Monday, October 11, 2010

The Pro-Choices We Make

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  1. I love morbid humor. It makes me feel bad in the best possible way.

  2. Same here but ew… The second one was funny but the first one just makes me want to vomit.

    Why are ppl so proud to have had an abortion? Can’t we go back people being secretive about them?

  3. I hope Kasey gains 100 pounds.

    That is all.

  4. The last one was pretty good. Terrible, but good.

  5. Valenya23: Why are ppl so proud to have had an abortion? Can’t we go back people being secretive about them?

    I don’t think any woman should feel ashamed of having had an abortion. And I also don’t think that being honest about having had an abortion necessarily means that someone is “proud” of it.

    That being said, I don’t like Kasey’s comments. Deciding to have an abortion is a difficult choice to make, and she seems far too cavalier and superficial about it. I don’t think she should be wracked with guilt or shame, by any means, but at least show some class.


    (Vote Kodos!)

  7. That last one is nabbed from a Mr. Show skit.

    “Mr. Pickle’s Fun Time Abortion Clinics: We’ll bring out the kid in ya.”

  8. I like the blow jobs are cannibalism one.

    The first one kind of terrifies me. How late into term did she have an abortion?

  9. Isn’t the first one that fake poster for a few days or weeks ago?

  10. Or you could start up a Sperm Bank : “Put your sperm in our hands”

  11. I want to punch Kasey in the throat.

  12. Kasey is a disgusting human being. And I second BottleCaps comment. Having an abortion is nothing to be proud of. I am pro-choice but I am not pro-abortion. What a low class whore.

  13. leisuresuitassasin

    LSA’s abortion clinic: “no fetus can beat us!”

  14. Kasey makes me want to puke, what a useless human being.

  15. Humans get abortions chickens get omelettes.

  16. @comments god i hope you’re right!

  17. These suck. They’re either disgustingly unfunny, like Kasey taking up space on this planet, or such old jokes that they’re no longer funny, like Martin and Raymond. Can we at least get some original material for a change?

  18. Wow. That is all.

  19. Whatever a person’s stance on abortion, I think we can all agree there’s a distinct difference between aborting a fetus, who has fully human DNA, and shooting off some sperm, with their half-DNA. Or eating sperm.
    And I guess we know that Alessia swallows and doesn’t take a facial…

  20. Kasey in the first one is the same girl who said “That baby dead!” from a few weeks ago.

  21. @mad2physicist

    A distinct physical difference of course, but in terms of potentiality not necessarily a moral one.

  22. Kasey reminds me a little of a girl I knew when I was younger. She
    admitted herself that she never used contraception as she “couldn’t be bothered” and didn’t think pregnancy would happen to her (I don’t get it when girls say that, its not like pregnancy is rare). She ended up getting pregnant and having an abortion and she bragged that she dropped a dress size as a result and when someone mentioned at college that you shouldn’t use a certain aromatherapy oil on pregnant women as it could cause a miscarriage she laughed and said ”
    Wish I’d heard that a few weeks ago would’ve saved me a trip to the hozzy!”. I agree it’s a woman’s choice, but I think girls like Kasey and her should have more class about it.

  23. Comments – I think are you right, it looks like the same troll

    @ cunninglinguist – Sorry but why would someone post their abortion business on FB, bragging that she lost weight, if she wasn’t proud of it… Oh and I didn’t say anything about abortions being shameful – I said secretive, meaning keep it to yourself because it’s quite a personal thing.

    But maybe I should have worded my comment differently… I guess I meant that I feel it’s lame how people are so desensitized that they feel comfortable posting things like this for the world to read.

    @mad2 – lol thank you, yes! I agree completely, there is a distinct difference! which makes #2 pretty damn funny even if it is recycled

  24. yep… she’s the same dumb broad.

    all i can do is hope that she’s fake, but who really knows.

  25. Greenstrings, by that argument, eating a potato is murder, since if you had let it live, it might have been eaten by someone else and thence developed into a sperm and then a kid…
    but more to the point, most people agree that being human requires human dna (more or less). Or a soul, which is generally thought to come into existence no earlier than the uniting of sperm and egg. Thus most people whether or not they would say abortion is murder would not say non-pussy ejaculation is.

  26. Uh, is “Mada” really some kind of physicist? I can see him/her at the front of a class yakking about particle acceleration for hours.

  27. When was that Kaseys previous entry here? I can’t find it :(

  28. That “a” is a “2″? Eyes are worn out from staring at the chalkboard in my physics class.

  29. The point I was trying to make is that there are some people on this planet that WOULD consider eating a potato to be murder.

    I’m not trying to say whether or not abortion is murder, because most of the problem derives from the fact that there is no scientifically objective manner in which you could determine such a thing.

    And just because the majority of people believe something that doesn’t necessarily make it true.

  30. “They should act classy about it.”

    …Yeah, because abortion is “classy”.

  31. Oh good. I knew this submission would start a massive row.

    *sits back with popcorn and a beer*

  32. Wasn’t that Kasey the same one who talked about having an abortion party a while back? What a meggakunt.

  33. @poopaloop

  34. I would like to provide for Kasey’s next abortion.

  35. Hey lamebook! I’m noob around here, but may I suggest you guys not being so easily trolled.
    I mean for a comparatively erudite web community you guys get your foetus’ in a twist so easily.

    If abortion is murder and wanking genocide, does that make felching ethnic cleansing?

