Monday, July 26, 2010

The Twilight Saga: More Crap

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  1. Stephen King > Stephenie Meyer

  2. We should run these people over with Christine

  3. Jayde, that is a very poor looking tattoo.

  4. um.. wow ?

  5. oh my fuck.

  6. I… I have no words for this. Those tattoos have rendered me speechless.

  7. @cakid612:
    Now, that’s just not fair to Meyers. Everybody is better than her, so no need to go for overkill like that. Really. :C

  8. SomeRandomChick

    Holy shit! Tattoos are forever dumbasses!

  9. I hope Jade, I’m sorry, “Jayde’s” tattoo is actually really tiny and that she had a detailed artist and an awesome camera lense. How big do you think that thing really is?!?!

    And a MOM with Twilight tattoos!!?!?! I thought bad tattoos were only for 18 year olds…This mom has lost it!

  10. Are you fucking kidding me????? Twilight tattoos? I wonder what the tattoo artist was thinking when that mom walked in… I’m assuming the one who did the second tattoo just didn’t care enough to do it nicely, because there was going to be no way to make a twilight tattoo look cool lol
    Also, that blanket looks like shit. I think the dude’s ugly anyway, but that’s just plain bad.
    The exploding glitter envelope was pretty funny though.

  11. @macabeak: good point

  12. there are no words.. mom makes me want to puke.

  13. These make me less regretful of my Home Alone Trilogy commemorative tattoos.

  14. I’m just saying – with such a ginormous obsession over the books/movie – do you think it really isn’t that bad? Surely there must be something good about it for so many people to go loopy for it? Or is it just stupid women who think that exceedingly ugly boy is ‘dreamy’?
    All I feel for the topic is pure hate, but I just don’t get why they like it so much when it’s desperately awful!
    Then again, tons of people like crap such as… Well I don’t even know the names of modern pop singers anymore – you know… Justin Beiber? Beyonce? What else… Lady Gaga? Uhmmm… Well you know what I mean – utter shit like that! :D
    (This kind of moaning makes me sound old and boring, but I’m a 19 year old female.)

  15. Clair de Lune was in Twilight? What a horrible place for a wonderful song >_>

    Those tattoos are… just… I have no words that describe how bad they are and how stupid the people wearing them are. My brain hurts.

  16. GrammarPuss, I think The Oatmeal summed it up well why so many people are infatuated with Twilight:

  17. Lmao; ‘Edward listens intently to everything Pants has to say, even if she’s bitching about how she had diarrhea on Christmas or her preferred method for cutting a sandwich in half…’ Pants is a good name. I think the whole book should be called Pants.

  18. Just because Clair de Lune was in Twilight doesn’t mean it needs to be played in the bathroom, it just means that Twilight picked a good song.

    Brittany needs to broaden her horizons if she thinks that a good song being played in a bad movie means the song is bad.

    Also, I’d love to take a crap while listening to Clair de Lune.

  19. When I saw the Twilight wrist tattoos I thought, “Wow. When that person is middle-aged they are seriously going to regret that.” Little did I know that the person getting those tattoos is already middle-aged. I have never had such disdain for a person I have never met.

  20. I really don’t know what to say….Really? I… Ugh, never mind. I think I will leave this one alone.(mumble mumble stupid shit rable rable)

  21. The tattoos are lame-worthy. The bedroom looks more like a young girl’s room so it doesn’t strike me as particularly bad, there’s always some obsession going. The other two, I’m just bored with the Twilight bashing. Anyone who spends that much time worrying about it is just as lame as the people they’re trying to mock.

  22. the bedroom is definitely a dorm room, which makes it pretty lame. you can see the cinder block walls on the left, and the mini fridge to the right.

  23. I really have a temptation to go full on Raskolnikov on these people…

  24. Dorm rooms are at boarding schools other than colleges. My cousin’s boarding school room was identical to my college dorm room.

  25. @15 Why would they ruin perfectly Debussy like that? Maybe it’s a subtle attempt to instill some culture in the people who like that kind of rubbish

  26. Oh, the humanity…

  27. Unfortunately the Twilight movies have cool soundtracks (the Black Keys, Thom York, the Dead Weather, Perry Farrell, Florence + the Machine). With the exception of Muse’s new crap, I’d say that those bands make up quite an impressive compilation.

    What a pain that the movies suck sweaty bifkin :(

  28. By the fuck, tatoos are already dumb but you gotta be a real dumb-ass loser to get Twilight tatoos. That is almost as bad as Star Wars tatoos. Sometimes I wonder how the hell we even got out of the fucking stone age.

  29. Bravo SeeBea, couldn’t have said it better myself!

  30. lumpyspaceprincess

    What’s Twilight?

  31. I’m more concerned that Ja(y)de seems uncertain how to spell her own name.

  32. I would like to blow my penis boogers on to that Twilight guy’s face. He’s so dreamy. He could also use the color.

  33. I would wait until my flow is the heaviest then I would have sex with my boyfriend and that beautiful face and I would get fine blood droplets all over his face and roll around in it.

  34. and=on

  35. Twilight is awful, but Debussy is top notch. If people start associating Clair De Lune with Twilight, I may or not take retributive action.

