Monday, April 12, 2010

The Owned Zone

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  1. Ben.

  2. THE LAST ONE FTW! hahahahaha

  3. prolefeedprocessor

    Brian richly deserves that. :D

  4. Have you ever been first, but then you relaized that you had to register to comment…. yeah, it happened to me once!

  5. ImTheRingLeader

    Lmao Brian’s is hilarious.

  6. HAHAH Oh man. Now I know what to do when someone pulls that shit at the lib

  7. Cajun, have you ever started to post, and then REALIZED you spelled ‘realized’ wrong? ;)

  8. Cajun, no one give’s a shit if you’re first.

    Also, in the first one, it should be spellings without the apostrophe, no? That makes it less funny.

  9. @chiiro

    No, the apostrophe is right. It’s a contraction of “spelling is”, not the plural of spelling.

  10. chiiro the apostrophe is a contraction meaning “spelling is”. I’m (meaning “I am”) pretty sure “spellings” isn’t (meaning “is not”) a word!

  11. I was about to go on a big ‘realised is fucking right as well as realized stop being so damn ignorant’ rant when I realised Cajun spelt it ‘relaized’.
    Actually, I wasn’t even gonna rant because I’m tired.

    Which means all I’ll say is…
    I thought this was crappy till Brian’s, which I actually laughed at.

    Also, Ben cares if you’re first. And while I don’t, I don’t reallllly get why it bugs people so much when people say ‘first’.

  12. @EmKitteh: you beat me to it by mere seconds – and now I just look like an idiot. And compared to you – a mean idiot! Haha…

  13. mark is a loser… if you are going to talk shit about you buddies gf you better make sure its funny enough to make HER laugh and you better not include some world of warcraft nerd reference… fail

  14. It’s all good, clearly I was having a lapse in brain functioning. It just didn’t look right to me, I guess.

  15. Ugh. I registered an account to tell chiiro that the spelling of “spelling’s” was correct (spelling is) and y’all already beat me to it. Gack.

  16. @gawds

    Sorry for making you look like a mean idiot. I’m sure you’re not.

    Hey, I just realised that in whatever time zone the time-stamps belong to, it’s still my birthday. Yay!

  17. You gotta be quick on your game when pointing out someone’s an idiot, Ligonier. :D

  18. happy birthday emkitteh!

  19. Apparently, chiiro. I mean, how fast did someone snatch up the Mario and Dreddy username? (I still laugh over that one.)

    And Happy Birthday, Em! (I think the time stamps are CST….)

  20. Thanks virgo and Ligonier. I’m on Australian Eastern Standard Time here so it’s 9.38am Tuesday 13 April.

  21. Oh, it’s still Monday here on the East Coast (US). It needs to be over. Lamebook is having Monday fail, too, I do believe.

  22. Sigh, today is just not a good day for the brains. I had to google and look at several links to figure out the Mario and Dreddy joke.

  23. Lamebook funny again! Well done Lamebook.

  24. The Salmon Mousse

    In what way in particular is his girlfriend like a rare steak? She’s cold on the inside? She’s full of fat?

  25. anybody else notice the timestamps on Nabil’s post? The 1st comment was left before the status was posted…and then the rest of the comments were posted within seconds of each other.

  26. @bostono – good call; either facebook fucked up or someone got a little bit too happy with photoshop. Meh, still lame.

    I feel sorry for the anonymous like-er on Allie’s post, they probably submitted it thinking Brandon’s comment would be put in a lame section, only to be classed as them getting owned. What a hooker!!!!

  27. I like the last one, it’s a lot more creative then the usual homo posts and such when someone leaves their facebook on. Reminds me of a seperate instance where a teen left his on and his mom changed his password on it to regulate things in her own psychotic way because he posted about driving like a retard and various other things or somesuch.

  28. Brian’s really is the best and Joe’s isn’t bad either.
    Mark on the other hand is obviously jealous Dan’s gf has helped him get a real life and Mark has lost a dork pal in WoW.

