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The Twilight Saga: It Continues…

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  1. Richard must be a gayngsta.

  2. haha xD Gayngbanger for shure!

  3. He only got caught because they were able to identify his guide dog.

  4. lmao poor Joeseph, taking second banana to a fictional character… and really Richard, you couldnt have taken that poster down or something? lol

  5. Richard needs to turn that gun around.

  6. There is no limit to the amount of sorrow I feel on behalf of Daniella’s boyfriend.

  7. Twilight is frodo

  8. #2 is just horribly disturbing…must be an american.
    Last one’s lol
    Oh & …first! der

  9. Twilight doesn’t have a pool.

  10. Richard is an idiot and so is Jamie

  11. darren can go fuck his mother….

  12. You know Richard, everyone can read your name.

    @rightsaiddead: Twilight IS Frodo.

  13. Richard is holding his dick with his left hand.

  14. The worst part about Daniella is that she is the type of person that HAS to point out her birthday. I hate people like that. The Twilight douchebaggery is just the icing on the cake.

  15. @ rightsaiddead- or holding his pants up.
    I completely agree with polishsausage too; she must be young.Kids like that are all about themselves.

  16. I don’t know. I think Jamie might be Frodo…. Twilight definitely doesn’t have a pool though.

  17. the lamest thing is that the Twilight poster behind Richard is actually the coolest thing in the picture…and I don’t even give 2 shits about Twilight.

    Richard…you’re a douche…quit trying to act all gangsta when its clear you are just a nerdy, skinny white boy…who likes vampire romance novels.

  18. cant stand this whole twilight crap especially women suddenly going on about that Edward dude. Feel so sorry for Joseph

  19. Bandana $4, KMart, stolen weapon $20 to replace lost volleys, wife-beater $5, BigW, tattoo, $3, temporary, Reject Shop. Having photo taken in front of twilight photo to destroy tough guy image.. Priceless

  20. I don’t know if it is Daniella and Joseph’s anniversary, and I am not sure about Joseph, he could have had all sorts of anti-twilight dissing, yet all he says is lmao. Also the birthday comment seemed really irrelevant.

  21. If you like Twilight… fair enough… ish. I’m nobody to knock you for a general opinion… but they still suck.

    However, if you are ‘in love’ with Edward, and he’s the ‘perfect boyfriend’ and you wish ‘all guys could be like Edward’: FUCK YOU. He’s not real, and even if he was he’d be an abusive cock who probably wouldn’t even like you anyway.

    Oh, and good job on that whole feminism thing. I know there are some idiots out there who think that women should be ‘their own person’ and not have to live solely to ‘serve men’, but you’re doing a great job to prove them wrong by becoming the bitch of a FICTIONAL BLOODY CHARACTER.

    Also, that guy with the gun is a cock for reasons too numerous to list.

  22. Oh, and I’m thinking it’s not Daniella and Joseph’s anniversary, but she means it’s hers and ‘Edward’s’ anniversary. Probably a week anniversary, because she’s one of those people who don’t know an anniversary is a year, and celebrate it on the second thursday of every third month or whatever… but what would you expect from someone who thinks Edward is a good boyfriend?

    I mean, seriously, I’ve read these books (ashamed to admit. but it was back before it got annoyingly popular, and I was interested to see what it was like) and basically their entire relationship is like… he can’t touch or kiss her because he’ll try to eat her, plus he’s always moody and so the two of them argue over fucking everything. Plus he’s freezing cold! WHo the hell wants a moody, freezing cold boyfriend who can’t even touch them? I never thought the ‘girls only like jerks’ thing was really true, but then again, female Twilight fans don’t exactly do their sex any favours, do they?

  23. Perhaps she got the anniversary right and got the twilight books for her birthday last year?

  24. Oh and I read them too, frustratingly because after reading the first one I wanted to see how it all panned out, and they were a bit shit, but I am a bit OCD and had to finish.. He is so frustratingly serious and such a self-righteous goody two shoes that needs a punch in the head, and Bella is a whiney, mopey, self-involved weiner who also needs a punch in the head. Oh and renaesme? Seriously… There is my twilight rant, sorry, a bit carried away.

  25. That’s not an adequate excuse, dilysin. You could have easily looked up what happens on the internet, or asked any 15 year old girl within your vicinity.

  26. Nothing says hardcore like no muscles, a collection of manga, and a Twilight poster.

    How manly.

