Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Uncut Taste of Victory

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  1. It was worth it just for the phrase “dick-tasting ass.”

  2. Steve.

  3. This is some serious wtfery.

  4. LOL this guy probably shit his pants after reading this… Or licked his dick X_X

  5. the holy moustache

    Haha what a brilliant title for that post! Genius

  6. Hot damn! Brittany’s available, and my peepee’s fixed!

  7. Hi

  8. U shit on you lamebook. How’s it taste?

  9. *I


    Pretty lame Lamebook…. Bring on all the fake STEEEEEEEEEEVERRRRRRRRRS who love my balls and want to be like me!

  11. .

  12. Alllison Wunderland

    You should tell the pipe sharing boyz about the time he tongued your ass . . .

  13. So what’s the problem with his foreskin rolling down? Isn’t that what it’s supposed to do? Seriously Americans, what is wrong with you and your *fixed* penises.

  14. Karoline – yeah Karoline! What is wrong with those fucking jews and their time-honored ritual of circumcision! Fucking jews! Because that’s what you meant right? Since circumcision is not something to happens to all American men but is something that those of the Jewish faith do, and you’re complaining about it like there’s something wrong with it, I just figured I’d fill in the blanks for you.

  15. I seem to be a pervert for the second time this week. I’m not “sercumsized,” so I guess I’m a dicklicking foreskin adjuster. And a couple of says ago, I confess, I deep-throated a banana.

  16. Nopers is either a fail troll or just fail. Jewish population of America = 1.7%. Percentage of male children circumsized in the USA in 2005 = 56%, significantly higher than just about any other western nation. But nice try anyway.

  17. ass,ass,have you seen it?

    y does he need to put spit on it to roll the skin back? doesn’t that lube it up more and make it slide back down? eep!

  18. Actually “Nopers”, I think s/he was just stating that there’s nothing wrong with not being circumcised. Most of the men I know who have had circumcisions and mothers who put their children through it are not Jewish. It’s unclear to me why people have to make fun of a guy for not lopping his foreskin off. Do it, don’t do it… can’t we all just get along? What’s a little skin between friends, or lack of?

  19. Actually no one was making fun of him for not being “sercumsized”. That was just a detail of the story.

  20. I was referring to the comment ‘Nopers’ was remarking about, not the post.

  21. What’s the difference between a guy sharing a cigarette with a guy who uses his fingers to apply spit to his penis, and sharing a cigarette with a woman who has performed oral on a guy? Does she think gayness is contagious and transferred through saliva mixed with penis skin cells?

  22. I agree with comment #3…
    “This is some serious wtfery.”

  23. Stevee has a small wiener but 9inchs of foreskin

  24. jews arent the only ones who are circumsized/. i think most males are, it was very rare i have ever seen someone who didnt (and he was jamacian). seinfeld was right, circumsized penises have no personality. i’d hate to be a chic and end up with some dude who was uncircumsized. Ive never seen a porn where the guy is uncircumsized and i frequent Youporn nad pornhub a lot when the wife is away. (and jsut learned to erase history, very important). anyhow this chicsounds like a bitch and if i knew her i ‘d just realize shes some stupid undr 25 year old who is trying to ruin someone. stupid kids.

  25. i was circumsized august 29th 1976 by the way, how many people know their date of that. i never get a party

  26. Dawn of the Dan

    sirbutlust, those websites are not that great.
    Look into

  27. Personally, I think uncirumsized penises look disgusting. I don’t think it’s so much that I grew up and lives in America and that’s what I mostly see. I think it’s more so just an opinion of looks.

    Brittany is one vengeful bitch. We better not ever fuck with her or she’ll make our secrets go viral. The ext tasting his own dick that was is pretty fucked up….but if a guy is well hung and can do self oral, I think that’s A ok. and pretty hot. You don’t have to be gay to like doing that…it’s just another form of masturbation. Apparently BJs are great. It’s even better to be able to give yourself one an not have to wait around for your chick to feel like doing it. If only us girls could eat themselves…

  28. I used to think uncircumcised penises looked disgusting. Then I started dating a guy who had one. It looked weird at first, but then I got used to it. And now, circumcised penises look disgusting to me.

    So yes, it IS completely about what you are used to. If you say otherwise, it’s because you’ve never taken the time to get used to the other side.

