Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Ball is in Your Court

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  1. Who's That Girl?

    I had a tongue ring in my younger years. Had to take it out when I got a big girl job. However, I never swallowed the balls. Played with them a lot with my tongue, but never swallowed.

  2. thejetblast?

  3. damn

  4. Alen002 sucks
    In my early years as a raver, I am embarrassed to say I had a tongue ring. I actually broke an acrylic barbell chewing on it.

  5. Tongue rings are a way for skanks to draw attention to themselves and be like “hehehe balls in my mouth OMG u perv I was talking about my tongue ring LOL”. Because that’s so much more subtle than wearing a sign on your forehead that says “I’ll put out on the first date”

  6. I believe quoting chris rock here is appropriate. If a girl has a pierced tongue, she’ll probably suck your dick. If a guy has a pierced tongue, he’ll probably suck your dick. Good times. Im youtubing that video right now.

  7. What worries me is that for Cory digestive transit takes 36 hours.

  8. rebarbativebecc

    Are they actually going to put the tongue bar back in….o_o?

  9. Cory was trying to be funny and perverted at the same time by saying eating balls but personally I don’t know any one that eats balls… now sucking and licking that’s a different story

    And I never had a tongue ring I just couldn’t get passed the whole I have a hole in my tongue part

    and @rebar .. I hope they don’t put it back in either

  10. I have had my tongue pierced for a few years now, and it really pisses me off when people automatically assume it means I am a skank. Not every girl that gets it done does it for sucking dick.

  11. if you’re not using it for oral pleasures, then what’s the point?

  12. It is fun to play with.

  13. I don’t understand how people swallow this shit.

    Walking around with your tongue hanging out makes you look stupid.

    Why does anyone get any piercing? What’s the point? If you have your navel pierced does that mean you need guys to rub their dick all over it?

  14. I actually play with it a lot when I am mad or stressed since I quit smoking. Also, when I got it done I had never given a BJ and didn’t for a least two years after I had gotten it. I guess if everyone thinks it makes me a skank I will just agree and shut up.

  15. @ melissaphlegm You don’t get them done for a guy to “rub their dick all over it” … and also if you’ve seen someone walking around with their tongue hanging out I think there may be some other issues.

  16. Alright I am done with my bitching , had my coffee and now I am happy. So on to the actually post, how do you spell tongue, am I spelling it wrong or is she ?

  17. Who's That Girl?

    I’m with Vanzie101 on this one. The whole dick sucking with the tongue ring is just a myth. Not really the point of the tongue ring. Or any other body jewelery for that matter.

    So judgemental…geez

    Oh, and by the way, I HATE effing juggalos!

  18. Who's That Girl?

    Oh and one more thing:


    (sorry, I had to)

  19. JesusOnADinosaur

    I don’t think girls get tongue rings as a way to call attention or anything. After all, they’re mostly hidden inside your mouth, right? I agree with Vanzie on this one.

    Navel rings, on the other hand, do seem to be only for the sake of having guys gawking at you. I really don’t see any other reason.

  20. In spite of the fact that I will feel like a complete idiot in a second I will ask anyways. Hawks?

  21. @ Vanzie: I think you missed my point. That was what I was saying.

  22. @ melissa .. my bad :(

  23. I’m a Hawks fan, too, Who’s That Girl, but I think it may be a lost cause.

    Unless you’re not talking about the NBA, in which case I’ll save it by saying…

    Brittany said ‘eat the balls’ … heh heh heh heh heh….

  24. Good job judging a book by its cover, people. Jeez. Sometimes people get piercings because it’s fun. I had my tongue pierced with no ulterior motives, I just wanted to get something pierced and it was cheap and painless.

  25. Chicago Black Hawks? Not a lost cause.

  26. Had mine pierced for a while, but I don’t think I’ve ever sucked cock.

  27. Who's That Girl?

    Chicago Effing Blackhawks!! (NHL)

    ’nuff said

  28. I was pretty sure that was what you meant but you never know so I wanted to double check. They are one of the teams I have been cheering for:)

  29. Ahhhhh, hockey. I thought you may have been talking about the Atlanta Hawks… who, sadly, are very much a lost cause.

  30. When I think of tongue rings now, I’m always reminded of the movie “Rat Race”, and Seth Green’s offsider I don’t recall his name).

    He had a tongue ring, and his tongue was swollen and purple, and you couldn’t understand anything he said throughout the entire movie.

    They had the funniest scenes in that movie too.

  31. Who's That Girl?

    Bulldog: I’m actually a Caps fan – which is the only thing we got going in Washington.

    The following are lost causes: Redskins, Nationals & Wizards. So I feel your pain.

  32. No Americans on here would have heard of the team I support here in Aus, or of the game I follow. so I won’t put my 2 cents in on that one.

  33. liketotallycool

    “ive eaten the balls like many times”… here’s a sentence you never want to say on Facebook. or anywhere for that matter.

  34. Who's That Girl?

    Awwww Word – You’re wrong on that. We have heard of Team Edward, we just don’t like to admit it.

  35. Tongue rings only look good on some people, like other piercings.

    I only know one person that got it to suck dick, but she likes doing it.

    Did this person actually tighten the balls so they dont fall off? Never heard of that happening with the tongue. I check my piercings (don’t have a tongue ring) once every couple days.

