Friday, March 30, 2012

That’ll Show Her

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  1. Or your ex-boyfriend in your clothes.

  2. , or your ex-boyfriends new BOYfriend! Clever, huh?

  3. Hows about a rant Capn? Not read one in a while…

  4. Oh good, we’re doing requests now.

    Hows about something funny, crusty? Never, ever read one…

  5. Why honey? It’s too sticky and it attracts flies. Wouldn’t baby oil be a better choice?

  6. Get over yourself Mass you self-righteous prick.

  7. Why honey? Well, what could be more natural? Surely there’s going to be some licking involved here.

  8. Is this site even still being run? One post since yesterday? Sigh…

  9. ^ Sweetened condensed milk, maybe?

  10. No need to be a cunt, mass! Wait your turn, eventually I’ll wiggle my cock into your ear and stir that gelatinous brain of yours. Unless you want me to get all old fashioned and go straight to stirring your decayed colon with a ladle instead? That counts as foreplay, right? Damn I HATE foreplay, fucking needy cock monster!

  11. You’re no Soup, buddy …give it up.

  12. * popcorn begins popping in microwave *

  13. If it’s a wrestling Match then I’m all for long as it’s a submissive only match with whips,chains and ball gags. For the record mass I think you need one myself. Cap I’m with crusty. Gizus a rant :) .

  14. Why, can you hear me? Neat, listen to this.

  15. #4 mass…he really can’t.

  16. Mass, I NEVER claimed to be SOUP. I AM THE FUCKING CAPTAIN! NOW GET ON YOUR FUCKING KNEES AND SUBMIT, YOU COCKSUCKER! IZ got me some bullshit’n to do…but first I gotta get my happy ass halfway across the states, this shit about going out to the club and drinking all night almost everyday this week, and having to get ready for this s&g trip of mine is keeping me otherwise busy…but in the meantime, I’ve got a fucking ballgag and whip RIGHT HERE, ready for some serious splack time across “someones” face!

  17. ^you got a job, yet? I mean, you seem highly employable…

  18. MsAnne, caaannnt you seee! I’m a PIRATE, and tis job enough for me! Real work? HAH! I’m not yet convinced that’s even necessary anymore at this point in time. In the future however I’m sure I’ll find myself shoveling shit for money again, just not for the same zoo…hell, I have NO idea how I went from bullshit work, to zoo, to L.E., and now, not doing jack shit, but not needing to, either! Crazy world ain’t it?

  19. I want the number of your dealer. sounds like he’s got the good shit.

  20. CapnJoke.. this isn’t your diary. I do like when people try to brag in the comments section though. Speaks volumes…loser.

  21. MsAnne, Mass, I know that you both like to insult people but it doesn’t HAVE to be just about the insults. Mass I think Capns rants are FUNNY. AS. FUCK. If you don’t like them then don’t fucking read them, it’s really not complicated. MsAnne, if you don’t like me, then, again, move the fuck on ‘cos I’m not going anywhere you dried up whore.

  22. Ladies first, MsAnne ..

  23. ^ such a gentleman…. Meanwhile… buckle up kids, this is about to get good!

  24. Aw come on guys where is the love? Such hostility! Didn’t your mummies teach you to not say anything unless you had something nice to say? I think we all just need a group hug. Come on, bring it in!

  25. That awkward moment when you realized you missed a tiff on Lamebook

  26. dance, crusty, dance.

  27. I agree crusty.funny just doesn’t include insults. I reckon cap’n rants are funny as all he’ll. MS needs to realize he’s not the only guy capable of making a good laugh happen, and mass needs to get out if MS arse… Or it could be vice versa. Either way it seems to me that if MS doesn’t say it then it doesn’t count. I hate cunts that think they are the be all end all :) . Deprived self conscious virgin cunts.

  28. And MS bring your worst:). I know it’s only going to be senseless bullshit drivel like always with maybe a slightly intelligent point behind it. So yeah hit me with your best (pathetic) shot:) kudos :D

  29. it just got too retarded to function up in this thread.

  30. So it’s going to shut up for once. Amazing

  31. you all hyped it up so much, it took all the excitement away. you know ms.anne needs to get a little wet before she dives in.

  32. damagedcortex .. you wouldn’t recognize ‘slightly intelligent’ if it was fingering your ass.

