Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Round and the Fury

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  1. First bitches! (and clearly no life)

  2. if the baby is due 8/19/10… it’s a little early to be showing. Or even know that you’re pregnant for more than a week. But apparently the daddy’s been to “every appointment” already. I don’t know, I might be siding with Kim on this one.

  3. why the hell are these people friends on FB ? So everybody could follow their pointless low life futes ?

  4. stupid slags that have nothing to do than make threats and get knocked up i hope they both die

  5. But if they do meet up , i sure do hope somebody tapes it and publishes it on Facebook or Youtube.

  6. At least they had time between their botching to correct spelling mistakes…

  7. “The Round And The Fury ” LMAO !!!

  8. Lol, wow and I throw in a typo of my own…

  9. She does look a little big to be less than 2 months pregnant.

  10. I hope your child dies? Jesus. That girl is scary

  11. lostintranslation

    Yeah, it’s quite rare for women to be showing before ~2.5-3 months… so she may well be pregnant, but I can almost “garuntee” that she’s fat too. Also, taking a photo on your cell phone in a public bathroom is really classy :)

  12. if you have had multiple kids you can show reeeally early in subsequent pregnancies … so possibly she already has 5 at home.

    However i am LOVING the spell correction… although I am disturbed by the amount of violence coming from this momma-to-bes mouth …

  13. True that, the child won’t be very friendly if it takes after her

  14. but i bet “donnie” is just loving all this….

  15. Chances are he doesn’t even know of this so called child

  16. lostintranslation

    @MetalUpYourAss: he’s the one who posted the photo…

  17. Lol, scratch that then, I’m not awake yet obviously :p

  18. Wow. Kim’s a complete bitch. I mean, I am assuming that “Donnie” really is the baby’s father… in which case, Kim wants her niece/nephew dead? I don’t understand that, if she supposedly loves her brother more than life? I mean, technically, the kid is a part of your brother, Kim. Jeeze.

  19. What kind of deal has Donnie got that his phonebill’s paid by Misty AND HER SISTER? That’s one for the “It’s complicated” setting.

  20. Yeah… that chick is just fat. I feel for Kim. Stupid bitches who pull shit like that on guys are like, the lowest of the low imo.

  21. so nobody cares that I was first? So what’s the big fucking deal then? Fuck this shit……oh those two girls are some scary, gutter-mouthed whores

  22. @lamebookpro – im pleased you were first :) well done

  23. BUT donnie makes me the most angry…. like i bet he is somewhere enjoying watching this all play out. Nothing like a two women fighting over you to make an unemployed, broke, loser douche feel better about himself.

  24. Oh my god, I really, really hope she isn’t pregnant. Poor kid, what a charming family to be born into. Prenatal therapy?

  25. So, Misty is paying all the bills, including his phone bill, and driving Donnie around like he’s fucking royalty? She’s so stupid she needs to be shot directly in the anus.

  26. I remember when I was first pregnant, I would constantly try to make my stomach fat look like I was pregnant. It always came out looking something like Misty’s picture. Unfortunately, neither she nor I was fooling anyone.

  27. I’m siding with Kim also. She’s only 6 weeks pregnant in this picture, or so she claims. Misty sounds like a stripper name also, so that’s two points for Kim’s argument. Although, Misty IS wearing a cape in the picture.

    ARGH, I can’t decide!!!!

  28. Although Misty looks a little chubby I’d still fuck her, preferably up against the wall in that ‘posh’ bog.

    I’d fuck Kim too, she’s seems a little sassy and is obviously holding onto some pent up aggression. This could make for some wild shagging, especially if I ‘accidentally’ called out Misty’s name mid coitus.

    To sum it up Baby Blagger and Death Wisher would both get a length of me.

  29. Why, oh why do people take pictures of themselves in public restrooms? Why would you want to commemorate for posterity your visit to some nasty, smelly, germ infested sh**ter? I don’t care if you are the finest woman in this world (which I’m sure Misty is not, but still) such a picture will not be in any way attractive. Ugh. I can almost smell the diapers and the cheap dispenser soap just by looking.