  36. Greenstrings, my point is that statistically it is unlikely that the OPs would consider abortion = murder to imply wanking = genocide.
    Hawk, I (being a ‘him’) was trained in physics, but I’m actually a mathematician by profession as well as dabbling in ontology and epistemology. Presently I’m finishing up my ph.D. in math. My area of focus is knot theory and topological quantum field theories.

  37. You can’t just jump straight into homicidal abortion and masturbatory genocide, you have to gangrape queef around for a bit first so that people get a chance to know you.

    There’s nothing like good etiquette.

  38. So now you get posted on Lamebook just for reciting a Mr. Show sketch? Lame. Lame indeed.

  39. I can’t decide between mad2physicist and greenstrings on who is closest to being Wallace.

    We’ll call it a tie.

    Free abortions for all, yay.

  40. Forgive the stupid question, but who or what is Wallace?

  41. *slaps mad2 round the head*

  42. @Valenya – I agree.

    Kasey is obviously a dutty hobag who uses abortion instead of the pill. If I was her mum I’d cut her vag off and keep it in a jar of formaldehyde until she’s learned how to make people like her without openin it up and inviting all her peers to come on in.

  43. @loma – ‘cut her vag off’ <—

  44. Pedant, I do not appreciate blunt trauma being inflicted on my head. I haven’t read enough comments to see much of what Wallace says; does he tend to speak in an obnoxiously intellectual/literal way like I do? Or is it something else?
    Loma, how about just introducing her to the pill and/or condoms?

  45. Ok, for the final time: There was a submission where all the FB posters were making double entendres and, at the end, Wallace chimes in with something like “Guys, if you read these comments wrong people will think you’re talking about sex”
    So Wallace is shorthand for completely missing the point.

  46. @pedantic – gotta love the irony of people needing Wallace explained to them

    @gube – did you not enjoy my phrasing?

  47. oh @mad2 – hmm. an interesting theory, and one that I’ll certainly consider. However, as I mentioned, there are some girls who seem to use abortion in lieu of regular contraceaptives. We can try it, but I reckon she’s one of those chicks who regularly pukes up any meds and is probably on a constant strem of antibiotics for STDs and UTIs, so maybe calling condoms “sex balloons” and training her to use those would be safer than attempting the pill. Or, we could just confiscate her vagina. Whatever’s easiest.

  48. @loma
    i meant to type ‘@loma – lmao @ loma’ etc, but apparently my subconscious knew that would look retarded and conveniently forgot to type ‘lmao’

  49. retarted*

  50. gube – have a cuddle. there, there. it’ll be ok, snuggle into my warm jumper and just lyao into the wool.

  51. Is it safe to Google ‘confiscated vaginas’?
    Apparently my Firefox disagrees on my pluralizing of vaginas.
    What am i doing wrong?

  52. Is it Latin? Vaginae?

  53. Firefox is such a prude

  54. lmao – classic. Isn’t it just that google adapts to most searched for phrases, correcting you if a different search phrase has more results? Perhaps people genreally only need to confiscate one vagina on a regular basis, with the confiscation of two or more vaginas being a rarer occurence?

  55. Well, I’m going to go to sleep (weep) under a warm, wool, snuggly jumper, and try to lmao instead of worrying about the huge task we have ahead of us of confiscating a vagillion vaginae to save our planet from the next generation of Tammys..

  56. Kasey is a dirty Fing Hoe & needs her snatch superglued shut!
    Abortion is a personal decision not something to joke about.

  57. @49, gubenooj

    You were right the first time. Although I do adore the irony of people spelling retarded incorrectly ;0)

    Kasey is an brilliant example of what is wrong with her generation.

  58. I’m sad Kasey’s mother didn’t abort her.

  59. lame. that abortion clinic joke is from Mr. Show. Senhor Pickles Fun-Time Abortion Clinic – We’ll bring out the kid in ya!

  60. Looking on the brightside..Kasey may be reproducing but it’s probably a good thing none of them are brought to term.

  61. Shame on lamebook for posting garbage like this. “F” this shitty site.

  62. I agree with Foxtrot. Jesus Christ, I come here for a laugh, not to feel sick to my stomach. Lamebook is lame for posting this crap.

  63. @ Valenya23: Sorry but why would someone post their abortion business on FB, bragging that she lost weight, if she wasn’t proud of it

    Oh, I agree completely. I’m not defending Kasey at all. She sounds horrible.

    I just meant that I think that some people are able to be honest and open about their experiences without being necessarily “proud” of what they’ve done. Kasey is a good example of what NOT to do.

  64. Ugh, I cannot even stand people who brag about having an abortion. It’s certainly nothing to be ashamed of, but why the need to tell everyone like it’s something to be proud of?

    You feeling the need to show off you’re having sex? Big deal, even the fugliest people generally manage to find other “pretty-challenged” people to copulate with.

    As far as i can see, getting knocked up either from being too stupid to use contraception or unfortunate enough to have a genuine accident, is actually no reflection on how hot/cool/intelligent/whatever you are. It’s just everyday fertilisation. Therefore having an abortion is also nothing to be “proud” of, and people like Kasey piss me off about as much as they make me feel sick.

    Oh and “still hot as hell?” Take off your truckload of makeup and peroxide, and then we can judge the accuracy of that statement!

    Rant out (sorry!)

  65. @ loma – You are my hero for saying “I’d cut her vag off..”

  66. ya seriously Kasey looks like a Lady Gaga barbie doll. fuckin gross.

  67. emilyjohnsonlovemichaelcook

    to bad the top one is fake…that aint her cause that bitch is me…some one needs to grow up i mean seriously…and its depressing cause shes talkin about abortion and i just had my lil girl 3 months ago :( i mean come on kasey fucking grow up

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