  27. Lol’d at #19 but honestly who gives a toss about somthing so damn LAME

  28. I quite enjoy that bellas child is nicknamed after the lochness monster by everyone including Edward though :p

  29. No, it isn’t, is it? I don’t actually know any 15 year olds, so thankfully my world is not a twilightathon, I actually enjoyed reading the first book (to my shame), it was the rest I had to finish for completeness :(

  30. Richard = Dick for short

  31. Joseph needs to grow some balls and kick Daniella into touch.

    As for Richard, words fail me. Holding and firing a gun like that will eject the empty (and very hot) cartridge onto your hand, burning your skin, you complete idiot.

  32. I think the only possibility is that Joseph wants to hit that, it is a shame he will never compete with Edward.

  33. i don’t understand why you would want your profile pic to look like you just finished robbing a bank, like girls really go for that lol what a douche

  34. Darren ftw.

    Lol, and to my right on the comp screen there is an actual ad (one of those sketchy ones) that literally says ‘What to Read After Twilight?’ It’s some book by some Steven Steel Trapp guy. And oh lol, it’s supported with some seal of approval quote by Meyer herself *rofl*

  35. British Hobo: Cool story, bro!!!!1!!!

  36. What a bunch of retarts.

  37. Shooting is not the solution to people who laugh at you for reading Twilight when you’re born male.

  38. On second thought, maybe it was Daniella snapping the picture.

  39. The whole Edward Twilight thing is silly, bite a girl on the neck and starting sucking her blood. She WILL freak out, regardless of how sexy and charming you are. ( I haven’t seen the movie or read the books)

  40. Team Edward. Team Jacob. How about Team “Twilight gives females unrealistic expectations of men and tells them that it’s okay to be with a guy that reminds you that he could kill you at any second.”

  41. Ok, I get really sick of people going on about the “unrealistic expectations” of men that girls get from twilight. If they think that shits real then they obviously aren’t very smart & will get “unrealistic expectations” of everything after watching most movies

  42. Oh…AND ANOTHER THING….why do these little gangsta twats hold their guns like that???? hold it upright, you jackass. That just looks stupid.

  43. Not only that, you’re almost guaranteed to miss whatever you’re shooting at. Take a look at the photo – he probably thinks he’s aiming at the camera.

  44. Woah, BritishHobo, take a chill pill man.

  45. I’ve seen a guy kill someone with a pistol, and he also held it like that. It was from less than a meter away though.

  46. It’s a toy gun. Real hardcore.

  47. hahaha “gay” is still hilarious!!

  48. Wow, for fictional characters, it sure makes a lot of people angry. Personally I enjoyed the books very much, but that’s just me.

  49. i fucken hate Twilight!

  50. Richard is that guy you read about in the papers, you know, the guy who others made fun of at school. He made the news because one day he tied his favourite red hankie round his face to pose with daddy’s pistol for an awesome picture, just like them badass guys in those dvd’s on that shelf in the background. Then right as the picture was taken he sneezed, fingers twitched and so put a bullet in the head of his kid brother standing nearby.

    Well, he had his hankie to his nose at least, so it wasn’t all bad.

  51. Although I do agree that Twilight sucks, let’s please move on Lamebook. Let’s go back to dick jokes.

  52. Richard: A nobody, wishing he was somebody.

    @ BritishHobo: Jesus, fella. I thought I could rant sometimes. You take the expression ‘angry rant’ to a whole new level. You and dilysin were made for each other (assuming sex/sexuality compatability).

    If it’s any consolation, I think you make a good point though.

  53. Ehhh, I have anger to vent and usually it seems to come out on Lamebook when I really only set out to make a comment that was a sentence long XD

    I think someone said it’s weird that fictional characters are making people so angry (sorry, I’ll keep this short) but for me it isn’t the fictional characters. It’s the way that people have gotten so obsessed with these books. I mean, as long as films or books have been big, there’s always been people who’ve fancied a film star, or read a romance novel and swooned, but I’ve NEVER seen anything like this before. It’s insane.

  54. twilight=gash
    the films are awful and bella is an annoying, depressing prick tease. go away twilight!

  55. also robert pattinson is ugly. end of. and he has weird nipples, they make me want to vom.

  56. Good callx0lou0x, Bella is impossible to understand…
    For further analysis visit an spook for “how twilight works”

  57. I can’t see any hair in Richard’s armpit.

  58. Twilight the book is so bad that I checked it out of the library in 06 and couldn’t finish it, then in 08 some friends were gushing about it and I had completely forgotten that I’d already not read it. Matter of fact I had forgotten it existed. I proceeded to read as much of it as I had before and only then realized I’d read that much of it before and it still sucked. And again I didn’t finish it. I did read the last page though.

  59. go harry potter.

  60. Who the hell is Robert Pattinson? And bella? Actually, Scrap that, I don’t think I want to sacrifice memory for this shit.

