Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Caust of Ignorance



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  1. Poor Rodriguez didn’t get the message to wear matching shorts. What an outcast.

  2. What’s the deal with the second one? Hittler is a real last name…

  3. Hittler has a nice arse…

  4. Thank god Marengo is there as a buffer between Hittler and Roth…that could get ugly..

  5. This is lame. Lots of redundant clothing. I believe bikini tops would be way more appropriate.

    Hittler’s ass is a bit too small for my liking…

    Marengo and Jahn on the other hand… Better proportioned and more decent legs.

  6. slithering_foetus

    hittler and roth. Oh, that’s hilarious.

  7. took me a long time to notice the names on the shirts

  8. Heil Hittler.

  9. good ol’ Photoshop.

  10. Written down here, it is SPELLED so much worse.

  11. Rockingfreakapotamus

    …and then they lezzed up…

  12. Is “Hittle” “Claire”

  13. Hittler’s got one ball.

  14. You all realize the infamous Hitler had one T in his last name, right??

  15. @ 9. Donger

    you’re right. it is ‘shopped. You can tell because the letters on everyone else’s jerseys are serif fonts whereas “Hittler” is sans serif.

  16. I am sure some pervy dad took this photo.

  17. Its okay Claire, if there weren’t a few really DULL tacks in the drawer we’d never know about how sharp some of the others are.

  18. How can someone not know about the Holocaust? Boggles my mind.

  19. Nice ass Rodriguez. Next time shave your legs before you go out.

  20. I once lived in France as a university student with loads of US university (or “college”) students. In France, you get the 11th of November off as a sign of respect. But not one of the 14 or so US students could tell me the significance of 11th of November.

  21. @IndieSinger: Stupid Americans. Everyone knows November 11th was the day the British flew two zeppelins into the Eiffel Tower. A day which will live in infamy, indeed.

  22. I love it how Rodriguez is the only blonde one. The ones with german names have dark hair and olive skin. Aryan race fail! Hahahaha! *mocks the whole Aryan movement*

  23. Anyone can go blonde, that doesn’t mean anything at all.

  24. Rodriguez is a fake blonde, just like most blondes in the world… You can see her roots… So yeah, not sure what your point was or what is has to do with the Aryan race

  25. All have shiny hair, other than that, nothing noteworthy

  26. *sigh* Whoever shopped that picture needs to do a little more research on their spelling…

    And yes, “Hittler” is not the blond one, but to be fair, Adolf wasn’t blond either.

  27. Automatic_Turban

    Hail those women’s asses!

  28. @ThetaSigma: Whoever shopped that picture also needs to do a little more research on font matching.

  29. I’m German, (blond) and I dye my hair Burgundy. What’s your fucking point?

  30. @Sensible Madness – Really?… I have no problem with Americans being called stupid… We do a lot of dumb things and our education system is rather lacking… But mocking us for not knowing which days are celebrated in which countries is lame… And Nov 11 is Armistice Day for those that are really interested

  31. @slimjayz: Come on, 11/11 is hardly an esoteric little local holiday somewhere. Was it really necessary to point out why it’s important? Does anyone not know?

  32. @ Donger – nice eye. That “H” does look a bit suspicious.

  33. @Indiesinger… I live in America… Assuming knowledge is not a smart thing to do… Also we dont celebrate it or really talk about it here and if I learned about it in school then I forgot… So yes, millions of people have no clue what happened on nov 11… But so glad you and village idiot are here to drop your extreme knowledge on us… Any other crappy holidays that Americans dont celebrate that you’d like to make fun of us for?

    Just be warry to tell us to much or we will do to it what we’ve done to cinco de mayo and mardi gras and use then as excuses to get drunk and look at titties

    “hey babe, some war ended today and I’m smashed… Let me see them titties!!”

  34. I’m outraged that you just called Armistice Day a “crappy holiday”. But your last sentence made me laugh. I’m so confused.