  30. Misty… funny name. Must have been knocked up in the shower to get a name like that.

  31. Donnie has failed at life.

  32. the bathroom has flowers in it, possibly the most aesthetically pleasing part of the picture

  33. Oh my goodness… That poor baby, if it really is real. Misty should never have children, or Kim for that matter. In fact the whole family tree should just end where it is now.

  34. @Father Sha I don’t think they are FB friends, I think they are both friends with Donnie who posted the picture.

  35. Wow, what trash they are.

    But in all honesty, if someone said they hope my child dies, then threatened to knock me out and and choke me to death (on Facebook, nonetheless) my first impulse would be to take a screenshot, print it out, and send it over to the police.

  36. If she is in fact pregnant, I agree with whoever said it’s too early for her to be showing. Maybe she would a little, but not that much.

    My guess is she’s pregnant but she’s totally exaggerating it, it looks to me like it’s a food baby. A couple beers or a big meal and I could pass as 4-5 months pregnant if I really tried.

  37. My friend is due in June and she’s only JUST started to show. there’s no way you’d be this big at only 1 month.

  38. It’s possible that they’re not friends on FB. After all, it’s Donnie who posted the photo. So they’re just both friends with Donnie. As for her pregnancy showing, when my sister was 2 months pregnant it showed, so I suppose it can happen. She’s always been very skinny though, so maybe that’s why it was obvious to us.

  39. Best part of this post is the fact that Lamebook blurred out the “u” in “cunt” in the second comment, but left it alone in the fifth…not to mention all of the “fuck”s left intact. Priceless.

  40. Misty, Kim and Donnie all sound like fine upstanding contributing members of society.

    There is a forum for this sort of dispute and its not facebook, I think they call it the Jerry Springer Show.

  41. although i am sure Donnie knows about this, he obviously didn’t take or post the picture. in Misty’s second comment, she says she deleted Kim’s last comment, but only the publisher of the photo can delete comments. it seems Misty took the picture of herself, posted it to Donnie’s album herself, but maintains the argument through her own profile. if only she were smart enough to know you don’t show that much at 2 months.

  42. It’s possible to show this early into a pregnancy, but I do have to say if I arch my back like her, I look pregnant too. So, I don’t believe her.
    This is some pretty heavy reading material though. I’ve experienced my fair share of catfights in my life, and they need to get smoothed over before things turn out nasty. Donnie needs to act, either side with his sister or try and work things out between the girls.

  43. or run away….

  44. Ehhh…those comments are lookin suspiciously close to each other in time. Though the girls could have just been sittin at the computer, waiting to gun their next comment, which makes it hilarious.

  45. @sarayve I think kim deleted her own post, for being to harsh. Misty was saying she could still read what it said, because she got an email notification of it? That’s how I understood it anyway?

  46. Misty might be a hobag, but who comes out and says she hopes a child dies? Wow, someone needs a little anger management right there.

  47. Hey guys,

    I submitted this one and, scarily enough, know the parties involved.

    To clear some things up:

    Misty and Kim are not facebook friends. Kim deleted her own comment, and Misty was telling her that she can still read it, as it had been sent to her email address. Kim subsequently reposted it.

    The other photos in the album show the ultrasound and positive pregnancy test. Tacky, yes, but I don’t think she is smart enough to be faking it again. She also is a mother who has had multiple abortions (at only 24 years old), so I suppose some people are just hyperfertile. God help us.

  48. ridiculous

  49. thanks puella.

  50. #3
    I was thinking the same xD but then i lokked at the picture again :) its one of “Donnies” pictures :D hehe

  51. @puella
    She also is a mother who has had multiple abortions (at only 24 years old), so I suppose some people are just hyperfertile. God help us.

    I suppose some people never learn to use contraception, a must if you’re going to slut it about

  52. Really couldn’t give two shits about trash women like the above …

  53. Contraception would be helpful, sure, but at this point, I think anything less than a tubal ligation would be pretty half-assed.

  54. They’re both nuts. But Kim is fucking psycho. Good job leaving a TRAIL of threats. Some people are so ignorant, for that reason I hope she was charged.
    Whether or not Misty is as trashy as she leads on, Who the fuck wishes the death of a baby? That’s fucked. My ex got the chick he cheated on me with knocked up, The last thing I would wish is harm to a child. These bitches are crazy. Donnie should run, and fast!

