Monday, April 16, 2012

The Nerve of Some People

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  2. Ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmllllllllllllllllllllllllllll!!!

  3. Theres a few posts like this… where people think their overly long stories are amusing. Fuck you, Kent.


  5. ^ your belief that its fake, is fake

  6. Incorrect. My belief that it is real is fake.

  7. Kent is a retard, doesn’t he recognise an ‘in’ when he gets one? If a girl asked him back for coffee he’d probably say “sorry coffee keeps me awake” a la George Costanza.

  8. ‘Rock History Class’. what? do they just study the entire back catalogue of Rolling Stone magazine?
    I hope he enjoys being 30 grand in debt for his ‘degree’.

  9. I don’t see anywhere is his post that says he is in university. You do realize there are history of rock and roll classes in high school right? Maybe you should think before you make assumptions about a persons life. If he is in university it could also be an elective, you know classes that you are interested in that aren’t in your major or ones that simply boost your GPA. Just think first before you go criticizing someone’s choices.

  10. @MsAnneThrope

    I’m guessing you’ve never been to college? Virtually every university requires a fine arts credit, and that’s an extremely common course to fulfill that prerequisite to graduate with ANY degree.

  11. correct. i’ve never been to an american college.
    i went to a real school where such bullshit was sneered at, and rightfully so.
    The only soft filler course i did was two semesters of ‘women’s studies’. but that was fucking hilarious.

  12. Rock History. what a load of old balls.

  13. @MsAnneThorpe
    I still fail to see exactly where he says he is in university or college in his post, which could mean he is in high school, thus making your comment regarding his degree irrelevant. Further, where exactly did you go that did not have a course about history of rock and roll as it is a fairly common course in many universities and colleges.

  14. sorry @MsAnneThrope

  15. Rock history class is fake.

  16. @MsAnneThrope
    I guess Devry or University of Phoenix didn’t offer those for you.

  17. “Richie Havens opened the Woodstock festival in 1969.
    Would you like fries with that?”

  18. Incorrect. Richie Havens is fake.

  19. ^fuck off.

  20. Clearly your international degree in trolling internet boards is paying off. Your parents must be so proud.

  21. @MsAnneThrope

    You still have yet to answer my questions, so I’m going to take that as meaning you know that my logic is sound and that I’m right. Thanks!

  22. Correct. However, I am a cyborg sent back in time to troll people. I win.

  23. I was actually ignoring you and referencing the misanthrope again, but nice try.

  24. habsfuck, I didn’t bother to answer your stupid fucking questions because i don’t give half a shit about them – or you.

  25. Passive-aggressive much Kent?

  26. I am aware. I am also aware you are fake.

  27. MsAnneThrope
    Well that’s original, couldn’t think of anything better?

  28. Exhaustive list of useful real world applications for your class in Rock History;-
    10. illustrating to folk why exactly it is you should be abandoned in the woods to get eaten by bears.

  29. whatiwoulddotoyou

    Not sure if msannethrope is a troll or just dumb

  30. Incorrect. I calculate a 76.6 % chance that there are more important reasons.

  31. ^by ‘calculate’ you mean ‘randomly pull out of ass’.

  32. I’d wager on dumb. The only reason I bothered posting on here is because I had to take this class before entering graduate school for pharmacy. Literally every college requires a VAPA credit.

  33. Incorrect. That is a fake assumption.

  34. whatiwoulddotoyou

    Please continue to enlighten us on how your degree is so much better than everyone elses and how you are making a positive contribution to society.

  35. “I had to take this class.” had to!

    i see. i guess your ‘degree’ in being a backyard meth-chef required a thorough perusal of lots of old Rolling Stones, huh?

  36. I agree whatthewhat20, it seems as if misannethrop never went on to a post secondary education because if they did they would know that even if you are taking a degree in a field of science you are usually still required to take a social science, humanities, or fine art in order to graduate.

  37. ^I thought you claimed he was in high school?
    you see why i ignored you and didn’t bother to refute your ‘logic’?

    your centre of logic is located about 4 inches up past your rectum.

  38. Incorrect. The center of logic is the brain.

  39. No, if you actually knew how to read you would realize that I said that there is nothing in the post that directly says he is in university. I said it is possible that he is in high school not that he is in high school.

  40. if i actually bothered to read your whiny, snotty-nosed drivel, you mean.
    i didn’t.

  41. Incorrect. I calculate a 100% chance you are unable to deal with logic. You are fake.

  42. So you resort to name calling? Obviously that is the next logical step in a debate. Usually people only resort to that when they realize their argument is flawed, so I’m just going to assume that is the case here.

