Monday, October 12, 2009

That’s Funnie


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  1. News just in; morons act like morons.

  2. I always thought Roger was pretty hot myself.
    He can give me a hurts donut.

  3. No, she really meant you Doug, you ugly.

  4. this conversation is awesome, no? hardly lame. “porkin’ porkchop”? i want to be friends with these guys

  5. Nice save, Pamela.

    Also, WTF, Greg?

  6. God forbid you pay for half your meal you cheap whore.

  7. Nothing says class like Olive Garden. C’mon guys. First impressions are supposed to be everything on a first date. How else will you get a handie on the way home?

  8. This conversation is greatness! Hilarious!

  9. This isn’t lame, this is AWESOME.

  10. @ nina

    and anyone else who constantly makes this mistake. Stop fucking commenting about how something is lame or not.

    The fucking website is the FUNNIEST and lamest shit on facebook, you fucking retard.

  11. Oh. My. God.

    He split the bill.

    Did you get that? I said he SPLIT THE BILL.

    What kind of crazy feminist is he!?



    Thank God for Jose

  13. don’t you love the penniless guys getting all upset because the laydee should pay for her own overpriced frenchh fries? feminism is a *great* idea for men, but only when it suits them.

  14. did you really say laydee?

  15. @ Jonas


  16. im fucking stupid i love boners, but not in a good way, i cut them off people because im a sicko who belongs in jail

  17. I have nothing better to do than write dumb shit as another person and not read fucking instructions because I am a retarded dumb bitch.

  18. Why does Greg like the fact that she had a bad date?

  19. maybe Greg wants to get in her pants and knows he’s next in line.

  20. i actually obey the rules of websites, because im a virgin except for all the dogs adn cats i rape

  21. What the fuck is wrong with splitting the bill? Silly bint.

  22. Esme: The one who asks pays! I’ve treated as well. A good guy won’t let the girl pay in the beginning but once you get to know each other it’s a nice gesture to reciprocate, it says ‘I can be nice, too.’

  23. Oh, not you Doug. It’s another Doug we’re talking about. Another Doug entirely.

    Doug, it’s you.

  24. “Hittin the sack” –> “Greg XXXXXX likes this.”

  25. How did no one on that facebook thread reference Principal Buttsavitch (pronounced Butt-savage)

  26. @JackJohnson: Perhaps for the same reason that no one addressed the fact that everyone in their town seems to be suffering from a rare skin disease which turns their skin fluorescent green, blue, or orange.

  27. Get wit it peoples, bitches don’t wanna be payin’ fo no shit.. otherwise they be comparin’ you to pussies like Doug, and I fucking hated that show.

  28. I wonder what’s worse?
    Splitting the bill on a date.
    Or green sweater vests?

  29. @Julie


  30. I literally still have that Killer Tofu song from Doug memorized. Why? Why??

    Bangin’ on a trashcan
    Drummin’ on a streetlight
    Strummin’ on my banjo
    Some little voice is callin’ me, callin’ me…

    I might have gotten some of that wrong, but that’s what comes to mind.

    Also: Oooweeoo, killer tofuuuu.

  31. What a dumb bitch “split the bill.” Ok, cause guys are supposed to pay for everything. In the 21st century. In 2009. Stupid bitches need to get over this if they expect us to garner any respect for them. I hate 90% of girls. And before you say anything, not a virgin. In the slightest.

    @Em: Maybe we do it on principal? That people should pay for what they fucking order? Sure it’s a nice gesture but if you really are turning down someone for asking that you pay for what you order you are a stupid, selfish bitch.

  32. I suspect that ‘her date’ was just not that into her so instead of running the evening at a complete loss and him being an idiot who had to pay for everything he most proberly thought, screw this she can pay for her own meal and hence split the bill as he has no intention of seeing her again as generally if a guy is really into you, he will do anything to impress you and try to act like a gentleman and its not likely he will insist on splitting the bill although admittedly it is possible. Seeing as we all work and we all earn money and she ate aswell, what is wrong with paying for your own meal which you enjoyed? Its not like he asked her to pay for his.

  33. @ Guy

    you hate 90% of chicks, I suspected from your last comment that you were gay.

  34. @guy

    As a girl, I totally agree with you. Why the hell should men have to pay for everything?

    I agree with LittleMz first comment.

    We are no longer in 60s people.

