Friday, October 2, 2009

The L(ame) Word

The L Word

The L Word

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  1. Aaahhhhhhh, young, psycho lesbian love. Nothing in the world like it.

  2. Wait, so Maryann is going to her Grandma’s funeral/visiting with family for a week and Megan is so needy that she’s going to give Maryann’s mother’s pictures (presumably outing Maryann)? And then when Haylee states that they seemed fine that afternoon Megan attacks her and her girlfriend?
    Why do people want people like this in their lives? If this were my friend and she pulled this shit we would have stopped being friends so f’ing long ago.

  3. @Rachel,
    That’s the way I understood it. And yeah, what the hell. Maryann? Run. Like. Hell.

  4. i so want to know how this ends!!!

  5. God, I hate it when significant others go to their dying relatives. It’s like, Hello! She’s dying! What does it matter if you see her one last time? It’s not like she’ll remember!

  6. “Goodbye world”
    “Where you going hun?”


  7. I hope it ends the way Megan claimed it would, in the status message.

  8. Donald Trump's Comb-Over

    Why weren’t the pictures posted?

  9. Good lord these women are insane. I also like how Julie just chimes in almost halfway through, as if the situation is “normal”, and asks “Wat u up 2 megan?” Really Julie? Really?

  10. Oh my gosh this is so funny, people are funny, I love people! :-D

  11. Megan should remember that actions speak louder than horribly misspelled words.

  12. I have to say, though…”goodbye world”? Don’t quite see how that plays into it. Is this an attempt at a Jerry Springer dialog?

  13. her mom is going to crap herself

  14. I’m assuming that Megan wanted to go to the funeral with Maryann but since MA is is still in the closet, Meg got a little peeved.

    But yes, Megan seems a little unbalanced and MaryAnn should just run away quickly and not look back

  15. I’ve just set my DVR. I will NOT miss another episode!
    Producers, I want more Chloe!

  16. surreal

  17. Lesbian drama is always more intense…loves it.

  18. Goodbye, Megan! Don’t let the front door hit you in the backside!

  19. Even lesbians are crazy!

  20. Some people are just sad…

  21. LOL I have a teenage lesbian pyscho friend on FB. I like to think of her frequent status updates as my own personal lamebook.

  22. Oh man, people who threaten to out their lovers to their families to get their way are manipulative monsters who deserve to die in a fire. I hope Megan gets what she deserves.

  23. Wait a minute, Megan says she broke her hand, put it through a hard plastic chair. That sounds kind of serious?

  24. Megan is one heartless psychotic bitch who needs help. Maryann might want to consider getting as far away from her as possible.

  25. I love the first comment. “Goodbye World!”

    Where ya going?

  26. Is it just me or is EVERY girl bi-curious now? Where did all the pseudo-lesbians come from? And how come most of them give it up as soon as they find a man they like?

  27. Why the hell would you put your hand through a hard plastic chair? And how did she even get her hand through it? She either has serious guns on her, or it wasn’t as hard as she makes it out to be!

    Love the two cent hooker and fat pig reference. Gold.

  28. kiki wrote:

    “i so want to know how this ends!!!”

    It doesn’t. This will probably go on for years.

  29. Maybe it was one of those hard plastic school chairs that have a rectangular hole in the back.

  30. drahhhhma.

  31. i imagined all of these girls to have really southern (usa) accents
    “yew torn mah heart out Maryann”
    *chewing on some straw*

  32. i love how everyone in the conversation just ignors the whole hand-through-chair thing. @roofie haha @ fight club AHAHAHA

  33. Wait, so a chick is leaving for a week, and her lesbian lover says that she doesn’t love her any more because she’s leaving…. for a week.
    My girlfriend got sad when i would leave for trips, but dang she didn’t even cry; and her grammar never dipped below college sophomore level either.

  34. So, would an appropiate insult to a lesbian be, “Go suck a dick?” Just wondering…

  35. dikes are us ..where do you shop lol ..yup you all suck but not big cocks thats for sure lol …

  36. the name of this post is “The L(ame) Word” ugh lame.

  37. @Roofie – I’ve got similar people in my friends list – their ridiculous posts ensure at least a modicum of hilarity every day.

    I’m wondering what the “fuck you haylee” part is about. Perhaps that sexy woman she’s going to bang once she gets off FB is Maryann? Would serve Megan right for being so goddamn clingy!

  38. juicy stuff!! I clicked seeking the lolz, but i read til the end for the drama.

    more please!

  39. p.s. that haylee is a snappy one!

  40. seriously there should be a spellcheck on facebook that prevents people from writing gobbledeegook.

  41. @41 Yeah, because grammar and spelling matter on a social networking site.

    Lamebook comments are usually worse than the entries. A bunch of amateur grammarians come flooding in because they think they understand language.

  42. @ Mike #41

    You are right, being able to count is far more important.


  43. ahh lesbian drama. It’s like living in a big ol’ pot of crazy but it sure makes life interesting.

  44. Somewhere out there is a U-Haul business manager laughing all the way to the bank.

  45. sometimes it nice to egg on folks like this to keep any potential offspring from troubling future society. Go Megan!

  46. I agree with kiki. I SERIOUSLY want to know how this worked out.

    So far, Haylee is my favorite.

  47. i hope maryann still running!!!!!!!!!!run mary,run!!soo funny!!

  48. i love this site!!who cares about grammer or numerecy/literecy..or spelling!!ok,so if im commenting like a ‘lameass’ its because i’ve just discovered this site thanks to local radio!!!by jaysus its so feckin funny….lesbo drama!!cotten picken down the plantation maryann… laugh out loud stuff..lovin it!!!!

  49. FB status update: “Goodbye World”
    First person to respond” “Where you goin?”


  50. @49 LuL’d harder at your comment then the original post

  51. hahah @49 fucking epic.

  52. @ 49, Lmfao.

  53. Is it wrong to get turned on by this?

  54. @slanderous

    no, i am too. i want to see these girls do to make up.

  55. Oh my God :) LOL !

    “Goodbye World”
    “Where you going hun?”

    Epic fail.

  56. FlamingMoeLamingFoe

    Yeah I so much liked that one too :D

  57. spankthemonkey

    @31 – you cracked me up, i spat out my v when I read your comment.

    And yes, I realise this is an old post…anyone find out what happened?

    @56 – LOVE the name!

  58. John Players Standard

    Fucking love dykes. Got two that live across the street from me.

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