  33. DC – think you could be right, he/she seems to find it hard to argue honesty. MsAnne, if you get your kicks from insulting people and winding them up (online?) then fair enough, each to their own – but it’s gotta be a pretty hollow feeling :)

  34. I have a firm rule against arguing with morons. It is generally a huge waste of my time as it infers, by default, that I’ve listened to their lame-assed ‘opinion’ and can be bothered to craft a rebuttal. And because it is just so laughably easy to thoroughly obliterate the sad fuckers, it is a pretty hollow feeling.
    I’m going back to drinking myself into a coma – you tragic little drama princesses can amuse your fool selfs by crying some more about how terrible I am.


  35. I get that you’re trying to take the high ground by walking away whilst trying to insult us, I do I get it – except that you still took the time to write us an entire paragraph about how you’re than us. A real misanthropist would have killed them self by now. Phony.

  36. how you’re better than us***

  37. Dunno bout you mass but it seems to me you enjoy the finger in the bumhole.
    Ms I love that post. You point out your against arguing with morons yet you must assuredly be one of the biggest here. And if it is so easy well come on then? You’re sounding like a big girls blouse by saying and not doing. ” I could I really could…” yep w/e. And your trying to make yourself sOund shot hot by drinking into a stupor… Brother you do need a life….

  38. ^ Like your “I know you are, but what am I” type of response. Didn’t realize I was arguing with a 6 year old.

  39. Any of that popcorn left, Beatus?

  40. It’s all cold and stale, and the butter has gone rancid, but yeah, dig in if you wish.

  41. Only if you feed it to me.

  42. With pleasure.

  43. Oh wow mass.maybe you do have a brain…there much room left in your arse? I wanna get in there too. Or maybe you can suck me off like you do to MS?

  44. I find it delicious how damagecontrol liked MsAnne when he was just lurking and watching other people be insulted. Then he comes out of the woodwork and gets his arse handed to him, and all of a sudden, MsAnne is meeeaaan.

    It’s a shame that that South African tart isn’t around to help him structure an argument. Or a sentence, for that matter.

  45. I know how to make butter tarts but I’ve never made a South African tart. Share a recipe with a brotha .. erm… motha?

  46. Where did that SA tart go anyway? But you know it really is pretty fucking unacceptable that my request for a group-hug was so thoroughly ignored. Manners, guys! Now…group-hugs or I start crushing skulls, got it?

  47. Sorry, SLG. You’re on your own.
    Last time I had a group-hug with my fellow Lamebookers, I came away with the syph.

  48. Oh, and teekostomabeutel has a recipe for South African tarts that involves turning a German inside out. They taste fucking terrible, but they truly are a joy to watch thrashing about.

  49. damagedcortex doesn’t like me because I fucking hate toadies. And bouncers.

  50. …meatheads in general.

  51. Kind of insulting to meatheads there..

  52. BeboStunnah2kai12

    Ah, well that was a waste of a read.

    Such a shit Lamebook fight.

  53. OM nom nom Bacchante… Umgestülpte Tarts! Thanks for the heads up, though I think I would pass on a recipe from someones who is named after a bag of piddle and other stuff.

  54. Since when has anyone done any bragging in this thread mass? There isn’t any room for peacocks on the internet. There’s enough cock on teh webz for everyone!…no need for new ones! Besides, if I WAS going to do ANY bragging I would be telling about the ravenous fucking my ex and I did on the giraffe platform and the educational cave, but what good would THAT do. Have you decided whether you want my penis in your ear, or the rectal ripping ladle yet? Seriously dude/ette, you DON’T want me to choose for you…Wood SPLINTERS something fierce, ask your mom! Last time I gave her the ladle, the ER nurse was fingering her anus for HOURS looking for the handle! For fucks sake, I miss everything, 15 hours of driving is shit, and now I’m going to be stuck in some hick ass town in the middle of the Apple-ation mountains for god knows how long..WhatEVER would I do without lamebook to fall back on after a long hard day of fucking someone elses sister and massaging my man juice in to her pretty little face after convincing her it works WONDERS for your complexion? I tell you what I’d do, I’d be fucking devastated and probably go back to heavily abusing hard drugs, or cry like a nancy boy…but we know better than that…CAPn doesn’t pout, he masturbates with painstakingly harvested tears of young virgins who recently came of drinking age…nothing like a lil piece that can’t handle the drink to come and slob your knob, AM I right guys? I quit btw, Ms. was a fucking cakewalk. Drug programs and whining about how it’s so bad is like beating off to yourself in the mirror, withdrawals are for pussies…lol..This beats the hell out of some fucked free journal website or continuing to pay for my own domain and hosting service. I’m being fucking resourceful, you twat, howza boot that! Can’t we all just, get along?