  43. Correct. Msanne is finished.

  44. He is obviously referring to his geology class… idiots, the lot of you.

  45. hah. ‘debate’.
    this ‘debate‘ has been bought to you today by the letters ‘a sustained chorus of butthurt and online bitching.’
    and by the numbers ‘go away and fucking die, you sad, pedantic fuckwits.’

    debate! [/shakes head]

  46. Yet, rather than try to make a point you continue to throw names around like a 13 year old on xbox live.

  47. and why would i bother to make any ‘point’ other than my original assertion? which, to recap (because you’re stupid), was;- Rock History is a bullshit class. it is a waste of time and money and anyone who takes it seriously clearly needs a solid slap upside the fucking ear.
    see? i’ve progressed onto threats of violence now. i bet the veins in your forehead are totally fucking popping.

  48. Look out we got a badass over here. Seriously though, let me recap my points. First Point: No where in the post does it state he is in university so you can not assume that he is actually paying for the course, let alone majoring in it, as he could simply still be in high school. Second Point: Let us make the assumption that you did that he is in fact in university, you do realize that he could simply be taking it as an elective to fill a fine arts/humanities/social credit required for most degrees. Third Point: People could simply take a course in this as it interests them because oh I don’t know they like rock and roll and want to learn more about its development and transformation or they could just be using it as a GPA booster. Therefore, the course does have value, and those that do take it do not deserve a slap upside the ear. Please though, continue to explain how you have a superior view and know everything there is to about the world and courses at post secondary education. I’m done with this.

  49. ^zzzzzzzzzzzz….oh, you done with this now, habsfuck?
    thank fuck for small mercies.
    your online ‘debate’ (heh) skills in the forum section of an obscure troll site are simply fucking AMAZING.
    I agree with your summary; – Rock History is a waste of time and space and only pedantic tossers give a shit about it.

    that was what you said, right? i don’t read blocks of text without paragraphs.

  50. whatiwoulddotoyou

    You comment on a lack of paragraphs but yet you don’t know how to use a shift key properly? You sir are a fucking idiot

  51. fuck you, you inconsiderate sack of dog-cum. my shift key is broken.

  52. whatiwoulddotoyou

    Your shift key is broken yet you managed to capitalize I, Rock and History, as well as AMAZING (I’m assuming you didn’t use caps lock cause only 12 years olds use that)? Must be a miracle.

  53. how fucking stupid are you?
    there are two shift keys. I used the other one. duh!

  54. whatiwoulddotoyou

    Then how fucking stupid are you to use that as an excuse for your “impecible” grammar.

  55. impeccable.
    do you know what prose even is? maybe you should have spent less time licking window in bullshit made-up classes and more time learning the fundamentals of communication in (presumably – but how embarrassing for you) your native language.

  56. also – you omitted the question mark from your abortive attempt at…what was that, anyways?

  57. whatiwoulddotoyou

    Never said I was perfect, and as a matter of fact this is not my native language. Still trying to master it so thank you. What I have found out those is that you are a useless piece of shit who likely lives in his mothers basement and is a fucking bottom feeder of society. So please go suck a huge bag of dicks and kindly shut the fuck up as you are a waste of time and space. Good day.

  58. whatiwoulddotoyou

    Also, your mother was fantastic last night, sorry if we kept you up.

  59. I think there are about 3 more clichés you coulda stuck in there.
    bon jour!

  60. Rock History. Heaping debt on the mongs since 1982.
    Q. how many shifts at Burger King will it take to pay off one 4 month course?
    A. no one knows. even Burger king has standards, ffs.

  61. Also, yes I “had” to take a VAPA class. I just picked one that sounded the most interesting, and frankly the easiest. And that “degree” is in fact a doctorate. As for the “meth-chef,” I do aspire to be a real-life Walter White.

  62. And if you’ve ever attended college, you’d know that you usually don’t pay by hour once you reach full time.

  63. you said you were fucking off nearly an hour ago. you demonstrably lied about that.
    so now i’m forced to assume that you’re lying about everything else.
    except Mr. White. because there are some things that should not be fucking joked about.

  64. I never said that. Unlike you, I actually have other things to do rather than anxiously await the latest update on a pointless online argument.

  65. PraetorianXVIII

    you people are such fags

  66. I would absolutely love the opportunity to study Rock History, especially if it included going through the entire back catalogue of Rolling Stone. Fuck yeah. But that’s just me.

    Rock on, guys.

