘em, but the way they are typing is a dead giveaway, They’re English, and they’re cunts.

  67. @no way- Did you read any of the earlier comments such as #29′s? I know it’s important to be right on lamebook so if you say they’re from England then I’ll just agree with you

  68. @65.
    That’s rather childish. What if someone really had feelings for you and he believed you had the same feelings because you put that? The whole “xoxo” and such signatures really are a way of flirting.

  69. Preston, Brunswick, Kew and Brighton are all suburbs of Melbourne, Australia.

  70. @ no way, actually Brunswick, Preston & Kew are all just around Melbourne, Australia and Brighton is a bit further away…in England none of those towns are anywhere near each other so I’m pretty sure these guys are from Australia…and if they’re all 12-14 year old girls there is a high possiblity that they do all speak like that…

  71. just like Jennifer and realz said, FAKE!

  72. I like it how “The artist formaly known as TIMMYYYY” and “The artist formally known as TIMMYYYY” had a whinge about kids these days not being able to spell, yet he spelt “formerly” wrong in two different ways.
    Unless, of course, he means that he is only known as Timmy in formal contexts??

  73. @spoje, ummm Americans don’t put Xs at the end of comments? Since when? I’m American and I do that a lot…xx

  74. @68 I guess that would explain why a friend of mine recently proposed to me.

  75. i think its definitely real. why is he faking it? if he is faking it why did he make up three girls who didnt reply after he said he was a random? so all his friends can see him get rejected?
    i think it is an excellent example of personality mirroring as a means to social success. just like the way all you guys are using perfect punctuation and making dryly humorous remarks at each other.

  76. hayy babee thanks for the addee! do ii no u? noo problem if noott, iim desperatee for the attention soo iif u suggest meeeting up iim keeeem babeee xxxx

    Reeks of pure desperation on all sides.
    Anyone else think Theo reminds them of creepy POF Chris guy? Perhaps they could add each other as “randoms” and become buddies.

  77. @retart


  78. @ retart: Win! Pretty sure you hit the nail on the head.

  79. Theo is a name popular among males of Greek descent. Theo it seems, is from Brunswick, VIC – Australia. In the Nthn Subs of Melbourne. It’s just near Preston; the suburb with the famous Bell Stree Maccas where anybody with half a quart of oil in their hair can go get lucky with a recent primary school graduate.
    I would like to think it’s all fake on here, but honestly it could indeed be real. This is how kids type here. It’s becoming a national epidemic. Cyber-stalking is seen as a respectable pastime among some of our twenty-somethings too, it seems. Bloody disgusting, eh?

  80. @75
    that was well said, retart. I’m a sucker for perfect punctuation.
    I reckon this post is real too. There really are people just like that in Melbourne, thankfully I don’t live there anymore.
    yes I thought he might be Greek, good call

  81. @80… It’s spelt retard…

  82. what a fucking retard loser!

  83. @81. It’s definitely retart. :)

  84. @79
    yep theo, angiee (angela), danielle (daniela), jana, maria (esp!), pretty common names to be heard in those circles, quite easy for theo to be trawling through his mates friends and finding these girls.
    likely melbournian, and agreed many many kids type like that nowadays

  85. Cheers Lol.
    Rosie/Ehh if you check out the other comments and names instead of being so quick to hate you might get a bit more of a clue. Maybe.

  86. this guy reminds me of a much less suave internet version of that French guy in Taken who scouts out the hot chicks to be kidnapped at the airport…

  87. @Lopkop – he totally does!

  88. I guess I stand corrected. I don’t know whether to be pleased or not. I’m glad English Kids aren’t the only ones, or am I? Confusing.

  89. even some people from melbourne talk like cunts.

  90. So what we’ve ascertained from this is that Theo definitely has chlamydia.

  91. The Internet is not private

    Theo Jones.

  92. Stupid English people trying to steal our morons.

  93. @74.
    Wow.. you went THAT far with teasing him? Poor boy.

