Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Media Shower


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  1. I love Scott, at first I honestly thought it was some lame party that she couldn’t go to. Something to do with a TV company she worked for or something.


  2. Uh, Katie, it’s “know”, not “no”…

  3. I’m curious how she misspelled ESPN. Iespeain?

  4. Most likely ESNP. Or ENSP. Or PENIS.

  5. In fairness, Americans do pronounce “meteor”, and many other words with a “T” in them, with a “D” sound.

    Heh, Americans.

  6. @PaulieB: It depends on which part you come from honestly…

  7. @Big Wiggly Style: Really? I find that most if not all Americans I know pronounce “meteor” with a “D” sound…

    But, maybe that’s because I went to school in California…lousy school systems and all…

  8. @PaulieB I have never heard it pronounced that way.

  9. Even if American’s pronounce it with a “D” and not a “T”, it still sounds like “medeor” and not “media.”

  10. Scott: It’s it’s, not its, twit. Unless you got interrupted while writing about the meteor belonging to “it”. Picking on the dumb girl may make you FEEL smart, but …

    Why do people keep friending people that obviously hate them and/or they hate?

  11. Outtascope,

    dont pretend like youve never made a spelling mistake, and please, take that stick out of your ass.

    thanks. ^^

  12. At first, I thought that she wrote “shower” instead of “show” by accident.

    How the fuck can “meteor” change into “media” O_O

  13. Slug: it’s don’t, not dont. Also, no comma before ‘and’.

    You’re welcome.

  14. Ghandi: Slug’s comma before the “and” was fine. Shouldn’t you be picking up on the “youve” instead?

  15. Of topic, but it looks like Sugar Lips got her entry removed? Drat! I never got to find out if Sugar Lips was her real name!

  16. And by “of”, I mean “off”.

  17. Oh it’s a deep burn…

  18. Have you ever smelled jelly?

  19. Sorry Julie and everyone. When readers start harassing the people we post, we gotta take ‘em down. They “ruin it for the rest of the class.”

  20. PaulieB: It’s an altered /t/ sound, not quite a /d/. Yes, it is voiced, like the /d/, but not a full /d/ sound. In any event, as someone else said, it would still be “medeoR.”
    Pedant: In that case, there should also be a comma after “and.”
    Katie didn’t “no” it was a spelling bee!

  21. the /d/ sound is in fact called a tap or a flap. Trees was right it’s an altered sound – not exactly a /d/.

  22. Cos everyone’s american, right? Some countries have accents that don’t pronounce ‘R’s at the end of words like that. Not that I care that much about dissecting her spelling mistake.

  23. @ admin – do you mean harassing HERE? Or on the actual FB page? If people are harassing the person on their actual FB page then yeah, that’s a (funny but) dickish move. But if it’s HERE, isn’t that the point? ;)

    On topic: if Katie was my friend and I was subjected to her stupidity on a regular basis I’d probably love Scott’s comments, but I kinda feel bad for her here. Sometimes the really stupid are also really sweet & nice, like puppies. Either way “media shower” is HILARIOUS.

  24. If you pronounced it like “media,” wouldn’t you then pronounce shower like “showah”?

  25. Ghandi – sorry, but no.
    The comma before the “and” is unacceptable in polite society.
    There should, however, have been a comma after the “and” (before “please”), to get the correct meter*.

    Anyhoo, I’m intrigued as to who Mark is calling a loser? It reads as though it’s Katie, but would a “friend” be quite so harsh?

    *NB: Not meteor. Nor meder.

  26. That’s chowdah! CHOWDAH! I’ll kill you! I’ll kill all of you, especially those of you in the jury!

  27. Ben- that’s what I was thinking too

  28. Guys, seriously. Why do you all attack each others grammar? Who really cares?
    If it was as bad as some of the filth that’s posted on FB, then yeah, it’d make sense. It’s not.

  29. haha ben, i love that episode.

  30. I enjoy correct grammar as much as the next person.
    But I think some people get a serious kick out of writing everything perfectly.

  31. If your going to post a comment on lamebook your spelling/punctuation must be immaculate. You have been warned.

  32. @ :/
    we aren’t getting at katie for the spelling,
    she wrote a completely different word.Shes just retarded.
    If you dont appreciate the humour,i suggest you go elsewhere.

  33. Haha. I wasn’t referring to Katie’s post. Nail that bitch to the wall.

  34. @dontlookatme ‘If YOU’RE going to post a comment on Lamebook, YOUR spelling…’

    Only pointing it out because you did :)

  35. actually i googled it,
    it is “your”.

  36. its only you’re when you are shortening “you are”
    Please check you are spelling? i dont think so.

  37. Yes, exactly. you said “If your going to post a comment on lamebook your spelling/punctuation must be immaculate. You have been warned.”

    I was referring to the first ‘your’. You meant to say ‘If YOU ARE going to post a comment… ‘… which shortens to ‘you’re’.

  38. Fine okay.1 out of 2

  39. Yahoo! Answers Caveman

    How is babby formed?

