Tuesday, November 17, 2009

That’s Unfortunate



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  1. 1st

  2. whoops.

  3. 2nd one: whipppppppppppppped

  4. 3rd

  5. Ellie = a bitch
    Andy = a pussy

  6. ZOMG 5TH!!!!!!!!

  7. That second one is dysfunction at its peak. Ellie is a bit overbearing and Andy is a bit of a puss (OK, a giant puss). First for posting as his status, then not answering his phone, then rolling over like a possum. Their kid will be on Lamebook by the time he/she is 9 years old.

  8. fuck i meant 6th, oh well haha

    first post…funny
    second post…not so much

  9. Over prenatal classes? Seriously?
    Prenatal classes are not that important! I gave birth just fine without them!

  10. wtf???? “you’ve cost me the rest of my life”



  11. how is babby formed?
    how is babby formed?

  12. I like turtles.

  13. Wow. Andy is whipped. And he actually made his whipping a public spectacle. Well done. NOT!

  14. Damn, the baby ain’t even born yet and this dood is already whipped.

  15. OK, I took the second one as Andy had done something very wrong, like possibly cheated on Ellie. And since Ellie is carrying his child, she has to put up with him, even though she no longer wants anything to do with him. Hence, “you’ve cost me the rest of my life.” I don’t think it’s over Andy skipping daddy class.

  16. #15

    Andy did do something wrong – he didn’t pull out.

  17. Whether or not thats what actually happened, thats what it looks like from what she’s saying, hence why its on lamebook.

  18. He cost her the rest of her life? She had nothing to do with it? What, was she laying down with her legs spread and he just “accidentally” fell between them and knocked her up?

  19. Yeah, she tripped and he fell. Without a condom.

  20. FB, and people like Andy & Ellie, are the reason why my mother is bitching to me right now that all her soap operas are being cancelled.

  21. She sounds like a control freak, and he sounds like her bitch.

    “Don’t miss them again EVER”

  22. I think #5 pretty much nailed it (just like Andy)

  23. Jesse: Yes, it is. And I have a feeling these two are 18. Can’t wait ’til Andy does something that IS actually worth getting all freaked over (and he will). Ellie is in for a rude awakening. But it sounds like she’s really ready to have a child, being so mature and all!

  24. Prenatal classes are for dummy

  25. @9: You’re right! I gave birth just fine without them, and I’m a manly man!

  26. The lesson here is always go for anal.

  27. This is one of the reasons why I always take the girl I’m putting it to to an amusement park and on several rollercoasters after we’ve done the deed.

  28. “You cost me my life”. The mantra of dumb twits who don’t use birth control and then think everyone else is at fault.

  29. Wow Andy and Ellie sound like soulmates to me.

  30. Candy: the way Ellie said it, I thought she was equating missing prenatal classes with losing the rest of her life, but I guess that makes more sense.

  31. i really hope for the baby’s sake that she will change her mind about the whole ruining my who life thing. i know i did. give her a break you guys. she’s probably really young and had big plans. it’s stressful to get pregnant when you are young.

    it’s all about perspective. it’s pretty lame that he posted this on facebook. i didn’t talk to my baby daddy for 4 months after i found out… and we’re married now.

    well i know someone is gonna make fun of me. go ahead

  32. @31 – This is me making fun of you.

  33. #31 – please add all of us on Facebook so we can start submitting your posts here

  34. LOL, you wont be married after i’m done with you. *vibrates*

  35. @Spicy – that’ll only make her barf. You know you can’t get her pregnant by coming in her mouth, right?

  36. @ms.terri if the p goes in the v without a condom at any time. then she can get preggers. just so u kno

  37. Actually, Nathan makes a perfectly valid point in the first one. True three-dimensional vision is an aspect of our eyes themselves (so a person who is blind in one eye still perceives the world in three dimensions), but SIMULATED three-dimensional vision (the kind that uses glasses or other filters) does use BOTH eyes to trick the brain that a two-dimensional image exists in three-dimensional space.

  38. ok, I know who posted this because it was one of my friends. I also know Ellie and ffs guys, she’s 16.
    She was upset because her parents don’t know, this could ruin her modelling, and she could get kicked out of sixth form, understand now?

  39. see that’s the difference between me and immature parents. i grew up. and i do the right thing. i don’t post immature posts on facebook.

  40. Nathan knows hows the 3D effect works. well done boy!

  41. Nathan knows how the 3D effect works. well done boy!

  42. Ellie’s going to be one of those women who control their entire family by saying “Honey, I gave up my vagina so you could have offspring, take out the fucking trash.”
    “You ungrateful little shit, I carried you for 9 months and ruined my nipples feeding you. Now give me a foot rub!!!”

