Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Bieber Fever

Seriously guys, join up.

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  1. Toadette is the winner

    first? hmmm…not as satisfying as i thought it would be.

  2. Now to find Vicki on the “Overprotective Bitch Mom” network!

  3. MsBuzzkillington

    I am still not exactly sure where Justin Bieber came from. Was he on Disney or something?

    And isn’t he like 13? Isn’t he a bit young for Veronica to be counting down the days until he is legal?

  4. Lamebook fails at hiding names, which is why I don’t submit. Vicki Cook and Adam Cook know what I’m saying.

  5. Veronica… Gross.

    That kid is basically an unknown here, so whatever… Bored.


  6. Toadette is the winner

    Sooo…Veronica gets turned on by the high pitched warbling of prepubescent boys…good to know.

  7. I am neither interested in nor defending Justin Bieber, as I know fuck all about him. But are ‘Justin Bieber is gay/a girl’ jokes about to become the new ‘George Bush is gay/Michael Jackson is a paedophile’ jokes? If so I’d like it to be noted that I called it first that these jokes fucking suck.

  8. Bieber is too old. What we need is another Jordy. He was hot.

  9. I am not Justin Bieber’s biggest fan, but his music is pretty damn catchy and you WOULD catch me listening to him. Although, I really hate when people are going around saying he’s a girl, to hit puberty or anything like that. For all we know, HE HAS A CAREER, a better career than any of those people would ever have. He’s not even out of school and he’s already making millions of money while most of the people that are hating on him are still in college, work in a McDonald’s or has a really other crappy job.

  10. Being called gay isn’t insulting unless you think there’s something wrong with being gay. However, it is completely pointless and stupid on the part of the person saying it, and it does “normalise” homophobia for many people, so I wish it would stop.

    No, I’m not gay.

  11. Everyone knows that if you’re getting picked on, nothing helps more than your mom showing up to fight your battles for you. Adam could save himself a lot of trouble in the future by wearing underwear with easy-tear wastebands and cleaning the toilets at his school on a regular basis, so as to keep the water his head will be spending most of its time in clean.

  12. Yeah, using gay as a derogatory term is lame. I have had two gay ex-boyfriends (worryingly true) and they were great guys who didn’t deserve the hassle they sometimes got.

    This dude is, what, 13? And as Maryse said, is probably loaded and having the time of his
    life. Enjoy.


  13. That picture is kinda freaking me out. He’s way to pretty, it’s just not right.

  14. I am now ashamed of my name Veronica…

  15. Elle Bee, that’s right you’ve had similar experiences to me…

    Ahh, my two hot gay ex boyfriends, I remember them well.
    Good fellas.

    ee, I don’t know or care who that kid is up there, but yes, freaky pic.

  16. Justin is 16. And the picture is enhanced with fake make-up to emphasize the girly/gayness. And all these are stupid.

  17. Hasn’t everyone had at least two gay boyfriends surely…?

    I thought the picture was him, and then I zoomed in and it appears he’s wearing make up. Now, I’m thinking this is fake, but if it’s not I’m some way to understanding the gay rumours.


  18. To everyone who’s wondering, Justin Bieber is 16, not 13 or 12. And he got discovered through YouTube and had a meet n’ greet with Usher because Usher watched his videos and wanted to meet Justin. He’s now on Usher’s recording label.
    Yes, I do listen to JB but I’m not a crazy, obsessed fangirl. Also, I agree with him sounding a little girly… But his voice will get deeper eventually, just like everyone else’s voice changes. Come on, everyone had high voices at one point. Give the kid a break. He does have talent and people should respect the fact that he has a following (fans) and that not everyone has the same viewpoint or likes the same music.

  19. Dynohsawrare you asking for LB fans to tear you apart?

  20. I don’t know Matty, I might just be prepared to sit through a set of JB.

    I’d pretty much sit through anything other than a Bret Michels concert.

  21. And of course, Michael Bolton, but that goes without saying.

  22. I’d rather sit through a Michael Bolton set any day of the week. He makes cheeseball music but at least he sounds like a male.

  23. Michael Bolton ftw!

  24. meh, hate me if you want, but I saw a few clips from when Justin Bieber was on SNL and I didn’t dislike it at all.