  29. tangalangadingdong

    Help! Why is Brian’s funny? I get that someone other than Brian writing for him because he forgot to log out. But then…

  30. but then…that’s what makes it so funny!

  31. I like when people comment “First!” They remind me of my little sperms.

    I don’t like it when people comment “Ben.” They remind me of gay sperms. Like they swim to the egg first but then decide eggs are not attractive to them and so they start to try to hit on the other sperms and ruin there chance to say “First!”

  32. *their

  33. God, I feel dirty for saying this, but WoW never teamed up with Hungry man to make microwave food. Gamers Grub was from a separate company. There were never any team-ups of cross company promotions. Now I’m gonna go take a scalding shower to wash away the fact I knew that.

  34. lew with the wiff!

  35. Pseudo Brian made me giggle…

  36. Only drunkly skim read the comments but was I the only one that found Allie’s group funny not because of the shit comment but because of the irony?

  37. Only drunkly skim read the comments but was I the only one that found Allie’s group funny not because of the chit comment but because of the irony?

    Just joined and thought about possible moderation so edit here, kind of, incase.

  38. Brian ftw!

  39. Brian’s is funny because at first the person leaving the comment seems to be kind enough to not put anything rude (i.e. ‘I AM BRIAN AND I LIKE MEN AND KNOBS’). Except then they start going through his page and friends list.

  40. Sarah hates liars, and so Lew is always honest…

    He likes big twats, and he cannot lie.

    I hope you don’t mind me reworking your classic Sir Mix-a-lot.

  41. And happy birthday Emkitt, if your birthday turns out as good as mine did lover, you’ll have a blast.

  42. please come back Zombie kid :(

  43. His girlfriend is like a rare steak?? What does that mean? I…

    I don’t mind a good “first” comment in here. Someone says “first” and the rest of us get on with our comments. On FB it’s a bit more annoying where people (usually the same handful) can fill 50 comments with “first” “no, I was first” “first, II” “lame”. Kinda ruins the concept of “would you like to comment on this POST?”.

  44. Just pointing out, the lyrics for the first one are wrong. It’s “My chick bad, my chick hood.” Not “good.”

  45. Holy shit, is lamebook not getting any submissions any more? Because every single one of these except for the last one seemed like boring, unfunny fillers. They’re not funny. They’re just a bunch of people being dicks to each other in unorginal ways.

  46. Maybe Dan’s gf IS a rare steak.

  47. She smells like a raw chicken though.

  48. lol

  49. what i don’t get about the second picture is the fact that the first comment was posted a second before the actual status was posted…

    hmm, lamebook fail?

  50. Dan likes his women like he likes his steak. With a hot pink center!

  51. @45, but yesterday there was a screenshot of somebody joining a group, and then joining another group that contradicted the first. Does it get more entertaining than this?

  52. Here’s the reference for that WoW + Hungry Man thing.

    It was a 2009 April Fools joke:

  53. first and last ftw!!!!

  54. Jamset, you certainly know your geek-snacks. Well done.

  55. just saying……”brian” ftw! hahaha that is awesome! i totally want to do that someday now…..

  56. Did anybody realize that chiiro wrongly used an apostrophe in “give’s” at the same time as criticizing apostrophe use? Sorry if I sound like a jerk, I’m just surprised nobody else caught that.

  57. CommentsAtLarge


    Happy Belated b-day!

  58. Personally I think Maria was being the douche in the first one. Certainly not ownage at any rate.

    I’ve been known to be a bit of a spelling nazi online myself, but Joe only made typo and it looks like it was an accident. The bad grammar appears to have been intentional based on the context, so I’d say Maria is the one who needs to be owned here.

  59. *one typo -.-;

  60. Thanks word and CommentsAtLarge. The birthday was good :)

  61. Brian is lucky his library buddy was actually nice about it.

  62. Pet Peeve of the Day-Feminine Flatulence (part 2 of 2)

  63. hahahaha the last one is BRILLIANT.

    -Gods investment in you (His son!) was SO great, he could never abandon you!-

  64. Elixabeth, cut it out. You’re annoying. And you failed Inspiration 101.

  65. .

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