  55. Ugh, I hate the world. Poor kid to be bought up in the middle of something like this.

  56. Well, going by her due date, right now she’s 10 weeks pregnant (2 1/2 months) so on the 4th, she would’ve been just under 8 weeks.
    I dunno..I didn’t show that much at 2 months, and this is my second. But I guess..maybe?

  57. I knew a chick that faked a pregnancy. Luckily she wasn’t my roommate by that point, but she found ultrasound pictures off of Google and printed them out saying they were hers. She even called me a few months later to tell the “dad” who I was friends with that she had the baby, even gave it a name and birth weight and said what hospital she was at.

    I just don’t understand what women who do that think is going to happen. I mean obviously she was doing that to try to get him to come back to her, so where the fuck is she going to say the fake baby is? I ended up calling the hospital to see if she was there and they said there was no patient by that name. She did end up having two real kids after that, by another guy.

  58. Goddess, how does that work out to 2 1/2 months? I must not know how pregnancy works. That means she’d have to be pregnant for like 11 months.

  59. @Chiiro, going by weeks, dear. Lol, it’s something you figure out once you get pregnant.
    You’re actually pregnant for 10 months (40 weeks/4=10). :p

  60. i’m 24 weeks pregnant and my bump looks like that now. when i was 3 months i still looked fat, there is no chance thats a bump.

  61. Oh alright. Obviously I haven’t had any kids, haha. And don’t plan to..

    Oh, that’s the calculator I used, btw, since it can tell you using the due date, rather than the start date of your last period (which is how mine is based).

  63. Oh snap, I’m learning all types of stuff now!

  64. Yes you are! Any more questions today, students?
    (Yeah, if you can’t tell, I’m bored. My husband is being a lazy bum and not getting out of bed. :<)

  65. Are we no longer allowed to use the “c” word? My comment is being moderated.

  66. that is a stop and shop public bathroom…

  67. I guess God makes stupid people so fertile because we need way more manual laborers than CEOs. Or something, and stuff.

  68. Ugh. Stupid, trashy bitches. How I loathe them.

    I was instantly reminded of the movie “Idiocracy” after reading this. Why do the most unintelligent people choose to breed? It should be a crime.

  69. Thanks sleepybear!! :-)

    @acanadianinOz you think that she deleted her post because it was too harsh? harsher than “i hope your baby dies?”

    @GoddessDigi your man is waiting for you to blow him and you’re not even on Facebook…you’re on lamebook! :-)

  70. I’m thinking she’s pregnant but with someone else’s baby. She got pregnant during a time that Donnie wasn’t ….. doing her, haha. She’s now saying she’s much earlier in the pregnancy than she actually is, to coincide when she actually was with Donnie. He probably won’t even realize what happened, even when she has a “4 week premature baby” that is a healthy 8 pounds.

  71. to the person that orginaly posted this pic, we need to see the scan pics to work out how far she really is

  72. Hey, a 4 weeks premature baby can be a healthy 8 pounds. There’s no doubt when I conceived (mostly cause my poor hubby had to deal with my period starting right after his bday party, LOL), but our daughter is measuring 2 weeks ahead.

  73. Both of these trashy bitches sicken me. However, I’m taking Misty’s side in this. I hope she gets a restraining order against Kim.

    PS…why do people take pics in public restrooms? Do they not own a mirror at home?

  74. Misty is a bitch but why even post that pic on facebook. You’re in a public bathroom

  75. I somehow doubt that the bump we are seeing in the picture is in fact a baby, maybe she is pregnant, who knows. All I know is, what can you expect when you name your child Misty?

  76. impossible. that bitch is just sticking out her tubby tummy… you don’t get a belly bump after 2 weeks.

  77. Well considering she took this picture in a public bathroom, maybe this is just before she took a big dump. That would explain why her tummy is so bloated.

  78. I’m not sure why they are arguing over this Donnie character. If I had an older brother who could barely, if at all, support himself, and he refused to get his act together, I’d hope someone would teach him the lesson of taking care of himself, not support his inability to pay his cell bill.