  35. Oh and to all those that think this is a photoshop… google is your friend

    Looks like there is a
    Joseph Jahn
    John Roth
    Jason Marengo
    Danny Hittler
    Jesse Rodriguez

    I’m guessing those are their gfs

  36. OK, I’m confused. That shirt is very obviously photoshoped, but there is a Hittler on the team?

  37. Antarctic Circle

    I’m not going to name names or anything, but it’s quite amusing when some fiery posters completely miss the humour in other posts, then get all upset and defensive about nothing much for the rest of the thread. Happens so often, yet always cause a little chuckle.

  38. @eenerbl – High schools dont normally sell jerseys, so these girls would of had to have them made… Its probably just crappy work that you folks are mistaking for a crappy photoshop

  39. hey antarctic… I’m new here… You’ll be seeing a lot more of me… But it turns out I’m just an a-hole whom loves to argue :)

  40. @slimjayz: Really? You actually read my post, in which I claimed November 11th was important because it was the day Britain flew zeppelins into the Eiffel Tower, and you thought I was actually trying to be informative, rather than just poking fun at someone else ragging on Americans? I don’t know what to say.

  41. @Sensible No, It looked like you were joining in the mocking of Americans by saying we are so dumb we’d believe there is a holiday for zeppelins crashing into a monument… Sadly zeppelins crashing into the eiffel tower probably would be something Americans know about… For some reason we love to make fun of the French and I could see that as pop culture knowledge… Forget wars – french chics have hairy pits

    But like I said I have no problem with making fun of the ignorance of Americans (Whos the prime minister of England these days? Jeff Gordon or something?)… But knowlegde of holidays we dont celebrate is stretching it a bit

  42. Real or not, I’m still not feeling that Jersey. Her’s looks like iron on letters, the others look professional. Hittler should pay for his woman to have some good shit!

  43. I have to say that slimjayz is confusing me

  44. @slimjayz

    You’re an idiot.
    November 11 is also Veterans Day.

    If you know someone who has served or perhaps even died in war, you don’t think it’s a stupid holiday. I don’t feel like shaking my titties everytime I hear about someone dying in Iraq.

    Also, I see no evidence this is photo-shopped.

  45. @spindyl

    I have had many relatives serve in war and a couple that have died… I celebrate those that were forced to go (my uncle ron re-enlisted to vietnam so his brothers wouldnt have to go)… But for those that signed up for it, its their job… They choose to enter a dangerous profession… I still appreciate the job they do, but no more than I appreciate the policeman and fireman that have dangerous jobs… Oh and lets not forget miners and construction workers… They have dangerous jobs also

    Oh and I dont get veterans day off work, so that makes is a crappy holiday

    So now I know I’m going to get all the hate cuz everyone loves a vet… But let me make my position clear… I dont see the point in celebrating someone that choose a dangerous career… I do however think that they should be taken care of, ie – fund our damn veterans hospitals so any physical and mental ailments they suffer from can be taken care of quickly and for free… And to me that is hell of a lot more important than some lame ass parade so you douches can feel better about sitting on your ass while others fight :)

    PS – You shake you booty and show your titties… You can bounce either though… But lets not shake your tits… Thats just silly… And my statement was ‘some war ended’ not ‘someone died in Iraq’ But thanks for changing it around to make me look like an asshole… I do appreciate the help, but I do just fine looking like an ass on my own

  46. obviously photoshopped. Notice the “H” is different on the uniforms. Good try though

  47. @ slimjayz, what the fuck are you on about?
    This all stemmed from someone asking about the significance of 11th Nov. It is not a celebration, in Australia, it is known as Remembrance day, at 11am on the 11th of Nov,we pause for a minutes silence as a mark of respect for those that have died during war service, and was created after WW1 (formerly known as Armistice day).
    I’m no war lover, but the meaning is clear….these people fought and died so you can live the life that you have now Bozo!

  48. @wordpervert

    I dont live in Australia or in France… I live in the US… They call it veterans day here and we have parades for the vets that only government workers can go to because the rest of us are at work… So, not quite the same… And I said I do appreciate the work vets do… And I think the proper appreciation is to make sure they they are taken care of when they return… We have underfunded our veteren affairs here in america and that to me is an issue… Not whether I can remember what day someone else wants me to remember vets on… Maybe I’d remember it though, if I got the day off from work… Although thats not true… I can never remember memorial day is(Our version of your nov 11) or labor day is (fuck if I know what labor day is for)… Hey, at least I remember when Christmas and halloween are… Maybe what novemeber 11 needs is candy or presents and more of us americans would recall that date

  49. @ slimjayz

    Nov 11th is not a day we get off work

  50. marengo ftw

  51. danny hittler is the kicker for the valley christian warriors. let’s hope he doesn’t develop an inferiority complex and invade poland.

