Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Taco Tales

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  1. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Dan Fargis

  2. lolololololololol @ the third one
    and i wish i was as classy as resa, oh how i wish.

  3. ok, i’m sorry, numbers one and two are totally blasted by number 3. Apart from the painful lack of punctuation, the taco meat was on x3 ??? Anyone care to bet she was in Honduras? Jeeze. my head hurts

  4. Actually, now I read back over them, it appears relevant… BEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol his bro has a tough life :s

  5. I despise myself for getting the reference in that last post.

    And posts like Resa’s just make me depressed :( Like the movie Kidulthood.
    Poor baby, growing up in the middle of that.

  6. Well said, BritishHobo. I’m very disappointed in myself for recognizing what Serena was doing there. Sigh.

  7. serena makes my face hurt.

  8. Not to be hateful with that girl Serena, but it’s kinda better to be accurate on your jokes, huh?
    So… there’s no Taco Bell in Mexico.

  9. krasivaya_devushka

    Lol@ the third one!

  10. Yeah, unless Serena is doing a Fresh Prince thing there I am not sure I follow.. I’m pretty loaded though.

    No Taco Bells in Mexico? ..funny.

  11. CommentsAtLarge

    Dude, Serena, that doesn’t even fit with the melody… wait, I mean… something sarcastic about you going down on chalupas. Incidentally, I hate that friggin song.

    Way to go Resa, show them you got standards.

  12. krasivaya_devushka

    She’s doing it with the “Party in the USA” song by Miley Cyrus….

  13. krasivaya_devushka

    Perdoname por favor, I don’t think I worded that properly…but that’s the song.

  14. HILARIOUS!! But I’m curious if #3 is original?

  15. I’m so pissed I got the third one.

    Resa… yeah, keep it classy xD

  16. Serena seems like a feeble or an uneducated sinner. I hope she finds the error of her ways and repents for her sins

  17. isn’t there a taco bell in mexico city?

  18. so apparently everyone recognized an actual motive in Serena’s post. Anyone wanna fill me in?

  19. Come on now Dan, sure there are few misspelled words and extra syllables thrown in, but Serena’s doctored Miley lyrics aren’t THAT bad.

  20. … it fits with the melody perfectly, have another go at it.

    WTF is a chalupa?

  21. @teo – Who is Miley? Unless it is Christian Rock, I’m afraid I don’t know the tune.

  22. Mexico doesn’t need a taco bell, it would be completely illogical considering absolutely EVERYBODY in Mexico already makes better ones at home. Quesadilla’s are the best though. If a girl could make killer quesadilla’s, I’d be all over her like hot sauce on wings, and I would bring the ranch.
    Jay Z wrote that song, yo.

  23. Dan, Miley Cyrus is definitely a Christian pop star – at least, that’s what she says and I certainly haven’t seen any reason to doubt her so far. You may be more familiar with her father Billy Ray and his much loved Christian Rock anthem “Achy Breaky Heart”.

  24. I haven’t been to Mexico City for a while, but there might be a Taco Bell there too. You can find it all in Mexico City. And I mean ALL.

    Why people insist in calling that a “taco” when it is nothing of the sort is a wholly different issue.

  25. The second one sounds like she is getting ready for The Maury Povich Show.

    Resa also seems to forget that semen can live up to five days in a womans vagina. So that baby could be anybody’s. Shit… that means I could be da baby daddy too.

  26. good info, HeSaidWhat. Given the behavior described, I bet I can think of a few other things that live in Resa’s vagina, and have been there for more than five days.

  27. CommentsAtLarge


    It’s an item on the Taco Bell menu. I still can’t get it to work with the melody – in all fairness though, I get to “tacos and burritos”, can’t make it work, realize what I’m doing, feel dumb and give up.

  28. @teo
    Have you seen her latest music video? Um..yeah…I think I detect a hint of sarcasm in your post. Achy Breaky Heart a Christian Rock anthem

  29. @I am not here

    Sarcasm, what’s that? Surely Miley’s latest song title “Can’t be Tamed” is referring solely to her untamable passion for Christian values and moral, upstanding citizenship for youths everywhere.

  30. teo


    you’re funny, and you used i am not here as a background to further enhance your hilarity. good move!

