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Thattaway Thursday







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  1. LAST!

  2. lucas,

    sorry to hear it.



  3. yes, mina, i have wondered that….

  4. I think we’ve all wondered what Mina wonders…

  5. 1) Darren needs to realize that Conor has a legitimate complaint. The Post Office, like all government agencies, is cesspool for “deadwood”. You know, those people who sit around complaining they don’t make enough but work less than people who are unemployed.
    2) Josh, FTW!
    3) Daniel would have a good point if it were not for the fact he misspelled ‘hygiene’.
    4) We can’t all be gifted in that way, like me.
    5) Mina…Edward loves the taste of old pennies.
    6) Lucas…sure…we’ve all heard that tired ol’ line before.

  6. If you watch Shane Dawson’s youtube videos., you wouldn’t have to wonder what Edward does when Bella is on her period..

  7. 7) Mapper… You’re lame.

  8. Mina raises a good point! WTf happens! I have always wondered this! I mean cut on her finger drives em’ mad soooooo what about all that?

  9. hitmewithyourrhythmvic

    Darren and Josh are my new heroes and, if I ever meet them, they will definitely be rewarded.

  10. ya, I have totally wondered about the Bella/Edward thing, but I never would have put that on my FB status lol…also while I was thinking about it, I figured out that it is a FICTIONAL story, and that was the end of it

  11. The Scarlet Pimple

    Darren ftw.
    And you know, Mina, I’ve often wondered that myself. Good job thinking THAT one out, Ms. Meyer.

  12. Josh does have a point…

  13. It’s not unheard of for people to have sex when the chick has her period.

    There is no need for condom wearing if you know she’s STD-less, so if you don’t mind some blood on your cock and balls, it’s great!

    Who actually minds blood on his cock and balls anyway?

  14. Makster, it’s hardly comfortable. As a lady I know it gets a little, shall I say “irritating”, for myself. It’s also likely to make a mess of the sheets and blood is very difficult to shift.

  15. I do it on my period (without choice-i’m on it nonstop, literally) and it doesn’t feel uncomfortable, sure it can get a little gross but nothing that can’t be washed.

  16. erm… to the people above – I don’t think we’re talking about how they cope with period sex. I think we’re talking about how Edward prevents himself from eating Bella out… literally.

  17. pink, you are but one woman amongst many. For you it’s irritating, but for others it isn’t so much of an issue when they’re ‘excited’. I’m sure you know better than I do that periods affect different girls differently: some girls get a bit emotional, some get terribly touchy, some feel discomfort, others feel a world of pain, even the duration and flow is different. Also periods change throughout the seasons of the year.

    For the mess issue, plan ahead and keep a dark coloured towel handy that you can lay on when you’re going to get laid. You can then easily soak it in cold water. Salt helps to get rid of blood stains too.

    That’s my period+sex advice for the day done!

    I hope

  18. Ugh. As much as I hate myself for knowing this, Meyer said in an interview that since it’s “dead” blood and not flowing through her veins, it’s not appealing to Edward.

  19. He takes her tampon and makes himself a tea infusion. That’s what Edward does.

  20. AGS just made me realise what this whole Mina post was about.

    It seems that, even against my will, I will eventually know the names of all the Twilight characters…


  21. Who the f are edward and bella?

  22. See Bart, I had no fucking idea either but I read the post and understood from CONTEXT. WHY the fuck are you so stupid?

  23. Bart, do you live under a rock? They’re Twilight characters. I don’t follow all that Twilight stuff, and even I know who they are.

  24. Easy on Bart ,I envy him for his ignorance.

  25. wonder if cory is kimber’s new bf, hehe!
    and i’d imagine once a month edward sees bella as a clairvoyant and gets his palm re(a)d..

  26. I love how this post turned into a discussion about period sex! :D

  27. When it comes to period sex, it all depends on personal preference. You know what they say, different strokes for different folks.

  28. Ms Terri- Chill out. Some people, like you, happen to not follow it and, unlike you, they therefore dont know the names of the characters.

    Makes sense hmmmm..?

  29. mina made me giggggggggggggle

  30. nice,so many opportunities to do things very fast and very hard…I also like robots and sausages…

  31. these are definitely some of the best i’ve seen on the site. but it might be because i’m high.

  32. I would love to buy Darren a beer. Someone please contact him for me…

    As for the Twilight crap…I’ve seen that one before..actually, I think it was on the status updates right here on Lamebook.

  33. Righteousdude, I understand.

  34. Id love it if Minas surname was Harker.

  35. I’m going to get Josh drunk…

  36. Daniel is right on the money with his Fb reply to Kelly.
    Nobody likes smelly pussy. Keep is clean and shaved Kelly!
    THAT is up to you!

  37. is Cory looking for a job in an orchard?

  38. Josh and Adam are hilarious! I think i wet myself reading Minas post. Love it!!! – despite it has something to do with Twilight.

    @Pink: If you’re ‘redwinging’ you do it in the shower. And i agree that it is alot of fun :) especially when you see blood and semen fall out. It looks like Bullseye candy.

    @Kiwi: BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I want a tea infusion now!

    If Edward were to fuck bella at that time of the month I imagine that Edward would eat Bella like an Orange. Squeeze and chew until all of the good stuff comes out.

  39. OMG Insane
    I’m taking my vagina over to the corner to have a cry

  40. Cory’s is set up; the “about an hour ago” is photoshopped in (obviously) and it probably says “about a minute ago”

  41. @athousand What would be the point of changing the time from a minute to an hour?? What am I missing…?

  42. If Mina had bothered to google that she would’ve gotten the answer.

  43. I love how you douche bags are picking on me for not knowing any of the characters from that stupid movie.
    Quit living on dreams fat Americans, in Europe Twilight means nothing.

  44. @ Insane : Oh Lord, I almost peed myself laughing…

    @ Anitalaff : And then I read your comment, and I did, a little…

    That was thé funniest post I have ever ever read…

  45. I agree with Bart!! Twilight is the biggest pile of (white) dog turd I’ve ever come across, I don’t know anything about it because it is LAME. And also I’m not a stupid American.

  46. I don’t think they were intentionally trying to diss Bart, I think they were saying they wish the were as ignorant (not to know what Twilight is) ’cause it’s a serious pain in the ass…

    Glittered Vampires? I wonder if Mika’s music features in the soundtrack?

  47. *they

  48. Ricola181
    My gaydar (or I just hate you if you’re a chick) just went off the charts. You have ALWAYS wondered that?
    Get off the site, sir, please.

  49. LOL @ Finn – that is like a screenshot that is supposed to be ON Lamebook, not in the thread… hee hee

  50. @Svetlana I would say you were bang on about the Mika music, it makes me sad :’(

  51. What is “her period” anyway?

  52. @ Joker : Hee hee and I was just joking…. Let me go have some Vodka to celebrate.

    @ SeeBea : Please tell me you were joking, just incase you weren’t (NSFW) It’s when a woman bleeds through her Vagina once a month – I’m pretty sure even the undead gets it… :D

  53. @Svetlana: Well even if the blood cells that come out of a vagina as a result of menstruation are dead, the un-dead (Edward) would be able to use it like cordial!

  54. OMFG I about peed myself @tea infusion! LOOOOOOOOOL

  55. @Anitalaff: Be thankful you don’t have someone like Edward around during that time of the month :P

  56. tea infustion thats epic lol

  57. oh yeah and i also used to wonder the same thing about buffy and angel and then buffy and spike… God i’m old lol

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