    I thought that the skit with him and Tina Fey in the classroom went well and had some funny moments, even though I hate Tina Fey.

    Not sure if anyone else here is also semi-pro-Bieber, as I don’t have the time or the inclination to read through the other 23 comments, at the moment.

  25. Fuck you guys for spreading this homophobia bull shit.

  26. “I’ll be honest with you, I love his music. I do. I’m a Michael Bolton fan. For my money, I don’t know if it gets any better than when he sings When a Man Loves a Woman.”

  27. I prefer to focus my attention on ridiculing more worthy targets than Justin Bieber, e.g. Taylor Swift. Seriously guys, he’s not worth the time.

  28. Hi, I’m new.
    I haven’t heard any of this kids stuff but I can honestly say I would rather stick hot pins in my eyes than listen to anything this pre-pubescent boy can bring out. I don’t agree with the first post cos I don’t want him to belong to my sex either!

    And to the “men” saying they like him – gimmie your balls cos you obviously don’t need them.

  29. did anyone see this kid on the cover of people? I’ve never heard of him, but that single picture made me hate him. They couldn’t have made him look more gay if they tried.

  30. I’m not letting mc hand over his balls.

    They’re mine.

  31. CommentsAtLarge

    Wow Veronica, wow. And Vicki – congrats, because your kid is in for hell now (I’m picturing that post being printed and passed around his school).

    As for the Little Bieber — he’s gotten more press in the LA area because his promoter books a lot of local, public gigs. It makes the news because of the RIDICULOUS amount of tween girls that show up. I got nothing against the kid, but can’t take a 16 year old singing about taking care of his lady seriously. You still need a licensed driver in the car with you to be legal, sorry kid.

  32. Stop picking on the kid. I’ve never even heard his music and I feel sorry for him. He’s hardly pre-pubescent at 16 either.

    As for Adam, I really hate it when people post ignorant shit like fag on their status or use it in real life. It really does normalize homophobia and that is not something I find “cool”.

  33. I meant ‘George Bush is stupid’ in my comment not ‘George Bush is gay’. Good thing nobody noticed that mistake…


    Anyway, kaedesmith confuses me. Is he a brilliant postmodern parody of a complete dumbass, or is he the real thing?

  34. @Elle Bee
    did your two gay ex-bf’s leave you for each other? Cause that would be funny.

    And Louis, c’mon! Beibers mom? It was obviously one of his dads.

    Ok, even after having read through all the comments, I had to make a gay joke.

  35. @nuff Would you believe me if I said I walked in on them? My teenage years will probably cost me a truckload in therapy fees.


  36. This has got to be one of the most rational comment sections of any Lamebook entry. Especially considering that Bieber is such an easy target. It feels… strange.

  37. I suppose I might be a little upset if two of my ex-boyfriends ended up being gay….but then again, there’s something hot about two men kissing…

  38. @Snip: It is weird, in amongst all the awesome humour/sex, I actually find Lamebook to be one of the most sensible comment places I’ve been to. For one you don’t get a bunch of eight year olds telling every female commenter to ‘stfu and get back to the kitchen’ and thinking they’re the first person ever to say that. Also we have malteaser. Who’s just awesome.

  39. @Elle Bee
    you should have left the strap-on out of the relationship, they both obviously enjoyed it too much. ;) lol

  40. @skinner

    I haven’t seen the picture but you weren’t the only one who hated it. Apparently Bieber hated it too.

  41. I dunno why people care about Justin Bieber enough to make hate groups. lol

  42. People make them because idiots can not shut up about the little douchebag. He looks like Ellen Page and all his shit is autotune, but for some reason idiot girls (and gay guys) can’t shut up about the little rectal wart.

  43. Chewbacca shagger

    PMSL @ “rectal wart”.

  44. homophobia? not cool, not funny.

  45. I think Justin is the one who sucked somebody’s dick. For I am sure he was disowned to grow up with Catholic priest. With that being said I’m sure some bible junkie will not be able to take my JOKE and condemn me to hell for it.