  79. @fatherSha – they’re not necessarily friends on FB – the pic is from Donnie’s profile and if they’re both on his list they could both comment without having added one another. :P

  80. ok i didn’t read all that bullshit, but i’m due august 17th 2010 and i am just hit 10 weeks pregnant, i haven’t even been to a doctor yet, i think she’s full of it.

  81. Maybe she is pregnant, but the baby’s not Donnies….she fucked some other loser after driving him to work one day and is further along in the pregnancy than she thinks? Also, I agree with Village Idiot, they don’t necessarily have to be friends on there as its not Misty’s picture they are commenting on….feel free to correct my spelling and grammar guys.

  82. If they were black this would scare me

  83. January 21st, 2010 at 4:16 pm
    According to when this photo was taken, she would be around 8 weeks pregnant. We don’t see our patients until they are 12 weeks pregnant. So I am not sure how she could have to been to so many appointments. One appointment at the ultimate max. Many woman don’t find out until they are around 4 to 6 weeks pregnant (unless they are really trying to get pregnant and then it is possible to find out earlier). I am going to call FAIL on this supposed pregnancy. She has a “food baby.” we can all look like that when we arch our back and poke out our bellies. Ultrasound pics are all over the Internet and be swiped very easily

    PS look at her boobs…every one know they get HUGE in the first few weeks. Hers still does not stick out past her “belly.”

  84. Why is everyone assuming that the date in the album name is the baby’s due date? It could be some anniversary or something… but yeah, I wouldn’t say she looks that pregnant. And if it wasn’t for Misty’s first comment, I might have said it was some sort of “before” picture? You know, week by week, a picture of yourself side on to show the growth? I know I want to do that.

  85. …I think it’s a PRETTY safe thing to assume, using logic and all that..

  86. hahaha. First, you can tell by the curve of her back that she is intentionally pushing out her belly. Either that or she has severe scoliosis. Second, anyone who has had a child knows that the “baby bump” actually starts much lower, generally below or at hip-line, not above it. I have 4 children and have taken week-by-week side shots of my belly every time. That’s not preggo belly, that’s “I want to look preggo but don’t really know what it looks like” belly.

  87. Your Dumber Than We Though Garunteed

    I like this.

  88. yeah…no. she’s allegedly due 8/19? i am pregnant and due 8/3…my ‘bump’ is half that size at best. i’m only just barely showing. i don’t think so, toots.

  89. @Poooter – if you haven’t even been to a doctor yet how on earth do you know your due date? I know you can estimate, but to the DAY? O_O

    AS for this nonsense…Misty sounds a little suspicious, but Kim is a goddamn moron. Wishing death on a baby, publicly threatening someone…Darwin awards all around!

  90. Um….wow. Wow.

    Normally I’d be all over the corrections because careless spelling is indeed one of the world’s most pressing problems today, but for Kim to wish the baby would die and then threaten to strangle the mother, well, I think maybe she should just lay off the English lesson this one time.

    (sarcasm to begin with, just in case that didn’t translate)

  91. @doctor_mom
    Some doctors will see you earlier. I was seen at 9 1/2 weeks this time, had my second appointment at 11 weeks, and had my first ultrasound at 13 weeks. Then again, I’ve been high risk from the start, so that could be why. (Also, I know some tests can only be performed before 12 weeks, so of course some doctors will see you before then.)
    As long as you know the day that your last period started, you can figure it out. That’s how doctors figure it out, without an ultrasound. And usually ultrasounds match up, so they keep going with that.

  92. Ok, my question is if they hate each other so much then why are they friends on fb?

  93. @doctor_mom

    “PS look at her boobs…every one know they get HUGE in the first few weeks. Hers still does not stick out past her ‘belly.’”

    That’s really not true. Everyone is different. Some women get bigger and some women don’t change much at all. I grew proportionately, they weren’t ‘huge’ compared to the rest of me and it took a few months. After I had my daughter and was still in the hospital trying to get her to latch, I attended a breastfeeding clinic and a woman there was flat. I mean she was nipples and that was it. Our milk hadn’t come in yet (FYI to anyone who doesn’t know: milk doesn’t come in until a few days AFTER the baby is born – you have colostrum, a yellow nutrient and antibody-rich liquid, until then).

    Anyway, you just can’t tell these things by looking. I’ve had friends whose hips didn’t even widen and I have no idea how their babies made their way out, but they did.

