Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Information Super Highway!

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  1. Ew. EW EW EW EW EW. And EW.

  2. O.M.G.

  3. lamebook, who the fuck gave you this beautiful fucking idea of popups. that person needs to join Lucas for next anal surgery.

  4. Wow, just wow

    I am still mystified by the way how people become preggers and don’t know it. For a while it’s one thing, but when there is an actual thing in there? What’s really messed up is the ones that actually give birth and never know they were preggers. How?!?!?!

  5. Paint_my_nails_please

    What’s up with you all commenting about pop-ups? I don’t get them on firefox or IE, what are you using?

    And I’m with you Shipoopi, I am fascinated to watch those tv shows about women delivering babies who didn’t know they were pregnant until ten minutes before.

  6. I laughed at the Twilight one.
    Bryant, nobody cares that you were eating out on take-out from the bar in the first place, especially one on their period. The reason she didn’t tell you is because she was SO f****** drunk that she couldn’t tell if you were porking her in the ass or vagina, and you didn’t care.
    Google Chrome doesn’t get these supposed pop-ups either. No worries on my end!
    On a more important note though, Argentina just WALLOPED the Korean Republic 4-1. Higuain was the hat-trick hero, but Messi dominated the field as usual and still managed to score off of one of Korea’s players on a free kick and set Higuain up.

  7. Well Bryant you can tell everyone you have your red wings now, but how the fuck do you not tell the difference between the taste of blood and the taste of pussy juice?

  8. @Paint_my

    I got them once on google chrome. I let the pop-up (which is a blank looking page) fully load and it never popped up again.

    BTW, if you complain about sex with girls on periods, then you’re pretty much complaining that you’d like to only have vaginal access 75% of the time. What’s wrong with men?

  9. cf 4 & 5 – i was just reading yesterday about a girl called lina medina, either from chile or peru – i don’t remember which – who gave birth to a live child at the age of FIVE in the 1930s. she didn’t remember who the father was (i’m thinking mr night owl – aka daddy with a paper bag over his head with eyeholes cut out).

    they thought it was a malignant growth at first, but then they considered (with some degree of foresight, it must be said) arnie’s famous line in kindergarten cop:


    this coupled with the fact that she already had titties and a wide pelvis (hips don’t lie) and a dad with a bag over his head led them to realise that she was actually pregnant. fascinating story. she’s still alive today as well.

    also, my first ever post from work! (due to unemployment rather than timidity) exciting!

  10. oh, and as for ryan, i think i know who the culprits were:

    hope no-one minds me linking. you’ll thank me for it, one day.

  11. Well, 50% of people who get pregnant go through a miscarriage without even knowing about it.

    As for Mr Red Amubalance, it’s not that bad. Consider it spicing up the restaurant.

  12. @alord Damn I of gone with out seeing that.

    @mc Thats what towels or better yet the shower are for, but that doesn’t mean I want to be a vampire for a week and eat the “red m&ms”.

  13. could of gone with out seeing that*

  14. @ mispeld


  15. the one with baylee… I’ve worked in the medical field for a number of years, and its actually not uncommon to not know you are prego.. Not ALL girls stop having their period when they are prego, or some have very irregular periods, and dont think twice when they are late or what not…could be either of those for her reason, or she is fat and didn’t notice any extra bump

  16. Eww, why would that chick want someone down there during that time anyhow. Sorry, but for 3-5 days a month I’m a no fly zone! But hey, at least Bryant brushed his teeth. He could have let that stuff fester in there over night.

  17. I use Firefox and am getting a popup. It’s a blank Firefox window that opens. Doesn’t cause me too much pain…

    I feel like I’ve seen the Twilight one before … anyone else?

  18. @alordslums – I am disturbed. and will be seeing that while I try to take my econ test. Will not be good.

  19. @georgiagirl2 I’m pretty sure they took it from TFLN

  20. @eenerbl I totally agree I wouldn’t want any guy near me down there at that time of the month.

    As for being pregnant and not knowing my sister didnt find outfor sure that she was pregnant with my niece until she was just over 6 months gone and my sister is tiny as anything. She did take pregnancy tests in this time but they actually kept coming back as negative, her Dr told her she was under stress and having a ‘phantom pregnancy’ she actually only properly found out when she felt the baby move and even then throughout the remainder of her pregnancy continued having irregular periods and just before she had the baby looked more like she had a slightly bloated stomach than was pregnant you wouldn’t think there was ever a baby in there.

  21. I’m kinda surprised that “TMI” wasn’t mentioned in the commments until now.

  22. I get having an irregular period. I get being fat and not noticing the extra weight. But by the fuck do you not notice a child moving around in your belly? Once or twice you could think it’s just gas but after like 6 months, really?