  94. girls in melbourne beware.

  95. xx =kisses
    oo = hugs
    Used freely by sanguine types along with smiley faces.
    Often used to soften an abrupt end to a conversation.
    “Thanks for the add” Some people like to boast about how many friends they have,consequently, add anyone. All these people seem needy.

  96. If you don’t know them, why ‘thanks for the add’? (Indeed, why ‘thanks for the add’ at all?!)
    If you don’t know them, why are you giving them kisses and hugs?
    If you don’t know them, why are you calling them pet names?
    If you don’t know them and they are blatantly hitting on you at random, why are you telling them where you live (even ballpark)?

    Seriously, these are the people who will start complaining when they are really getting stalked.


  97. I feel ashamed that someone from my town would add a “random” and then blow him a kiss in her opening post to him. My city’s gone to the dogs

  98. What in flying fucks name went on there??????????? Holy hell, the human race OFFICALLY scares the shit out of me…..

  99. Maybe he has the “Robert Pattison Rape Stare” down pat and the girls are swooning as they are added on…I guess.

  100. @98
    You are putting the meaning of ‘lame’ into lamebook here. Moron

  101. OH DEAR some of you people are pathetic, having little arguments about where in the world these people are from. Who cares!?!? It’s almost as if you actually want them to come from your country, and are proud of it! If I was even beginning to think they might come from England (where I live), I’d be the first to say they clearly come from Australia. Besides, exactly what relevance does it have to the post anyway? How does it make any difference to it? Either way, Theo is a pathetic excuse for a man trying to pick up girls on Facebook, and the girls are imbeciles for only taking the chance to ask who Theo is AFTER they’ve accepted his friend request and given him access to all their personal information. When people I don’t recognise friend request me, I send them a message asking if I know them, and if they tell me I don’t or they don’t reply I reject them straight away. These girls are clearly just (social networking site friend) whores.

  102. I think it’s just as pathetic when people make double-triple sure they don’t maybe, sorta, kinda know the person; by sending them a message to check. That’s just as sad. If you don’t know the person by name or appearance, and you still think (HOPE, PRAY) maybe it’s someone you bumped into at a party back in the 90′s…. but then again – Im not on Facebook, so who am I to judge…. ***hmmm***?

  103. Shut up hmmm, Why is your opinion the yardstick for being pathetic? I would say that writing that whole spiel commentating on earlier posts was pathetic. And do you think anyone gives 2 fucks about what you do when someone adds you as a friend on facebook? Get over yourself you dick.

  104. That girl is gonna get raped by her grandpa.

  105. Haha at Zizou and no way.

    Zizou, I went to three different schools and I’m not always great at remembering surnames, and people don’t always have their faces as their pictures, so what you say bears no relevance to what I said, ***dumbass***.

    no way, it’s not my opinion, it’s obvious fact. You are pathetic, and were wrong anyway so you should probably stop commenting as you are a massive fail of a human. By saying what I do when someone adds me on Facebook I was issuing a comparison with what was actually in the post, which I’d much rather do than try to claim these morons as part of my country, which is, in itself, fucking pathetic.

  106. Stating your opinion as fact is pathetic. Boring the shite out of anyone who reads your responses is pathetic. I was generally musing over where these people come from, so fucking what? You come on and blast me as pathetic, then go on to say I am a failure as a human being? Anonymity is a wonderful thing on the internet, it allows little pussy virgins like you to call others failures, when in the real world it blatantly is you who is the boring, sad, geeky little twat. Go fuck yourself.

  107. hmmm, I sure do love me some cock.

    Im sure you have millions of Facebook friends… especially with your brilliant personality!

  108. Haai hmmmm

    Nobody like you.