    And as for ultrasounds, I saw my daughter as a cluster of cells and a heartbeat at 5 weeks. I had a little bit of bleeding and freaked out. They did the ultrasound at the hospital and there she was. Just a heartbeat. I bawled my eyes out, it was pretty incredible.

  94. I may just be being pedantic, while the ‘average’ human gestation period is indeed 40 weeks, this means it is just over 9 months, not 10 months as GodessDigi stated. Being pregant for 10 months is possible, but a bit longer than average. 40 weeks is about 9 months one week. Not 40/4 = 10.

  95. 40/4 would mean that every month has exactly 28 days. Since this is not the case, 40 weeks is about 9.25 months, so:
    0 to 1 month = first month 5 to 6 months = sixth month
    1 to 2 months = second month 6 to 7 months = seventh month
    2 to 3 months = third month 7 to 8 months = eighth month
    3 to 4 months = fourth month 8 to 9 months = ninth month
    4 to 5 months = fifth month 9 to 10 months = TENTH MONTH
    Birth is given in the tenth month of pregnany, not once a full ten months has passed.

  96. If she really is pregnant, she’s fat too.
    I was due with my 2nd child Aug. 9th of 2009, and I started showing fast, but not THAT fast.
    That pic was posted on Jan 4th, she would have only been about 8 weeks along, there’s no way she’d be showing that fast unless she has a few more kids at home.
    Or Donnie has the due date wrong.

  97. Donnie, you are NOT the father!

  98. @milkproof robot all duedates are an estimate nobody can possibly know the exact day….and i know it from the first day of my last period

  99. Why are we arguing about due dates? This woman is wearing a bloody cape and you guys are arguing about whether she’s really pregnant.
    You’ve got your priorities ALL WRONG.

  100. @Tyler
    40/4=10, okay? That is 10 months.
    I never said that it was lunar calendar months.
    In pregnancy, it is calculated by weeks, with 4 weeks being a month.
    Sorry, don’t argue unless you’re pregnant or have been pregnant and know these things. >:(

  101. OMG, libbyt, I completely missed the cape because of Antie Kate’s death threats and hopes for a miscarriage. Thank you. It looks like a XXL lobster bib that she put on backwards.

  102. *Auntie.

  103. lol Misty is the caped gestator! Actually, I think it is a jacket that is draped over her left (away facing) arm. See how it seems crooked?

  104. No, she’s definitely wearing a HUGE lobster bib as a cape. Definitely.
    That’s why she’s got such a friggin’ massive food baby. All that lobster.

  105. @74: That baby’s name will either be Destinee or Nevaeh if it a girl and Donnie Cubed if it is a boy, since the first kid is clearly Donnie Jr. #1 (see: DJ)

    Either way, that kid has no shot in hell at anything other than clerking a gas station.

  106. Oops, sorry, I didn’t mean Tyler, meant kaflooey.

  107. Hmm.. You know, I have that same type of relationship with my sister-in-law to be. That’s why I BLOCKED her. That option exists for a damn good reason.

    Then again, if more people realized that, we would be deprived of so many interesting lamebook entries

  108. @Your Dumber Than We Though Garunteed


    Congratulations on spelling ‘though’ correctly, but you should have inserted a comma before ‘guaranteed’. I wouldn’t have said anything apart from the fact that you seemed to be casting aspersions upon everyone else’s intelligence.

  109. Anything over 37 weeks is considered a “term baby”, not 40. Anything over 24 weeks is considered “viable” and they’ll do what they can to help it live. Labor nurse here. The majority of pregnancies don’t go to 40 weeks any more.

    They used to see you at the doctor’s office the second you knew you were pregnant. Now that doctor’s offices are so busy, they ask you to come in between 8 and 10 weeks in most cases. And yes, a good doctor will ultrasound to help more accurately predict the due date at the appointment – unless you just have a crappy doctor.

  110. I’m not sure what L&D nurse you are…

    Most doctors do not do early u/s. Most insurance companies don’t pay for them, and most doctors know they are unnecessary. In fact, newer studies show that u/s may be harmful. So no, a crappy doctor isn’t a doctor who doesn’t perform u/s early on.

    22 weeks is considered viable now.