    All I can say is I am ashamed that my street is called ‘Twilight’

    Almost as bad (actually possibly worse) I live in Graceland Estate.

    So I’m a vampire destined to die by a drug overdose after gaining allot of weight? Oh dear.

  61. Hahahahaha at least your vampire filled street has good music :p

  62. Robert pattinson is the actor who plays Edward, he was also in Harry Potter. I hate him and his flat face.

  63. Wow, everyone’s ragging on Twilight. I’ve read the books and enjoyed them. I am not obsessed, nor have I had an erotic dream of Edward or wished my man sparkled. They are just good junk read books. I do however prefer more “adult” themed material, maybe if there was more “adult” material in twilight I would have loved them, but alas, there was not.

  64. I read all the books and watched the movies to find out what the hype was all about, and to find out why Jacob/Edward was as appealing as people say they were, and alas, I could not find it. No hype, no appeal to me.

    But the best part of watching New Moon was that an eight year old boy in the theater said out loud, during Bella’s moping scene (October.. November.. etc), “She really needs to see a therapist.” That made my day.

  65. LOL the comments on this are the best part.
    Richard, my man, that’s not the way to do it…

  66. That dude with the gun and poster cracks me up. So awesome.

  67. I became biased against twilight last year when this girl I liked rejected me and told me that i was her “Jacob” and that this other guy was her “Edward”. Believe it or not it does affect girls and its kind of tragic really.

  68. I hate twighlight, because now my girlfriend makes me watch her when she sleeps.. I’m exhausted and it feels creepy, just standing at her window all night.

  69. acanadianinOz, just stop touching her completely. Recoil and flinch when she tries to kiss, hug, have sex with, or just generally touch you. When she asks why, get all ‘intense’ and ‘moody’ and yell at her.
    Does she own a car? Break it, so she can’t go out and visit any other guys.
    Basically act like a distant, angry prick to her for ages, then when she starts yelling at you for being such a wanker, shrug and say ‘hey, I thought you wanted me to be the tit off of Twilight.’

  70. NB: It’ll probably destroy your relationship. But hey, a good prank’s a good prank, right?

  71. True but fully worth it, and tape it and then put it out to the public showing what twilight does to people…
    They couldn’t put more adult material in it cause Edward is so afraid that he would eat Bella, or break the bed…

  72. Lmao at last two by BritishHobo. I share the contempt for twilight. I do how ever, love to point out to “Team Edward” that they are necrophiliacs, and to “Team Jacob” that they are rooting for bestiality…

  73. Damn straight, Bezoar, damn straight.

  74. Who did Pattinson play in Harry Potter?

  75. Cedric diggory the hogwarts champion for the triwizard tournament from hufflepuff in the goblet if fire

  76. Why hasn’t anyone commented about Meika’s name?

  77. And they called it chubby love

    I think Daniella’s boyfriend is a pedophile.

  78. wow this website is bull. the one with daniella; yeah, that’s my sister. not even joking. i am literally looking at it on her fb right now. and they changed a lot of it.
    it should look like this:

    this website changes stuff to make it seem funny, and it’s bogus.

  79. oh, and for everyone bashing her, she was talking to her best friend brittany, about brittany and brittany’s boyfriend’s two year anniversary, which just so happens to be on my sister’s birthday.
    and she’s 20. not young.
    You people think it’s funny to bash people online when you have no idea who they are or anything. At least she doesnt sit online all day talking crap about people like everyone here. Get a life, GO READ A BOOK or something productive.

  80. mveeds
    ahahaha that is hilarious!! good callout!!

  81. I’m the real Flip.

  82. Sooo disillusioned, why lamebook? Why?

  83. You’ve got to give it to Pattinson – he’s done well for someone with low level down syndrome.

  84. Good callout indeed, mveeds. And a thumbs up too for coming to the defense of your sister. Many of the comments though are not true personal attacks as the real identities are not known, even if some comments crosses the line of decency. And often people are really just poking fun at a perceived situation. Still, thanks for providing the real facts here.

  85. Robert Pattinson looks like a foot

  86. I read a book. I’m back now.
    Also I didn’t bash your sister, only Twilight. And, well, Twilight obsessives in general. But not your sister personally. Fair do’s on coming to her defence though.

    #85: XD
    Robert Pattinson’s face has corners. That’s just weird.

  87. @ mveeds: I read books, I read lots of books, infact I often print out the pages on lamebook and put them together like a book and read them as a book.

  88. lamebook is lame for changing posts.

  89. @ mveeds

    Wow, thanks for revealing just how evil lamebook really is… changing that “your” to an “our” can’t really be categorised as editing in the name of clarity or brevity when it changes the whole meaning of the post.