  67. If I were deaf, I’d take music history classes too just to fool the enemy.

  68. ffs msanne I leave for one day and I come back to find you trolling the entire planet? Watching you ‘debate’ with these 11 year olds is like watching a cat trying to herd mice without hurting them. You prolly shoulda quit after reading 9. though. Anyone who went to a high school where they teach rock history (i call bullshit by the way) obviously doesn’t have the education to be fair sport for these forums. Which begs the question, if you’re the only witty one in the room, is it still funny? =)

  69. Oh, come now, it was just friendly chat! I think me and those dudes really connected.

  70. Ha ha ha, this was awesome. I think habsfan_14 actually tried to reason with MsAnne, while she was mopping the floor with him. Not really a fair fight, but funny no less. Kiddos, perhaps a course in “how to deal with internet trolls” would be a better way to spend your valuable time than to learn in college about who was better, the Stones or the Beatles (Stones, obviously. Beatles were a boring bunch of fags)

  71. Much like ms, my first thought was “The fuck sort of school offers Rock History?”

    And in response to everyone defending that course and jumping up and down about it, it is fucking weird! And it hasn’t occurred to you even once that Ms might not have studied in the US. Here in Australia (we all know Ms loves Australia) that’s completely fucking bizarre. Why was I stuck studying historical literature when I could have studied The Beatles?

  72. Man, I created an account just to get on here and laugh at you sad fuckers wailing butthurt.

    Oh and Kent is a fucking tosser.

  73. Incorrect. You are fake dwayne dibbley.

  74. I actually liked the idea of a Rock History class, but it’s probably filled with gormless bitches like Kent and pretentious self important smegma like habsfan_14 and whatthewhat20.

    And really, is there anything more yawn-worthy than the “mother’s basement” put down?

  75. ^well, you could pretend to be a judgmental robot. and desperately troll for attention that way.

  76. habsfan_14: seriously? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  77. (Fry face) Hmmmmm, not sure if habsfan_14 is troll…

    …. or really that stupid.

  78. herpderpaccount

    OP of the Facebook status here. First off, Kent is not my name, so someone is obviously trying to steal my story to put on here. Second, I’m taking Rock History to fill an elective requirement, my major is in Economics with a minor in finance. Third, I’m not socially retarded enough to not realize when a girl is flirting with me. But when that girl is a bitchy, plastic sorority girl that thinks she is entitled to attention because some frat guys think she’s pretty, I would rather do something to benefit myself then enable her.

    No wonder I’ve never heard of this site. 90% of you commenters are butthurt wannabe trolls that rage over the slightest comment. 10% actually made comments that were amusing. As cool as it is to see my statuses get to other sites because other people thought they were funny, definitely not coming back here again. At least not to the comment section.

  79. My piece of shit university cut the budget for rock history and I was left with “world music” as a music elective.

    I don’t mind though because it introduced me to the wonderful worlds of Argentine tango and tuvan throat music. Get yourself some.

  80. best part of these comments:

    point 1, you cannot assume
    point 2, let us assume


  81. herpderpaccount

    I take back my comment. MsAnneThrope is just a super shitty troll that thinks words with more than 3 syllables make him sound like a genius. The rest of you are pretty alright. But one of the golden rules of the internet is to never feed the trolls…

  82. ^and will you be making it a third time that you are not coming back here?

  83. ^fuck off

  84. dammit

    83 was meant for 81

  85. I knew that.
    but herpesaccount was the best flounce today.
    (so proud)

  86. this thread has so much win in it.

  87. herpderpaccount…no one gives one flying fuck about your college elective choices for fuck’s sake.

    I think you’re actually that habsfan embarrassment.

  88. @t-1000, chill out, dickwad.

  89. I guess we can’t all go to the prestigious universities Australia is clearly known for.

  90. If you read that story REALLY carefully you can tell its a fake

  91. Next thing you know people are going to say the chicken crossing the road didn’t really happen either.

  92. Sounds like most of you are taking rock history for granite. ahem *cough* couldn’t resist. wouldn’t it be fun if every time lamebook puts something up for us to laugh at someone (or two) decided it was their job to defend them and to that end they just started fabricating theoretical reasons why they might be right even though they are inherently wrong just for trying?

  93. herpderpaccount

    Haha what a joke of a site this is. I’ve never seen anyone get more worked up over someone’s Facebook status that has nothing to do with them more than those two wanna-be trolls. Counting mediocre responses as “flounces” like you’re the next Winston Churchill? What a joke. Do the world a favor and punch a hole in your screen and save the internet from your ridiculous Holier-And-Wittier-Than-Thou Syndrome.