    The only reason the majority of pregnancies don’t go over 40 weeks is because crappy doctors like to induce unnecessarily. It’s also why we have one of the highest c-section rates. A normal pregnancy is between 38-42 weeks. You aren’t considered over due until you are over 42 weeks – you may be past your due date but you aren’t overdue.

    Most doctors won’t see you until you are nearly in your second trimester and our of the most danger for a miscarriage – as they can’t do much to prevent a miscarriage anyway.

  111. frgsonmysox – during your first appointment the doctor does an ultrasound to make sure the pregnancy is viable (not ectopic, that kind of thing) It is what a responsible doctor (and one that doesnt want to be sued) does, especially because if the baby is not in the correct place, it can potentially kill the woman carrying it. A normal pregnancy is 38 to 42 weeks, you are correct, but I believe what baxter was trying to say is that they will not stop the labor if it is 37 weeks, because by then the baby should be developed completely. And the whole viable thing I believe depends on the state you are in, because I know in Flordia they were thinking of changing it to 19 or 20 weeks because of that one woman who lied and said her baby was 22 weeks when it was really 19 weeks and it survived.

    Anyway, that is all. ^_^

  112. Ectopic pregnancies are generally discovered by symptoms, not u/s. Most doctors do not perform u/s except for the 20 week one. And you can’t determine if a pregnancy is viable – you either miscarry or you don’t.

    I’m pregnant with my fourth child, studying to be an L&D nurse and a CNM and I can assure you that the responsible doctors don’t all do early u/s. Many many doctors do not perform them routinely, and most insurance companies will not cover them anyway.

  113. I’ve only had one baby but I had my first ultrasound at 6 weeks. Just throwing that out there.

    On a different note…why do people not get how important it is to RAISE A CHILD?! I am not a huge abortion advocate but sometimes I think it’s better…we don’t need more people being born and raised by selfish abusive jerks just to turn around and become selfish abusive jerks.

  114. There’s a distinct possibility that she’s actually pregnant and not showing yet, and, to complete the album, took a rather classy picture in a public bathroom while puffing her belly out to simulate the baby bump that will probably begin to show in a few weeks or so.

    Or maybe she’s just showing early.

  115. yeahh uhm i’m over 4 months pregnant with my first baby and I don’t have a belly like THAT going on. hm.

  116. that’s because it’s your first, retard. Number 2 and on will be different. My third, and last baby, we were afraid we were having twins. Pregnancy changes more than your family number.

  117. @monizuki This sounds like it is Misty’s first as well other than losing one early in the pregnancy. So I wouldn’t go around calling people retards. Plus even if it were her second, she still would probably not be showing that early in the pregnancy. At that point she was probably MAYBE 9 weeks. The baby is the size of a peanut at that point.

    I’m 28 weeks pregnant and she looks more pregnant than me lol.

  118. I can’t wait to see them on ‘The Jeremy Kyle Show’ or alternatively if they aren’t from the U.K., Jerry Springer?

  119. @Penny Lane: I couldn’t agree more with you. I can’t stand these people who feel alone and have kids as a solutions. At the end, they find out it wasnt the solution, so one prick more in the world! Nature MUST do something… I mean it :(

  120. All I have to say is that poor kid…

  121. Wtf this is so random..

  122. I hate to say it but that is not a FAT belly but a pregnant one. I have had 5 children so I know. And my sister always showed early so the statement that women don’t show til 5 months isnt accurate. Either ways, I think if I were attacked by my bf’s sister straight up I would go at her too. The bf’s sister started it. She seems to me to be that over protective sort of sister, or even a sister that is secretly sleeping with her brother….

  123. I think we should let Jeremy Kyle sort it out!!!!

  124. Rajiv Devani-Tilden

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH This is the most pathetic thing ever. But both are being completely unreasonable and outrageous.

  125. Allow being the brother


  127. jack_ed_miller

    Has anyone else noticed how this was added on January 4th? Doesn’t mean it was taken on January 4th, could have been taken weeks before explaining the early development. Let me know if I’m missing something :P

  128. Brilliance!!

    -God’s investment(His Son) in you was SO great, he could NEVER leave you!-

  129. elixabeth is still a whore.

    These are some white trash bitches.

    That is all.

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