Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Wages of Sin

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  1. Don’t forget lumped with a stupid name.

  2. Man I miss being a full time student :(

    she must’ve been bent over a while if they had time to notice, plan, pose, and take a picture!

  3. Looks like she’s spewing so I suppose she maybe was bent over for a wee while.

  4. Wow, dressed up, on the rag and spewing. Classy indeed. Not a good day for poor Gross.

  5. Yeah she’s spewing alright! gotta admit thats a funny picture lol

  6. That American Guys Apparel is really quite disturbing. No wonder american girls go for British guys.

    And is that a loose thread?

  7. The tampon picture made me lol pretty hard.

  8. Oh boy… someone needs to tell bonehead that going commando is only acceptable those other, lovely, three weeks of the month.

  9. Now, does he give it a quick tug, or does he put a lighter to it.

  10. Ok the tampon one made me gag (but in a totally Lamebook worthy way), but then once I saw RImau’s comment I got a really good laugh, making the gag totally worth it.

  11. chiiro: hope you didn´t lol so hard that you squeezed your tampon out.

  12. You could just turn into a board game. Everyone takes turns hanging things on it until it drops out, or she notices.

  13. FUCK ME, there’s some suction on this!!!

  14. Is Kayvan the douchebag way to spell Kevin or something?

  15. I think you are right AG

  16. RI – a lighter? Fire in the hole!!

  17. Yes, and it’s fucking retarded AG. Hell, I’ve met a girl who’s name was spelled Kevynn… Equally messed up.

  18. isn’t kayvan a character in ovid’s metamorphoses….? no….?

  19. Fonejacker

  20. His boss expected him to work with a hangover? Working with a busted shoulder is okay it’s nothing you can’t walk off, but a hangover? What a fucken slave driver.

    Good to see more classic LB posts.

  21. Just the other day I saw that guy’s exact same tie at Shit Ugly Ties R Us. It was in the $1 “This Shit Ugly Tie Is Too Shit Ugly Even For Us” clearance bin.

  22. And don’t forget FUCKING RETARDED for forgetting that you have your boss on Facebook.

  23. If the numpty is stupid enough to get drunk the night before work, then he deserves the pain of having to work through a hangover. Unless he is responsible for peoples safety of course.

  24. I found the first one pretty funny, i lol’d at the tampon one, but the last one wasn’t really that funny

  25. … In fact, adding to my previous comment, that last one was really lame, but in un-lamebook worthy kinda way

  26. sayingwhatimreallythinking

    I LMAO at the tampon one, why didnt she make sure that shit was tucked in her underwear- i am able to complete that mission successfully AND not puke everywhere

  27. That’s not classy it’s Klassy!

  28. @ sayingwhatimreallythinking

    Probably because she isn’t WEARING any underwear.

  29. Easy access baby.

  30. dirtylittlepretty

    1.Ryan’s a follower. Mason might just flunk out.

    2.Shit ugly tie and all…I’d still sit on that guys face. I’m not convinced that she isn’t wearing panties.

    3.Kayvan really does have a stupid ass name. I want to refer to Deral as feral Deral.
    ~in college i probably would have had a lot of fun with Mason, if he didn’t date rape me that is.

  31. dirtylittlepretty

    Alfred is a fucking downer!

  32. Hey … I am going to invent a tampon with translucent string, for this oh so common situation.

  33. What sort of moron names their child Kayvan?

  34. … or tampons with actual jeweled strings for dress up occasions.

    Ok stopping now.

  35. How about one that has a label on the end that says “Pull to eject”.

  36. .. excellent idea, your game idea was good too though RImau… the string would be chain-like ( Barrel O Monkies type of thing)

    damn, I said I was stopping.

  37. dirtylittlepretty

    @mass-I like that jeweled string idea!!

  38. … and I think I like you dirtylittlepretty.

  39. You could use Swarovski Crystals and charge more, you know there’s some chick with money who’d buy them.

  40. Kayvan and Deral? Is this the Downs Syndrome family?

  41. @comments .. my Mom collects Swarovski Crystals, I could swipe a few and make a prototype.. I’ll cut you in if product testing O.K.s everything. Thanks for the idea.

  42. There’s a place at Nuff Corp. For people just like you mass, we can mass produce this and make an absolute killing. You can head the project, and I’ll take a cut for use of resources.

  43. The picture looks photoshopped.

  44. At one time or another, we’ve all drank too much. We’ve all vomited. We’ve all had random things hanging out of our cooches, dicks, and asses.

    Gross could have used her exposure to become a hero to us all. But instead, she wore flip-flops with a little black dress. So now I want to work over her clit with a ball-peen hammer.

  45. supguysfriedchicken

    Some of us do not drink nor vomit. However, someone should have tugged on that string for the lol’s.

  46. @mass good idea with the jewelled tampon string, that would TOTALLY make it classy! You could make it with matching earring sets!

  47. it wouldn’t surprise me if this girl is one of those girls who “forgets” she’s wearing a tampon and puts in another. Although with a string that obvious you’d hope not…

  48. The way I see it the tampon guy has a couple of options here.

    He can…

    A. Cross is fingers and see what’s behind lucky “back” door #3. (Don’t know about you but door #1 and #2 don’t seem too promising and seem far less sanitary at this point.)


    B. He could get drunk as balls, get his “blood wings” and then could even get to floss after he eats. Win, win. Right?

    What do you guys think?

  49. I’d say get drunk as balls and go for it!

  50. His girlfriend is vomiting, and what does this loser and his friend do? Take an embarrassing picture of her AND put it on FB. I hope she sees it and never speaks to him again.

  51. @ravendawn – I’m gonna guess that’s not his girlfriend…

    And I’d like to think of something humourous about confusing tradition with rules, sch as a lame murder joke, but alas, my brain is not at its sharpest.

  52. Right on, Stopsign!!!!

    A little bloody meatloaf neva’ hurt nobody!

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