  52. I’ve got a friend with the last name Poland. We make anal rape jokes all the time, but if he could see this…

  53. who the fuck posted this?. you think u can just take my pictures and put shit up? are u kidding me. u must have the guts to do that. and yes everyone i would love to inform you that my last name is hittler and i wear it well…..soo pppl stop talking shit.

  54. Oh hey Valley Christian.

  55. @sosr
    “let’s hope he doesn’t develop an inferiority complex and invade poland.” Haha, that is classic that, truly well done, made me giggle lol.

  56. what if Hittler was an actual last name?

  57. @slimjayz, just for your information the November 11th Armistice Day commemorates the Treaty of Versailles which was signed at 11 o’clock on the 11th day of the 11 month 1918 to officially end the First World War, a war which claimed around 16,500,000 lives a huge proportion of which were conscripts not people ‘doing it for a job’.

    And I would love to see how Ms. Hittler shaves… I have a mental image.

  58. @Awful, just for your information the November 11th Armistice Day commemorates the Armistice of Compiègne which was signed at 11 o’clock on the 11th day of the 11th month 1918 to cease hostilities on the Western Front. The Treaty of Versailles was signed on June 28 1919 to officially end the first World War.

  59. Beg your pardon, I stand corrected.

  60. Can’t we all just get along and appreciate sum college booty?

  61. oooo Sensible… I caught the reference and was tickled by the irony that some over-zealous Amercian was incensed by your (perceived) insensitivty. Brilliant!! Who knew someone would answer thusly???

  62. Never thought I’d see my high school on lamebook. Valley Christian ftw!

  63. @absurdrelief

    lol @ incensed… And what insensitivity?… I said it was lame, not insensitive… Its not really possible to offend me… Oh I know… You fuknuts just like to pick and choose which parts of arguements you respond to instead of meeting every challenge… You guys must be europeons cuz you argue like pussies

    Oh and what part of, I like to argue did you not understand?

  64. @slimjayz

    It’s true that schools don’t normally sell jerseys, but these girls are obviously wearing the opposite of the one their boyfriends are wearing. Say, this is an away game, they’ll wear the home jerseys. So they’re legit.

    And everyone else, why does it matter if this is photo shopped? What’s the harm in someone having the last name Hittler? It’s not humorous at all…

  65. I like their asses…

  66. I would give Hitler a right old fucking, I’d bend that tight ass over and steam ahead at full ramming speed, to be honest I think it’s the slicked back hair and tiny sexy little moustache that does it for me.

  67. @Spindyl
    “I don’t feel like shaking my titties everytime I hear about someone dying in Iraq.”

    Well, then I guess the terrorists have won. Thanks a lot, Spindyl.

  68. I’d Hittler that!

    …had to be said.

  69. Let’s see here. Whore, whore, whore, whore, insecure.

  70. Isn’t ’28 the year hitler launched his failed coup d’etat and has placed in prison?

  71. @Bob
    That was in ’23, the Munich Beer Hall Putsch. Wilhelm Marx ftw!

  72. @ CO

    You are correct. From now on I will be offering my services as a pole dancer at every funeral for a returned solider. Some people say you can’t strip to “taps,” but I think with star spangled pasties anything is possible.

  73. “obviously photoshopped”
    lolz dumbasses

  74. @ Slimjayz (post .45)

    What? So your uncle re-enlisted and because of that his brother didn’t have to go? You really got to explain that to me… it makes the whole (I don’t know what’s the right term for it is) “obliged-serving-your-country” thing even more ridiculous.

    And holidays aren’t always about fun and celebration, it’s also about paying your respects etc. So not getting a day off at work/school doesn’t make a holiday a crappy holiday..

  75. Christ on a cracker

    Well fuck me, this forum is more boring than watching a cat lick it’s dick… NEXT!