  36. The last tattoo I’d good though. It looks like a penis escaping from a woman’s anus where she has two hands tattooed on her legs. Look again.

  37. Dear Lamebook, Twilight pandemonium and Bieber Fever will never abate if you continue naming entries after them.

    Thank you for reading.

    P.S. I blame you for the resurgence of the Juggalos.

  38. I’d = is.

  39. Back in my day, which was incidentally 3 days ago, I’d = I would.

    Oh, it’s a brave new world, indeed.

  40. I’d do the mother with the tattoos.
    If she’s stupid enough to do that, then surely she would be stupid enough to have sex with me.

  41. Look at the anus!

  42. Are they serious? I like Twilight, but i would NEVERRR! do that in a million years, If i had a child and they did that, i would put them up for adoption..

  43. And I would adopt that child, pull its teeth, and let it do its best to suck the blood out of my penis.

  44. In most states you have to be 18 to be tattooed without parental consent, I think.

    At that point, I think it’s no longer called adoption…

  45. I think I am repetitive. I think.

  46. Adoption, basement prisoner, whatever. WHY DO YOU HAVE TO RUIN MY FUN!

  47. I was only informing shaannaa of how adoption and parental consent worked, in general.

    I would never impede your sexnanigans, Soup!

  48. Oh, god, Jade. I feel so sorry for five-years-in-the-future-Jade… she’s going to fucking DESPISE you.

  49. Thank you, _isglory. Between cops, parents, and teachers, it’s already quite the gauntlet I must run to get my sweet hairless pie. Twilight is like the candy of the 70′s, the lost puppy of the 80′s, the chloroform of the 90′s. Basically, it has allowed my deviance to blossom in a way that my victims will never get the chance to.

  50. I just don’t get it… can’t people like or dislike something with out being Obsessed over it? I mean come on….. Justin Beiber…. Twilight…. Bakagon…. whatever….
    I guess freedom of speech gives you that right, but it gives others the right to Mock you for it….
    I mean hey, I like the books, but they weren’t Epic! The movies however, well, it’s like a kid shot it…. go back to Sundance!

  51. ughhh twilight.
    but the glitter envelope made me lol.

    also, an addition to the horrors inspired by this insipid series:

    i sort of threw up in my mouth.
    lol jk, i projectile vomited across the room.

  52. Paranoid Android


  53. I don’t think anything has pissed me off more than the whole twilight “saga” and I include the star wars episode one fiasco in that. but that website that lolcupcakes posted “” I really wanted to sign up just so I could tell them that they desperatly need putting to sleep.

    seriously anyone who likes that abomination so much they get fucking tattoos of it needs shooting in the face

  54. I just googled twilight tattoos, the results kinda made me want to kill myself.

  55. Those tattoo’s were actually pretty good…..if they weren’t Twilight. Otherwise the actual Tattoo’s were well done :S I can’t mock the artists, they did pretty good work, but they probably had to cleanse their retina after doing them.

    The glitter made me lol too…I should so do that for my friend who loves twilight so she can throw it at some random guy and be like BE MY EDWARD. I can so see some random girl doing that….and then getting arrested for being a lunatic.

  56. _isglory – really ? who cares..

  57. those tattoos look like shit,they arent even done well.i guess if i were a tattoo artist and someone came in wanting either of those things i wouldnt try very hard either.
    i hate these people.

  58. I read this one too early in the morning . . . I will return to see if I can even comprehend it later.

  59. What’s really creepy is the “good memories” that horrible blanket is gonna inspire in an entire generation of gay men. Nothing gets out those kinds of stains.

  60. Quaelyn!!! NICE! Didn’t see that one on Oatmeal.

    I highly suggest

    It makes watching the movies (and being able to catch the pop culture references as a result) a far more palatable experience. Brought to you by the makers of MST3K.

    And if you don’t know what MST3K stands for, FYL.

  61. Turn that last one upside down and what do you see people? An areshole! And just like Twilight its full of crap!

  62. I don’t have a problem with the general popularity of Twilight. I can understand why a lot of girls like it. It’s pure sex appeal. Why they don’t take it all a step further and just watch porn, that I don’t get. Twilight only really provokes me when people mistake it for quality literature. I mean, there is really dumb shit out there that I enjoy (I find Dan Brown entertaining), but I understand that there’s nothing impressive, artistic, innovative about it.

    The tattooed women above clearly feel a deep emotional connection to Twilight. I mean, you wouldn’t get a tattoo referring to a book/movie unless it really spoke to you, right? These people actually find the Twilight universe important. Twilight changed their lives. How infinitely sad is that?

  63. A Twilight porn would be fabulous. Sorry, I can’t help it. I watched a fabulously epic pirate porn, and since then I can’t help thinking that ones with more of a plot line like the pirate one would make it that much better…just like Porn would make Twilight that much better…..

  64. Bacon, would make the Twilight saga better. God, I love bacon. I’m going to get a bacon tattoo…feh, right. Not even bacon.

  65. some people just love twilight a lil too much

  66. WTF?1?!?!

    #2 is from my daughter’s MYSPACE page….

    Not only is this NOT from facebook…that blanket has never been in my house…

    Sad Lamebook, sad.

  67. i think the titles are to show her where to slice whenever she thinks about why she got them in the first place.

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