  109. Yet to find a thread that doesn’t get derailed

  110. Awwww check out noway getting all worked up cos she realises how much of a moron she is trying to claim the losers in this post as English when it was clearly stated near the beginning of the comments section that they were Australian anyway. I love it when someone’s stupidity gets them all worked up and aggressive, it’s so entertaining. It’s part of the reason I post these comments – I love getting reactions out of internet forum nerds just to see what crap they can come up with to try and be insulting. At least, noway, I have evidence to back up the fact that yes, you are pathetic, whereas you are just calling me names because I upset you. And for the record, your insults really don’t bother me, because my life is amazing and I love it, so much so that someone who is “sad” enough to argue about where lame people come from in a lame post really doesn’t have what it takes to upset my life.

    @111, I do have quite a lot of friends yes, and they are also my friends on Facebook, but that’s as far as it goes. I don’t have “Facebook friends” as you put it. But thank you, people do often compliment me on my personality :)

    @Boz, it’s the fact that anybody thinks I care what people in the Lamebook comments section that really amuses me. People really do take this site too seriously, don’t they? I see it as a complete and utter joke!

  111. She sure showed us...


  112. You clearly take yourself way too seriously. You obviously think you’re hilarious saying she, when referring to me, which is literally comic genius. Oh look at me I do have lots of friends yes. No. You’re a sad loner. I wasn’t arguing with anyone, I was just talking. You’re the one who started the argument, throwing the first insults. Also, FYI, anyone who claims to have loads of friends on the internet, and say’s that posts don’t bother them, and are so keen to state that they love their life, is quite obviously lying and is a fantasist, usually to make up for things they lack in the real world. Anyone with a level head reading your posts will know you are a total prick. You’re the one who keeps stressing the point now about where these people are from, and yet you claim to care so little, you’re a hypocrite, a boring loser one at that. People often compliment you on your personality? what fucking planet do you live on you weirdo?

  113. Bloody hell, some of these comments should be put on the site as well. Lamebook is a good laugh until you see all these sad little flame wars. Internet, serious business.

  114. Ok, lame. In what way is calling you a she anything to do with anything? I just assumed you were. I’m not going to bother defending myself as according to you everything I say is a lie and clearly you’re ALWAYS right, as proven, so there is simply no point. I will sleep easy tonight with my fiancé knowing that I really hacked off some internet nerd while I was at work getting paid to laugh at sad freaks such as yourself.

  115. You obviously didn’t think I was female. You’re just backtracking now because I made you look like a cunt. I’m not an internet nerd, I too am at work, and just passing the time on this website, as are most others. I didn’t say I’m always right and you’re always wrong, you’re just saying that because you got mugged off, and you have no rebuttal. You started this argument not me. So i felt I responded adequately. You continued it thereafter. Oh wow you’re going home to your fiance? I bet she’s at home trying to get off right now because when you get home you’ll be sure to disappoint. I’ll bet she’s fat aswell. So congrats, on having a fat slag of a fiance. And for being so cool, that you’ll get home and still be thinking about an internet argument, i’ll tell you what, why don’t you think about this tonight when you’re having sex, take your mind off it, that way you might break your previous record of 15 seconds. Bitch.

  116. Whats more messed up is the girls are as sleazy as him. At least he know how to pick em.

  117. You’re all annoying.

  118. What the hell, who are you to tell me what I thought? I assumed you were female, I don’t know why, but how the hell would I know otherwise? This isn’t Facebook luv. There’s nothing wrong with thinking someone who you can’t even see is a different gender to what they actually are, so I really have no idea why you’re making such a big deal out of it. I’m beginning to think that maybe I hit a nerve somehow. Jeez. And by the way, I’m female, ha!!! Fail number 2.

    The funny thing is, I’m re-reading your posts and they’re so full of insults, which means you clearly feel like you need to defend yourself using absolutely ridiculous put downs. I, however, am quite happy with myself and couldn’t care less what you have to say about my fiancé because even if he was fat, which by the way he isn’t, I would still love him. It shows you off for what you are though, calling someone who you haven’t seen fat…Very mature, and clearly 100% correct and based on solid evidence! Nice work! By the way, here’s a tip for you: Insults only work and offend someone if they’re actually true.