  31. krasivaya_devushka

    But it is Christian Rock.
    Check out her video “Can’t be tamed”.
    You will *LOVE* it!

  32. Dan is acting like that for attention is my theory.

  33. if it weren’t for a previous submission on Lamebook, I’d have no idea what was happening in the last post. Also, since I do not know the tune or the lyrics to the relevant song (except the part that goes “’s a party in the USA”), I cannot appreciate the post.

    Teresa’s a bitch. Jordan learned a bitter lesson on why to wear a condom.

  34. krasivaya_devushka

    @samwise, it is good that you do not know ’cause it’s seriously the most annoying song ever.

  35. Serena=WIN.

  36. I feel happy right now.

    Firstly, because I didn’t get the song that the third picture was based on.

    Secondly, because I then read that it was a Miley Cyrus song in these comments, but I still didn’t know how it went, having never heard it or even heard of it.

    I’m so glad I avoid popular culture.

  37. Ok, so I decided to listen the song just so I could appreciate the last post. Apparently, it’s “yeahhhhh….” and not “ohhhhhhh…..” in my previous post. I even got THAT part wrong.

  38. CommentsAtLarge

    Agreed Kras, which makes it worse – it’s the annoying ones that stick in your head the longest.

  39. @alordslums I don’t know what your picture is supposed to mean, that large pink star Miley has on is clearly covering any naughty bi…OH MY GOD, THERE IS A NSFW VERSION!

  40. I knew the third one was getting at something when I read it.

    Then I read it again.

    Fuck Miley Cyrus. I’m going to have to listen to some hard out DnB to get THAT out of my head.

  41. Mid week win
    i love it

  42. krasivaya_devushka

    Well since we’re speaking of songs, ALORDSLUMS, I’m really liking the one in your video. ;)

  43. my comments keep getting moderated

  44. i think it’s because i’m leaving URLs

  45. krasi:

    h tt p :/ / w ww. my spa m/badbadbirdnest

    and krasi, i wanted to know before, where are you from? and where are you from from??

  46. krasivaya_devushka

    I think I’ve said it on here before, but I’m from Russia & living in the USA.

    & yeah, they’re getting moderated ’cause of links; it happened to me before, too.

    I’ve seen the Myspace music page already; are you the one that sings?

  47. alordslums, that is a great song. Seriously.

    It has almost replaced mine as the best music video of all time.

  48. I think Dan whatever his name is trolling too.
    Still obnoxious though.

  49. teo – nowhere near as good as journey!

    no unfortunately i’m not the singer – slightly weaker gene pool, evidently. i am the unfortunate tambourinist. i also sing, and play some wind and harmonica – just the filmer decided to tape the bits where i’m doing nothing and look like a tart (i do look like a tart). watch that space!

    krasi – i think we’ve got past the kak tebya zovut phase, so i’ll just say

    ‘ya tebya lyublyu.’

    also, don’t post that you’re from russia and living in the usa – your house might get raided!

  50. krasivaya_devushka

    Hahah it won’t, don’t worry! :D
    I think you told me ya tebya lyublyu way before you asked me kak tebya zovut, but i ya tebya tozhe lyublyu. ;)

  51. pozvo’ni mne!

    (ok, we’re really stretching my russian now. if only you were german! or yoinkinese!!)

  52. krasivaya_devushka

    At least you got some talents, unlike some of us haha.
    But in all honesty, I’ve clicked on your link like 15 times today.
    That song is addicting!

  53. krasivaya_devushka

    Ha ha I don’t think I’d want to be yoinkinese.
    I can’t come up with words like fuckaroon and freakalina or w/e yoink says all the time.

  54. glad you liked the song anyway. :-)

    come over to england and watch us play!

  55. Alords I can’t figure out which one you are in the video.

  56. Oops sorry, didn’t I didn’t think about breaking in on your flirtation there.

  57. in da vid i am da one wit da magic eye sweeter & also doin da silly danse sittin on a chare.

    but in da band im da joker n on da website thy put fotos of me to luk like jim cary frm dumb&nddumber but i don rly luk like that, jus cos im always a joke thay put it to luk like him, v funny, not! >:-(

  58. basically i just want yoink as a groupie. was that obvious…?