  94. Deaf guy whining… never a pretty sight.

  95. @93 i really hope the rock history/accounting combo works out well for you, although it’s clear that the concept of synergy in study escapes you. hell i’m still scratching my head trying to figure why this post makes lamebook to begin with. “insensitive prick advertises that he’s an insensitive prick” isn’t amusing at all which is why we are making fun of your classes and not your story.

  96. “i’m NEVER coming back here AGAIN!”
    *cries…fails to leave*
    so does this mean you’re sticking around, permanenent-like, herpderp?
    i really hope so!

  97. *permanent
    oh guys…like…i’m so, so sorry! please, please don’t pull me up on the fact that i made a typo. and if you tell me that i should capitalise letters in sentences and stuff…i’ll be crushed. and i tell you what, if you tell me that i put an apostrophe in the wrong place, then you’ll REALLY rattle me.

  98. Ok misanthrope calm down.

    I went to a music conservatory where we had to study really old stuff like monk chant, Bach, Mozart, up to modern composers. So, we were required to take an elective course in music that had nothing to do with those stuffy composers. Just so we music nerds realize that music isn’t just played by an orchestra. I didn’t take rock history, I took American theater music, but I know lots of people who did.

    And if you’re wondering if I’m serving fries right now, I’m not. Just because music is hard to make a living at, does not mean it’s impossible. I just can’t do a 9-5. I’ve made good money on cruise ships, which were fun to play on, I play in weddings, teach lessons, play in community orchestras, occasionally sub for big ones, I’ve played for the president, and I joined a band that plays in bars. I play guitar in it. And yeah we’re lame, but it’s very fun, and I make a good amount of money. Much better than sitting at a desk all day.

    And like, I make a comfortable living. I’ve never had problems with bills, and even though I work around the clock, it’s doing something I don’t consider work. I make enough to go to nursing school, which has nothing to do with me wanting more money. I just want to work in remote locations of the world, and that is something almost impossible to do with a music degree.

    But misanthrope, wake up and realize that some people can make “bullshit” degrees work.

  99. ben, i’m fairly certain that your assumption that msanne is not calm is quite correct. she is a pit of seething rage, hatred against humanity, and goodness and right in general. but that’s just her normal personality and has nothing to do with this comments thread.
    you don’t even wanna see what it’s like when she’s not calm, bro. it’s not pretty. i wouldn’t poke that cage if i were you…

  100. pretty cool how benladen (prolly the shittest username ever, but you ARE an artist)just jumped right in there, unchallenged, gave me his online life story and claimed his degree was bullshit.
    that’s nice, dear. but I still don’t care.

    and now herpesaccount is back (again) grumbling about punching screens…ya think I may have gotten under his skin?

  101. god, I love the smell of butthurt for brekky.

  102. i prefer bacon and eggs, personally, but each to their own.

  103. heaven was carved from a single block of bacon.
    eggs are just plain creepy, though.

  104. Herp, yeah I agree it was a flounce.

  105. @MsAnneThrope – Are you CassieAnnaCary on youtube? You comment like her.

  106. “Exhaustive list” of people that appreciate MsAnneThrop’s comments


    Look at all these people!!

  107. ^who the fuck are you?
    oh. just nobody.

  108. Hahah. Butthurt msanne is butthurt. Keep up the giving of fucks msanne. Your reality has saddened, and you keep authorizing it.

  109. ^do you mind?
    i’m really fucking cut up here, you insensitive pig.

  110. ^^^ fuck you, asshole.

  111. oh wow msanne you just got totally pwned dude you must be crying tears of frustration right now.
    that sydni chick has just come along, all guns blazing, in an attempt to topple you off your throne, and is doing a bloody marvellous job too! this is an outrage! you’re not gonna stand for this, are you? fight back dude!!

  112. yeah. she’s really smart and funny. i feel awful.

  113. and what a throne it is!

  114. completely imaginary, you mean?

  115. oh no it’s not imaginary! it’s porcelain

  116. ^this, according to you?
    dude, you think that your endlessly pissing and moaning in those crappy, joyless lectures you like to give somehow now means that i should give a shit about your lameass opinion?
    why would that happen?
    my (low, low) opinion of you has been reinforced.

    you don’t seem to understand english. i don’t know how to make this any plainer.

  117. let’s look at the whole flipside of that equation, shall we – why on earth would i value your opinion? most of the opinions you put forward are pretty fucking revolting and ill-formed.
    the most tragic thing of all is that you think that i’m somehow seeking your/anyone else’s approval. frankly, there’s an inverse relationship between what you think of me and how i think of myself, to a certain extent. if i’m annoying you – great!
    you seem a bit butthurt, msanne. i suspect because vincent is smashing you up a bit in that other thread. oh well. have another wine, that’ll make it all go away.