  43. hmm last time i checked, it took two ppl to make a baby. Maybe Ellie shouldve kept her legs crossed and she wouldnt be pregnant.
    its called a condom.

  44. ellie (not the one inthe thing)

    its not true i dont think she is preggo.

  45. Reaaaally?

  46. stupid people should stop breeding.

  47. @A.M.

    Anyone that says “stupid people should stop breeding” is stupid, themselves. I’m assuming you’ve had a vasectomy? If not, I have some extra rubber bands in my utility drawer.

  48. @ P.M.

    Assuming I’m a guy, all right. Since I’m not, I guess you can try again then I can think of a proper response. :)

  49. @A.M., P.M.

    Oh, do stop fighting. I’m fed up of being caught in the middle of your arguments, and so is Midnight.

  50. wooow what a bitch, I’d rather pay support or get partial custody than fuck with a stupid bitch like that…then again I wouldn’t fuck with a psycho like that. Most men don’t think with their heads…well maybe with their dick heads. Take a loss punk bitch, you in it for the next 18 years.

  51. BTW, White Power

  52. Jesus H Christ this is pathetic

  53. #52: what’s the H stand for?

  54. fuck racists…

  55. *vibrates* for Dusk


  57. *vibrates* for VillageIdiot


    *runs out*

  59. hAha at battery for dildo.

  60. I never knew what it stood for, either.

  61. Bored.

  62. I’m just hoping that Nathan forgot to press the space bar and doesn’t actually thing that he’s “blindin” one eye.

  63. @38 mandy – forgive my directness, but was she raped? I only ask because if not, sex takes *two* consenting people to form babby, so blaming the boyfriend for ruining her life is both pointless and ludicrously naive.

    If she doesn’t know how that doing the dirty has babby-forming potential by the age of 16, she has more problems in her life than just getting knocked up.

  64. i now know how babby is formed.

  65. @32 – LMAO

    @55 thru @59 – also LMAO

    (I know I posted “Bored.” after those, but I hadn’t actually read the forum at that point)

  66. Wow if I were Ellie I definitely would have had an abortion. By the time you’re attending prenatal classes it’s presumably too late though. :( Poor girl.

  67. It takes two to tango. Unless he cut the tip of the condom off, that bitch had it coming. Literally.

  68. So what Nathan REALLY meant was “I wish I had both my eyes”.

    And I think Andy should be a lot more concerned about dealing with his “mistake” than asking for forgiveness.

  69. this is obviously just fake

  70. By momentary lapse in judgement means he didn’t pull it out fast enough?

  71. As a film student with the same problem, I feel for Nathan. People in my class won’t shut up about Avatar, etc… I have no concept of what makes these movies appealing. Although really I just wish the fad would pass again.

  72. I’m confused. The 2nd one sounds like she’s saying he ruined her life for missing a prenatal class, not for knocking her up.

  73. @bailey. WTF? LOL!

  74. Well, I don’t have to find this pussy…we will just have to call him “Andy”, and take his man card away since his balls were removed by the vag trap known as “Ellie”. Would have given me something to do while waiting for that guy to call about his girl…

  75. @Tristan
    “vag trap” LMAO

  76. Andy is a bloody prick – he must have convinced her she couldn’t get pregnant during her special time.

  77. Not to sound harsh, but shouldn’t Nathan be wishing he could see LIFE in 3D?

  78. @Ragtime

    Even if he somehow convinced her of that, she should know more about her own body than some guy with an erection that is whining about condoms.


  80. Wow. I find it really said that she feels like her baby cost her the rest of her life.

    I mean, we have this thing, it’s called adoption. You could give your baby to someone who wants it. You know… someone who doesn’t consider it the death knell of their life. That should be healthy. Every kid loves to be unwanted.

  81. This is what god made abortions for. Why more people dont have them is beyond me. Srsly, do everyone a favor, including the would-be kid born into your shitty-ass homelife.

  82. Amen. I am pro-abortion.

    Everyone should have to get them.

  83. @81
    God did not make abortions, somebody He created came up with abortion.
    I am pro-life, but I may have had second thoughts on that with your mother.

  84. ya mother should’ve swallowed you

  85. John Players Standard

    Did not go to parental classes. Waste of fucking time. I have parents.

  86. karmaticinhibition

    @John… Before being a douche, learn how to read. PRENATAL, not parental.

  87. Ah noon…you made me laugh way more than anything else on this ridiculous thread! Lovin’ your style.

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