    And gag (#17 ha sorry) that’s pretty much all twilight jokes so it get familiar

  23. Hey idiots. Stop calling it an “irregular period” cause it’s not.
    A period is the uterine lining leaving the body as waste….pretty sure that would be a MISCARRIAGE right off the bat. Bleeding happens due to a lot of things during pregnancy. Most commonly from subchorionic hemorrhaging. Aka..the placenta is moving away from the walls of the uterus..but usually after the point of risk for a miscarriage has passed. If there is bleeding before hand…its the placenta ripping further than need be.
    As for not knowing you’re pregnant until you go into labor.. Well some babies don’t move around as much during pregnancy thus not needing as much room…so the mother doesn’t get the huge belly…but usually unusual amounts of pressure on the ribcage and lower abdomen.

    And being “fat” has nothing to do with it. @22. Some women don’t gain a pound of weight through pregnancy…some women come DOWN in weight throughout the pregnancy on a whole. So suck on THAT.
    Everyone gets muscle spasms and they can happen a lot around the belly…if your baby isn’t a big mover/soccer player…you could just mistake slight movements for other things. Example=gas/tummy upset/extreme heartburn. and As i said… muscle spasms.

    On another note… I don’t get chicks who don’t fuck or let a guy near them down there on their periods. Are you THAT disgusted in yourself? LOL.
    Get a self confidence upgrade…or clean yourself up better. My man doesn’t care if I’m on my reg when he goes down…even though I do have the courtesy to tell him before things get hot and heavy, to let him decide whats going down.

  24. ***rag. Hahaha.

    oOoo… And as for the twilshit jokes. Definitely still find them funny cause that shit is super lame.

  25. #2 is a quote from Get Him to the Greek…how original, Ryan.

  26. kritz0 would you just stop benning already, nobody want’s a lecture over the internet!

  27. my boyf likes me mor wen im on my period, he says it tastes rlly yummy

  28. @kritzo
    Hope you had fun typing all that because really, nobody cares! Also is has nothing to do with being disgusted with yourself when you don’t want sex on your period some women just aren’t horny. Is that really that hard to understand?

  29. @27 Please tell me you typed like that on purpose.

  30. Hey Kritzo, stop calling people idiots and then go on to imply that every period is a miscarriage.

  31. That last one made me gag.

    God I hope so.

  32. yourinevitabledemise

    Wow, might want to be careful. Throwing out that every period is essentially a miscarriage is pretty heavy stuff, and misleading, and melodramatic, and dumb. Also paraphrasing ‘irregular periods’ for spotting during pregnancy because of various reasons doesn’t make anyone an idiot, and you made yourself look like an asshole! Woohoo!

  33. yourinevitabledemise

    Also, would this internet language just stop evolving already and go back to real languages? If I have to google one more goddamn acronym…

  34. Haha, I’m just cracking up over here, but only due to all the funny usernames. I adore you guys. XD

  35. Hang on, in what alternate universe does someone have to live in to reckon that every period is a miscarriage?

    I could go on to type a whole load of fact but feckit, it’s too hot in the UK today so I’ll just say this – they are NOT the same thing and women do NOT have a miscarriage every month.

  36. @commandered, THANK YOU.
    It is TOO FUCKING HOT here. I’m dying.

  37. No kidding, I’m spending the evening in a server room. Only place cool enough.

  38. I’m not sure, but I have a feeling that Kritzo was trying to say ‘stop saying that pregnant women have periods, because a period is blah blah blah, and if that happened when you were pregnant you’d miscarry’ blah blah blah etc. I dunno, maybe it’s just me. Either way, that was some serious rant there!
    Personally I’m in shock that Baylee is being so blase about it…

  39. That is so gross Bryant, god. Nasty. Maybe I am kind of weird? But wouldn’t there be a different taste? I am sure blood tastes different… unless that girl just normally tasted nasty. I can’t go on .. I am going to throw up.

  40. @Bakersfield. I wouldn’t be shocked though – if I had a miscarriage I’d be that blaze about it because I actually don’t want kids. Obviously if I did want them I’d be pretty cut up about it.

    Although I’d be more ranting about why my fecking IUD didn’t work…

  41. 1. It’s extremely unusual to be pregnant for many months and not be aware of it, but it happens.
    2. Heavy bleeding in any pregnancy is never a good sign.
    3. If you’re not pregnant to begin with, then a period is a period, not a miscarriage.
    4. If a guy is happy to wear the Dolmio grin, then that’s his choice, but tell them first, girls.

  42. @commanderd. I hadn’t thought about it that way, as I do want kids, good point!

  43. krasivaya_devushka

    Last one = gross.

  44. lol @yourinevitabledemise #33. I have that problem too sometimes

  45. CommentsAtLarge

    Thanks to the internet, the term “oversharing” is on the endangered species list.

    But I mostly posted to congratulate alord on the end of his umemployment. That’s no small feat these days (was there myself last year) so good job!

  46. 1) How do you not know? Like…….how?