  55. When are you going to do one of your really long rants, Capn?

  56. A longer one eh? I don’t know, kinda have a busy week, and plans for recreational trespassing this weekend. I might be able to squeeze one out sometime this week though. It’s all situational though, such a bout of nonsense would require the right lamebook posting combined with an equal amount of cunt tingling comments, and then we’d have to find a sacrificial alter boy that doesn’t care about what any of us cheeky bastards think, but obviously cares just enough to “take the bait”, so to speak.

  57. I think we can sum this up quite easily. You all suck at life. If the highlight of your day involves being delusional, and crafty in your words on a comment thread that will be forgotten in a weeks time. I guess that speaks for itself. Suck my sack losers ! I shaved two days ago , so hopefully the stubble bothers you.

  58. Soapbox house of cards and glass so don’t be tossing your stones around.


  59. Heh, Flames shaved his scrote coz thought he was going to get lucky.

    No wonder you’re so pissed off all the time, dude; you just need to dip your cock in something warmer and wetter than Vaseline.

  60. ^Ex: Mcdonalds Coffee :D

  61. Beatus, nice TOOL reference. you MUST’VE been high

  62. stomabeutel v1.1 with added empathic capabilities

    @57 wow there big boy, the nonsensical jumble of words you just placed, contradicts the message you are trying to get across. You Sir, are a little butt hurt cunt.

  63. See Mass, every single syllable is worth reading.

  64. It’s drivel, sweetie.

  65. it’s funny because crusty thinks he’s somehow not an insignificant little cockroach.
    this is in spite of everything he says being completely unfunny and shit.

  66. so don’t read it then. for your faults you do seem to be quite intelligent so why is this such a hard concept for you to grasp? Considering I’m an insignificant little cockroach you sure do pay a lot of attention to vermin.

  67. sure, dickwad. whatever you say. mummy’s little prince is such a clever boy.

  68. Cockroach to clever Prince…hahahahaha genius.

  69. wtf

  70. ^exactly

  71. Hey I said sOme of his comments were funny. Not that I didn’t think he was an abusive dickhead or a no brained cock sucker. Big up crusty. He keeps talking about wiping you n me out with words. I’m yet to see it.

  72. And flames the fact you shaved your ballsack… Only porn stars n poofs do that as far as I’m concerned. And you ain’t no porn star. Real men don’t need to do that. Or shave below the neck for that matter. You must be a virgin so how does that sock feel around you shaven sack when you finish having a flog?

  73. ^stfu

  74. Yeah. I’m here more to prove a point than anything now. If I left then MsAnne would win. What sort of world would that be where everybody bent over ‘cos MsAnne didn’t like them and did exactly as he/she says? A sad world.

  75. I shave my sack mainly for esthetics, and the off chance that i may get laid. You must be one old fuck to not give a fuck about how hairy your nuts are. that i won’t judge. but even when i watch porn, i don’t want to see a furry ball sack jumping back and fourth as it penetrates some blonde bimbo’s asshole. It is really hard to retain an erection.

  76. Another clue as to how old you are, a sock ? who has ever whacked off into a sock, i enjoy socks and to have one crusted and put out of use is completely redundant. I can use a full size towel to catch my semen and re-use it and within a couple uses wash it. It’s about being efficient, you fuckhead

  77. I cant believe i read this whole thing. On a side note, when the husband shaves his balls, they get much more attention. It doesnt happen often because he usually can’t be bothered but BJs are a lot more fun for both of us when he does. Oh and I’m female, so he’s not a “poof”. :D

  78. yeah,exactly. i remember being born in the 1950′s.

  79. oh sweet jesus. crusty thinks he’s going to ‘win’ ONLINE. o_O

  80. Shaving the balls, oh really? No need. I like my men as they come thanks. And they’ll come pretty well with everything as it should be, I promise you. Oh and as to the original post …. yeah, that sucks pretty bad.

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