Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Truth About Cats and Dogs

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  1. Ben

  2. ben

  3. Riley, that’s not how you eat pussy.

  4. Lol at retard stuffing innocent animal into oversized shithole of mouth.

    Lol meaning… lots… of… lame and fucking stupid shit.
    Or something.
    I need aspirin.

  5. Lolafss.

  6. Riley is my hero.

  7. Can’t seem to see the funny side of this entry.

  8. @hmna Haha. That was awesome.

    As for the post… not so much. Although, I did appreciate the last one.

  9. ok let’s get get this out the way to save everyone’s time.
    -oh my god that was my first ben
    -something about a pussy
    -this post’s lame
    -veronica made my head hurt
    -what’s ben?
    -lamebook’s not been funny since jason’s monster fail
    -i submitted an awesomely lame post which didn’t get posted but this crap does?
    -mccowles says something funny
    -something about a pussy
    -mccowles ftw
    -you know what’s lame? complaining that your post didn’t make it to lamebook
    -what does ben mean?
    -what the hell kinda name is jordy?
    -cody and mccowles ftw
    -meh this isn’t funny
    -something about a pussy

  10. Last one was okay.

    Someone selling a puppy to buy a case of beer actually makes me feel better. I wouldn’t want anyone that would do that to own a dog.

    I once met a bum holding a kitten. He told me if I didn’t buy the cat from him, he’d have to eat it. So I gave him some ketchup.

  11. Mm, I’m with Father Sha on this one.

    Except for the last one, which made me smile…my cats often give me a look of exasperation, e.g. when eating a yoghurt and refusing to share :)

  12. i wonder what kind of dog that you get for a case of beer

  13. Obviously you would get a beer hound, slimjayz.

  14. poor jordy.

  15. Cody FTW.

  16. Don’t like ones like this. Especially the first one. Sick and mean.

  17. fuck you alen

  18. What is lame about Jordys?

  19. Bog off, Alen. Thanks.

  20. Oh wow, That’s What She Said Stories? :O Do you also have a link to Chuck Norris Facts and LOLcats? I’m in the mood for some groundbreaking comedy.

  21. LOL Hobo, I wonder if there are any “knock knock” jokes on that TWSS site.

  22. The first one’s silly, our cat used to do that on his own. Not sick and mean, if you opened your mouth he crawled in. We looked like that often trying to get him the hell out, and learned not to open our mouths when he was in our laps.

  23. @PB are you having a mental melt down?

  24. So when you have a pussy on your lap don’t open your mouth
    Sorry I couldn’t resist

  25. Someone explain #3 to me. It looks like tragedy and heartbreak for a lost loved one, but surely I’m missing something that makes it entertaining.

  26. Hey Alen I’m giving you a case a beer to go spam somewhere else.

  27. i didnt realize alen was spamming so i took a look at that site.. its the same exact thing as only instead of fml at the end of every post, it’s TWSS. i wish i had the 2 minutes of wasted time on that site back.

  28. also, who still uses the term “scrubs”? and yes, pb, veronica did make my head hurt.

  29. These weren’t funny.

    “OH MY GOD OK…wait i need to update my facebook first, so everyone can know this right now”

  31. MsBuzzkillington

    “OH MY GOD, I am so glad that I have an iphone so I can update my status on the way to the vet”

    or maybe even..

    “I just came back from the vet where they pronounced my cat dead because my mom ran over it.”

  32. clearly not an iphone, since there’s no ‘sent from facebook for iphone’ thingy

    and clearly not just back from vet, hence the ‘just ran over max’ part

    I’m not really looking for an argument, I was just making a comment…

    buzzkill indeed :(

  33. from the looks of things in picture number one…i’m guessing this is the first pussy that guy’s ever eaten ;)

  34. haha southerngirl It probably is and the last.

  35. “So when you have a pussy on your lap don’t open your mouth
    Sorry I couldn’t resist”

    Believe me, we made more than enough jokes about it in our time, along with pussy eating. ^lol

  36. pink_twinky: If you want lame FML ripoff, you gotta check out ‘My Life Is Twilight’. As much as it makes me hate the world to visit that place, I went and robbed an example of how shit it is for you. Then I went outside and killed someone.

    Today I asked my boyfriend if he would hold ice to his lips for a minute before he kissed me, so I could pretend I was kissing Edward. He did. MLIT

  37. JesusOnADinosaur

    You forgot malteaser’s lol, and Soup and SensibleMadness FTW.

  38. Why are those three bros just hanging out in bed together?

  39. JesusOnADinosaur

    Oh, and some “ben is frodo” and “ben doesn’t have a pool.”

  40. CommentsAtLarge

    Good lord that guy has a cavernous pie-hole.

  41. The only thing I can think looking at this post is that the first guy would be really good at giving head.

    pb — You may need a break from Lamebook.

  42. Oh ok, pussy galore jokes, and doggy style jokes to be had here.
    Well not from me.


  43. Agreed, this post is sad, and can someone look up Veronica and teach this girl how to form a coherent sentence? Honestly.

  44. MonkeyCMonkeyDo

    first one looks like something a bunch of drunk frat boys would do…

    in the second one… hmm… i wonder who sold the puppy and what kind of puppy it was…and what kind of beer did they get in return?

  45. I laughed long and hard @ PB. That was the best post ever and seriously summs up nearly every convo on this site! hahaha

  46. The only one of these that was funny was the first one.

  47. #1)I would call PETA but I’m sure that bacterial infection in the gut from having little kitty litter paws in your mouth will be sufficient punishment.(Also it’s pretty hilarious)

    #2)Well…I feel rather sorry for the dog but it is probably better off with someone to give up beer for it rather than someone who will exchange it for beer.

  48. If you are going to eat a cat, at least cook it first or for a small fee I can dry it out grind it up and put it in a capsule for to to take. I believe it cures everything

  49. @Pb

    You forgot BritishHobo’s “I’m so fucking British, duh, I’m cool. Now let me say something unfunny and talk to myself.”

  50. @ pb: Pretty good, now you just need to remember the occasional booty call and you’re in there.

  51. LMFAO @ TROLL!!!!! That was the best thing I read in this entire comment thread, the second being pb.
    Personally, I like trading kittens for chinese food.

  52. dietpillpyramidscheme

    In the seconds after the photo was taken, the cat twitched it’s ear, activating Riley’s gag-reflex. One of the most depraved scenes known to man proceeded.

  53. Something about selling a puppy for a case of beer made me LOL

  54. Iguanawhisperer

    Admit it, #1 IS funny as hell. Just look at that poor kitten. With stiff legs and tail. Imagine the look on its face…bwahahaha…

    *waves hi to everyone*

  55. lol urgh

  56. Father Sha, i guess you just have a few drinks in you, Cody FTW!

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