  46. Whoa, worst mom ever. How humiliating.

  47. At least now the ladies have an underage sex symbol to masturbate to and count down the days to their 16th birthday…

  48. BY THE FUCK Vicki! Nothing like a complete hose from Mom. What a stupid woman. I can’t believe what a dumb ass she is. Vicki is Frodo.
    I bet she’s Canadian too, Justin is. Oh, that may be homophobic. I’m not sure. If it is I don’t care anyway.

  49. @LOL at “rectal wart”. I will now use that word multiple times a day. Thank you TylerDurdenUMD for a good belly-aching laugh :D

    Justin’s getting a ton of publicity (good and bad) from fans and non-fans. Kid’s going to be laughing all the way to the bank.

  50. xxxtheworldsgreatestxxx

    common people, justin bieber is NOT gay!! you know it, i know it, so stop this.

  51. “Bieber’s gay”? C’mon people…That shit’s getting old (eh..) and it makes you sound jealous as hell. Unless you’re actually gonna hit it, does it really matter how old he is? And if you like a song, why does it matter how the artist looks? Move it along.

  52. i love malteaser too

    lol lol

  53. I used to call Justin Bieber gay, until I realised how insulting it was towards the gay population of our planet.
    Now I just stick with the whole “sounds-like-a-girl” and “songs-are-generic-pop-crap-and-he-isn’t-old-enough-to-be-singing-about-stuff-like-that” bandwagons.
    And even that is beginning to get old.

  54. The Salmon Mousse

    You tell him Mrs. C! As for Justin Bieber, I have some respect for him; it takes alot of commitment to become a eunuch.

  55. As for the catholic priest thing-I have had a few family members molested by gays on seperate occasions by seperate people, but none by priests. So I certainly feel I have a legitimate reason to feel that there is something wrong with being gay. Just my 2 cents…

  56. FlonkertonChamp1

    wow lenny, are you ignorant. plenty of people get molested by straight people too.

  57. alright…I myself am a bit homophobic…so yea, I think Beaver(lol, I said beaver) is gay. Or at least hasn’t hit puberty yet, which is very odd at 16. Plus I am sick of all of this teen drama bullshit. when you have 12 year old girls and 30 year old girls droolin over you…wait that actually seems pretty damn cool. But he is going to turn out like Ricky Martin a few years and come out the closet after singing all these songs about his love for the female race.

    Pretty hypocritial I say

    Oh and how many 16 year old singers do you see that are still making albums when they are in their mid 20s…not many

  58. FC, obviously. But it sure seems strange that I know more people that have been molested by gays than straights. Why is that?

  59. who the fuck is this kid?

  60. Lenny , maybe you should stay out of the blue oyster bar ?

  61. I don’t go to bars.

  62. Bieber’s mom sucking cock?
    Nah I’m sure it was Beiber himself…

  63. Lenny, I don’t know why your personal experience is different, but the vast majority of child molesters are heterosexual men, and the majority of their victims are girls.

  64. To be honest, the first time I saw Bieber on TV, I was like oh my god that girl is FIT! But then who cares?? So he’s a little feminine? There are plenty of guys who are and there are plenty of masculine women. The line is blurry nowadays anyway. It seems like the only reason people make fun of him is coz he’s famous.
    Rant over.

  65. Oh, you guys must not be Beliebers. lmao

  66. Crap, I just realized both Jonas Brothers AND Justin Bieber are shortened JB…
    So convenient, just say JB and everyone will know you’re not completely OK in your head.

  67. RingingInMyHead

    @missfang – And even more of a coincidence that JB just happens to stand for jail bait!

  68. who friends their mom/dad/grandparents on Facebook? That’s lame and just asking for it!

  69. I have no opinion of this Justin kid (I think he may be a bigger deal in the States than he is in Australia). However, what the fuck does “evict Just Beiber from our gender” have to do with him potentially being gay? If he were gay, wouldn’t he still be a male? Why would him being gay automatically make him a female? Or are they suggesting he’s a butch dyke. I’m confused.

  70. up doe?

  71. @Exploding Minx. The reason that guys believe Justin Bieber should be kicked out of their gender is because he sings like a girl and looks a bit like a girl.

  72. HAHAHAHAHA, the last one! Oh my word!

    -Gods investment in you (His son!) was SO great, he could never abandon you!-

  73. .

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