Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Scoop on Poop

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  1. Lamebook, this is shit

  2. if thats real poo…..ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! sick!

  3. I should not have read this before going to lunch.

  4. Simply craptacular

  5. poor devin… he going to get shit about that shit for a long time

  6. That’s a photo for his 18th/21st birthday, if ever I saw one…

  7. Man, things I don’t need to see…

  8. I’ve been lurking for months and just decided to register. What timing. The first thing I get to comment on is shite..literally!
    Anastasia should die quietly methinks!!

  9. friend request denied.

    I feel for Kat. I actually worked at a grocery store through college and that happened to me three times. Well, one wasn’t really at my register, it was more like everywhere, but still. It’s a sad state of affairs and it changes something inside of you.

  10. I used to work at a playscheme and the kids used to spread shit on the walls. It was the most disgusting thing ever

  11. and Mellissa thinks it’s more important to take a picture and upload it to facebook instead of cleaning the kid off before he tries to eat it…

    i really hate human beings

  12. stop moderating my comments!!! why is my previous one been bloody moderated!

  13. @ renardo – let the little rat fester for a bit, dirty bugger

  14. Lamebook fail = in the comments section they put March 3rd, instead of March 3th. LOL. FAIL.

  15. you forgot to blur someone’s last name. big no no, lamebook!!

  16. WTF? 3RD is right…who the crap says March 3TH???? how would you even say that??

  17. some thing like that happened to me i work at a casino. was dealing at a table someone crapped their pants. they didn’t leave. neither did anyone else. we had to get security to come over and get the people to leave so we could get the seat cleaned. i had to stand there for an entire hour!

  18. not.ben says March 3th! Must be a new thing.

  19. @17
    caddwhompered, it’s “3th.” Obviously, ‘your’ not a fan of geawegraphy OR bad ink. Just remember, when you get corrected, pay it ‘foward.’

  20. FIRTH, SECOND, THIRTH! I dont see nuttin wrong wih that.

  21. There was a tattoo on Lamebook from yesterday that says “April 3th”. That’s probably where not.ben got it.

  22. Devin’s unfortunate disregard of proper punctuation makes it appear as though he bespoiled the customers to the horror of the restaurant’s staff. Apparently he didn’t read the sign: Employees must wash their hands.

  23. the top kid looks like baby p.

  24. Just because he’s blond? Are you suggesting someone is posting the trial evidence on FB?!

  25. People are disgusting! I worked at a clothing store some years ago & a woman took a shit in the dressing room. I had the most ghetto customers at this place. Ask to use the bathroom. Also, I worked in a restaurant and a lady missed the toilet. After that, every time she came in, we put an “out of order” sign on the bathroom. She would shit every time she came in there. Fucking shit at home you nasty ass mother fuckers. At my community college, the women were so disgusting that they would get shit on the walls. ew. Women are nasty. Not being racist either, but it was all black women too.

  26. I want to know how a grown women gets shit on the walls? Was there no TP?!

  27. That pic of the kid is disgusting. I have lots of kids, and not one of them has ever been covered in feces.

  28. That first pic makes me want to throw up. And I was just eating girl scout cookies, and would like to keep them in my.

  29. parents let their children play with their own shit?

  30. dazedandconfused

    My two year old has never been coverend in crap. That’s disgusting. And even if it ever happened, I WOULD NOT take pictures. I’d clean that crap up.

  31. He’s a little Jackson Poollock in the making.

  32. oh i would definitely take pictures. that’s the shit you show to his girlfriend when he’s in high school and he’s dating some tramp that you hate. endless blackmail. and who knows when you’ll need him to do something?

  33. dazedandconfused

    Touche, lexluther, touche. I’ll just pull out my daughters butt naked pictures and talk about my birthing process when I had her… maybe the guy will run somewhere else..

  34. yeah the naked pictures might backfire on you….depends on how old the kid was when they were taken. and how sick and twisted that boy is.

  35. dazedandconfused

    Ewww…. My mind did not even go there. I’m talkin’ like, three months old… if a guy can uhh.. yeah, then he’s definatly too sick and then I’d have to kill him. It’d be the only way to solve the problem. Luckily, I’m highly skilled in the art of being a ninja.. So it would be a simple task.

  36. That first pic has indeed happened to me, once and believe me when I say my first inclination was not to go run for the camera. What is wrong with people?

  37. Excuse me, Lamebook, for trying to eat my lunch. I was obviously not supposed to.

  38. lamebook says lesson learned jaz.

  39. Oh, Marcus, if only you knew…

  40. YEAH JAZ!

  41. @cupid Yes, there was tp. Not really sure but I would assume it’ bc people normally don’t like to put their bums on public toilet seats so when they have the shits…or diarrhea it splatters? I really don’t know. I am ashamed of my fellow ladies.

  42. I’m ashamed of my fellow ladies too :( If you can’t do it right then aleast wait till you are at home so none of us have to deal with it

  43. @Stix – I have recently learned about the phenomenon of “hovering.” Why would you do something to create the kind of situation you were trying to avoid? I figure, whatever doesn’t kill my ass makes it stronger.

  44. Marcus FTW

  45. Fucking people think that the entire world needs to know every single thing their precious widdle baby is doing. ugh.


  47. Melissa fails at life and motherhood. Dx
    ‘Nuff said.

  48. I feel for the dude who had to clean up the bathroom where he worked. Almost everyone who works in retail/foodservice has to deal with that at SOME point. *shudder*

    And some people are real fucking prudes & assholes (in regards to the crap-covered kid), esp. the chick who’s “got lots of kids” and “never had her kids covered in poo” …. Well aren’t you & your kids fucking perfect? (Parents, of all people, should not be that bothered by things like poop.) Toddlers can be very quiet and sneaky sometimes especially when they have just awaken from a nap, for example, and Mom/Dad isn’t aware they are awake and hasn’t come to get them yet. At least on one occasion, maybe two, I went to check on my daughter and found that she had taken off her poopy diaper when she woke up and played in it. They don’t realize it’s gross, but, realistically, you’re least likely to get sick from your own poo anyway, for one. It smells nasty but likely isn’t gonna hurt the kid. You wash everything thoroughly and move on. Big effing deal.

    As far as taking the pics well, I never did but if I’d had a phone on me at the time I might have LOL (and Christ it only takes two seconds, I’m sure it’s the difference between getting the kid clean and having him smell like poo his entire life). But I would not have posted them on FB or anywhere else that’s for sure. But yeah, it would make good arsenal in the future. Hehehe

  49. I have never LOL’d before like I did at Devins unfortunate experience.

  50. captainbitchslap

    Charles FTW!

  51. HOW does a child DO that!? What the FUCK needs to happen in order for the child to be COVERED in shit!?

  52. @51: Leave him in his crib for 8 hours…

  53. @52

    Exactly! Let’s hope this was overnight and mom didn’t leave him in there for 8 hours in the middle of the day.

  54. Nice work Tim! I reckon that Sean (pay it forward) is on to something… Makes perfect sense really, its just the complicated English language that is wrong you see. Why? First, Second, Third??? Rather than Oneth, Twoth Threeth Fourth Fifth, Sixth, Seventh, Eighth, Ninth, Tenth…???

    Anyway, I did a google search… I found no explanation, but I did find this funny little Advert

  55. Um, this is disgusting… you could at least put an NSFW warning on it like you have for other pics with poo playing a prominent part.

  56. lol

  57. spammers suck

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