    But anyway, don’t hate the people for making fun of who they thought your sister was, hate the system for its baseless propaganda tactics. Fight the power!

  90. It’s also possible that the person who submitted Daniella’s post did some photoshopping him/herself, and that lamebook simply posted it as received. Whatever the case, all entries from now on will be suspect. Poor job.

  91. For shame, Lamebook, for shame.

    Oh and @40 – Not even reminding you that he could kill you, but that he wants to.

    I actually read the first book in an impartial attempt to see what all my friends loved about it. As I am the only happily married woman out of my friends, I now know why my love life is successful and theirs sucks. I don’t take any shit from my man when he decides to be a douche, and I don’t tolerate being treated as if he doesn’t want to know me. I am utterly baffled by the whole “Edward” thing.

  92. Lamebook’s job is to make lame posts lamer? No, the posts should be kept originally lame.

  93. Twilight makes meh horney

  94. @mveeds Don’t you have anything better to do than come on here and make fun of us? Sheesh. You need to get a life.

  95. Aww, I like Robert Pattinson. His comments about how he tried to make Edward as much of a creepy douche as possible because he hated him so much were hilarious XD “Plus he’s a 108-year old virgin, so you know there’s a problem there!”

    That said, I hate Twilight. It almost comes around to being so bad it’s good – New Moon was the funniest movie I saw all year, and some of the passages in the book make me lol. But all the lulz in the world will never make up for the Twilight hype.

  96. I wonder how many posts Lamebook really do this to…

  97. Oh snap, are we going to hear from Lamebook now? Can we have a trial?

    I really doubt mvweeds changed it, that seems like an awful lot of work for really nothing.

  98. Fight the power!!!


    Or, we could just stay here in our lounges / bedrooms / university bedsits and keep reading stupid lame/modified-to-look-lame posts and laugh at people who we don’t even know or care about.

    I vote Latter!

  99. I really am telling the truth, for real. I liked this site but now it just makes me wonder how much is changed just to make it seem funnier. But whatever, it’s not like it really matters, this is just some dumb site.
    I was just trying to defend my sister from all these people bashing on her.

  100. No one was talking specifically about your sister, as has already been pointed out. The comments encompass anyone who likes Twilight, and that includes one of my best friends.

  101. im sad. lamebook just doesnt seem funny anymore. and @ mveeds. no one laughing at your siser, its just the posts. dont be so sensitive.

  102. @ Richard- the tat on his left arm probably reads ‘R.L. Stein’

  103. Woah, Lamebook added the Twilight poster to that whigger’s photo to make him seem like more of a lame twat. Why Lamebook, why!?

  104. I’m disappointed, that post was lame enough (at least the 1st half was) without changing it. Sigh. I don’t know know what to believe in anymore

  105. LOL at how mad BritishHobo got over Twilight.

  106. Signed in to cheer on BritishHobo. =)

  107. BritishHobo – instead of venting your anger in the comments, you should just … fuck your anger out.

  108. @Zoobert – or he could fly around to fight it the fuck out. That would be amazingg.

  109. # 103. DaysWithDave

    Maybe in the original photo it was a poster for High School Musical 3.

  110. I remember when I was an angsty pent up passive aggressive teenager with underlying pubescent sexual vampire fantasies.

    I wanked it out and moved on. I now stick posters of Frankenstein up on my wall and dream of him not touching me. Much more mature.

  111. Oh my fucking God. Someone’s being rude about mveeds’ sister on the internet. He doesn’t care and this site’s dumb, but instead of ignoring it and moving on, he’s going to post to defend her. For real. I mean, it’s not like it really matters.

    She’s still a filthy, syphilis infested, smack addicted prostitute. And she’s fat.

    Get a life, go read a book or something productive.

  112. @mveeds – nice job with MS Paint – your such a gimp actually defending this shit, that’s far more lame.

  113. In some circles the expression “people bashing on her” would warrant a “that’s what she said”

  114. LMAO @Darren – but hey, I am just excited the youth of today is reading SOMETHING without being forced via teacher’s assignment to do so.

    *snort* @Richard, you look very tough and scary. NOT

  115. LOVE LOVE LOVE this.

  116. If Jacob wasn’t only like sixteen I’d think he was hot. As it stands, twilight was enjoyable enough but doesn’t compare to any real literature. Mveeds. Get the fuck over it man, no one knows her and didn’t say anything to her directly so it’s clearly not a personal attack.

    Hey Richard, I get it brohemoth, you’re trying to look tough and sexy as well as brooding, romantic and sensitive underneath. Shame you failed :D

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