    After this, I definitely stand by what I called you in the first place. It seems to me that you need to do some yoga or something, learn to relax a bit and not take Lamebook so seriously. It’s just a website, it’s not real life. You’re putting a lot of strain on your heart by getting so worked up and angry. Anger management would probably help as well. Just chill.

  119. The Irony is that you started the war of words, You are clearly the angry one (judging by your last post). 5:00 kiddies. See ya.

  120. I'm with everyone else

    Hmmm you are being an idiot. No way, clearly has a better understanding of human interaction than you. so uhh- yeah. FLAME WAR WOOO!

  121. Name withheld ~~~~

    Oh Theo; a boy gotta keep his options open. These chicks are crazy for adding men they do not know. For god’s sake send him a message, don’t add add add. I tell you what, GO THEO. Theo got some game lol.

  122. They’re English, not Australian. Believe me, I’m not proud of this fact. You’re welcome to them.

    And the ‘xxx’ thing is pretty standard procedure in England, regardless of how ridiculous it may seem to you, Hughe. Pretentious wanker.

  123. Does everyone in England call each other babe, too?

  124. Brit in Brunswick

    Jeez. Lamebook Comments needs it’s own blog. Most of the stuff in here is way lamer than any of the items posted.

    Are people really still arguing that this is in the UK? I’m guessing trolling, but anyone with half a brain and an internet connection can get onto Google Maps and see for themselves that this is Melbourne…. sadly from my very own suburb… I will be returning to the UK forthwith.

  125. This is seriously creepy.

  126. @Hmmm GTFO.Seriously.

  127. I can’t believe people are still asking questions about what people say in England! People who live in Melbourne, Australia are telling you that the facebookers are from there. Surely whether or not people call each other babe and use X at the end of everything in England is irrelevant since they’re not from ENGLAND!

  128. I am neither clever nor am I particularly literate, yet I can’t help but wonder at these comments. Funny, yes. But why all the angst? I think it’s pretty normal for kids to do whatever they think will get them a piece of a$$. HORMONES!!! They are the root of all evil. Granted, the kid should refine his technique. But give him points for trying. We all do… By the way, this young man is neither English nor is he from Australia. He is clearly a pariah in the slums of India trying to emulate his betters. Yeah. I have reduced myself to dry and (in my opinion) intellectual humor to improve my social status. Or else I am sitting on the couch with nothing better to do than drink and post on this site… I love an ellipsis. Just love those Lil guys…

  129. Im pretty sure these are in Melbourne because Brunswick isnt far from Preston and Brighton is on the other side of the city.

    One girl mentions Exams and chilling by the pool.. I highly DOUBT thats in England cause its been pretty hot in Melbourne the last couple of weeks and exams are going on right now.

    And trust me, aussies teens type like that too.

  130. i dont think this is fake
    i know jana, and you can see theo’s profile. he looks like a gimp
    oh and she is definitely from melbourne

  131. But when on earth would the weather be good enough in Melbourne to attempt “chilling by the pool”?

  132. #134
    Hot in Melbourne these last few weeks??? I think I might have to re-set my body thermostat! ;)

  133. yuck! what a creep! I love how people ask about “natios” still. In case you dont know it means “what is your nationality?” I have had that question before “what is your name?” arghhh growing up in the northern suburbs of Melbourne…

  134. It bothers me when people type like that. It just makes people look really stupid.

  135. Hey UK, what’s up? Just thought I’d fill you in on a few wacky facts:
    1. Sometimes, there will be more than one place in the world with the same name. In particular, many Australian towns share their names with towns in the UK. This is due to a lack of imagination by our British settlers.
    2. These idiots are definitely from Melbourne, Australia (not Melbourne, Florida). I hate to admit it, but it’s true.
    3. Theo is what is known as a muzza. Only muzzas ask anyone what natio they are.
    4. Theo probably lives next door to me, are at the very least has tried to impregnate someone I know.

    Whatever, UK. You guys are alright. Thanks for Dizzee Rascal, but you can keep the spotted dick.