    2) Ok, I lol’d at this one.

    3) Riveting tale there, Lucas!

    4) Delicious.

  47. @wordpervert… dolmio grin? that made me chuckle… thanks!

    nothing wrong with a guy going down on a girl if she’s on, or having sex with her, as long as both parties are feeling good, it’s all systems go!

  48. 1) This sounds like something a chick that one of my friends used to talk to would say. Considering this girl thought that the state of Georgia was landlocked, it wouldn’t surprise me if this was the same girl.

    2) Mildly amusing, I suppose. My boyfriend would have a serious conniption if he found glitter down there, though, so I was just imagining him for a second. lol.

    3) Wow. Just. Wow. I doubt I would have the balls to announce this to my FB friends. Kudos there, man. :/

    4) For the record, I always tell my guy when I’m on, giving him a head’s up. Sex during that time is actually not that bad, at least to me. That said, it might be a bit awkward for him to lap it up. My question is, how did this guy not taste the difference? Blood = coppery/iron, amiright?

    As to the lecturer, a period does not equal miscarriage. The egg has not been fertilized and is released with the rest of the tissue. Miscarriage means the egg has been fertilized, but something has caused the pregnancy (fertilization of egg by sperm) to terminate. Not the same thing.

    That’s my two cents. Sorry for the long post. I tend to ramble. :/

  49. Ok, I have to say something here. My woman has armed guards around her waistline during that time of the month. I don’t think it’s a self-esteem issue so much as a “she just doesn’t want to do that” issue. That’s fine by me to because the idea honestly makes me almost throw up. If you’re cool with the crimson tide, just don’t talk to me about it, the only time I like talking about the crimson tide is football season.

  50. I don’t like sex during that time of the month anyway – because I get horrific cramps that reduce me to a crying screaming mess.

  51. Youtube “clitter.”
    Could explain Ryan’s sparkly peen.

  52. I meant if she WAS pregnant and then had a “period” it would be a miscarriage… Shit you people do love to twist words don’t you.
    I mean it towards everyone referring to bleeding during a pregnancy as a “period”.
    It’s not a period..because if it was the literal meaning of what a period would be the uterine lining leaving the body…which WOULD be a miscarriage.

    It makes sense to me. I’m not saying every single period a woman has is a miscarriage…you have to be pregnant first to have a miscarriage. Dumbfucks.
    @38 you got the right idea…unlike the other 99% of the idiots here.

    Anyways… Having sex during your period and you have horrible cramps that aren’t a result of certain disorders….like endometriosis that cause super bad cramps whether there is sex or not.
    Having sex while on your period and having cramps…actually helps your cervix stop cramping up and open up.
    And..As for whomever said she does not get horny during her Time of the month.. I call bullshit.. You’re just too grossed out in yourself to admit it.

  53. @kritzo, if they were grossed out, wouldn’t that prevent said hornification, i know when i’m grossed out or feel gross i’m not usually walking tall

  54. No, not really. Do you know there have been studies done on it.
    Same as pregnant women being horny all the time.
    It isn’t just the hormonal imbalance…
    Our testosterone levels (You know the main factor in male’s sex drives?) are higher then normal.
    Yes we are all built differently…but the higher levels of testosterone is what causes the start of the period…so I would suspect to even a slight degree a females sex drive heightens when she begins her time of the month.

    So no it wouldn’t prevent them from being horny..they are just too grossed out in themselves to admit it.

  55. Oh good god someone shut kritzo up!
    Honestly, no-one is interested in your essay length rants.
    Everyone is different – some people don’t like period sex for many other reasons than it being “gross” or “self esteem”. And yes, some people don’t get horny whilst bleeding heavily and having crazy hormones. Hardly bullshit if you ask…well, anyone who isn’t you.

    And, btw, the only person here who is an idiot, as you so like to throw into all your rants, is yourself.

    Please stop using Lamebook as a place to make yourself feel important. You are not. You are a dick.

  56. kritzo:

    You need to stfu. Periods are uncomfortable, and any woman would agree with that statement. Sometimes just sitting down and doing nothing while you’re mensturating is uncomfortable. It’s understandable that some girls wouldn’t want to have sex during their period. It has nothing to do with self-esteem.

    You’re a stupid douche bag.

  57. How about you stfu you stupid bitch.
    I have KILLER cramps and am hardly able to move at the beginning of my period.
    IT IS PROVEN to help along cramps because it opens up the cervix.
    I see NO problem with it and would choose sex on a day of my period over any other day of the month.

    It IS a self esteem issue.
    You yourself just fucking proved it. DUMBASS.

    I never said periods were comfortable. Stupid.

    My statements were more aimed at the people going “Ew gross sex on the rag is so narsty” Or something along the lines of.
    You stupid fucking idiot.

  58. Looks like it’s somebodies time of the month…

  59. Not really you dumbass.
    But nice try. ;)

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