  35. I’d like to add that the rest of this post by Pamela and her friends is pure comedy gold! I used to LOVE Doug! Classic

  36. I’m thinking she’s a golddigger thinking every guy should be praising her “beauty” and drowning her in gifts. Having to be subjected to such a low class establishment such as Olive Garden is a blemish on her reputation. Poor, poor golddigger.

  37. It sounds to me like she wasn’t really on a date. Either that or the guy realized she was a bitch.

  38. Feminism and all the rules that go with today’s society are confusing.

    Women want equal pay and equal respect (which they deserve), but they want to keep the chivalry from the past. My ex used to tell me I had to take out the garbage 100% of the time because “I’m the boy.” A female friend once said “I want to feel taken care of, special” when we talked about money and the fact that she NEVER pays for dinner.

    The rule of “whoever asks, pays” is a great rule. Splitting bills on a date causes problems, but alternating is fine.

    @Dee, I’m waiting for my invite. I promise to open the door for you, as long as it doesn’t make you feel oppressed :)

  39. Great comment, mcowles.

  40. I totally agree with mcowles. It drives me mad when women go on about wanting this and that, under the guise of feminism, but then completly backtrack it when theres something else they want i.e. a free meal.
    When people go out for dinner, any two people, they should either split it, or alternate.

  41. @ mcowles: 100% agree.

    @ kathleen: Agree in principle, but tricky when it’s the first date. What do you say when the bill comes, “Alrighty, so we need to decide now if we’ll be going on another date. If so, I’ll pay next time or otherwise, let’s split. So it’s all 100% fair”. Smooth.

    Surely whoever does the inviting can just pay for the first damn dinner, whether they’re male or female. You’re paying for the pleasure of someone’s company and treating them to something nice, it’s not supposed to be some kind of financial investment with guaranteed future returns. Bad first date? Just pay, suck it up, and don’t ask again.

    Although in this case, Pamela sounds like a rude bitch with entitlement issues.

  42. On a first date, whoever asks the other one out should pay. If I ask you out, I pay. If you ask me out, you pay. Otherwise you are just saying “Hey, I may possibly like you, how about you buy your own dinner and sit near me tomorrow night?” If you start dating regularly, then I say split or alternate.

  43. @ bingo: yes. Precisely.

  44. Greg likes this because he wants to patty all over Pamela’s mayonnaise

  45. @ Spoder
    Yes i agree, whoever asks should pay is a good way of doing it. But when you say that its tricky on the first date not knowing if you’ll see eachother again in order to sort out paying, i would say its quite obvious whether or not the date has gone well (and you’ll be seeing eachother again) and its also a good opportunity to sort out another date, if you so wish, rather than just leaving and not saying anything about it(and therefore you can sort out some sort of splitting payment or alternating arrangement for the next one).
    However, i think the point here is that this girl is a bit of a moron for calling a date bad simply because she had to dig into her purse rather then having a bloke spend all his cash on her, as she most likely wants.

  46. I wish there were more girls like Kathleen.

  47. women, I mean women… damn… sorry :(

  48. haha! why thankyou

  49. Charles said he put the mayo in patty mayonnaise.

  50. If Pamela was “Hittin’ the sack” 2 hours ago, what was she doing up 15 minutes ago on FB?

  51. I agree with the lady up top, and not because I don’t like splitting the bill–I’m not even comfortable with letting someone pay for me unless I really know them(guys, ideally, don’t assume she will, but if she’s says she’s going to split it DON’T PUT UP A FIGHT DAMMIT).

    But I would not pay my good money to eat Olive Garden food. Fuck that. If you want to take me somewhere with baloney alfredo or whatever the hell, I sure as hell better not be paying for it. Because if I had my way, I’d never step foot in the place.

  52. Old Nickelodeon was made for sex jokes like this ^_^

    now lets try Angry Beavers: 3…2…1…Let the chaos commence!!!

  53. Angry beavers is still on tv, they just renamed it.
    now its called loose women.

  54. I quite liked that nostalgia trip. Not lame :p

  55. Olive Garden, phhh.

    All the playas know you take your date to McDonalds and get a Redbox movie.

    If she doesn’t like you at Mcdee’s, she probably won’t like you at a fancy restaurant, either.

    And ditch the sweater vest, dude.

  56. lmao

  57. I may be old fashioned here, but if it’s the first ‘date’ and I paid for my own meal/movie/whatever, then I consider it to be two friends getting together for a movie, not a date.
    Same goes for the girls I know, btw.

  58. o. wee. o. killer. TOFU. YEA!

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