  136. @kimba, im from the uk and found that funny. :) although some American towns have the same names as the uk towns aswell. which is cool. also.. u can keep dizzee rascal, hes a sellout.

  137. Kimba, you dont like spotted dick? Surely faggots must be more accomodating to your tastes.

  138. brunswick, kew, brighton and preston are all inner city suburbs in melbourne, australia. case closed

  139. always ending with x….

  140. facebook trollpimp

  141. Cant help but laugh at this one…Brighton, Preston and Brunswick are suburbs of Melbourne, Australia and I live in near Preston and am originally from Brunswick. Brighton is the beach on the other side.

    Natior..(i think he meant NATIO) as in “what natio are you” means what nationality are you, as Melbourne is so multicultural that its more like, “spot the aussie”. Its one of the first questions asked after your name, age and what area ur from. He’s a typical ethnic desperate douchebag, what he does is pretty common from loser like him, who wear ed hardy and go to music events topless and oiled up. We call them “MUZZAS” here and full on trashbag aussies like Kath & Kim are called BOGANS.

    And before anyone accuses me of being racist, no Melbourne is the least racist place…ur thinking of Sydney (Cronulla riots, anyone? Here in Melbourne we just laughed), nationality is just something of interest to everyone. I’m ethnic myself and from the same area as this D-bag

  142. Vic that’s interesting to hear the slang explained. Things like this on facebook bother me, it reminds me of what myspace was in 2005: A site to meet strangers to have meaningless ‘whatsup’ chats on aim with because you were in middle school and it was a weeknight.

  143. Preston FTW!

  144. what do they mean “random”

  145. what natior ya?
    what natior ya?
    what natior ya?
    what natior ya?
    what natior ya?
    what natior ya?
    what natior ya?
    what natior ya?

  146. ROFLMAO, I know this bloke!

  147. yep this guy is definetly from melbourne. ive seen his profile before and all those suburbs are really close to each other in melbourne.

  148. lol i actually know this kid. his the biggest dickhead. tries to pick up every girls out there but fails miserably. and also the biggest stalker out there as well…

  149. Pedo bear strikes again….

  150. I’m random i hope you don’t mind mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  151. @28

    … funniest thing I have read on the internet. EVER.

  152. this kind of shit HAPPENS?!?!?! O________O

    i’m scared for the future of the world.

  153. I do say “muack” (my “kiss-sfx”) to many girls, but I don’t go around hitting on them, lots of them, and randomly like this.
    But eh, these kinda guys are cool, no?

  154. This seems normal to me. OMG people meeting each other online! The world is ending! The funny thing is that Theo and the girls he talks to are getting laid way more than the people here who insult them.

  155. theo seems like a fake dick trying to pretend he has girls who want him on facebook

    sadly you fail theo
    you are now on lamebook

  156. I know this dude. His name is Theo Manos. I went to Brunswick Secondary school with him. I swear it’s him. He does the same shit on Myspace. If it isn’t the same person i’ll eat a hat.

  157. J, if it’s the person I think it is he ain’t getting laid.

  158. funkbrotherdee, that is definetly Theo Manos. I went to Brunswick too and I guarantee that is him because I saw these conversations on his Facebook profile. Funny thing is, he deleted his Myspace and now he wants to stuff up Facebook.

  159. Australians say “no worries”, as in “no worries, mate”. Do the British also use that expression?

  160. OMG it is Theo Manos from Brunswick lol

    he’s added me and done the same thing. he calls me his bestie…who knew he would make it onto a website lol

  161. pretty sure Theo made a bunch of fake accounts and added himself so that others think hes good with girls or some shit like that lol.

  162. This screams Paedophile!! It is dodgy that he adds young gilrs (guessing from the way the write) and then wants to know where they live, go to school etc, we shouldn’t laugh at this we should report it!

  163. lmfao! i know this guy… he’s not so bad in person…
    but yeah he pretty much tries to pick everybody up…

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