  29. Jeez, this whole circumcision thing is weird, there is no point and no benefit at all. I find it kind of disgusting that a lot of Americans have this weird fascination with lopping of a piece of penis… It’s there for a reason FFS! I mean, genitals in general aren’t the best looking things as it is, chopping off a bit of skin makes NO difference, not to mention, it’s wrong, since the baby doesn’t have a say in the matter. What parents would put their children through unnecessary pain? Don’t pull the ‘hygiene’ card either, your bits are self-cleaning!
    I’ve never been with a guy with a circumcised cock and I feel sorry for guys who are. Cock is cock. So unnecessary!

  30. All penasia are pretty gross looking, regardless of their cut, or lack thereof.

  31. I prefer circumcised just because it makes it easier to suck, its annoying as shit to pull excess skin down.

  32. Well and I’m gonna eat my own shit if I want to, what’s it to some whining bitch?

  33. Stomabeutel 2.0

    @29 Sara, your bits might be self cleaning and smelling like a field of lavender on a particularly hot summer evening in the south of France. A uncut penis, if not properly cleaned over an extended period, will produce an amount of Feta that’s sufficient for 2 sandwiches or 1 medium size salad.

  34. I love you Stoma…

    Plus, aren’t we getting to the part of the circumsized/uncircumsized fight where one should mention that (presumably) uncircumsized men have more sensitivity?

    At least, it makes for an interesting read this morning…

    (also, wtf, comments)

  35. Oh my …. 30+ comments! What’s going on?! Soooo, just to let you all know I have NEVER seen a sercumsized penis. I feel so alone now.

  36. It just occured to me.
    Of those 30+ comments, no one has yet mentionned what a creep the girl is for having stayed with the guy if she thought he was so gross… It’s a classic

    C’mon, people, let’s comment like we mean it.

    I’ll even show you mine if you show me yours AND shit

  37. Ok then wandr … any of you guys sercumsized? I need to see one, I’ll show you mine if you show me yours.

  38. Silly Americans and their forced genital mutilation.

  39. First off.. Circumsized?? Why is everyone spelling it wrong like that troll up there who probably kissed this dude daily.. then shared stuff with her friends. Seriously, there’s no difference if he tasted his dick, or her.. their mouths are both infested with his unclean disgusting dirty mouth saliva infested willy. Ew.

  40. And btw.. I have no problem with fellatio. :) As long as it’s clean..

  41. Nopers, what’s wrong with you? I said nothing about Jews nor was I even thinking about them. The actual point of my message was seriously just wondering why that dude thought that the foreskin was doing any harm to his penis.
    Here in Finland circumcisions are performed only for medical reasons = only to a very very small minority of men. Except for medical, there’s no good reason to cut one’s foreskin – you can wash it to prevent it from getting dirty and seriously who the fuck cares about how the dick looks? There’s better things to do with a penis than rating it’s foreskin. Additionally, not having the foresking protecting the tip of the penis makes it less sensible over time. Fun fun fun.

  42. I agree with Karome. However the thought of a penis getting less sensible over time made me proper lol! Did you mean sensitive? Sorry to point it out but it is funny!! :D

  43. Haha yeah I did, sorry, didn’t use a dictionary :D

  44. Dr. Chalkwitheringlicktacklefeff

    I do that too. But because I keep my genitals clean it doesn’t taste bad.

  45. curlybap…ive never seen a circumsized penis either. dont feel alone! seriously…why are people saying they think it looks better circumsized…i know i cant comment because ive never seen one but surely it doesnt matter? its not like your going to have a picture of one framed in your living room…or at least i hope not???

    also…wow brittany….i would hate to see what you would do to someone who really screwed you over!

  46. Circumcision is a very very stupid practice, yet another moronic persecution forced upon us by the evils of organized religion. There is absolutely no hygiene factor to circumcise, if you are really that dirty you will have a host of other skin disorders/other diseases as well. And despite the science of the matter, people still refuse to believe it, believe there is no climate change, believe contraception is immoral when in fact not using it is. Sigh, I weep for humanity

  47. People always say they’ve never seen an uncut penis in a porn, but a lot of times when an uncut dick gets hard, the foreskin stretches out and it looks the same and a cut one.

  48. *as a cut one

  49. First, do no harm.

    David Reimer, anyone?

  50. Bell, actually the foreskin pretty much always stretches out when the penis is in full erection. I found this on google;

  51. What a vindictive bitch!

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