  118. yes. this is a good demonstration of I Don’t Care.
    full of pompous self-impotence.
    i’d say one of your finer examples.

  119. self-impotence.
    say it, fucker.

  120. well…to be fair…you started with the whole “i don’t care” vibe. it is genuinely a reciprocal thing too, i just don’t normally feel the need to state it, as you’ve done. but since you went out of your way to tell me how little you cared, i just thought i’d join the party.
    i’m nice that way.

  121. you’re just hurt that you don’t have a fella with those lovely little dimples on his obliques, that you vacuous bitches seem to go so googoo over (like me…wtf is with that anyway thought you chicks were supposed to be ‘deep’ and stuff but as soon as you see those abs, those vaginas fairly fucking FROTH, i can tell).
    instead you’re stuck with a little whiskey-dick fella. oh i’m sure you know ALL ABOUT impotence.

  122. …or something quite unlike that.
    it’s not rational behaviour for you to be speculating wildly about my sex-life.
    you sound like you could use a dink.

  123. ^ Just like an alcoholic. “you could use a drink”

  124. actually she said “dink” sydni! i’ve been wondering how msanne is gonna get her bike over to my house. i’m still waiting for her to explain.
    or maybe “dink” is a euphemism for something…you know? don’t worry msanne…i’m all good for “dinks”…*wink*
    although maybe she did mean drink which would just be the classic addicts tactic of justifying their own behaviour by co-opting others into it

  125. and now i’m going to smoke some cack.

  126. wow msannethrope, you let me off easy. What’s the matter??

  127. @ benladen. you’re actually really funny and i respect that.
    doesn’t mean i wont be a cunt, though.
    peace out.

    (but syndi and the slug can suck my dick.)

  128. i would say “right back at ya” msanne, but i’ve got better options if i want to be fellated, to be perfectly honest.
    are you looking for allies, now, msanne? feeling lonely, outnumbered? lost in the woods a bit? beaten down?
    not to worry. promise i won’t kill ya, therefore you’ll only get stronger.

  129. my lord, you are quite desperate. and repetitive.
    change the fucking record will ya, slug?

  130. Change your tampon, will ya Annabelle?

  131. repetitive, totally! desperate, not really, msanne.
    why, you looking for a shag or something? i’ve got a friend who’s a bit hard up right now. doesn’t shower all that often though.
    what do you think, reckon it could work? he’s got a prince albert, msanne! think of the possibilities!

  132. *goes to CD cabinet, starts looking at collection*
    any requests, msanne??

  133. yes.
    i request for you to fuck off and die.

  134. why do you seem to think that you’re in any way important?
    that fucking moron who keeps typing his name over and over..
    that other reject who pretends to be a robot..
    that stupid bitch syndilou from the suburbs…

    none of you are real people with real emotions, hope or any imagination.
    in short, none of you have what it takes to be human.

  135. i don’t seem to have that cd, msanne! you’ve sure got interesting taste in music! can you tell me the band?
    you’re right msanne! i’m not human. i’m super-human wooo!
    i only got my superpowers recently. i’m still trying to figure out whether to be a villain or a goody. The villains have got better lairs, which i totally dig, but the goodys get to do nice stuff. since i’m such a nice chap, that has it’s appeal too.
    what do you think msanne? good or evil?

  136. It amazes me that this thread is still ongoing.

  137. slug has something to prove.
    but he’s pretty unconvincing, to say the least.

  138. oh msanne! you’re such a kidder!
    let’s face it, you’re sore. you fell victim to one of your own tricks. when you saw me burning you for your (crap) alcohol remedy, well…you just flew into a rage. you spent the next half hour/forty minutes or so going through about ten pages of lamebook comments, burning me in every one. i was stupefied, to be honest, i couldn’t believe someone would go to so much trouble just cos they got shitty with someone they don’t even know! all it did was tell me that my little dig…worked.
    i’ve been chuckling all week because of you dude.
    cheers eh.

  139. i just have to type a few words, and he does shit like that^.

    he’s got it pretty bad, i’d say.

  140. truth hurts, don’t it msanne?
    oh no that’s right it doesn’t when you’re completely divorced from reality.
    as you were!

  141. because the lamebook forum is the fucking height of reality, you stupid prick?

  142. have i told you today how much your anti-alcohol remedy sucks, msanne? cos it totally does!!

  143. you make no sense. have a drink and calm the fuck down.


  144. your alcohol remedy sucks, msanne! it’s just…shit.

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