Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Pains that Stain

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  1. That picture makes me nauseous.

  2. Vanita’s party got waaaay out of hand.

  3. No it didn’t Soup, this is part of the graphic demo I asked for.

  4. An ocean? Salty and smells like fish?

  5. Is Orlysongz even a real name?

  6. Thanks for the advice Tyler, I can use that tip.

  7. um, no eenerbl… you clean up cum with your tongue silly… guys use vinegar

  8. I never have to worry about those kind of stains ee, I make sure I get the lot to avoid spillage.
    But I do need advice about the pesky bovine blood ones that I have on occasion.

  9. I usually do slim, but not when it ends up other places other then intended.

  10. pad to the face… that’s rough.

  11. ee, it’s ok if you put vinegar in your hair, provided if you condition straight after.

  12. That picture is fucking horrible.

  13. haha word, I was thinking about my crotchless panties.

  14. id eat the crotch out of your panties… if they had a crotch… suppose i shall eat away either way

  15. Intriguing ee, if they’re crotchless, where do they get stained?

  16. So I take it you haven’t had lunch yet slim?

    Around the seam of point of insertion word!

  17. And slim, that joke about fish and vaginas is a bit old darlin’.
    Tell me honestly, have you ever been near one that actually does smell that way?
    Not judging, just curious.

  18. I’ve never worn them ee. I might give em a whirl.

  19. Word, I’m curious about these bovine blood stains. Just what kind of freaky stuff are you into?

  20. Soup, I get a little messy when I’m handling a side of beef.

  21. no lunch or sex yet today… I’m hurting… hunger and horny are like the only emotions I got

    And no, I have not met any fishy vags… I avoid the types of gals I image might have caverns of ill refute

  22. That picture… I puked a little.

  23. Word, your phrasing does not exactly set my mind at ease. I’m picturing you as one of those starving cartoon characters. When you see a hot guy, you visualize him as a giant cock labeled Sir Loin.

  24. I know this great place slim, it’s ‘sorta’ like a buffet, all you can eat…

  25. Soup, you got it in one.

  26. Hmmm, I always thought slimjayz liked the less reputable girls.

  27. Cody, don’t get upset. Tyler was just trying to help.

  28. Oh dont offer me all I can eat… I’d be at that place for days!

  29. And no, I dont care for less than reputable gals… like luda said, want a lady in the street but a freak in the bed… I stick to women I am married to or dating… Sex with a complimentry partner is >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> random hook up with a slut

  30. Clearly not a used sanitary towel but I like the idea. I may have to do this to my boyfriend. I’m sure I’ll be single soon afterwards.. worth it.

  31. I don’t know who the fuck luda is, but I appreciate the morality you’re showing.

  32. Am I the only one who spotted a Dexter reference in the last pic?

  33. What Dexter reference?


  34. ludacriz (sp?) is a rapper, lol… appreciate my morality enough to blow me in a walmart dressing room?

  35. There’s no Walmart that I’m aware of in my hometown, but I’ve performed lewd acts in Kmart on many occasion.

  36. lmao! I had typed kmart, but switched to walmart because kmarts seem to be disappearing… Ok, lets hook it up at the big K!!

  37. Don’t know how you’re keeping up with all your lamebook hookups, slim. You got some stamina there.

  38. i totally agree that that is not a used pad, and i thiink the guy in number ones entire thing is just funny….

  39. That guy with the pad on his face must be a real dickhead. He has a fish pillow. And just look at his shirt. All the signs point to douche bag.

    I’m sure everyone would love to slap someone with a bloody pad.

  40. I’d love to pad slap someone. Sounds like an amazing new craze.

  41. I bet there’s a word for putting a used pad on someone’s face while they’re sleeping on Urban Dictionary.

  42. Yeah, the last image is a definite “Dexter” reference. The bovine reference confirms it. The scene he’s quoting is this LOLworthy moment:


  43. oh my god i love dexter! that’s awesome!

  44. Sometimes I wonder why Lamebook even bothers blurring out the names. I mean, how many people called “Orlysongz” can there be on Facebook?

  45. We already had the ocean one.

    Insert your own masturbation joke here, I’m too lazy to.

  46. Chinchillazilla

    I lol’d at the Dexter reference.

  47. Dexter FTW!

  48. Fishy Vag FTW!

    That picture is horrible! But that’s what you get for passing out early at a party.

  49. They used the wrong side of the pad. Morans.

  50. Hahahahaha! ‘Morans’. Thick as fuck!

  51. Props to whoever noticed it was a Dexter reference! Dexter FTW!

  52. lol

  53. spammers suck

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