  76. alright let me clear this up for everyone

    i don’t know why the fonts are different. but this picture isn’t photoshopped. at valley christian girls get given guys jerseys to wear to football games. if its a home game the girls wear the away jersey and vice versa. thats why the jerseys that they’re wearing are blue and the ppl playing are wearing white. all the names are real players on the team. this picture is definately not photoshopped.

  77. @komo225

    too bad you’re retarded because (atleast to me) the hittler jersey is obviously photoshopped.
    so unless you are blind, check it out.
    key points to show it’s photoshopped(or it was done in paint, it would be easy to do.)
    notice the little crease in the girls shirt above the “H” the crease would continue into the H and distort the letter.
    also she has a strand of hair that magically stops about the first “T”

    I can also see where they went too far into the “L”
    so before you “clear things up” make sure you can see :D

  78. @ roflwaffle:
    Too bad i feel like your dumb. Obviously nothing was photoshopped….If your using paint it (1) isn’t that easy to fabricate the same colors (2) The crease above the girls shirt ends clearly because her shoulders are broad enough to show the entire name. (3) The L as you so pointed out is to….far? Have you ever owned an actually jersey? or? L’s always look like that….And lastly (4) The magical hair strand as you so nicely put…its still there it just ends before the T.
    Now i feel like your wasting everyones time reading that garbage you posted. Next time you do….leave out the sad paint application that’s been around for since the birth of microsoft and think of a better way at attempting smartness..
    Thanks! :)

  79. @idiot_clowns

    I really feel that someone accusing someone of being stupid really should make sure they don’t make themselves look stupid, as well. Your sentence structure is awful, there is a difference between the words “your” and “you’re”, and “attempting smartness” really sounds dumb. “Attempting intelligence”, perhaps?

    Not that I’m agreeing or sticking up for @roflwaffle, I haven’t even read their post; but holy shit, hypocrite much? Hahaha, oh the irony.

  80. for all you to old to remember high school It is a common practice for the gfs of players to wear the boys other jersey you know they get two one for home and one for away.

  81. I know nobody has said much about it, but I’d like to defend Claire.
    Yes it’s really silly that she didn’t know the word for Holocaust, but at least she knew what happened.
    There have been too many times when I have said or done something incredibly dumb, just off the cuff without thinking about it. Claire at least realised how silly she had been once she saw it written down… So, well done to her… kinda…

    I also see nothing “lame” about someone having the last name Hittler. Not the ideal last name to have, but if someone has it… It’s just a fact of life for them, they didn’t choose it.

  82. Is there anything sadder than people who attempt to prove their intelligence by declaring internet pics “photoshopped?”

    You sad children were even confronted with inrefutable evidence that the photo was real (, and yet you won’t give up on your pathetic delusions of mental superiority.

    Bonus hint: If someone is going to take the time to photoshop an internet photo, they’re typically going to make it as crazy as possible. In this case they’d have spelled it Hitler not Hittler.

  83. Why is everone going on about the name on the shirt, surely the obvious lameness is the fact Rodriguez chose to wear trousers?

  84. Thank you! And the answer: she’s slightly larger than the needle thin girls in the picture. Man, I miss high school.

  85. she forgot to shave.

  86. While I concede that the use of photoshop in this photo is seemingly pointless and not the focus of the photo as it appears on lamebook, and though I don’t deny the legitimacy of the name Hittler, it does seem like it’s been doctored. The H and I and possibly the first T all seem to be a different font than the rest of the text on the jerseys. The H and I are perfectly straight and overlap wrinkles in the fabric (suggesting they are superimposed) and it even looks like the letters are overlapping a bit of the girl’s hair. So for these reasons I hope we can conclude the debate and agree that this photo is weaksauce.

  87. If you go on to Facebook and type the surname Hittler there is 163 results so no it hasn’t been photo shoped it is real obviously just not a very popular name. Sorry s25d. x

  88. The “HITTLER” lettering is a different font from the other jerseys’. I would assume that they’d be the same if it wasn’t photoshopped.

  89. Omg, you’re right! Nice catch! “Hittler” IS a different font! Yup, ‘shop job.

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