Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Sexual Network




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  1. electrical whisk masturbation?

  2. sounds painful…

  3. Taran, wanking deonst make sense.

  4. Margaret Thatcher

    Whats with the first one? Anyone care to explain?

  5. ey, dis iz sum dat hot porno dey has in dat london place o sumtin.

    pologize fo slavery crakas and we iz coo.

  6. I like turtles.

  7. Electrical appliance masturbation is the way forward.

    DACRACKAKILLA-Learn to type/spell/speak

  8. ey whisky, is u 1 dem crakas dat iz racit?/?

    Ibet u iz craka. cum say dat in dis geto n we c wtf iz up.

  9. I think the first one is trying to be all “OMG, how dare anyone be able to like something that I consider to be abortion”. Even though, the abortion debate aside (please, please no one start it on here), Plan B is “not the abortion pill”.

  10. @DACRACKAKILLA Fake. The ghetto doesn’t have Internet.

  11. pologize crakaz n dis muhfucka iz gon. pologize fo dat slavery u crackas still b doin wen a nigga get lokd up.

  12. I definitely NEVER want Faye to cook me dinner.

  13. I’m not racist. I’m black. I just happen to like grammar.


  15. Next time,I’ll cook dinner.No,I insist.

  16. If u kp gittn lokd Up weez sry ur black azz so dam stoop1d.

    Sined – a cracka

  17. I thought Plan B was a rapper

  18. @Julie. Although I think you nailed it here, I don’t think that necessarily needs to be the case with the first post. You can use Vagisil, Phillips, Immodium, Preparation H, etc but that doesn’t necessarily mean you will want to “like” it on FB.

  19. FYI: I just became a fan of all of the above.

  20. $100 says DACRACKAKILLA is some skinny 14 year old white kid from the suburbs.

  21. Seriously Julie?

    @Margaret Thatcher

    Firstly, it’s just a very strange thing to be able to “like” the morning after pill. Who in their right mind would click on the “like” button for something like that?

    Secondly, the reason it’s supposed to be funny (although explaining it kind of ruins the humour in it) is because Chris is implying that people should have sex without condoms, or other forms of protection, and leave the girl to go and get the morning after pill afterwards.

    I found it quite funny. The others were ok.

  22. Yeah, real black people wouldn’t have such a stupid name like DACRACKAKILLA. Wait…they probably would but I still think they’re fake.

  23. I’m canceling my dinner w Faye.

  24. I don’t want anything to do with Faye’s dinner.

  25. A $100.00 says the fake black people are atually flexo. He is feeling ignored because no one has commented on his # 4 post until now……….

  26. Sorry guys, not black. Just using babelfish so he could understand me. And I do hope that whisk wasn’t borrowed from a neighbor for their sake.

  27. It brings a whole new meaning to flicking your bean.

  28. I like Taran. “CirCUMstances”? BWAHahaha…

  29. The muscle guy from the ad

    I used steroids and have a small weiner.

  30. anyone else noticed the comments are lamer than the posts here?

  31. Definitely noticed, Lameface.

  32. Everyone’s complaining about Faye cooking dinner while using an electric whisk on her vagina, but I see nothing wrong with that.

    If I was her friend, I would gladly eat anything that she cooked. At least then, I would know that it was cooked with love.

    Although, when she says “I’m glad you enjoyed the meal, while I was cooking it, I was thinking about you eating it and hoping you’d like the taste.”, I won’t know exactly what she’s talking about.

  33. Bored…….they need to get the second part of the stripper debacle up and running.

  34. So if you click on the ad of pamela anderson, it just takes you to the PETA website. It is an extreme video, she is infecting chickens with her hepatitis C virus…….

  35. Zomgosh to the people commenting on dakrackakilla look up the internet definition ‘troll’ it is so easy to troll you noobs.

    noa pologize fo attkn the blak manz upz in herr

    hook line and sinker plz…

  36. welcometo2008 is an asshole. you suck and leanr how to spell apologise.

  37. the first one was my status. it has nothing to do with my views on abortion. just to clarify. just think it’s funny you can be a fan of a morning after pill… who does that

  38. How the.. hell.. does one fit a whisk… never mind. I’m just.. never mind.

  39. Yeah, and I was the one to comment on ajk320′s status. And I think its hilarious that you can become a fan of the Plan B pill. Thats basically screaming that you love unprotected sex and you dont mind paying $50 to not sit around waiting for your period. Someone sign me up

  40. Faye sounds like one wicked girll, and Blake sounds like a tool.

  41. welcometo2008 is an asshole. you suck and leanr how to spell apologise.

    see kids, notice the subtle troll. that in actuality leanr and aplogise is spelt wrong. this is intended.. which leaves it open for a unsuspecting victim to point out that the post is incorrect. that the spelling is actually wrong.. We could call this a counter troll.. that’s all for now class.

    now go sukadik

  42. hahahahahaha “That’s all for now class”

  43. I want to know where Faye got her whisk.

  44. I wonder what kind of noise that whisk and her vagina made together… Hmmm.

  45. @ 45, Noisyvoice: LOL

  46. I did not need to know any of this.

  47. Maybe the “like” is because the person likes the fact that they exist….?

  48. that first one is stupid, the pill is called ‘plan B’, and what the guy said wasnt even funny

  49. I take it you aren’t getting the joke?

  50. @Flexo

    Learn how to spell “learn”. You can’t fuck up on a post if you’re trying to one up someone you jerk.

    And how does “wanking” not make sense?

    I seriously fucking hate you Flexo, I hate you to the core.

  51. mental note. don’t eat at their house

  52. I’ll bet Faye’s pasta is *delicious*

  53. hmm… electrical whisk… never considered it…

  54. I would let Faye cook dinner if only I could watch….her cook dinner, of course.

  55. insert clever name here

    @ Lulz
    whisking your bean?

  56. Thanks for alerting me to the plan b fan page, I became a fan straight away. Not that I am a fan of unprotected sex, but when you go at it hard enough sometimes the rubber breaks. You know how it is.

  57. Note: All the comments on the original posts are from guys Named “Christopher”… “What is in a name”

  58. @DACRACKAKILLA isn’t ignorance bliss

  59. And cue Dan Fargis….

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