Monday, August 24, 2009

Take Your Own Gotdamn Advice!


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  1. I fully agree. I think.

  2. What a tit.

  3. Thank Got somebody finally had the courage to speak up.

  4. “gotdamn”: a new form of curse for people who worship Gilbert Gottfried.

  5. @ ‘fterklang – That caught me out to.

    Who wants bets that she is a teen mother and thinks everyone is jumping on her bandwagon.

  6. “Lareka”

  7. “and young boys stop taking part in making these gotdamn babies!”

    Yay Lareka. You advocating gay sex for these boys? or just anal?

  8. well gotdamn

  9. Forgive my ignorence..Lareka? isnt that some kind of gotdamn disease?

  10. Aw,kb,you beat me to it.Now I have no more half assed witty remarks.Wait-I bet she has a twin named Shareka,though.

  11. However,aside from the “gotdamn” she does have a valid point.

  12. Gotdamn, that was lame.

  13. Maybe she’s a fan of Counter-Strike and referencing mygot, thereby laming Lambeook, or it could be that she’s just an idiot. My money’s on the latter.

  14. Her own advice for what? Does she have kids?

  15. If she has a college education I call edumacation fail

  16. I’m mad… Mad about GOTDAM BABIES

  17. gotmilk?

  18. I don’t care how misspelled everything is…. RIGHT ON!

  19. Of COURSE she has a point, but she sounds like a lunatic.

  20. God damn babbies.

  21. babies* fuck my spelling

  22. @Truff Now I want to make a t-shirt with “got damn?” on it in the style of “got milk?”. And it’s your fault.

  23. Arf The Crime Dog

    Love this.

  24. Blatant misspellings aside, she DOES have a point.

    @ Jonas, how is babby formed?

  25. Whats happening in u.s.a ? i mean got damn it all mutha fuck, cut the got damn babies some got damn slack got damn it

  26. Does anyone else find it funny she wrote this from her phone? I just imagine updates from the phone aka on the go as being somewhat urgent like she just saw a baby and HAD to write this.

  27. For Got’s sake…

  28. Maybe her first language is German and she hasn’t learnt the English for “Gott”. Try reading it in a German accent.

  29. O Hai:

    I corrected my typo in the next post, you fucking retard.

    Maybe that was a bit mean.

  30. I agree with her except for the part that only college educated people should have gotdamn babies

    It’s hard to take anyone seriously tho when they rant like a gotdamn maniac

  31. I think O Hai was making a joke, Jonas.

  32. @ratcoon

    She was probably at Wal-Mart. Every time I go there I see something that makes me want to rant incoherently on Facebook. Luckily for my Facebook friends I avoid Wal-Mart at all costs.

  33. as was I.

    My sarcasm button is always on

  34. uhh ok this is me. u ppl need to back off me. i have an opinon and its not like u ppl can disagree wit me!

    and if u dont believe this isnt me heres proof-

  35. This girl’s black?!?! I would have never guessed.

  36. Is this the octuplet mom?


  38. Gotdamn isn’t a word Lareka.

  39. Lareka ItsBoobie?


  40. We know you’re real, honey, it’s your spelling that’s imaginary.

  41. Wait, what? “i have an opinon and its not like u ppl can disagree wit me!” Umm…yes, we can. I disagree with your opinion that you can only have a baby if you have a college degree. (And I’m a Ph.D. candidate.) I disagree with your opinion that “gotdamn” is a word.

  42. Well, technically that should have been “should only have a baby”, not “can”. Bah. My head hurts from all the gots…

    oh, and Truff, you made me giggle like the Snuggle bear. :)

  43. Maybe she was just using gotdamn as a substitution for taking God’s name in vain. Just a thought.

  44. Um, Lareka seems pretty on the ball with this. Seems like pretty good advice however she spells it.

  45. i would have to agree with her but what’s with all the “damn’n” of the babies?!

  46. I’m also in favour of sterilization of those with spelling disabilities.
    No gotdamn babies for Lareka then!

  47. Mr. boombastic!

  48. I’m thinking maybe, just maybe, she didn’t want to use the Lord’s name in vein. That’s why she said “gotdamn”.

  49. “she didn’t want to use the Lord’s name in vein” – it’s the spirit of the law that matters.

  50. @47 tele gotdamntastic

  51. What’s even worse is I already expressed the same theory and Amen! still misspelled vain…
    Not reading previous posts AND spelling fail.

  52. “Gotdamn” is an accurate transliteration of a common African-American slang pronunciation of the phrase. I adore Lamebook, don’t get me wrong; but the comments on this one are really making me uncomfortable. I actually thought Lareka’s post was on the awesome side of the spectrum, not the lame, and it makes you commenters look pretty ignorant to be all “HAW HAW DO YOU THINK SHE IS BLACK PASS THE GREY POUPON.”

    Just sayin’.

  53. Do you think she is black? Pass the French’s

  54. Barthway, you’re an indiot.

    Just sayin’.

  55. @Shareka no he/she isn’t. I was actually going to post something similar. It’s obvious 90% of the people posting here are white as hell and have probably never even had more than a 2 minute conversation with a black person.

  56. This fail makes me want to go have heaps of sex and have heaps of babies now.

  57. For serial.

  58. Like, actually.

  59. But not really.

  60. @Barthway: I love you.

  61. Quite, goddamn babies!

  62. Anything less than a college education!!!

    Just because you are proberly studying some candy arse degree in college dosnt equate you to pass judgment on those that havnt…

    Oh damn, im pregnant…. better get myself a shotgun degree, then I will be considered acceptable by society

    Most of my freiends who went to college and got degrees ended up working back in K-Mart…

    Pleeze….. degree. what a laugh

  63. I would not be here if there was a rule about not having children if you have anything less than a college degree. Neither of my parents went to college, but they can both spell much better than you.

  64. I wouldn’t be here either if only college graduates could have babies. And that’s kind of a stupid standard anyway, hasn’t anyone ever visited Fresno State University?
    But…why can’t we make it like getting a driver’s license? You should have to take a test first.

  65. Goddamn babies.

  66. Gotdamn is a southern vernacular. My gpa talked like that.

  67. matty k, i dont care if its a southern vernacular, its still improper grammar in that context.. it wouldn’t even be considered slang.


  69. got damn?

  70. Poor babies – already damned – they never had a chance.

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