  40. People pronounce words differently depending on their accents. For instance, where I am in America, they make NO distinction AT ALL between the vowel sounds in MERRY, MARRY and MARY. It all comes out sounding like MERRY.

    That’s not the problem here. The problem is that she wrote “media” instead of “meteor” which is not a problem of accent or dialect, it’s a problem of lame.

  41. Thank you, Boz. I cannot believe people are arguing this. No matter where she comes from, this is a MAJOR error.

    Waaaah, cos we aren’t all Americans, waaah, etc.

  42. PLEASE somebody explain why the kids are spelling everything with too many letters these days. Likeeee I don’t getttt itttt.

    Tell them all to stop!

  43. @dontlookatme

    My god you’re an idiot.

    Smoo got 2/2. You got 100/lame.

  44. many thanks to Boz for making the very point I was going to. Its kind of like the wedding picture of the couple exchanging their “vowels”….

    we’re not talking grammar or spelling error…she didn’t write “meatier shower” she wrote a completely incorrect word.

  45. Everyone who arguing about grammar has completely killed this post.


  46. who is*

  47. Having Friends like katie is bad for your health, scott.

  48. I don’t know what Mark is talking about?

  49. Hah, she’s probably into astrology instead of astronomy! If I were a prospective employer checking out her FB,, that comment wouldn’t get her that second interview.

    Anyone remember on Married with Children, Kelly bunding couldn’t spell or speak correctly- errrrrrr for ER and Jiffka for JFK. And that was funny, but these people are being serious! Sigh…

  50. “Kelly bunding couldn’t spell”

    Do you mean Kelly Bundy, or are you trying to be ironic?

  51. @els9874: Hahahaha “meatier shower”. I’m going to try to use that phrase in real conversation.

  52. she could probably use a golden shower.

  53. @mmmmmmmm

    I don’t mean to piss all over your idea, but it would never work.

  54. @Heli
    Mark, with better punctuation and spelling, translates to:
    “Yeah, about that; there were rocks flying through space, (as in ‘meteors’) not video tapes. (as in ‘media’) Loser!

    (comments in parenthesis added as subtitles for the hard of understanding)

  55. Actually in the Australian and New Zealand accent, meteor does sound quite like media, seeing as we soften some t´s and don´t pronounce the end of many words (another example would be car, we say caa). It´s a kind of lazy accent.

    Obviously Katie is an idiot for writing the wrong word, accent issues or not. Maybe if she took a night class it´d help her education and meteor shower watching chances?

  56. @mmhmm
    Totally agree with you there, I couldn’t even remember what the “media” post was all about after reading the you’re your merry mary crap that was posted.

  57. And by the way Boz, marry doesn’t sound like mary.

  58. Is that like a public community shower with the media taping it or a shower with the media? I would be bummed if I missed that too.

  59. I have nothing funny to say.I’m commenting to ask how to pronounce Mary, marry, and merry differently?

  60. I can’t stand it when people get defensive over their horrible spelling. No, you’re not in a spelling bee, but when you use an entirely different word and people can’t tell what the hell you’re talking about, you’ve failed at the entire point of communication.

  61. @ Justin: Pronunciation, especially of vowel sounds, depends on your accent. Where I am, Mary sounds like hairy, marry sounds like carry and merry sounds like berry.

    The point, however, is that anyone that has done 4th grade should have seen ‘metior’ written somewhere, rather than having to rely on the pretty sounds it makes in her head.

  62. aw god, *meteor*…this site’s getting to me…

  63. I thought that blondes liked
    Golden showers much more than
    Meteor showers

  64. She isn’t a moron that can’t spell, she just doesn’t know that using different words in place of others is wrong.

    I mean, they don’t teach that kind of thing in English.

  65. Headless – sorry, but didn’t you agree with me?

    No comma before and is what I said. Also, shouldn’t it be “to whom”? Just a thought, not entirely sure on that one.

  66. gandhi – look up the oxford comma

  67. Aaron:

    “who gives a fuck about an oxford comma” – Vampire Weekend.

  68. Mark’s reply made me laugh out loud. “its rocks not VIDEOTAPES loser!”

  69. we post on lamebook about grammer…horray for us (notice the lack of capitalization, punctuation, and caring)

  70. couldnt leave it alone

    @ jack # 69:

    Or spelling. Grammar.

  71. im not from texas

    @jack #69 – theres a difference between a) being lazy and not capitalizing or not proofreading for typos and b) being retarded and not knowing the difference between your/you’re than/then there/their/they’re and meteor/media. these are covered in 1st grade in public schools under the heading “how to talk”

  72. @i iz not frum teksas- your so gud at korectin all their misstakez…i wysh i culd b smarfer thEn u an learn myselves how 2 talk

  73. My first media shower was when I was 10. I dont really remember it to well though

  74. I wonder if she’s from Boston…

  75. manholesunshine

    Everybody needs a friend like Scott. Then again, everybody needs a friend like Katie. Wait….how did katie get a friend like Scott?..Vice versa. Do Wolves mix with sheep these days, or is the fun in the hunt?

  76. dirtylittlepretty

    I was thoroughly enjoying the grammar/punctuation fight…until I stopped enjoying it.

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