  59. also slippy, i must say i’m intrigued to know how you were going about trying to ‘figure out’ which one i was. did you use a divining rod? :D

  60. Slums, I would also like to add that I really like the video. Addicting and impressive :)

  61. katy!

    i sent you links earlier both to henry the hoover and ‘noshing’, but it was moderated! sorry i couldn’t clear that up for you!

    i’m home, drunk, and had a bit of a ‘yoink retrospective’, but now my admiring eye needs rest – the robber’s cave of sleep &c &c

    enjoy posting y’all!

    oh and dan – god’s watching you masturbate. he can even see the finger up your bumhole!

  62. krasivaya_devushka

    lol@ fliratiation!

    Spokoynoy nochi alordslums :)

  63. krasivaya_devushka

    I meant flirtation*

  64. dan…it’s people like you that cause people to hate Christians….come on man…cut it out. =\

  65. alordslums

    Loving the dance on the chair :) , but seriously your lead vocalist has a wicked voice I love the sound you guys have. :)

  66. :-)

  67. Also addicting and stuck in my head now lol.

  68. Okay, what the fuck, lamebook. A giant lamebook pop-up every time I open the motherfucking website? Fuck you.

  69. if only miley had actually sang about tacos, i wouldn’t feel bad for knowing that song. *sigh* OLE!

  70. That last one made my eyes bleed. Only made it half way through.

  71. Slums! It’s okay, I kind of figured it out from whatshisface dan the bible man’s response. Although I am still confused about Henry and the hoova bit if you get a moment to clear that up :) I am at home and drunk as well and should be hittin’ the hay shortly…

  72. i guess next time i’ll just read everyone’s comments before I take an hour trying to figure out what song he was singing…

  73. i mean she

  74. 13 krasivaya that sounds like a freudian slip btw lol

  75. alordslums! It’s good to know there’s another musician on here. Well, i’ve only been playing for around 6 months or so now, but it’s a work in progress. Music video looked great and sounded pretty damned awesome. Props. You should work the cowbell into the band, can never have too much of that. You NEED MORE COWBELL!

  76. Looks like Resa’s taco has been around the block!

  77. FlapjacksAreAmazing

    Serena managed to write that in 1 sentence…oh my brain!

  78. Paranoid Android

    WTF is Taco Bell, stupid American reference points.

    Anyway, you’re all going to hell for daring to have a sense of humour and NOT TAKING THIS PRECIOUS GIFT WE CALL LIFE SERIOUSLY.

  79. Paranoid Android

    …and alordslums – Am well liking the music, cool vid as well, you’re not far from my neck of the woods.

  80. i shuda gon werk today man anit avin a good day guna get my dryvin lisense revokd an there no nu lamebooks on man y? alord the dans in cher is awsum but anit got no sownd on my comp

  81. What the hell was going on in the last one?

  82. hoover is the english way of saying vacuum cleaner. because ‘hoover’ was the first big brand in england. a bit like how ‘sellotape’ is called ‘sellotape’. henry is a particularly cuddly and low-budget species of hoover, with a smiley face on his side. it won’t let me post urls, so just google the mother. i don’t think i could let henry nosh me off (perform fellatio on me) unless i’d blindfolded him first.

    android, where are you from? we’re playing in nottingham tonight, and got lots of stuff going on around sheffield area in the next few weeks and months…

    thanks guys, for all the lamebook love. it means a lot, since everyone’s default setting on here (myself included), is usually one of either cynicism, smugness, sneering, detachedness, vitriol….


  83. oh and nuff – we have cowbell on two songs.

    having covered the cowbell, i’m working on strobe.



  84. god damn. i got the reference in the last one so quickly that i am ashamed

  85. Paranoid Android

    @ als (yeah, it’s like that) Am from Castleford (not far from Leeds) Will check my (not so) hectic schedule and see if I can make one of the gigs.

  86. im from hull that anit to far iver i dunt fink

  87. king charles I

    You make my head hurt, yoink.

  88. y did i king?

  89. Sorry for being so late… I just had to register. But there is (at least) one Taco Bell in Mexico. It’s in Monterrey, near my house. It was packed when they just opened it.

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