  36. CommentsAtLarge


    You are a woman after my heart my dear – not for saying you played with the balls a lot with your tongue (though my inner 13 yr old chuckled at that) but for supporting my Hawks :)

  37. I’ve always wanted to see a “Prince Albert” up close and personal.

    Has anyone seen, or will any guy on here admit to having one?

  38. MonkeyCMonkeyDo

    @WTG I’m a Rangers/Islanders fan. But, the Black Hawks did a fantastic job the other day. Vancouver fans and players deserved the 5-1 loss! They were pissing me off the entire game.

    Also, the Redskins might be having a great season next year. They got some really good players! I can’t say anything for the Nationals… I watched the Mets beat them and I swelled up with pride. Not that losing to the Mets says much… but still <3 them!

    @Bulldog The Atlanta Hawks are just prolonging the inevitable. They may as well throw in the towel what with the 40+ point loss to the Magic in Game 1 of the semis. They're wasting everyone's time and energy.

  39. Who's That Girl?

    Comments – You can thank ’nuff for that. He spoke ill of my Caps, so I have to root against Vancouver. :-)

    Word – Not a Prince Albert exactly, but my brother-in-law has a penile piercing (Yes, I’ve seen it. People tend to show that shit off). We call him the “silver eyed snake”.

    MonkeycMonkeyDo – I’m hopeful for the Skins next year. McNabb is one hell of a trade! We’ll see. Naturally, Cooley is by fav player – all the bitches love Cooley…

  40. @ who’s….still rockin the red over here.

    my ex husband had just about every penis piercing you could think of…they weren’t that exciting. even in terms of being ‘stimulating’..yeah, they really didn’t do anything for me.

  41. CommentsAtLarge


    No ill will for the Caps here, though I wasn’t fond of the Ovechkin-Campbell hit in March. Don’t think it was dirty, Ovechkin just plays intense and sometimes stuff happens like that. Been a while since the Hawks were contenders, so it was more scary to see one of the go-to-guys go down. Done babbling now, I promise ;)


    Sorry no help for you there; never could mentally reconcile with inserting a metal bar into my close personal friend.

  42. ok ummm just wanna know how come she has a dislike button? i want one!

  43. @Who’s That Girl : Please don’t give up on our beloved Nats just yet. :)

  44. Who's That Girl?

    @HokieFan – Go Terps! ;-)

  45. Who's That Girl?

    Oh, and no offense to any Giants fans out there – but Lawrence Taylor is a Class A Douchebag!

  46. WTG, I’m sure you wish the Nats could play my Braves every night. Washington never seems to look like the worst team in baseball when Atlanta’s around. FML…

    Meanwhile, if the accusation is true and he raped and beat a 16 year old, I think we can come up with something a little worse to call Lawrence Taylor than “douchebag”. That’s what I call guys with fratboy Bieber Bangs, for crying out loud.

  47. Any piercing any woman gets is strictly for attention.

    This has been proven time and time again.

  48. Thems fightin’ words there evileddy.

    And men get piercings in many and varied areas of their bodies for what reason?

  49. Beer bets.

  50. evileddy…you’re a douche.
    I personally have had both my tongue and belly button pierced. FOR FUN and because I like the way they made me look. It was never about impressing anyone else, it was about impressing me!
    Hardly anyone every saw them but them made me feel good.
    I’ve also known plenty of men who have had their tongues pierced and weren’t gay. I like a guy with a pierced tongue :)
    but NOT a pierced dick. that’s just weird.

  51. I have had a tongue piercing (its not a ring, dumbasses) for ten years now, since I was just on the cusp of my 16th birthday. I wanted it since I was 12 and not once was it for the purpose of sucking dick. fuck that. I got it cause at the time the spice girls and the prodigy were big and not that I liked the spice girls but tongue piercings seemed the thing to do between about 1996-2000. everyone had them at the time. I didn’t do it to wag my tongue at people to play with it or to suck dick, I just liked the way they looked and wanted it bad. ten years on I still love it and it feels so wrong taking it out. in saying that about the ten years thing, I have not once swallowed a ball from the top of it, why? because I tighten the fucker with my sleeve, yeah, something DRY. otherwise the ball is just going to slip around in your saliva and not tighten properly.

  52. Anna – I agree, they are dumbasses. A lot of you are claiming to have tongue rings, have you not actually noticed they’re not rings? They’re barbells. Very few people actually have a tongue ring.

    slippyslappy – that is exactly the reason why you should get pierced. Evileddy is just stirring.

    wordpervert – a mate of mine has a prince albert, he recently got a 6mm ring put in it, it’s fucking huge! (the ring that is, the cock is average size).

  53. Who's That Girl?

    @Anna & Ligeia – Not a tongue ring? Just out of curiosity, what do you call jewelery you put in an ear piercing that is not a ring? If it’s a post, stud, or dangly piece of jewelry, do you still call them your earRINGS??? Tongue ring is just as appropriate as barbell…dumbasses.

  54. Tongue rings are so skanky. (everybody calls barbells tongue rings you dumbasses!).

  55. @ Who’s That Girl?: I don’t really wear much ear jewellery and none of them are rings. I tend to refer to them by what they are (penguins, owls, ladybirds etc.) I don’t call them rings when they clearly aren’t. It’s just ignorance/laziness that people wouldn’t bother to find out the actual name for the jewellery.

    Most people don’t even realise I have my tongue pierced because my mouth is small and you can’t see it when I talk. And if you’re the kind of person who would judge someone for having their tongue pierced (she must be a slut because she has her tongue pierced) then you are very sad indeed.

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